Saturday, June 25, 2016

There should not wear shorts – Västerbotten Courier

Economy. Many workplaces in Sweden before the stricter dress codes during the summer. But what is really okay to wear on the job – and what should you avoid in your spare time?

At the County Administrative Board in Västerbotten County prohibits staff to wear shorts and tank tops. The reason is that you want to distinguish between how employees dress in state authority and in leisure time.

Even in a district administration in Gothenburg now introduces a stricter dress code. Tank tops with thin straps, deep cleavage and shorts and skirts that end higher than just above the knee are prohibited.

Linkage between formal attire and confidence

Mats Danielsson, an expert in etiquette, think that the rules are reasonable.

– It is certainly appropriate to a workplace sets up a policy on how it expects its employees to be dressed, he says to TT, and continues:

– it is not about each one’s personal interests are the most important, but you’re representing, in fact, an authority, a company or a brand.

He explains that there are studies that show that formal attire is linked to trust.

– on an authority, I expect them to have a dress that makes us as people have confidence in them. Then will not do shorts.

– There are comfortable, cool clothing with long legs that can be worn all summer. Clothing that is stylish as well.

Not okay with barbröstat

According to Mats Danielsson is not acceptable to show your stomach or to wear short skirts and garments with a deep neckline in a workplace. The rules for shorts controlled by your profession, he says.

– If there is a policy that says it is okay to wear shorts, you can do it – if you are a carpenter or have another profession where you can wear shorts.

Even in leisure, there are certain dress codes to relate to. Mats Danielsson believes that it is okay to go bare-breasted in the city.

– What is it you want to show up? Put on a sweater. This applies to both men and women.

In addition, he looks like to holidaymakers think over their choice of apparel and color combinations in the summer.

– Why does that think about when you go on vacation? There are very attractive combinations of shorts, sandals, linen jackets, shirts.


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