Monday, January 30, 2017

Crowhater sold before the profit warning: “It was a bad deal” – the world of Business

Aktieforumsprofilen Crowhater sold its entire shareholding in Fingerprint Cards two days before the profit warning in August 2013, in order to then buy back a storpost in the company. “There’s nothing I’m proud of because it was a skitdålig shop,” Crowhater to the world of Business.

On the morning of Friday, August 2, 2013 vinstvarnade Fingerprint Cards. The shares fell initially, at most, 16 per cent, but closed to the last, up 8.7 per cent for the day. In the beginning of september, the share price climbed a further 78 per cent.

About a week before the profit warning, type signature Crowhater on aktieforumet: “Think now before you sell in wild panic”.

Two days before the profit warning is published, sells Crowhater the whole of its shareholding in Fingerprint Cards, something the Svd was the first to report.

– Clearly, it is true, there was no weirdness. I abandoned my own theory about the long-term ownership, but it was a mistake, ” says Crowhater to the world of Business.

He explains the sales with him and a few others on the aktieforumet saw large transactions from broker-dealers Chard and Nordea avanza’s mäklarstatistik.

– When an individual player is selling so many shares, it is not so difficult to figure out what it is that is happening, especially during a period of one year was associated with insiders of the broker. Then took a chance and I sold, ” he says.

Why you wrote nothing in aktieforumet if you sold your shares?
– There was nothing I was proud of because it was such a bad deal. It shat itself completely, and it is something I have learned from.

The bad deal that Crowhater referring to is that he is after the profit warning re buying shares in Fingerprint Cards, but at a higher price than when he sold.

According to the task to Travel to the financial crime have looked at the matter, but have chosen not to proceed with a preliminary investigation.

did you Know that you were the subject of the investigation by the serious fraud office?
– No, not until today. But I think it is good that they are doing it. The audit also showed that I have not done anything wrong, it is therefore a shame when the media insinuates things in hindsight.

Then the failure of the sale of shares in 2013 has Crowhater, at the three occasions he has sold the shares in Fingerprint Cards, announced via aktieforum that he intends to sell – at least two weeks in advance.

What do you think about today’s share price of Fingerprint Cards?
– It is pathetic. In the past valued a company after what they did. Now when it is on the Large Cap list it is completely different with a lot shinier, which is involved. It is a completely different thing.


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