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Qviberg can sue the state – again – Västerbotten Courier

Economy. The legal aftermath of the collapse of HQ Bank may swell further if the financier Mats Qviberg and the other defendants key people freed. On Tuesday, the judgment.


In August 2010, revoked the Financial Supervisory Authority (FI) states of HQ Bank. According to FI, the Bank had such great risks to survival was risked.

Soon after was declared HQ Bank in liquidation.

A preliminary investigation of aggravated racketeering in HQ Bank began in September 2010 – just days after FI withdrawn the banking license.

in March 2011, pointed to the new board of HQ AB out among other Mats Qviberg as responsible for the breakdown in HQ bank.

in January last year led the investigation until prosecution the key people.

the trial began in Stockholm District Court on February 9 and ended on 3 May. On Tuesday, the district court’s ruling.

A central issue in the case has been on HQ Bank’s values ​​followed the applicable accounting rules.

In November is HQ AB’s claims against Qviberg and the other key people up Stockholm District Court.

– If we get right and it turns out that our view is correct, then the FSA has acted recklessly. Then the next question is whether to sue the state on the ground. Mats Qviberg’s life’s work has been destroyed, says lawyer Hans Strandberg, who defended Qviberg in the several-month long trial.

In late August, six years ago the investment bank HQ Bank had its license revoked by the Finansinspektionen (FI). Two days later came the news that the company is forced into liquidation, and the HQ crash was a fact. But what triggered it has since been trätoämnet of several lawsuits.

More processes

But on Tuesday puts the court foot down regarding criminal allegations made against Mats Qviberg, who was chairman of the parent company HQ AB, and a number of HQ Bank’s principal representative and auditor.

According to the prosecutor Directors, with the auditor’s help, guilty of serious racketeering – a crime that can carry between six months and up to six years prison. Several of the suspects prosecuted also for aggravated accounting offense.

Something out of the legal hostilities means the District Court does not – whether an appeal or not. In November is the HQ scandal in Stockholm District Court again. Then in the form of a gigtantiskt actions which Mats Qviberg, and others, sued for billions of what remains of the HQ.

“Great lobby”

In addition, the Qviberg sue the state once again if he is freed on Tuesday. It says his defender Hans Strandberg. Qviberg’s recent lawsuit against the state concerned EBM’s handling of criminal lost anchors against him. This time it’s FI’s decision to withdraw HQ’s bank license

– We believe that the prosecutor has indicted under the pressure of FI who wishes to defend a crazy decision and with great pressure from economic interests that have gone in and taken over HQ, says Strandberg as well as other defender expects an acquittal.

awaiting judgment

the prosecutor Martin Tidén do not want to give any further comments before Tuesday’s verdict.

– After the verdict on Tuesday, I will hold a press conference. Then I can talk more about it, he says.

TT: Do you still believe in a conviction about?

– Yes, otherwise I acted.

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