Thursday, June 23, 2016

Pound drops from year high – Västerbotten Courier

At the market price of oil rose and the euro and the pound strengthened since opinion polls late last night proved an advantage to stay side in the referendum in the UK, reports the international news agencies.

the pound rushed an hour after the polls close to year high against the dollar after YouGov survey showed that the British want to remain in the EU.

the euro also lifted by comments from Mr Farage, one of the most prominent British EU critics, that it looks like to stay side has won.

Japanese Stock Exchange’s Nikkei index rose in förhandeln.

But when the results from the polling stations began to roll in, showing it will be very even, the pound fell back, according to Reuters. Especially after the result in Newcastle where the market is expected to remain side would win clearly.

Meanwhile, rising gold prices from the two-week minimum.

The market has for several days been preparing for Britain to vote to stay .

The result of the referendum is not expected to come until the morning.


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