Saturday, December 31, 2016

Kungabarnens ex – so here they live in the day – Expressen

Jonas Bergström could have been a prince. Instead, he became a partner in the law firm Vinge and pulled last year over five million in salary.

today, he lives on an attractive address in Östermalm in Stockholm and is married to princess Madeleine’s former best friend.

“I am not interested to leave some comments.”, writes Jonas Bergström in an email.

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Stock market finished at plus – Business

The last trading day of the stock market in 2016 is about to end. Ericsson was one of the day’s winner.

Trading day number 253, the last, ended after a slagig sluthandel on the minus for the Stockholm stock exchange’s part, for the third day in a row.

For the stock market as a whole ended the stockholm stock exchange on plus. Thursday was marked as well as the preceding days of low activity on the nyhetsfronten, and no company took the opportunity to communicate bad decision during the quarter, the last quivering handelstimmar.

the OMXS30 index closed 0.1 per cent down on the level of 1.518,4, which represents a rise for the year by 4.9 per cent. The AFGX ended the year at plus 5.7 percent. Net sales landed at sek 11.1 billion on the stockholm stock exchange, only three-quarters of the årssnittet but the highest price since julstiltjen put in a couple of days before christmas.

Thursday’s most actively traded share was Autoliv, with a turnover of just over sek 1.5 billion accounted for 14 percent of the entire stock exchange. Share on plus during the day and has risen by double digits since the Nasdaq in early december announced that it will be solve by Nokia in the OMXS30 index from 2017, but it closed at minus 1.2 per cent. Årsfacit for bilsäkerhetsbolaget is minus 4 percent.

Including the shares already included in the OMXS30 ended SCA in the top, plus 1 per cent, after a rise of just over 4 per cent during the year. This year news flow for the company was crowned with the to the South Cell, according to the trade magazine Risi has raised its price on the softwood sulphate pulp to 820 dollars per ton.

this Year’s winner in the OMXS30 was SSAB A, plus 104 percent, and the last day closing at 0.6 per cent plus. The primary sector is heard in general to the winners during the Thursday with Holmen and Rottneros among shares that rose more than 1 percent.

For Rottneros del wrote Dagens Industri in Thursday’s newspaper that a weak and a strong dollar gives the the Swedish pulp rekordkänning, with the historical record, such as herons for both Rottneros and Stora Enso in 2017. Rottneros closed up more than 5 percent on Thursday, while Stora Enso rose a more modest 0.3 per cent after having risen over 27 per cent in the year while Us on the contrary has retreated a little.

Årsvinnare on the stockholm stock exchange, on the First North included, there was than so long as the loss-making energiteknikbolaget Salt X: plus 511 percent, for a market capitalization of 752 million. In a comment on the next year, published after the börsstängning, said the president to Direct that the partners now are secured for a large-scale testing of the company’s energilagringsteknik for power companies.

Among the companies that had the more challenging time during the year closed the OMXS30-last Fingerprint on the minus 0.6 per cent, which gave a årsfacit at minus 47 per cent.

Ericsson, and Getinge has both declined between 34 and 35 per cent in the year, and the company had to also find themselves in the end up of the year’s last handelsdags the bottom of the league in the OMXS30 with minus 1.8 per cent.

Makrostatistikmässigt finished the year in the minor by the Chicago purchasing managers ‘ index for december came in worse than expected, albeit clear across the dividing line between growth and recession: of 54.6 against the expected 56,8 according to Bloomberg.

the Main nyhetsdrivna advancement during the last trading day was NGM-listed Glycorex for by steam up to 49 percent after the one in the united states granted blodpatent. Clean Motion rose 10 per cent on an order of 50 electric vehicles from the Bzzt.


Acute a risk of egg shortage in south Korea – ATL – Farm business magazine

” Agriculture Updated 10:15

bird Flu has struck south Korea during a feast where the koreans eat a lot of eggs. Now is äggbristen acute.

south Korea has been forced to kill 20 million poultry, most of the egg-laying fowls, in order to check the outbreak of bird flu in the country. It is almost a quarter of the country’s stocks. The tragedy of bird flu has done to the prices of eggs has risen nearly 25 percent since the outbreak began a week ago and reached its highest level in three years, according to Reuters.

south Korea stopped last year, imports of eggs from the united states who was also affected by avian flu, an import stop, which is still valid. When koreans usually eat more eggs in the winter, the situation is worrying and now the USA is attempting to get to an agreement that enables the u.s. eggs can be sold again in the country.

According to analysts, äggbristen in south Korea last for at least a year and it may take a few years for the poultry industry to build up the stock again, according to Reuters.


Young boy assignments from the on – taken to hospital – the Express newspaper

I want to Expressen should be the magazine which is most generous with the rebuttal, corrections, and how we report any censure from the Press Council.

the Swedish newspaper Expressen’s ambition is clear. In our “Quality policy” switch, I wired it as published to be accurate. My first decision as editor-in-chief was to establish a fixed place in the magazine and on the site for corrections. But we are humans. Who make mistakes, get ripped off or rushed to carelessness. There are a few explanations to the errors in the media, but the excuse still not to the editorial staff of one exposure for publicitetsskada.

the Express newspaper is behind the “Ethical rules for press, radio and tv” formulated by the publicist club, the Swedish union of journalists, newspaper publishers, the Swedish Magazines, Swedish Radio, Swedish Television and Swedish educational Broadcasting company.

“the Rules are more of guidelines than a formal set of rules,” notes the Public press ombudsman (PO). What is good media ethics must be determined from case to case, and there is no exact answer. But it is good that the matter is discussed.

Expressen speak often and feel free to be clear, we inspect and we disclose; it is journalism that is not everyone will appreciate what we are telling them. If you believe you are a victim of a publicitetsskada is the fastest way to get redress, please contact us: e-mail to or call our nyhetsdesk on telephone: 08-738 30 00. But it is also possible to make a so-called PO-notification to get a pressetisk trial.


91-year-old may not redeem the notes – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

A 91-year-old woman in Kristianstad, sweden, has been refused to redeem the 108 000 sek in currency in the bank. The bank refused to accept the banknotes as the woman could not explain from where they come, write to SVT News, Skåne.

the Woman appealed the decision, which was based on the Riksbank’s rules, to the administrative court, which now affirms that the bank was right who refused to receive the money.

the 91-year-old writes in her appeal that she sold the car, gold, jewellery and clothing. The money would go to a trip that was and since then, the banknotes remained in the drawer and then in a safe deposit box. Now the notes run out, and when the woman wanted to redeem them to get a little bit of luxury in life, it was therefore slammed.

the Woman has several times been asked to come in with a written certificate of the money’s origin, but she has not done, according to SVT.


Friday, December 30, 2016

Vestas order intake 2016 beats fjolårsrekord – Today’s Industry

The Danish vindturbinproducenten Vestas continued to report on new orders in the last few days and reached on Friday a new record for a one-year manufacturing.

the Day began with a american order of 131 megawatts, which last was followed up by another 30 megawatts from the same direction. Then it was announced about 117 megawatts from Brazil, and then about 50 megawatts from China.

and with the chinese the order reached the Vestas a orderintag if 8.973 megawatts for the full year of 2016, and also outperformed last year’s level of 8.943 megawatts, according to the Danish news agency Ritzau.

Later it was reported yet another order in from Brazil, this time on a 43 megawatt.

this Year’s order flow need not be the end of the year than, say, Kepler Cheuvreux.

“in light of the high level of activity and Vestas in the last year reported in order even on new year’s eve, we believe that the messages can continue into the year’s last hours,” writes mäklarfirmans analysts on Friday.

in Addition to this, Vestas has not yet reported the lump sum of smaller “unannounced” orders are normally announced in connection with the year-end report.


Paradisöarna that pays you for a visit – Today’s Industry

in 1917, sold to Denmark the U.s. Virgin islands to the united states. This means that the islands are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the deal in 2017 and then paid all the tourists who travel there.

the Archipelago of the Us Virgin islands, which is located in the western Caribbean, consisting of St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas, who is annually visited by over two million tourists. Tourism is the islands biggest source of revenue and, therefore, rewarded the tourists at the 100-year anniversary of the transaction between Denmark and the united states, according to the Weekly Business.

The tourists who book a trip to any of the islands before October 2017, and who stay at least three nights, get 300 dollars, which is equivalent to more than 3000 sek, to spend during their stay, according to Swedish Business weekly Veckans affärer. The money will be spent to experience the islands ‘ natural and cultural life.


Euro – teen with uncertain prospects – Göteborgs-Posten

the Euro is turning 15 years old on new year’s day. Arkivbild. Photo: Claudio Bresciani, TT

Economy the Euro is celebrating 15 years on new year’s day. Like many teenagers, the currency has a few shaky years behind, and uncertain prospects. The support is stable, however, in the 19 euro area countries.

today it is almost 340 million people who have the euro as their country’s currency. But it was not love at first sight for all.

Many experienced the change as an unwelcome price increase. In Germany, the new currency nicknamed the “teuro”, a play on words with the German word “teuer” (expensive).

But attitudes softened with the years, when the benefits for travel and trade between the countries were detected. Today, 56 percent to the euro is good for their country, according to a EUROPEAN commission study made among 17 500 inhabitants in the eurozone, reports the AFP.

Generation euro

Among those between 15 and 24 years, the generation that has grown up with the euro, the support is even higher, at 68 per cent like the currency.

- the average citizen sees the euro as a source of political stability, but also a source of low inflation, ” says Maria Demertzis, deputy director at the think tank Bruegel, to the AFP.

the Eurozone has during the 15 years has endured two major crises that nearly cracked the monetary union. The problems began in Greece in the wake of the financial crisis in 2008 and spread to other EU countries such as Portugal and Ireland. The crisis led to a range of international rescue packages and put european solidarity to the test.

But for Greece, where the crisis is not over. Despite two bail-outs ended up the country once again on the brink of state bankruptcy and risked being thrown out of the eurozone in 2015. A third bailout did to the greeks still have left the euro.

Uncertain future

the Future of the common currency shadowed by some cloud on the horizon. Approaching important elections, and the leaders in the eurozone with concern the risk that populist and eurosceptic parties, the strengthening of the british decision to leave the EUROPEAN union.

In France, Marine Le Pen, leader of the National front, promised to abandon the euro and hold a referendum on EU membership if she wins the presidential election. The högerextreme leader Geert Wilders has also brought forward the idea of an EU vote.

- Economically, so I think we have less to worry about, because the eurozone is recovering. But the political uncertainty is there, we’ll keep our eyes on, ” says Maria Demertzis AFP.


Pale day of trading closed the stock market – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

Photo: Tomas Oneborg

Teknikjätten Ericsson heard to the day’s winner. Shares rose by 0.8 per cent and weighed most of the large corporations in the OMXS30 index-list by virtue of their indextyngd. Paper and hygiene company SCA went up by 1.0 per cent. Kullagerjätten SKF increased 0.7 per cent.

the medical technology Company Getinge fell the most of the large corporations in the OMXS30-list, down by 1.8 per cent.

the losers also heard läkemedelsjätten Astra Zeneca, which declined 0.8 per cent.

the London stock exchange’s FTSE index went up 0.3 per cent as well as Frankfurtbörsens DAX index. Parisbörsens CAC index lifted 0.5 per cent.


The shops in Husby close in protest against crime – financial times

the Clock is 13 today it closed all the stores in Husby centre.

the Closure is an action from the merchants in order to protest against the crime rate in the district.

– We want police and politicians to protect their citizens and the local business community, ” says Salam Kurda, shop owner and president of the handelsföreningen in Husby.

the Clock is 13 today closed all stores in Husby center. The closure, which should last for at 18, is a protest against crime in the area. The many recent robberies and burglaries have been merchants to get tired of it.

– We lose a lot on to keep closed, on a Friday, but we feel that up to here now. It can’t go on like this, something must happen now, ” says Salam Kurda, shop owner and president of the handelsföreningen in Husby.

"Society has left the"

Salam Kurda drive business Orient life and has been active in the Husby in 30 years. He has suffered robbery, vandalism, and burglary several times. The latest occurred during the night of Monday, when a van ran straight into the store. The next night was hit grannaffären.

– the Community has left this part of Stockholm. You can’t just leave out an entire neighborhood to the criminals, ” says Salam Kurda.

He says that the police did not come when he and his colleagues are calling. Salam Kurda hope that today’s protest to get the authorities to wake up.

– Politicians need to realize that a town taken over by criminals. It is a suburb in the north of Africa, ” he says.

Many have understanding

a Lot of people have gathered in the square. Most people have an understanding of the traders ‘ action, despite the disappointment over the just today can’t act.

Magnus Lindgren from the foundation Safer Sweden is on place on the square. He thinks it is a good initiative from the merchants.

– This is unique to Sweden, such a protest has never been implemented in the past. Good that the initiative comes from the traders themselves, ” he says.

the Police are also on the location on the square with a patrol.

– We have, of course, not abandoned Husby, but I understand that the Minister is frustrated, ” says Martin Marmgren, the police who work in the Järva district of stockholm.

Marmgren, however, is also self-critical and give Salam Kurda right in some respects.

– We have not been able to be here as much as we should, ” he says and continues:

– We have not really succeeded, in our resource have not really been adequate to meet the reasonable requirements of the citizens in Husby. Such a thing has been to have the continuous presence that people want here.


Salam Kurda does not exclude that the protest in Husby can get to continue.

– it Will not be better so will we do about it here more times that Stockholm city is to understand that business is important and that the centre does not work without us, ” he says.


Slight decline on the stock exchange – SSAB raging – Svenska Dagbladet

Photo: Johan Hallnäs/TT

When the stockholm stock exchange closed on Thursday, OMXS-index declined 0.4 per cent to 534. The decline was broad on the storbolagslistan OMXS30 index.

the European commodity-dependent companies have it tough on the european stock markets due to falling commodity prices, writes Reuters news agency.

the steel group SSAB went the worst of the Swedish large corporations. Shares fell 3.6 per cent. Other losers were biometriföretaget Fingerprint Cards, which fell 2.4 per cent, the truck manufacturer Volvo, declined 0.9 per cent and the telecom company Ericsson was also down 0.9 percent.

Several of the heavy industribolagen dropped between 0.8 and 1.3 per cent. Among them were Sandvik, Alfa Laval, Atlas Copco, ABB and Boliden.

To the winners among heavyweights heard Tele2 and oil and gas Lundin Petroleum, which were both up 0.5 per cent, and forestry and hygienbolaget SCA, which rose 0.4 per cent.

the London stock exchange’s FTSE index went up 0.1 per cent, Frankfurtbörsens DAX index and Parisbörsens CAC index fell both 0.3 per cent.


Shops in Husby close in protest – Radio Sweden

most shops in Husby centre will be closed from noon to 13 until the evening. Salam Kurda is one of the local shopkeepers who have chosen to keep closed because he believes that the district must become more secure.

” We want to have several police officers, resources, and politicians to meet with industry and discuss. The initiative has been taken up from us plenty of times. This centre is collapsing the way it is, ” says Salam Kurda.

Husby centre in north-west Stockholm has for a long time had problems with theft from shops is and robbery. Now have about 25 entrepreneurs from around in husby, where the local business association got tired of the situation and chosen to close their shops during Friday afternoon.

By keeping the closed to the shopkeepers to show you how it can be if the situation does not improve in the district.

Citizens can not get the service that they need. There is no food over a period of time, no medications, the pharmacy do not work, health centers, dental care everything should be closed, ” says Salam Kurda.

Nicklas Andersson is lokalpolisområdeschef in Bold. He says that insecurity in Husby centre is clear for both companies and individuals, but that the situation is difficult. Among other things, has during the autumn been forced to prioritise serious violent crimes and firings, particularly in Rinkeby and Tensta.

But it does not mean that we have taken away resources from the Husby. We take their situation on the huge thing seriously, and we will try to work long term with this issue. If we ask the police officers there, so, yes, it solves the problem there and then, but we must also be able to provide in the future. So it is a long-term work, ” says Niclas Andersson.

But the shop owner Salam Kurda no longer see any future in Husby centre and is planning to close his store for good.

” When I sleep, there must be people awake to protect me as a citizen, as a taxpayer. And the politicians don’t care in this total, ” says Salam Kurda


Redeye tracks kursdubbling – “the market is too pessimistic” – the world of Business

the Pharmaceutical company Orexo’s kursnedgång after the outcome of patent litigation with Actavis is too big and the market is praising now in an extremely limited potential for Zubsolv beyond september 2019.

this is according to The Redeye, which, although it lowers its justified value of the share to 72 crowns from the previous 85 bucks, but still see a great potential to increase from today’s approximately 36 sek.

“What we believe is based on an overly pessimistic view on the possibilities to be able to defend the other approved patents or for that matter be able to operate in an environment where generics could potentially be launched,” writes analysfirman on the market’s view of Zubsolvs opportunities in the future.

In the middle of november the verdict was handed down in the u.s. patent litigation concerning Zubsolv. The outcome was mixed for Orexo’s part and the analysts were divided in their assessments. Redeye allocated, however, the early positive tone.

Domstolsutlåtandet meant to one of Orexo’s patent was declared valid and that Actavis, a part of Teva, thus making patent infringement. Orexo is protected by the judgment against generic products until september 2019, as the company’s ceo Nikolaj Sørensen in an interview with the News agency, Directly regarded as a positive answer.

another patent was however invalidated and Orexo has appealed the decision, a process that Redeye expects to take about a year. In addition, the ongoing litigation on the other patents.

“We believe that the outcome of patent litigation increases the chance to Orexo and Actavis be reconciled in the future”, comments on the Redeye, which refer inter alia to the costs of running the process, not least against the background of an expected further pressure on prices in the longer term.

another threat to Orexo, which concerned the market is two new depåformuleringar from the Indivior and Braeburn Pharmaceuticals. Both have shown promising results in phase III studies, which, according to analysfirman suggest that they will be approved, with the launch of more than a year.

“Overall, we estimate that the impact on Zubsolv sales initially will be limited,” writes the Redeye, which sees several factors that speak for a slow uptake in the market of the new products.

in the Future it will be important to keep track of any news about new products and more information on compounds in development, notes the Redeye on.

Redeye’s analysis is the so-called order analysis, where Redeye will charge you a fee from the company for their coverage.


Wennberg tvåmålsskytt against Winnipeg.

Ice hockey

Columbus Alexander Wennberg was tvåmålsskytt in the game against Winnipeg. With the 5-3 victory on away the team has won an impressive 14 matches in a row.

Columbus Alexander Wennberg was tvåmålsskytt in the game against Winnipeg.Image: JOHN WOODS/AP/TT

Columbus is the fourteenth of a win that the team lands on a tied number of matches won in a row in NHL history. The record is held by Pittsburgh, 1992-1993 managed to win 17 games in a row.

It was Winnipeg who made the first goal, but then sat Columbus not less than four in a row. Two of them noted Wennberg, who is now up to eight goals for the season.

After a loose pass from Nick Foligno could the swede put the 3-1 goal with a wrist shot in the middle of the second period. In the third, beginning of the period, left him plenty of space in front of the goal and were able to put the puck in the målburens the roof in a numerically superior position.

Wennberg was named one of the match’s best player, along with Foligno, who collected three points during the match, with a goal and two assists.

In the game between the New Jersey and Washington put New Jersey’s Jacob Josefsson the decisive penalty in the match. It was his first game after missing five because of a concussion.

After Josefssons bet the game ended 2-1 between the two teams. A break in the previous trend, in which Washington won seven games in a row between the teams.

New Jersey also Keith Kinkaid played one of the best matches so far in his career. He made 43 saves during the game time, plus two in the shootout on Sunday. The only goal he let in was on a shot from Daniel Winnik.

It was his ninth match in the season of the team’s total of 37.


SSAB weighed down on the stock market – Today’s News

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Cared for with life-threatening injuries at NUS – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Home A 20-year-old woman treated at The university Hospital with life-threatening injuries after a traffic accident in Gällivare during the Wednesday, writes Norrbotten’s Courier.

There were four cars involved in the accident, which occurred at the 15 time.

Now the County council has gone out with skadeläget and it is the whole of the eight people injured. A 20-year-old woman has life-threatening injuries and has been moved to the Umeå university Hospital.

two women and one man, all in their 20s, were injured lightly and treated at Gällivare hospital.

All four come from the Uk. A 45-year-old woman and a three-year children from Gällivare injured slightly injured and a 25-year-old from Gällivare injured mildly.

Another man, a man in his 50s, was injured slightly.

Anders Appelgren/Norrbottens Kuriren


Lars escaped from the wolf hid in the tractor – Expressen

Lars Andersson, 69, works as a forest and is accustomed to being out in the forest and land.

On onsdagseftermiddagen he had an unexpected meeting with a large and intrusive wolf, who showed his teeth and began to walk towards him.

” It was not so much to think about. I was thinking probably just “check out in the tractor!”, says Lars Andersson.

Lars Andersson has encountered wolves once before in his life. It was just over eight years ago, then kept the wolf at a convenient distance.

on Wednesday, there was a much closer encounter with the great predator. Lars was in the forest and sawn uprooted trees just north of the Sunne when he caught sight of something. He turned on the. More than 20 meters away from him stood a wolf, as a New Wermlands the Newspaper previously written about.

– Maybe 50-60 pounds, tan, and gray in the coat. He showed his teeth and began to walk straight towards me, ” says Lars Andersson.

“Into the tractor”

Even if Lars is not perceived the wolf as aggressive, rather curious, he did not want to take any risks. He took quickly to his tractor, with the wolf hot on their heels.

” It was not so much to think about. I was thinking probably just “out in the tractor!”, says Lars Andersson.

the Wolf followed after, and stood at one traktordäcket. Through the window pane could Lars to see the wolf inspect the tractor, only two metres from him.

– Where inside was I’m sure but it is a little uneasy feeling when it was just some metres away, ” he says.

the Wolf stayed for a few minutes before it took off again and left Lars alone.

Eyeing over the shoulder

on Thursday he has checked himself over the shoulder, both one and two times during the time in the woods.

” It probably goes over, but it was a bit scary. I’ve never been afraid of the wolf before, it is so rare to come across them but it was a bit intimidating when he came to meet me, ” says Lars.

According to Göte Johansson, chairman of the hunters association the Western Götaland region, the west, the wolf will become increasingly common for all in the more southern parts of the country.

” We will see significantly more. The jaktkvot determined will not result in a reduction, ” he says.

the Wolf is, however, nothing to be afraid of, according to Göte Johansson.

” I have full understanding for those who are concerned, but all experience says that they are not particularly dangerous to humans. It is clear that you should remember to behave with some respect for a thing like this skilled predator, ” he says.


Husby centre will be closed in protest against the wave of violence – the Express newspaper

Burglary, vandalism, robbery, shootings.

more and more talking about an Environment in decay.

Now has merchants in Husby centre had enough – and keeping all the shops closed tomorrow afternoon in protest against the crime.

“I know that you have given away a part of Stockholm to the criminals,” says Salam Kurda, chairman of the Husby business association, which itself suffered a break-in Monday morning.

Salam Kurda, 60, has pushed livsmedelbutik in 30 years in Husby, north of Stockholm. Monday morning was his shop broken and crushed to pieces. The thieves had driven straight into the shop and then emptied his safe.

It took an hour and a half for the police to come, ” he says and gets quiet.

“the Police and the politicians should be ashamed”

As chairman of the Husby business association with approximately 25 member companies, he has warned the police, politicians and Swedish housing, which owns the Husby center, how the crime escalated in recent years.

” We have been talking about it this must be changed. It is tiresome. What has happened is so big that you leave a society to the criminals, who can move how they want. Society has no protection for us.

In the morning, keeping traders in Husby the city centre closed between the hours of 13 and 18 as a protest against the recent robbery and burglary.

– the Police and the politicians should be ashamed. We want more police officers. This is not a priority area. It is a shame. What do they do? What is it that happens? say Salam Kurda.

One of the most vulnerable areas

the Järva district of stockholm – Rinkeby, Tensta, Hjulsta, Kista, Husby, Akalla and a part of the old saint-petersburg – is one of the most vulnerable areas in the Stockholm county. In a police report describes how the areas of unemployment, ethnic segregation, stigmatisation and overcrowding is beyond the police’s control, and how groups of young people with an immigrant background to feel marginalised.

the Area was in last year for 40 per cent of the lethal violence in Stockholm, according to Swedish television, and for 10 per cent of the lethal violence in Sweden, according to the Heart of Stockholm. Then in the last year has been closer to 20 murders occurred that can be linked to the Bold. Either they have been committed in the area, or perpetrators or victims, or link there.

” So many resources we have in the area now, we have never had before. You might think that we should have done more before, but this has not changed over a night. There has been over time and finally has come to a point when you realized that it is very, very, very serious, said Niclas Andersson, lokalpolisområdeschef in Järva, recently, to Expressen.

the Conservatives want more action

After the unrest, to the moderate party in Stockholm city fast on a new police station in Rinkeby, to facilitate video surveillance, set up jourdomstolar in the area, employing local stewards and get more police officers who are dedicated from other tasks.

” We do not have a clear political voice from the Stockholm vis-à-vis the government to expand the säkerhetsinsatserna. Law and order must apply to all regardless of place of residence. We need faster prosecution of young offenders, efforts that break the open drug dealing every day and video surveillance, ” says Anna König Jerlmyr (M), oppositionsborgarråd in the city of Stockholm.

the Centre party Annie Lööf react strongly.

– the Centre party has proposed billions for more police, tougher punishment, and special emphasis on the particularly vulnerable areas. The government need to take hold of this substantial problem in these vulnerable areas and establish a kriskommission which brings together the municipalities, the police and the government, ” she says on Instagram.

the Majority bet 19 million additional

The rödgrönrosa majority in Stockholm city has promised 19 million extra to the Järva district of stockholm. Nine million goes to the social action team for young adults who want to jump of his criminal orbit, and ten million to a öppenvårdsenhet for young people at risk of drug addiction or crime.

” of Course should the police get all the resources that are available. Many of the Conservatives proposals are solely state issues. What the municipality can do is to develop preventive interventions for young people so that they do not end up in crime and drug addiction. When it happens we’ll be there as a support, ” says Karin Wanngård (S), mayor of the city of Stockholm.


Housing construction in Sweden is the highest in 23 years – Today’s News

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New race for Toshiba – Upsala nya Tidning

The japanese conglomerate Toshiba’s share continues to plummet. During Thursday’s förmiddagshandel on the tokyo stock exchange dropped the course by more than 25 per cent, after sharp falls the previous two trading days.

the Downfall began after Toshiba’s announcement in Tuesday if a future write-down of “several billion dollars”, in respect of the u.s. kärnkraftsverksamheten. The uncertainty about the exact size of the write-down has contributed to the turmoil in the stock market, according to analysts.


Quads are at risk to become unfit for use –

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Stockholm finansstad raging in the ranking – Svenska Dagbladet

Stockholm, dropping seven places to number 44 in the world. In Europe, a seventh place turned into a twelfth place in a year. Photo: Stina Stjernkvist/TT

It is very serious that we are reversing so sharply.

London ports integrity in the top – despite the fact that the british voted in favour of a brexit and New York on placement number two. So it has been a long time when the world’s financial centres ranked by the GFCI, The Global Financial Centres Index. And the countries are continuing ohotat in the top, followed by Singapore, Hong kong and Tokyo, which all have the same seats as the year before.

But the Stockholm however, on the list, and drop seven places down to number 44 in the world.

“It is very serious that we are moving in reverse so sharply as the financial sector is an important engine for innovation and jobs,” says Andreas Hatzigeorgiou, chief economist at the Stockholm Chamber of commerce.

” We should really climb when Stockholm is a magnet for investments in financial technology but instead we are losing ground to cities such as Paris and Amsterdam.

For the Stockholm Chamber of commerce is the ranking of a setback. It has together with, among other things, Nasdaq Stockholm and Stockholm Business Region, pushed the "Stockholm International Financial Initiative" (SIFI), with the aim to make Stockholm one of Europe’s five main financial centres by the year 2020.

– There is much evidence to suggest that it is the government’s plans an aggressive tax on financial activities, which are haunting, ” says Andreas Hatzigeorgiou.

It is very worrying that we are being overtaken by cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, Munich and Dublin, when we ought to climb.

He combined with the fact that Sweden has not managed to take the opportunity to position itself better as an alternative financial centre to London after brexit, acting sinker for Stockholm.

” What is most surprising is how quickly and how greatly we fall. In a year, Stockholm has gone from seventh place in Europe to site 12. It is very worrying that we are being overtaken by cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, Munich and Dublin, when we ought to climb.

the Question is how London can maintain itself so securely in the top, in spite of brexit.

– the British should be applauded for how they deal with the earthquake that still brexitomröstningen meant. I continue to believe that it will cost the Uk both economically and politically to leave the EU, but the british have so far been effective in communicating and acting to minimize costs, ” says Andreas Hatzigeorgiou.

Sweden is already one of Europe’s largest financial centres measured as a percentage of our economy.

But LO is not quite as concerned for the lost place.

– Sweden is already one of Europe’s largest financial centres measured as a percentage of our economy, ” says LO-the economist Torbjörn Hållö.

the Banking and financial sector constitute 400 percent of GDP, it is almost level with the Uk. I don’t know if it is so desirable to become larger.

Torbjörn Hållö has been a part of the investigation which suggest a finanskatt, which would mean an additional employer’s contribution of 15% for the financial sector. But he sees it not as a high charge.

” the financial sector is considered to have a tax credit of 20 billion, compared with the other industries that you do not pay vat. About two-thirds of the current tax advantages will remain. So, even if finansskatten will the financial sector have a big tax advantage against other industries.

Torbjörn Hållö highlights also a number of other countries have, or have plans to introduce financial taxes.

” Sweden is not alone. Denmark has already had it since 20 years back and Norway are planning to introduce it. We will see more countries facing an extra tax for banks. So there is no weirdness.

Global Financial Centres is a global ranking of the world’s financial centres. The survey is based on two different sources, both collected factual information, partly in response to a worldwide online survey looking at the, that has been made since 2005.

Ranking finansstäder, 2016
1. London
2. New York
3. Singapore
4. Hong kong
5. Tokyo
6. San Francisco
7. Boston
8. Chicago
9. Zurich
10. Washington DC

Ranking finansstäder, 2015
1. London
2. New York
3. Singapore
4. Hong kong
5. Tokyo
6. Zurich
7. Washington DC
8. San Francisco
9. Boston
10. Toronto


Then you will be a winner on the stock market next year – the Express newspaper

When the 2016 exchange to summarize, you can look back on several geopolitical events that shocked the world.

In June, voted the Uk to leave the EU, and in november chose the united states Donald Trump for their next president. Events that according to opinion polls and experts in many respects behaved unlikely in advance.

But despite the unexpected outputs, the market reacted to not excessively negative. Rather on the contrary.

– 2016 has been characterised by a sharp increase in political risk. But the stock market damaged by these events rather quickly. Brexit had not very great influence on the world economy, the british pound fell, and saved thus the stock market, ” says Joakim Bornold, sparekonom at Nordnet.

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In the case of the Donald Trumps of victory in the u.s. presidential election mean Joakim Bornold to the last four years in the u.s. policy played a major role.

many people forget is that the republicans gained a majority in congress and the senate. So, it has not been during the last few years when Obama had a hard time to get through their budgets. It, combined with a strong world economy, provides a stability that the stock market always appreciates, ” he says.

“The Russian bear woke up to life”

But what are the markets that have benefited the most from the strong stock market in 2016?

According to Joakim Bornold may you look to the east to find this year’s big winner.

Russia’s development is most interesting because it has been a bad market in several years time. But in the year they received the support of raw materials and oil, which made the Russian bear woke up to life. The risk in the country fell during 2016, it will also contribute to the nice developments. The same can be said of Brazil, who also had a good year, ” he says and continues.

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– at the same time is one of the big losers, actually, Denmark. The ports a good bit down, much as the pharmaceutical industry has had a tough year. The Danish pharmaceutical industry is the largest in the Nordic region, but has had it tough due to the strong price pressure from the state.

“Looks good for the 2017″

When the 2016 goes to 2017, remains to a large extent the political risk that characterized the past year.

In april, the presidential election is held in France, where the far-right National front with Marine Le Pen in the tip is stronger than ever.

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Joakim Bornold mean, however, that one should not draw too far-reaching conclusions on such events.

– They are hard to put a price on. There is a lot of talk, but unclear how it affects the stock market. The fundamentals look pretty good for next year, everything is about the companies to be able to deliver the expected benefits and 2017 can be the first year in a long time that it actually happens, ” he says.

Tip: “move the boat”

the past Year, in sparväg been marked by strong global funds, much because of the weakness of the Swedish krona. But a continued focus on this can be risky.

– The effect that one should not expect even the next year. When the krona strengthens, it will knock against the funds. Many know enough not to it, but the pendulum will strike back. I myself have chosen to center my savings around Sweden precisely because of this, ” he says and continues.

– Otherwise, is very much about to be prepared. The general tip is usually to sit still in the boat, but it is best if one moves a little in the boat before it starts to swing, which it certainly will do. Now during the jullediga days, it may be good to look over their portfolio so that one’s savings is the right distributed.


New rules at the end of the year – set on your vehicle before it is too late – Norra Västerbotten

From and with Sunday comes the new requirements for motorcycles and quads and now criticised the transport agency that they have been late with the information regarding the new rules.

It is a P4 Uppland, which tells about the changes, which among other things means that you must ask on their motorcycle or quad in the vehicle register before 2016 ends.

If you do not do it, and if the vehicle has not been registered at some time in the past, so it becomes impossible to do so in the future.

According to the P4 Uppland has the transport agency known to the new requirements in three years, but they went out with the information until just a few weeks ago.

– Information is beneath all criticism, ” says Uppsalaföretagaren Hans Karlsson to the radio channel.

The new requirements may affect individuals who purchased a machine, but not set on it because the vehicle is used on, for example, an island or other terrain that lacks public roads.

– When the type of customers takes home the machine then and will be using it on the road, it becomes suddenly not useful. Then it becomes a problem, ” says Hans Karlsson.

According to the Swedish transport agency, the new rules come to to you want to improve the environment.

– this is The combustion driven vehicles just like cars. Just in the same way as for the cars we have now established common emission regulations for Europe, says investigator Live Göingberg.

Here you can read more about the rules, if your vehicle is affected and what you can do to put on it.


Here is paradisöarna that pays you to go there in 2017 – leading Business

Celebrating the 100-year anniversary of the Danish sales.

1917 sold to Denmark the U.s. Virgin islands (United States Virgin Islands) to the united states. 2017 celebrates the archipelago of the 100-year anniversary of the transaction – by paying tourists who go there.

the U.s. Virgin islands consists of three islands: St. Croix, St. John and St. Thomas. A total of is visited every year by over two million tourists, the island republic’s largest source of income.

if You book a trip to any of these islands before October 2017, 300 dollars (the equivalent of almost 3 000 euros) to spend during your stay – with the reservation that the money spent on exploring the island republic nature and culture, and that you stay at least 3 nights.

the Nearest direct flight goes from Copenhagen, and will take you there in approximately 9 hours.