Saturday, June 25, 2016

Brexit won – could be the end for Britain – Swedish Dagbladet

D avid Cameron’s worst nightmare is here. Britons voted to leave the EU and now begin the lengthy process of the UK must apply for a divorce from Brussels.

Ukips leader Nigel Farage celebrate after the announcement on Friday. Photo: Anthony Devlin / AP

MANCHESTER Leave-side success started early at night. In Newcastle, a relatively positive European city and one of the first to count the clear, had to stop just 51 percent of the vote – eight percentage points lower than the stop campaign had expected and a clear indication of where ever it barked.

and so it went the. 5:45 o’clock Swedish time beat all media though it was about to become a brexit. 45 minutes later what it clearly. 52 percent of Britons wanted to leave the EU, while 48 percent voted to stay.

Or more accurately. England and Wales have voted to leave the EU. Scotland and Northern Ireland have voted to stay. All Scottish districts would continue to be members, and stay won with 62 percent in Scotland.

down to it David Cameron. He is likely to become prime minister who led Britain out of the EU and that happened to break up the united kingdom.

Scotland First Minister , Independence Party SNP’s Nicola Surgeon, said before the referendum that it became a brexit she wanted to announce yet another referendum on independence. On Friday, she said that the result and the overwhelming majority of Brussels in Scotland means that “it is clear that the Scots place is in the EU”. Something that suggests that there will be yet another Scottish independence vote.

Cameron voted with his wife on Thursday Photo: Tim Ireland / AP

It’s not incredibly Prime Minister Cameron felt to pull the covers up over my head again when he woke up this morning. He has stated in interviews last week that the referendum did not concern his future, no country, and that therefore he was not going to resign the outcome becomes. Statements like it only took him a few hours to change.

Yesterday also sent a number of heavy Tory politicians from brexit-hand a letter to Cameron, where they wrote that they wanted him to remain at 10 Downing Street even if Britain voted to leave. One of the signatories was former Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, who is seen as Cameron’s main challenger for the leadership. But on the other hand, the question of Bojo had no choice, and if the letter really means so much. A letter with such heavy senders, as Boris Johnson had not signed, was seen as a thrown glove and created big headlines.

Now it is not so. David Cameron will leave 10 Downing Street later at the party congress in October. He wants someone else to take over the ship and negotiating the divorce with Brussels. It is worth noting that Britain thus has not left the EU today. They have only said that that’s what they want to do. Now, property division is first started, the EU’s so-called Article 50 is initiated.

It will most likely take a few years. Until all the paperwork is endorsed British are still members of the EU.

Video: Donald Källström

Video: Donald Källström

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