Thursday, June 30, 2016

Stalled growth in China’s factories – Västerbotten Courier

The growth in China’s manufacturing sector slowed in June, showing the country’s official purchasing managers’ index (PMI), in line with market expectations.

The index fell to 50 in June, compared to May, when the figure was 50.1.

a figure above 50 indicates increased activity in the industry, while anything below 50 indicates a slowdown. Analysts consulted by Reuters had predicted that the index would land on just 50.0.


Hackers got over 85 million – Västerbotten Courier

By exploiting vulnerabilities in the global transaction SWIFT system, hackers have stolen 85 million kronor from a bank in Ukraine, reports the Kyiv Post.

The newspaper refers IT agency ISACA, stating that the hackers were able to steal money by having used the system to sent false requests to the bank to perform transactions.

Bank of Ukraine does not name the bank, but confirms according to the AFP news agency that a attack where Swift used has taken place. If any money has disappeared shown but not the communication from the Central Bank in which all banks in Ukraine urged to review their safety procedures.

Earlier this year it was announced that SWIFT, as banks around the world use every day for transfers of billions , used by hackers to steal nearly 660 million crowns from the country’s central bank. Similar attacks have taken place according to AFP in Ecuador and Vietnam.


Soros: Can trigger a new financial crisis – Business World

     The investor George Soros. Photo: Lise Åserud / TT

The renowned American investor George Soros warns of catastrophic consequences in the class with the financial crisis in 2008 after the British people decided to leave the EU, writes Digital Look.

“the sequence of events has occurred in slow motion, but Brexit will accelerate it. most likely they deflationary trends will be strengthened,” he said Thursday at the European Parliament in Brussels.

“We know what must be done, but unfortunately, so are the political and ideological differences in the way the euro zone, “he says, and stresses the importance of a budget for the entire euro zone, which seems counter-cyclical.

the recovery in the euro zone since the 2008 financial crisis has not gone as fast as other places because of the restrictive fiscal policy, according to George Soros


Broad agreement on the reduction of surplus – Västerbotten Courier

Economy. A parliamentary committee have made up over the block boundaries of the surplus target is lowered to 0.33 per cent from the current 1 percent over a business cycle.

at the same time introduced a debt anchor in the framework, according to Jens Henriksson, CEO of Folksam and chair of the Committee.

– the principle of a surplus in the public finances are solid, he said.

the so-called debt anchor is proposed to be 35 per cent of GDP. If the debt deviates by more than 5 percentage points from 35 percent government will send a letter to parliament and explain what happened.

– It may not be wrong to deviate from the target. It may have been something big has happened, like Lehman Brothers or something similar, says Jens Henriksson.

Over the block boundaries

The deal means that the block boundaries in Parliament now agreed on the principle for the budgetary framework, with a surplus in normal times to have the resources for more critical stages, explains Moderates economic policy spokesperson Ulf Krister Petersson at a joint press conference with representatives of the alliance parties in parliament.

– the political unity has great value in itself. It gives very great credibility to Sweden, says Krister Petersson.

Erik Ullenhag (L) also emphasizes unity as the most important right now. But he welcomes the fact that the new rules, some tightening, since in the new framework’s objectives also include old age pension and the municipal sector.

– If you look historically is likely this tighter than per cent target, says Ullenhag.

in force in 2019

the new regulations should the proposal come into force on 1 January 2019 and it should be according to the agreement are evaluated every eight years, according to Jens Henriksson.

the Committee also proposes new election committee procedures to the Fiscal Policy Council, which also will have a more pronounced role in the monitoring of the surplus target.

– It is good for Sweden to be agreed a good fiscal framework, says Jens Henriksson.

the committee has worked on the proposal for a year and the deal was finalized today.

All the political parties in parliament except the Sweden Democrats stand behind the agreement.


Volvo billion deal in Canada – Västerbotten Courier

Volvo-owned enterprise Mack Defence will deliver the 1500 army trucks to the Canadian Armed Forces, writes Dagens Industri.

The contracts are worth SEK 4.7 billion.

the deliveries will begin next summer and be completed by autumn 2018. the trucks will be assembled in Sainte-Claire, located in the Canadian region of Quebec. In the factory, Volvo is usually coaches of the brand Prevost.

According to the company it has previously been most focused on business with the French defense, but now the strategy is to try to sell in other parts of the world. This is the first time that Volvo sells a European truck to a defense customer in North America.


How do you do with old banknotes – Today’s News

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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Public companies with well-filled coffers – Dagens Industri

In the top of Affärsvärldens table we find generally smaller companies in the gaming, IT and technology sector. At the top of the table we find the gaming company Mr. Green, whose expected net cash position at the end of 2016 is forecast to amount to a quarter of the current market value, writes Business World.

on average stocks on the list have risen by 33 percent in the past year, while the median is 18 percent. During the same period, the Stockholm Stock Exchange declined by 7 percent and the small-cap index has risen by 13 percent, writes Business World.

However not only small cap companies which qualify for the Business World list. Even the clothing giant H & amp; M, the telecom company Ericsson, the construction company Skanska, biometrics company Fingerprint Cards and polymer company hexpol takes a place on the list with its unleveraged balance sheets.



































































Public companies with the largest net cash position in relation to the market value

Company Market capitalization, M 2016 * Net, m Net debt / market cap of fund. 1 year,%
first Mr Green 1276 – 339 – 27% 5
second Pricer 886 – 207 – 23% – 11
third Lucara 9568 -2150 – 22% 95
fourth Tethys 2.115 – 429 – 20% 2
5th Enea 1291 – 216 – 17% 0
6th Semafo 12,246 -1916 – 16% 58
7th pled Pharma 1252 – 180 – 14% 42
8th Mycronic 6022 – 807 – 13% 2
9th Micro System 808 – 104 – 13% – 21
10th Ericsson 216 700 -25 035 – 12% – 27

Source: Business World. *: Forecast.


Toyota recalls cars worldwide – Västerbotten Courier

After that it has detected a potential security vulnerability with the airbags in the Toyota models Prius and Lexus CT200h announces automotive group Autoliv that will support Toyota economical to implement a solution to the problem, according to a press release.

the cost is expected to land at somewhere between 10 and 40 million dollars, equivalent to 85-340 million. Autoliv Communications Thomas Jonsson told TT that the company expects that the final bill will be located in the lower part of the range, around 10 million.

Toyota has announced the recall of 1.43 million Prius- and Lexus CT200h- cars worldwide because of the possible defect.

the recall applies to cars from 2010-2012 in which the airbag may have a small crack, which can lead to the pillow just become partially inflated.

the inflation mechanism could also get into the vehicle and increase the risk of injury, according to the automaker, which is not aware of any injuries or deaths caused by the error.


Here are the jobs of tomorrow – Västerbotten Courier

Economy. The jobs will be more this year in both public and private employers. Especially clearly noticeable lack of treatment assistants at HVB home.


Occupations at university where there is the greatest shortage of labor include surgical nurses, engineers, special education teachers, nurses, doctors, social workers, preschool teachers, iT architects, construction engineers and support analysts.

Occupations in other levels of education where there are labor shortages include cooks, truck drivers, nurses, tilers, bricklayers and medical secretaries, painters and mechanics.

Occupations at university where there is greatest surplus of labor are photographers, journalists, biologists, bank officers, air traffic controllers, ship’s officer, information and personnel officials.

Occupations in other levels of education where there is a surplus of labor include porters, vendors, installers, administrators, warehouse workers , postman, administrative assistants, kitchen and canteen assistant and park workers.

Source: Employment Service

the shortage of labor is higher now than last year and jobs is increasing in almost all areas, showing the employment Service’s new forecast.

with a larger population growth also increases the needs, and until the first half of 2017, employment will increase by 75 000 jobs for people aged 16- 64 in Sweden. The shortage of health workers and teachers are now at record levels, and even construction workers, engineers and IT specialists has a bright position in the labor market.

Treatment Assistants missing

One of the jobs that have emerged as a real shortage occupation in this year’s forecast is treatment assistant at HVB-home (Home for children and young people who need care, support and treatment).

– the labor market in the treatment assistants are heavily reinforced, largely because the high number of asylum seekers and unaccompanied minors, said Håkan Gustavsson, director of forecasting at the employment Service.

How many therapy assistants that are currently lacking in the labor market, he can not say, but many of those currently employed are university graduates, but has a different type of education than vocational education for the therapy assistants.

Håkan Gustavsson’s advice to young people facing a career choice is to go for a job as a teacher or a job in health care.

– There is a huge shortage of nurses and teachers at all levels, he said.

lack of job

the competition for jobs that require no training and work continues hard. Administrators, industrial workers, technicians may have difficulty getting jobs, mainly to these professions is gradually disappearing from the Swedish labor market, according to Håkan Gustavsson.

Something Gevorg Pogosian, 60, unemployed, have been drawn. He is a trained physicist, but in Sweden has applied for a job as a fitter.

– In the past it was easier to get a job, but now most of the jobs disappeared, he said.

also Ndanga Leonard Ilunga, a trained accountant, has been difficult to find work not only as an auditor but also as an assistant, even though he speaks Swedish.

– I am a trained graduates but they can only see that I am Congolese. It is discriminatory, he said.


Autoliv confirms involvement in bilåterkalleser – Business World

car safety company Autoliv is involved as a supplier of airbag to a number of the global 1.4 million Toyota vehicles are recalled due to faulty airbags.

car safety company Autoliv confirms involvement in the recall Toyota announced earlier in the day on 1.4 million vehicles of the models Toyota Prius and Lexus CT200, it is clear from a press release.

“it is too early to determine the final cost of Autoliv, but it is expected to be in the lower range between 10 and 40 million US dollars net of insurance compensation, which was published in the Company’s quarterly report for the first quarter on April 29 this year, “writes Autoliv in the press release.

Seven events with Toyota the Prius has been reported where the side airbag partially solved without receipt of a signal from the airbag control unit. At all events reported have been cars parked without a few people sitting in the cars. No injuries have occurred.

Details of the analysis on the cause remains, but no other events have been reported in models of the four car manufacturers which also uses the same airbag. It draws Autoliv concluded that the problems relate to something specific in the right Toyota Prius along with a detail of the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process for this type of gas generator was changed in January 2012 and in the cars recalled by Toyota now has half of the total of these gas generators manufactured until January 2012.

Toyota has with the US and Japanese transport authorities concluded that an additional bracket is the right solution to the problem in general.

“For Autoliv’s safety and quality our priority and we are cooperating fully with Toyota and will support our customers in the implementation of the solution,” said Autoliv Chairman and CEO Jan Carlson in the press release.


Upwards of Asian stock markets – Västerbotten Courier

The major Asian stock markets were generally up in Wednesday trading after the recovery in the stock markets in the US and Europe. The panic after the British decision to leave the EU has begun to moderate although the uncertainty surrounding the UK’s and the EU’s future relationship remains.

The Tokyo Stock Exchange’s Nikkei 225 index rose 1.6 percent, while the broader Topix index went up 1.9 percent.

A meeting between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Finance Minister Taro Aso and Japanese central bank chief Haruhiko Kuroda, to discuss how the effect of brexit be handled, was well received by investors.

the Taiwan Stock Exchange Weighted index and Seoulbörsens Kospi index rose two 1 percent.

the Shanghai Stock Exchange composite index and Hong Kong Stock Exchange Hang Seng index was in the closing trading at a rise of 0.6 percent each.


Autoliv economic blow: Up 340 million – Swedish Dagbladet

Photo: Autoliv

Seven events the Toyota Prius has been reported where the side airbag is triggered in part, without it received a signal from the airbag control unit. At all events reported have been cars parked without a few people sitting in the cars. No injuries occurred, emphasizes Autoliv and repeating the comments that the company gave to the news agency Direkt this morning.

“Details of the analysis on the cause remains, but no other events have been reported in models of the four car manufacturers that also use the airbag. it is concluded that the problems relate to something specific in the right Toyota Prius along with a detail of the manufacturing process, “writes Autoliv.

the manufacturing process for this type of gas generator was changed in January 2012 and in the cars recalled by Toyota now has half of the total of these gas generators manufactured until January 2012.

“for Autoliv’s safety and quality our priority and we are cooperating fully with Toyota and will supporting our customers in the implementation of the solution, said Jan Carlson, president and CEO of Autoliv.

Toyota, together with US and Japanese transport authorities, together concluded that an additional bracket is the right the solution to the problem in general.

Autoliv stated that the estimated cost was published in the company’s so-called 10Q-statement on April 29 this year.


Up on the Tokyo Stock Exchange – Västerbotten Courier

The Tokyo Stock Exchange rose at the opening on Wednesday, then the stock exchanges in the US and Europe had started to perk up after Britain’s surprise decision late last week to leave the EU.

A meeting between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Finance Minister Taro Aso and Japanese central bank chief Haruhiko Kuroda, to discuss how the effect of brexit be handled, was well received by investors.

the Nikkei 225 index went up by 1 , 3 percent, while the broader Topixindex climbed 1.4 percent.

Hong Kong Hang Seng index followed Tokyo’s example in opening, albeit in a more modest extent, and increased by 0.7 percent, while Shanghai’s composite index was slightly up by 0.2 percent.


Autoliv airbags in the Toyota recalled vehicles – Swedish Dagbladet

Photo: Eugene Hoshiko / AP

Autoliv is the supplier of the equipment, said the company’s CIO Thomas Jönsson news agency Direkt.

“It is our airbag. in a very small number of occasions when cars stood empty a long time and have been subjected to strong temperature fluctuations, the gas generator divided itself – which led to the curtain airbag inflated in part, “he says.

It is thus not about the kind of explosions that hit the competitor Takatas inflators. Some injuries have occurred, emphasizes Thomas Jönsson on.

On Wednesday morning, Autoliv’s shares dropped almost 9 percent on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Autoliv currently working with Toyota to insert extra protection if the error would occur. The curtain airbag is not replaced.

“It is of course unfortunate that this happened, but it just happened in empty cars that stood long on parking spaces. It has just hit Prius, and the models produced from 2008 to 2012″ he says.

the financial effects is likely to be very limited for Autoliv.

“We have insurance coverage. to this day appreciate the exact cost is difficult but we believe that it will be very low, “said Thomas Jonsson.


Toyota recalls 1.43 million cars – Daily News

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The nutritional profile Christer Ericsson sought in the sea – Göteborgs-Posten

Photo: Elisabeth Alvenby / Per Wahlberg

1 / 3

News the person who disappeared one day back outside Marstrand Christer Ericsson – one of Sweden’s largest business world.
 It confirms his family said in a statement.

The Marine Police are currently looking for the body of divers and helicopters outside Dyrön.
His family confirmed in a statement that it is he who is sought in the sea .

“It is with great sadness that we must announce that my husband / father of our J Christer Ericsson since last Monday morning is missing at sea.
Chris found himself at sea off Marstrand and the assessment indicates that he was under unfortunate circumstances have fallen overboard during a fishing trip.

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Search and Rescue with Police , Coast Guard and SSRS has made a thorough effort to try to find him but unfortunately without success. the chance of finding him alive are assessed according to the Search and Rescue as a child.

We would like to thank all who have helped and supported us, from near and dear to the Search and rescue, and we would be grateful if the family and the next will be left in peace at this difficult time. “

It was during Monday morning air and sea rescue rescue center was alerted to an empty pleasure low and ran in sea ​​north of the island Åstol located between Marstrand and Tjörn in Bohuslän.

From the drifting boat hung it out of gear and fishing lines into the water, which made the air and sea rescue rescue center feared that one or more people could have overboard.

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police suspect no crime but believes that in the case of an accident.

Christer Ericsson is a Swedish sea captain and entrepreneur from Alingsås. In the 1970s he founded the company Consafe who constructed and rented out residential and production rigs to oil companies. Later, he started the JCE Group.

He has during his professional career started some 40 companies and is considered one of the most powerful private individuals in Swedish business.

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The bottom interest rates by currency chaos – Västerbotten Courier

Economy. exchanges and currencies have begun to stabilize after what is called the worst currency chaos of modern times. The downward pressure on interest rates is, however, in itself, with new lows in many places.


Low interest rates create problems for pension and fund managers to achieve their return targets, which can eventually cripple future retirees.

the risk is also evident that low interest rates build up asset bubbles in the economy that can crack and have serious repercussions. Low interest rates provide cheap credit that push up the prices of both property and shares.

For the States means that cheap financing that it quickly builds up new mountains of debt that could become problematic in the future. It also reduces the pressure on politicians to reform and strengthen public finances.

Source: Nordea.

Friday’s extreme turbulence in the currency market, after it was clear that the British have voted for a European exit, was the shaky most days of the modern era in the currency market, beats analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch settled. No similar took place in the foreign exchange market during the global financial crisis in autumn 2008.

Should take precautions

In a report cited by the Financial Times said the bank’s analysts, investors should be alert to the risk of infection and take precautions where it may be needed.

Above all, it has been the pound which has dropped against currencies that are considered safer in times of trouble, as the yen and Swiss franc. While the dollar and the euro has appreciated.

The krona has strengthened against the pound, but at the same time in the company of many other smaller currencies have fallen against world currencies.

The atmosphere of crisis has also had its claws in the banking sector, double-digit negative price developments for many heavyweights. Both the British and the Japanese central bank has provided the ailing banks with billions in liquidity support in turmoil after the British EU referendum.

“An expected reaction”

The downward pressure on market interest rates, which increased after the British referendum, while holding itself. The interest rate on a two-year Swedish government bonds remain at a record low of 0.66 percent, a level it fell to Monday’s turbulence. The ten-year yield starts while approaching new lows falling to 0.36 percent.

In Japan, the ten-year rate recorded at the record low of -0.22 percent. Even Japan’s 40-year rate is approaching zero, with a low of plus 0.08 percent.

– This is an expected reaction. In a more uncertain world buys safe assets, and it depresses interest rates, says Andreas Wallstrom, chief analyst at Nordea.


Cheap shopping lifted US stock exchanges – Västerbotten Courier

Just as in Europe also perked Wall Street when “brexit effect” leveled off. The two dark trading days (Friday and Monday) after the British referendum swept according to US estimates away huge stock market values ​​from the global financial market – and now took the investors to buy cheap.

Bank shares were among the most attractive items. Large banks such as Citigroup and Bank of America rose 5.2 and 4.4 percent.

Analysts, however, have little hope that the market has now stabilized. “This summer will not be the quiet period that we are used to” track Eric Wiegand, senior analyst at US bank in New York.

The Dow Jones industrial index rose 1.6 percent, the Nasdaq composite index rose 2.1 percent while the S & amp; P 500 rose 1.8 percent.


Fund management companies can offer ISK account – Västerbotten Courier

To fund companies themselves will be able to offer investors investment savings account, ISK, is one of the proposals to fund the investigation was submitted to the government on Tuesday. Today, only banks and other securities institutions offer investment savings account.

“Investment Savings Account is a tax-favored savings product that has not been provided by the fund company. It prevents the practice of fund companies from distributing their own funds, which distort competition, “says Fredrik Nordström, CEO of the Fund Association in a press release.

More than half of total new savings in mutual funds last year went through a investment savings account, according to association statistics. In terms of household savings in funds, virtually all the new savings via an investment savings account.

Now inquiry for comment. The amendments are expected to enter into force at the beginning of 2018th


Former SAF-chief Ulf Laurin death – Västerbotten Courier

The former SAF-chairman Ulf Laurin has died at his home in Malmo, said the family TT. He was 82 years old.

Ulf Laurin was for several decades active in the top tier of Swedish industry, preferably at the packaging company PLM, where he was CEO from 1970 to 1989. Having been a member of the Swedish Employers’ Association Board of Directors for several years became Laurin Chairman in 1989, a position he held until 1996.

Ulf Laurin also had many other commitments, including as chairman of the Swedish Golf Federation.


Exchange Lift for brexit-collapse – Västerbotten Courier

Economy. Stockholm Stock Exchange rose on Tuesday, in line with leading European exchanges. OMXS index had at the closing gone up by 2.2 percent to 455.0. The recovery comes after brexit collapse of -7.8 percent on Monday.

The upturn was broad, with 28 of 30 shares in OMXS30 index of plus. Most upwards into force of the Index weight pulled shares of pharmaceutical group Astra Zeneca and operator, Telia, with price increases of 4.2 and 5.2 percent.

Truck manufacturer Volvo, whose shares yesterday plummeted by 14.5 percent, went up by 2.4 percent.

Although the shares of major banks, which dropped 9-11 percent, went up. Best was Swedbank, up 4.0 percent.

The steel manufacturer SSAB went against the trend and fell by 1.6 percent.

The share of the betting company Betsson raged at the same time by 26.4 percent since the company warned of a worse result than expected in the second quarter.

London Stock Exchange FTSE100 index rose by 2.4 per cent and the Paris Stock Exchange CAC 40 index. Frankfurt Stock Exchange’s DAX index gained 1.7 percent.

In Monday’s crash – the first trading day after the British referendum decision to leave the EU – was erased 430 billion out of the stock market value. And OMXS30 index decline was the greatest of all time, greater than after the September 11 attacks and the stock market crash in 1987.


Forget the job during the holidays – a head that disrupts break the law – Business Week

In Sweden, the law protects the holiday from a disturbing managers.

In Sweden holiday a holy phenomenon. So sacred that it is even protected by law.

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According to Sydsvenskan, you are not required to be available by mail or phone during the holidays. And if your boss would now require that you are at risk, he or she will be liable under the Holidays Act.

“You are not required to be available during the holiday. It is natural that the holidays are a time to relax,” says Susanne Lundberg, head of the labor unit LO-TCO Legal Protection, to Sydsvenskan.

What you define as disturbing, however, is not entirely clear. Susanne Lundberg says that a short phone call might be something you have to put up with if you are so stupid that responds when the boss calls. However, if one is ordered by his employer to work can be seen as a criminal offense.

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To be disturbed during the holidays of his boss, in addition to providing the right to general damages also give a right to compensation for possible costs, for example if you have to cancel a tour.

There are some exceptions where an employee may need to be available during the holiday. The exemptions apply, inter alia, on very small companies.


600 million a day in subsidies – Västerbotten Courier

Affärsliv24. Total paid insurance agency out 225 billion – or 600 million a day – in various allowances and grants last year, they write in its annual Social insurance in figures.

More than half of the money went to the sick and to people with disabilities while about 33 per cent of expenditure, over 76 billion, went to families with children.

the remaining spending consists of various benefits, particularly in the labor market.

Social Insurance contributions and payments equivalent to 5.4 percent of Sweden’s gross domestic product.


Record level of gold forecast – Västerbotten Courier

surge after brexit, the world market price of gold reached its highest level since summer 2014, according to Dagens Industri. On Monday, the price was about 1320 dollars per ounce, and according to a survey by Bloomberg believed the price reaching 1400 dollars per ounce at the end of the year.

Even Handelsbanken has in recent days has raised its gold forecast to 1500 dollars per ounce at year-end, which would mean an increase of about 13 percent over today’s price.

on the Stockholm Stock Exchange was the gold producing companies out with high gradients on Monday. The mining company Semafo rose by 15 percent and Lundin Gold 4.8 percent.


Monday, June 27, 2016

Ikea recalls 27 million firms – Västerbotten Courier

Ikea withdraws at least 27 million firms in the United States. The reason is that three children have died after being unsecured furniture tipped over them and Ore-agencies “may pose a danger.”

– Please take them away from the rooms, says Ikea’s US -chef Lars Petersen to NBC News.

Last summer, the company made a safety campaign to get customers to secure furniture to the wall, and sent 300,000 free mounting brackets for wall protection. Yet many of the agencies is still not attached.

“There are still unsecured products in customers’ homes,” reads the statement from Ikea to NBC. “We believe that it is right to take further action.”

Customers can get your money back or still choose to receive fasteners to attach the furniture to the wall.