Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Godisjätte may be forced to sell factories in Italy – Svenska Dagbladet

Photo: Janerik Henriksson/TT

It is the negative economic the development in Italy, which is the basis for The write-down of activities in the country of 771 million before tax and 594 million after tax. This mean the company’s corporate relations Jacob Broberg.

Compared with many other of our markets, Italy has had a macroeconomic situation that has been much more negative. We have not been able to maintain sales in Italy in the same way as in other markets in Europe. To the end you are left with a little too big costume. We have lost the sale a couple of years in a row, we have four factories in Italy and the suit became too big, ” says Jacob Broberg.

So there is less money to buy candy in Italy?

” Yes, and in addition, the consumption of sweets is the highest in the world in the nordic countries. Italy looks completely different. But it is not the main problem. The main problem is that the market in Italy for the candy has been weak in very many years. We have seen falling sales and falling profitability for a long time.

Is it licorice or sour straps selling bad?

– So here it is: the Railway group works with local brands. In Sweden, you feel to ahlgrens bilar and a chocolate. But swedes have never heard of the Italian brands. But for the italians, they are equally well-known as a chocolate and Polly. We have similar brands in the Netherlands, Finland and England. The Italian brands have been around for a hundred years and in the long term, I am convinced that they will remain.

there Will be a sale of the Italian operations?

– It can mean a potential sale. Profitability is significantly lower there than in the rest of the activities. If we would sell the business, it would have a positive impact on our lönsamhetsmarginal, ” continues Jacob Broberg.


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