Tuesday, June 21, 2016

All acquitted in historic HQ trial – Swedish Dagbladet

Mats Qviberg was acquitted of all charges in the HQ trial. Photo: Maja Suslin / TT

The trial against Mats Qviberg, Stefan Dahlbo, Curt Lönnström, Mikael König, which represented management in HQ Bank has moved what they did and what they said in the annual report. After the crash almost six years ago, the former lead stood accused of aggravated swindle and aggravated accounting offense. Mats Qviberg, who was chairman of the parent company HQ AB, has been charged with aggravated racketeering. In addition, the Bank’s auditor Johan Dyrefors indicted for complicity in crimes.

But now wooing words , a unanimous court all the defendants on all counts. Although the claim for disqualification has been rejected.

Fraudulent indictment was based on the accounting method HQ applied in its trading portfolio in financial reporting were in breach of EU legal standards.

However, the District court is the method used by the bank to assess the trading portfolio have been permitted.

– the district court further – position for position – gone through the instruments prosecutor specifically selected, and then found that also regarding these instruments have remained within the lawful limit, says alderman Carl Rosenmüller in a statement.

the indictment bookkeeping crime built on certain values ​​of the trading portfolio that HQ Bank did not go following the current accounting. However, the Court considers that the documentation was sufficient. Therefore, acquitted the defendants also for accounting fraud.

Hans Strandberg is one of the lawyers who brought Mats Qviberg action in the District Court. He is satisfied with the verdict, but has not had time to read the entire judgment yet.

– I feel great happiness for all of us. It is clear that this was a relief, he said.

TT: Would Prosecutor have indictments in the first place?

– I think not that. Is the judgment motivated so that there has been no misalignment, then it is remarkable that goes to prosecution without their own expert opinions and only refers to the FSA.

Mats Qviberg already sued Swedish State as a result of EBM’s handling of criminal suspicions against him. The lawsuit is now declared dormant pending a final ruling on the allegations.

But Qviberg has also brought another lawsuit against the state after today’s announcement. This time, as a result of the FSA’s decision to withdraw HQ’s bank license.

The Court also decided that the accused lawyers to get compensation from the state. Total costs the defense of the accused were close to 31.8 million crowns.

The material the court has been through has been great. The investigation of the suspected crimes stretched over a long period of time.

– There is a relatively long and extensive preliminary investigation of about 8000 pages that have been put forward, says chefsrådmannen Karin Kussak said.

the last day to appeal the judgment is July 12.

the Court has completely dwelt on to consider whether the accounting methods used HQ consistent with applicable regulations.
Someone assess the intent, the key people had not done.

– We have not gone out of who knew what. We have been content to say that it was compatible with the acquis, the judge says Carl Rose Mueller said.

– We have not looked at whether there has been an unauthorized risk taking, or if the lack of capital, or the large trading loss it did. We have only tried an international regulatory framework.

In addition to the charges against Mats Qviberg and the other key people in the HQ crash powered legal proceedings against several people involved, including Mats Qviberg.

the process is led by the remains of HQ AB, which today is dedicated to litigation. Today’s outcome does not change the outlook for liability case, according to the lawyer, Christer Sandberg, Chairman of HQ.

“For the civil case involves criminal judgment, no changes,” he writes in a press release.


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