Sunday, June 19, 2016

Suspected bribery at Ericsson Business – Västerbotten Courier

Economy. Seven persons who are or have been employees of the telecom giant Ericsson notifications of corruption in Greece. The company refuses to answer whether some current officials are among the suspects.

– We will not go into details about the seven, says Karin Hall Town on Ericsson’s press department.

TT: is not it reasonable to shareholders know if there is corruption suspicions against Ericsson Managers?

– that said, we do not comment on individuals and specific cases.

sold radar

the suspicion comes to a deal in 1999 with Ericsson Microwave Systems delivered an airborne radar solution to Greece. Ericsson sold its subsidiary in 2006.

The suspects have not yet been interrogated and Ericsson have not been contacted by any authorities in the matter, according to the telecom giant.

“As an investigation is ongoing, where current and former employees received notifications, it is inappropriate for Ericsson to further comment on the substance of the case, “the company said in a press release.

Money for facilitators

2014 revealed the echo on Swedish Radio, Ericsson in connection with the Greek affair paid over 100 million to a decoy in Monaco. This money would, according to a former Ericsson employee, used to bribe Greek politicians and the military. Karin Hall Town confirms that the Greek investigation regarding this business.

– It’s the same deal as echo and other media have reported, she said.

Recently, Swedish Dagbladet that authorities in the United States examines Ericsson in an investigation concerning suspected corruption in China. The company has confirmed that US authorities have asked the company as regards corruption.

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