Wednesday, June 22, 2016

After Tesla: Here’s Elon Musks new idea – Aftonbladet

Now hyped Tesla become more than an electric car.

The entrepreneur and daredevil Elon Musk wants to create a “department store” green consumers that will be able to go shopping all at the same place: electric cars, giant batteries and solar panels for the home.

yesterday came the news that Tesla founder wants to merge his electric car company with SolarCity, one of America’s largest solar module providers, where he is also a major shareholder.

– this is the obvious move. The world has no shortage of car company, Elon Musk said during a press conference.

The acclaimed Silicon Valley entrepreneur wants to create a big business for green energy. In Tesla store will not only be able to buy its electric car, but also giant batteries and solar panels that upload both the home and the car.

Such a clean-energy package would round turns going on between 400 000 and SEK 580 000.

“Easily create green lifestyle”

– For consumers, it will be easier to take the step to create a green lifestyle, says Greg Delaune, president of UIX Global, a Silicon Valley company that is working to build green, smart cities.

Elon Musks vision has always been the same for many other Silicon Valley entrepreneurs: to create a better world. But Musk stands out. His vision of creating a fossil-world colors everything he grabs. Besides Tesla and SolarCity solar giant, he has also rolled up and running Hyper Loop, future ilsnabba tågkapslar to be traveling at the same speed as the aircraft in vacum tubes. If everything still turns to go to the forest and the planet goes under Musk has a solution for that too. His space company SpaceX is working to take people to Mars and establish colonies on other planets.

Burning Money

If Musks proposal – that Tesla buys Solar City for $ 2.8 billion – goes through should the shareholders decide. Both companies are burning money wildly – along breathtaking 50 billion last year.

But Tesla’s new Model 3, which is scheduled to roll out of the factory by the end of next year, is encouraging sales figures. Already, 400,000 people put in an order for the new electric car model, whose price tag for the first time is on the affordable level, around 290 000 SEK.


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