Monday, January 30, 2017

Good evening! Here are today’s top-of-mind – Aftonbladet

Been busy today and not kept when nyhetshändelserna? No worries – we have covered them for you. Here are today’s top-of-mind.

Anders Borg linked to the mututredning

Financier Fredrik Lundberg suspected of bribery – after several hunts in the group Holmen. Now linked former finance minister Anders Borg to the investigation. Borg is suspected of reception of a bribe.
"I am convinced that I handled this correctly," writes Borg to Aftonbladet.
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Swedish Maggie’s killer sentenced to 17.5 years in prison

Maggie Bagdo, 34, from Norrköping was on the bachelorette in Istanbul when she was shot to death outside a nightclub.
The suspected killer was arrested two months later when he tried to flee the country. Today sentenced the man to 17.5 years in prison.
– He should have had lifetime, ” says Maggie’s brother Charbel Bagdo shortly after the judgment.
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Jättemiss on Ebay – the scammers took over the accounts

A security vulnerability on the auction site Ebay has been detected. Fraudsters have been able to take over users ‘ accounts – without a password – and conducted fraudulent business.
– One has been able to misuse it and gain access to the accounts, ” says Niclas Hjelm, security officer at Ebay.
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Was the fifth young man feel bad

Young people between 16 and 29 years are doing significantly worse than the other. 18% are quite or very unhappy. It shows a new survey by Aftonbladet/Inizio.
– We are fighting incredibly hard, but encounter only walls, ” says Josefine Nilsson, 23.
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Abba-Björn makes jätteaffär – buy port

Björn Ulvaeus continue to invest in real estate. Now, he buys the harbor in st. petersburg, reports the Vt.see.
– We want to be able to contribute with something really good, ” says Björn Ulvaeus in a press release.
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Clear drömfinal in Melbourne – after five hours

Two tennisvärldens biggest is back – after a crazy five-hour nu skin match at the Australian Open, where Rafael Nadal defeated Grigor Dimitrov.
Now waiting for drömfinal between the superstars Roger Federer and rafael Nadal.
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