Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Data to SvD: 25,000 can leave Ericsson – Aftonbladet

Ericsson is planning to lay off up to 4,000 workers to save 10 billion, reported Svenska Dagbladet yesterday.

Group Management reported planning further cuts that would affect 25,000 employees, the newspaper reported today, referring to the sources.

the belts have to be tightened considerably in Ericsson.

Yesterday informed that nearly 4 000 people can leave their job seeks cuts to increase profitability of the company and planned to complete in 2017.

But SvD Business now reports that the cut is just the beginning and that the group management while planning for even greater intervention. A new cost program that the company files on, according to SvD’s sources, would affect 25 000 employees. This concerns both the notice and the activities in which the company may be forced to sell or close down to bring up the profitability and efficiency.

At the end of 2015, Ericsson had 116,300 employees.

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