Friday, January 27, 2017

Volvo is recalling 8200 cars – Expressen

It was Volvo’s subcontractors, and business partners when it comes to software for self-driven cars, Autoliv, which was called Volvo about the problems in one of its airbags. According to Autoliv, as it is in the very krockkuddens triggers that the error sits. Autoliv, the council gave the Volvo to recall the cars that have fitted the current pad.

” They had a quality problem during a period in production. It may happen that it becomes a problem when the pillow should bail out, ” says Volvo Cars spokesman in global affairs.

” We got the council to pick out the cars that are affected.

* Have there been any incidents with the incorrect pillows?

” No, not what we know.

Volvo is recalling a total of 8200 cars, of which 1200 have been sold in Sweden. According to the Volvo spokesman, it’s also the cars in the new 90-series with the models S90, V90 and XC90. But the recall covers the whole range.

Just got top scores in crash tests

the News of the revocation will untimely Volvo just announced fine krockbetyg for their new 90-series. Volvo launches in days also an offensive to market the new V90 CrossCountry and about a couple of weeks, S90/V90 set up in finaltesterna Car of The Year 2017.

Volvo and Autoliv have recently told you about the joint company that will develop and sell the software for self-driven cars.

Autoliv has previously been relatively spared from quality problems. In all cases, compared with the competitor Takata who had to recall over 50 million faulty airbags. Autoliv is one of two bidders who want to buy Takata. Thus Autoliv consolidate its position as the world’s largest manufacturers of airbags and safety equipment to the cars.

Clarification. In pushen from Expressen, it was that the 8 200 cars in Sweden is revoked. Right is 8 200 cars total revocation, of which 1 200 in Sweden


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