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Recent news of the mysterious picture: “And if mistakes with us too” – Aftonbladet

Recent news of the mysterious picture: "And if mistakes with us too" – Aftonbladet

The defense was forced yesterday to admit that they have gone out with the wrong information about where the image of the suspected submarine was taken.

First, said press officer to SVT that there was a deliberate lie for not “helping foreign power.”

But the operational chief says that everything was just a miss.

– Quite a few people have worked four days on end with this, says Anders Grenstad who held the press conference.

Armed Forces presented the blurred image as a credible evidence that Sweden has had påhälsning of a foreign submarine.

Aftonbladet spoke with “Eric” who took the picture. He is adamant – it was a submarine he saw disappearing into the water.

When the picture was shown at a press conference announced defense maps where the location of the suspect object sighted in was excellent with a red ring. But the location on Jungfrufjärden outside Dalaro was felutmärkt.

For SVT said press officer Philip Simon that it was a deliberate strategy to not “help a foreign power.”

– We should have been more clear about this.

“Would made larger ring”

But, Rear Admiral Anders Grenstad, Deputy Operation Commander who was in the actual press conference, saying he never intended to mislead.

– Just before the press conference, I worked hard to get the picture that was taken at this underwater object. I did not focus on how we had put the rings.

He said that the intention was to provide “enough information, but not give any opponent a few benefits.” With the rings, he wanted to show you approximately where the suspicious object had been sighted – not indicate the exact position.

– I would have been much clearer with the press conference. It was not a conscious lie.

– I would have made a bigger ring that also included the observation took place.

Neither defense red rings on Kanholmsfjärden and Nämdö Bay indicates the exact positions sightings of suspicious objects, says Anders Grenstad.

After the miss, he expects that his statements ahead will be scrutinized more closely.

– But you must not forget, a good many people have worked four days in a row with this, there is mistake with us too.

Gripen supervised

submarine hunt went on unabated yesterday. The searches focused on the waters off Nynashamn and the defense chose for several hours to cordon off a large area around all military vessels. For several hours the civilian boats not get closer than 10,000 feet – six nautical miles – from the surgical site.

Even the airspace was sealed off and several Gripen aircraft is reported to have overseen the site.

When Aftonbladet at 15 o’clock approached the military ships in the area around the Danziger Gatt we were allowed to get as close as 400 meters before the corvette Visby via radio announced that we could not be closer than 1,000 feet.

Sprawled barrier

Whole moved between five and ten military vessels and at least a military helicopter in the area. At 18 o’clock last night the barricades were lifted entirely. Armed Forces would not give a reason as to why they suddenly wanted to work completely undisturbed.

Stefan Ring, military strategy expert at the Swedish National Defence College, interpreters cordons in two ways.

– Either one needs to be at peace and to avoid interference from the other boats. Or preparing to one engagement, he says.

Göran Frisk, former submarine hunter, thinks it is “very interesting” that the restriction on the water is resolved.

– prohibitions had to avoid the disturbed one engagement. Have you lifted it has been stated that it had no contact, or even determined that the submarine has run away.

How do you interpret it?

– I would think that you’ve lost a spaningsfas. It has been established that you do not have any real-life situation, and are now in larger areas.

Could it have been carried out an armed intervention?

– I think not. Then they had reported it immediately. In the olden days when we made weapons effort was a moment that sent the information to headquarters.

The Armed Forces would not comment on why the restriction was lifted.


The image intensifies hunt – Aftonbladet

The image intensifies hunt – Aftonbladet

Armed Forces revealed on Sunday evening a photo that they have received from a private citizen.

– The whistleblower saw anything submarine similar and after he took the picture began to slowly disappear below the surface , said Rear Admiral Anders Grenstad.

the filer must have seen a mysterious ship on Sunday morning. When he took the picture began to sink under the water and disappeared.

But Anders Grenstad can not tell Aftonbladet exactly what the picture shows.

– It is just before dawn, and it is not easy to see what it represents, says Anders Grenstad.

“Any type of submarine tower”

Aftonbladet reporter’s question about what he thinks it is shown in the picture corresponds Rear Admiral:

– It shows some kind of submarine tower with a bogsvall after. I believe that it makes three or four knots might.

He invites the public to not only call for the Armed Forces, but also to take pictures of things that you perceive as strange in the archipelago.

According to experts, means the picture clear proof that the alien underwater activities are conducted in Swedish territorial waters right now.

– You can understand why they are so active, additionally show you a map with three observations, so far it’s only been aware if one says Tomas Ries researching the Russian military in the North.

From Russia

He is convinced that the suspected submarine in the picture are from Russia.

– Who else would it be, it’s very hard to believe that it is about NATO because it has such close relations with Sweden. And would it be India or Iran? No. It is only Russia that it can be said Tomas Ries.

Lars Gyllenhaal, military history expert and author, sees the image as a confirmation that the Armed Forces are right out.

What does the picture?

– One can not determine what type of vehicle it is, much less what nationality is involved. But if the informant is telling the truth and it is true that it appeared as soon as the picture was taken as it indicates that there is a military craft. According to defense itself are no indications that civilians have been involved in diving or similar in the area. The distinct impression I get is that it is a military midget submarine of any kind.

How can the image affect the current operation?

– It can affect both bad and good ways. Good thing is that it strengthens the defense argument about foreign power underwater operations. Before the image was, it was bushy and diffuse. Now it is more concrete. On the other hand, risk defense now getting a lot of tips from the public that will simply prove to be completely false. But it expects the safe with.

Why is the defense out of the picture now?

– I think they actually need the public, it is so large surfaces, it is about a few hundred soldiers are not enough, even though they have boats and helicopters. The public has an important role to play even if they will report errors.

Sökinsatsen began last Friday, the picture shows up two days later. How do you interpret it?

– Defence new policy of more openness begins to break through. There have been claims that previous violations have mörkats. They have realized that secrecy does not always serve the country. Now they have been instructed by the Government to stop the dark, as we saw with the Air Force a few weeks ago.

If the image actually shows a Russian craft, what does it mean for the Russians that it appears up now

– I’m not sure if that means anything to them, maybe that one might feel that the search escalate. But the biggest impact is that the public will now get involved.


CybAero: We have been a little unclear – CEO – Dagens Industri

CybAero: We have been a little unclear – CEO – Dagens Industri

CybAero: We have been a little unclear – CEO

                  2014-10-20 10:05

 (SIX) CybAero CEO Mikael Hult do not want to go on what got the ISP to  leave rejecting the company's application for an export permit for Chinese  Avic. But he admits that CybAero may have "been a little unclear" and  believes that the new application will go through.       "Maybe it was a bit silly to assume that a more civil  application would be approved, "said Mikael Hult at SIX News  and refers to the ISP, the ISP,  previously approved a more technologically advanced order from the Chinese  customs.       ISP's decision was in accordance Mikael Hult "very briefly" but after  informal contacts and discussions with the ISP on Friday he believes now that  CybAero new application has a good chance of being approved.       ISPs may under Hult have "run a little ahead" regarding the  planned joint venture with Avic and he says he is open to  another presentation of the ISP requires.       Mikael Hult deems nevertheless not the total order value  will be  affected by any changes to meet the ISP's requirements.       "No, I think not. There is a strong interest from Avic,  and they do not have the technology to manufacture these products themselves, "  he says.       ISP subject to corporate secrecy and can not go into the reason  for denial, says Diana Ore, communications manager at the ISP, the  SIX News.    Mattias Magnusson, phone + 46 8 586 163 87  mailto:  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


Friday, October 17, 2014

Fingerprint Cards halted again – Gothenburg Post

Fingerprint Cards halted again – Gothenburg Post

Stockholm Stock Exchange took on Friday decided to suspend trading in Fingerprint Cards share at lunchtime.

According to the news agency Six depend stop on the shares rushed sharply after a press conference organized by Zwipe and MasterCard, where they presented “the world’s first biometric contactless payment cards with an integrated fingerprint sensor.”

Fingerprint Cards confirms that they have a partnership with Zwipe regarding their fingerprint technology, but says he says he was taken by surprise that the data would be presented now.

“We did not know that Zwipe would go out with this in this way and now,” Fingerprint Cards Acting CEO Jorgen Lantto to Direkt.

Since the share price has risen about 30 percent became halted by the Stockholm Stock Exchange, claiming that the FPC must now go out with their own press release with the same information to the entire market at the same time.


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Down on Wall Street – Dagens Industri

Down on Wall Street – Dagens Industri

Down on Wall Street

                  2014-10-13 22:03

US stocks opened down during this week’s first day of trading, but then recovered and circled for a while around the zero. Towards the end of the day they fell back sharply.

North Sea Brent oil fell by more than two dollars per barrel to its lowest level since 2010 American oil also dropped, 8 cents per barrel. The shares for the major oil companies led the late fall. The world’s largest oil company, Exxon, fell 0.8 percent.

The Dow Jones industrial index fell 1.4 percent and the Nasdaq composite index fell 1.5 percent.


Riksbank can reduce record-low interest rates – Aftonbladet

Riksbank can reduce record-low interest rates – Aftonbladet

Inflation increases slower than the Bank had anticipated.
Now, the already super low repo rate lowered even more.

According to some economists, the key rate can be screwed down to zero.

Home prices may fall 20 percent

This summer shock Riksbank lowered, with Stefan Ingves in the lead, the repo rate to a record low 0.25 percent. After the counted experts with interest the bottom was reached.

But now, according to figures from Statistics Sweden that consumer prices are rising at a much slower rate than the Riksbank forecast. From August to September, prices rose by a modest 0.2 percent. The inflation rate is 0.3 percent.

This makes it more likely that the Riksbank will lower record rate even more by the end of October.

– National Bank has said that the tolerance for inflation is lower than expected, is very small. In addition, authorities, politicians and Bankers Association has taken greater responsibility for household debt. This means that the Riksbank is now fully focus on inflation, says Anna Felländer, chief economist at Swedbank.

“Important to get inflation up ‘

The new figures do Swedbank change its forecast for the policy rate. The bank now expect the Riksbank to cut the repo rate by 0.20 percentage points to 0.05 per cent on interest rate meeting on 27 October.

Nordea and SEB are on the same line as Swedbank. Although Handelsbanken believe in a reduction, but mentions nothing about the size of the forecast.

– It is important to get up inflation. Deflation [prices fall, motsasen inflation, editor's note] may hamper wage and create uncertainty among households and businesses, says Anna Felländer.

Could be a zero interest rate

The economists at the Danish bank Nykredit goes even further than the major banks in their prognosis: In a comment, they speak of a zero interest rate.

“We can now say that the cut, in all likelihood, come back in October, when combined with a downward revision of court. lowered is size is an open question. possibly be a first cautious step, for example, 10 points. A reduction to zero can not be entirely excluded, “writes Nykredit according

Anna Felländer at Swedbank believes that a zero interest rates is unlikely.

– At 0.05 percent have exhausted the interest rate weapon. We believe that the Riksbank then may resort to other methods to get up inflation, but an interest rate of 0 is not in our forecast, she said.

So expensive can become your accommodation with new requirements


Anders Borg wins contract from the Finnish government – Swedish Dagbladet

Anders Borg wins contract from the Finnish government – Swedish Dagbladet

The assignment are looking at how the Finnish economy looks in the current situation, and suggesting targets and measures for the economy. According to Finnish Hufvudstadsbladet Borg takes on the mission for free. The report will be completed in spring 2015th

– It does us good to even get an outside view of the situation in Finland. ‘s Report will be an important post among the crowd when we portray how we get the Finnish economy to turn around. Sweden has set a good example of both responsible economy and the economy’s growth rate, says Prime Minister of Finland Alexander Stubb told the newspaper.

The day after the parliamentary elections in September announced Borg that he is leaving party politics.


Stockmann PROFIT ALERT PGA Seppälä, uncertain prospects END … – Dagens Industri

Stockmann PROFIT ALERT PGA Seppälä, uncertain prospects END … – Dagens Industri

Stockmann PROFIT ALERT PGA Seppälä, uncertain prospects END 2014

                  2014-10-14 16:41

 STOCKHOLM (AFX) Finnish Stockmann Group which owns Lindex, lowers its forecast in 2014.
 The background is weaker earnings than appreciated, especially in the fashion chain Seppälä business, and uncertain prospects for the end of 2014, according to a press release.
 Stockmann now estimates that the Group's operating profit excluding non-recurring items will be negative 2014.
 Past earnings forecast for the year 2014, published in June, the Group's operating profit for 2014 was expected to be significantly weaker than for the year 2013.
 The company's sales forecast for the euro is already that it will be less in 2014 than in 2013.

Viveka Bergman Romander +46 8 5191 7928


Parents banned from Lucia celebration – Dagens Industri

Parents banned from Lucia celebration – Dagens Industri

Parents banned from Lucia celebration

                  2014-10-14 01:45

When Hållängets preschool in Ornskoldsvik celebrate Lucia in the year, parents are not welcome.

The reason is, according to the pre-school manager Helena Nurme Järvi, care for the children.

is based on the children that we have decided so. Many children are crying and can not understand why there are so many people and strangers with us. It’s hard to explain to one and two year olds why people come they do not know, she says to Örnsköldsvik Allehanda.


German Government lowers growth forecast – Swedish Dagbladet

German Government lowers growth forecast – Swedish Dagbladet

This was announced by the German Minister for Economic Sigmar Gabriel in an e-mail message on Tuesday, reports Bloomberg News.

GDP forecast for this year will be reduced to 1.2 percent, from the previous 1.8 percent, and for next year to 1.3 per cent, 2.0 per cent previously.

He also said that Germany must invest more in infrastructure and the conditions for private investment must be improved, including energy systems must be transformed and broadband availability ” quickly “expanded.

The Economics Minister said that capital investment is expected to increase by 3 percent this year and 4.1 percent next year, while inflation is expected to be 1.1 percent in 2014 and 1.6 percent by 2015.


Sanitec became one of the EQT – Swedish Dagbladet

Sanitec became one of the EQT – Swedish Dagbladet

Geberit, which is listed on the Zurich Stock Exchange, offers SEK 97 in cash per share or a total of 9.7 billion for Sanitec. That compares with the 61 crowns that was the price when EQT sold off shares in connection with the IPO in December last year. This summer the course was up over 90 crowns, but has since fallen sharply, and closed on Monday at 62.75 crowns.

EQT, which after a further share sale last summer, now owns 20 percent of Sanitec has already accepted yes to Swiss diplomats’ bid. Thus steps venture capital company of shares which has been a real thriller.

EQT became the owner in Sanitec 2005, but during the financial crisis, the company held on to break under the huge debt mountain that arose in connection with the purchase. 2009, a settlement where EQT lost his entire stake of 5 billion and was forced to shoot an additional 1.3 billion to maintain control. Banks also wrote down their loans with 7.5 billion and received an ownership stake.

EQT now get just over 1.9 billion for its last 20 percent if the bid goes through. According to SvD’s calculations summarizes proceeds from all sales of shares in Sanitec that to approximately SEK 6.5 billion. EQT has thus only received a refund of nearly ten years.

For the venture capital company, who normally aims for a 25 percent annual return on their investment, it is therefore a really lousy business – one of the worst in EQT’s history.

In the same fund that owned Sanitec, EQT IV, for example with an investment in the German engine manufacturer Tognum, which gave the whole fifteen times the money.

Caspar Callerström, partner of EQT, and Director of Sanitec would not comment on how good or bad the deal was but suggests that it could have been worse.

– We do not usually comment on the return of individual shops, and this is of course not finished yet. But from 2009 onwards, there has been a tremendous growth of the company and then’ve also followed with the valuation.

Why do you sell?

– Buyers had a requirement to make an offer to the great owners, that is, EQT and fund Zeres, would undertake to sell their shares after the board recommended the offer and after careful consideration, we concluded that it was a good enough bid to we would go along with it, says Caspar Callerström.

IPO price was 61 dollars and the bid is at 97 dollars, but the course was up to the levels last summer. Do you think the shareholders should be satisfied?

– For those who have been there from the beginning, it is difficult to say other than that it’s been a good ride, and compared to how the stock market has gone under the same time is a super business. The offer is also of course the record for Sanitec so everyone involved has made money. So yes, I think they can be happy.

EQT has previously made a number of sales and listings the past six months. That you are now selling it should be interpreted to mean that you believe in a weaker stock market fall?

– When it comes to this single deal, one must remember that this is not initiated by us, we has been a question that we answered yes to. But generally, we thought it was a good climate to sell in recent times, although we also made some purchases.

If the bid goes through became Sanitec time on the stock market just a years. Did you try to sell to other industrial buyers before you put the company on the stock exchange?

– Three years ago, there was a thorough process involving a number of potential buyers contacted, but when no one took the bait. With the launch was not that, it was a pretty quick process.

Where Geberit among those offered to buy three years ago?

– I can not comment more than that you can always contact all potential buyers in such processes.

Sanitec included in EQT IV which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and where you only have two other holdings remain beyond Sanitec. Increases the incentives for you to accept that you can then close the fund

– We could have to remain two or three years with no problems, but all things being equal, it is good to complete a business. To note a company’s also a first step towards a full sale, and it was no secret that we would not be left with 20 percent of Sanitec forever.


Editorial: Smarter regulation price in time – Dagens Industri

Editorial: Smarter regulation price in time – Dagens Industri

This time can not say that the Nobel Prize (with the Riksbank as a sponsor) in economics goes to some effort with questionable relevance to the world outside the ivory towers. It is stressed already in the grounds where Frenchman Jean Tirole called “one of today’s most influential economists,” because he is such a key thinker behind modern market regulation and competition policy.

His spirit hovers on burning issues. Should Europe’s telecom operators be allowed to get as big and as the American? What are the prices and profits the owners should the owners of the local electricity network monopolies to take out? And those who insist on profit-hunting company in the welfare sector can be made to serve higher purposes can fetch arguments of this year’s winners.

Jean Tirole ascribed pioneering work in a field that solidified in the simplified models. The need for more nuanced analysis and sophisticated tools emerged in interaction with the political pendulum swung towards privatization and deregulation.

And it is probably a sign of the times that Tirole rewarded in a position of greater reflection and skepticism around liberalization (especially in the financial industry), and then further steps in that direction rather renamed to “re-regulation”.

At yesterday’s press conference (winner participated via link) Tirole advocated a “strong state” to bring such an intelligent policy that does not entrepreneurship is beaten to death.

That he is for a moving, nuanced and dynamic view was evident when Commenting on Google’s alleged disruptive behavior, a red-hot issue as soon lands in the lap of Denmark’s new EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.

He stressed the major consumer benefit that the search led and believed that incidental monopoly profits always arise, and can be accepted as a result of technological breakthroughs and innovative business models. He has been interested in the digital economy features, where already the frequent offer of free services is challenging a sight that often sees “price dumping” as a sign of a market in illegally.

The leftists who perhaps triggered by pressing the message header of the art of “taming the mighty company” may be disappointed by the more they learn about a fundamentally pro-capitalist message. Tirole is no Piketty.


Sanitec: CEO sees limited exposure to disposals from Geberit bid – Dagens Industri

Sanitec: CEO sees limited exposure to disposals from Geberit bid – Dagens Industri

Sanitec: CEO sees limited exposure to disposals from Geberit bid

                  2014-10-14 10:56

 (SIX) Geberit takeover of Sanitec seem to lead to any  divestitures, because the companies complement each other well.       "You rarely come across the companies that complement each other so well that  Geberit and the Sanitec "said Sanitec CEO Peter Nilsson during an  press conference is about just the news that Swiss Geberit  made an offer of SEK 97 per share in cash at Sanitec.       "From that point, there will be very little overlap  would result in the sale as I see it now. As far as I can judge by  my experience and understanding of Geberit and the Sanitec  product portfolios, I see very limited exposure to some  divestitures or obstacles that we have to pass, "says Nilsson.       He adds, however, important that this so far is about a pure  industrial perspective.    Hanna Hoikkala  mailto:  SIXNews  SIX News 


Mångmiljardbud at Sanitec – Västerbotten Courier

Mångmiljardbud at Sanitec – Västerbotten Courier

The error may be because you accidentally enter the wrong address in the browser or the page has been removed from the Västerbotten Courier.

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Sweden: 2,291 fewer unemployed 41 weeks – Jobs – Dagens Industri

Sweden: 2,291 fewer unemployed 41 weeks – Jobs – Dagens Industri

Sweden: 2,291 fewer unemployed week 41 – Employment Service

                  2014-10-13 10:44

 (SIX) The number of unemployed in Sweden decreased by 2291  persons to 203,918 persons during the week 41 A comparison with  corresponding week a year ago, the number of unemployed  decreased by 14,580 people (-15,703 last week), according to a  update from the Employment Service.       Job seekers in activity support programs amounted to 171,023  people, which was 2,184 more than a week earlier. Compared with  A year ago, the number has decreased by 14,952 people (-14,556 last  week).       The number of people who found work during the week amounted to 10,104,  compared with 14,022 the week before.       The number of people registered as job seekers were  8980, compared with 12,084 weeks before.       15,679 new vacancies were reported, compared with 15,044  the week before.      Erik Palmung, phone +46 31 350 64 86  mailto:  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


Brummer & Partners scraps Funds – Private Businesses

Brummer & Partners scraps Funds – Private Businesses

Archipel is an equity-oriented hedge fund that failed in recent years. Yields were clearly inferior, – 1.1 percent on average over three years, compared with 6.4 percent for the fund category as a whole, according to Morningstar.

Now, Brummer & amp; Partners decided to close the fund. On October 31, the units will be redeemed.

“The recent market conditions have been challenging for the Fund. The quantitative models underlying the Fund’s management has had difficulty making money, both strategies based on relative valuation and those seeking to identify trends in the market, “the fund company in a press release.

The background is that Brummer Multi-Strategy, which is a fund-of-fund hedge fund, has decided to redeem their shares in Archipel because yields have not lived up to expectations.

As late which last month announced Brummer & amp; Partners to fund Futuris wound.


Storm clouds over the stock exchange for the autumn report river – Swedish Dagbladet

Storm clouds over the stock exchange for the autumn report river – Swedish Dagbladet

Concerns over Europe’s recovery has set the stock market reeling in time for the Swedish period. Stockholm Stock Exchange fell on Monday for the sixth day in a row and this year’s stock market rally is now completely erased.

It is especially the last month’s negative economic figures from Germany that made investors nervous. Meanwhile, dilute the turmoil in the uncertainty about growth in China and the knowledge that the American stimulus package is about to expire. As a shadow hangs over Europe also the recent political developments in Russia – which struck both directly and indirectly against the Swedish company with operations in the region.

All in all it is a difficult publicly to appease the company is preparing to present the results of the third quarter. The first large company in reporting the river is as usual engineering giant SKF, which releases its report tomorrow morning Wednesday.

The report is the last of the company’s outgoing CEO Tom Johnstone, who at the turn succeeded by Mr. Danielson, the former CEO of Höganäs . In terms of volume is expected to grow SKF over two per cent on the previous year. During the second quarter, SKF volume growth 3.6 percent, according Inquiry Financials analyst survey.

The argument for SKF is the weak krona, which helps the Swedish export companies along. The recent poor macro climate bodes however bad for the fourth quarter, and many analysts expect the company to come to turn down the forecast.

– We fear that SKF will flag the bad times and expect slower growth in the fourth quarter, says Esbjörn Lundevall, an analyst at SEB.

A sector that usually fare better in times of macroeconomic concern is the banks. While retail companies and telecom companies affected relatively little by the economic downturn, says Esbjörn Lundevall.

An example from the telecom sector are Ericsson, which reports on the 24th October. Lars Söderfjell, an analyst at Bank of Åland, is cautiously optimistic about the company’s report. Predicting precisely Ericsson’s quarterly results is notoriously difficult – and many analysts have over the years had failed.

– The company has talked about an increased growth in the third quarter, the effect of including the rollout of 4G networks in China. Meanwhile, the new projects lower margins, which have an impact on profitability, he says.

also seems to Ericsson’s American operations started rolling again, after a period of zero growth.

Two-reporting companies that do not contend with the economic threat, but well other problems, the media company MTG and Getinge.

Much hangs in the air before the medical technology company’s report on 16 October. A big question mark with Getinge’s share price to fall by as much as 12.3 percent this year is how to deal with the criticism it received from the U.S. regulatory authority FDA.

The criticism from the FDA came nearly a year ago and the quality control at Getinge’s manufacturing facilities. Right now, market players have answers to two important questions: How much will it cost to fix the problems, and how soon can they be solved, says Lars Hevreng, an analyst at SEB.

He expects, however, no clear answers in conjunction with the weekly report.

Even MTG share has had a tough match in the stock market in recent months, where price plummeted by nearly 18 percent. Behind the price drop is a new Russian media law could limit foreign ownership in Russian media. The proposal means that foreign companies may own no more than 20 percent of Russian media companies, to today’s 50 percent and were treated at the end of September in the Russian parliament.

MTG would an amended media law be a noticeable setback when Stenbeck company owns 38 percent of the media company CTC Media, a giant in Russian TV entertainment. MTG reports Oct. 23, the day before the big owner Kinnevik.


Northland: Completed trade negotiations, 240 of 269 employees redundant – Dagens Industri

Northland: Completed trade negotiations, 240 of 269 employees redundant – Dagens Industri

Northland: Completed trade negotiations, 240 of 269 employees redundant

                  2014-10-13 14:11

 (SIX) Northland Resources is announcing that the negotiations  regarding organizational ended with the unions.  The result is that approximately 240 of the current 269 employees will  be terminated.       It appears from a statement.       During last week announced that Northland operations stopped  indefinitely because of the company's "extremely strained liquidity." By  same reason, the company announced that they are forced to terminate most of its  employees.       Northland believe that the company, through the organization that remains,  will have the opportunity to continue to work to secure long term  financing solution and try to complete ongoing discussions  with financial and industrial investors.       "Remaining staff will also maintain mine and  processing plant in a way that allows for a smoother and more  cost-effective start-up as possible, and allow for continued  work on the permitting process for Sahavaara, "the.        Group management will also be reduced by one position when  position that has been vacant - CTO - will not be included in the new  organization.    Jonathan Axelsson, +46 77 8586163  mailto:  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


Loof: Andersson can not take responsibility for the Treasury – Swedish Radio

Loof: Andersson can not take responsibility for the Treasury – Swedish Radio

Finance Magdalena Andersson said today that the state’s finances are in such poor condition that the surplus target will not be reached during this term of office. The criticism from the opposition of the Government’s assessment of the economic situation were not long in coming.

– We ought to be able to agree that the Swedish economy is the one who has passed In recent years better than most and it is important to build on it, says Anna Kinberg Batra who is Moderates economic policy spokesperson.

– Rather than abandoning Magdalena Andersson surplus target, which is one of the cornerstones of the framework that has given Sweden so strong state finances.

Both the Moderate Party and the Centre Party says that they share the picture of the economic situation in the world but does not draw the same conclusions on the consequences for the Swedish economy.

– The picture’s like, what Magdalena Andersson unveiled today in terms of numbers of Swedish development is the same as the Alliance presented this summer at Harpsundsvägen says Center leader Annie Loof.

– But what sets apart is that Magdalena Andersson not be bothered to take the step to a responsible economic policy needed to achieve the surplus target of 1 per cent 2018 Instead, she chooses to lower the target.

Both the Centre Party and the Moderate Party is also critical of the government now backs from reaching surplus target in fiscal 2018, but pushes on there a couple of years.

– the Centre Party and the Social Democrats introduced along surplus target after 90′s crisis to ensure stability in the Swedish economy. Today, the Social Democrats thrown it overboard to avoid taking responsibility for the Treasury, said Annie Loof.


29 will keep working in the mining company Northland – the rest is terminated – Swedish Radio

29 will keep working in the mining company Northland – the rest is terminated – Swedish Radio

The staff who remain will continue to work to secure a long-term solution and try to complete ongoing discussions with financial and industrial investors. But some staff will also maintain mine and processing plant.

– There is something more than we have said from the beginning, but their role will be to ensure that we comply with the environmental permits that we have and self-control, explains CEO Johan Balck who remains as CEO of the company.

The management team will consist of three people.


German focus on IMF meeting – Västerbotten Courier

German focus on IMF meeting – Västerbotten Courier

Exchange Fall, lower forecasts and collapse in prices for crude oil characterize the market when fiscal and monetary policymakers gathered at the IMF and World Bank fall meeting in Washington, DC.

German economy, the euro zone’s engine, is a big issue. Another major theme is infrastructure investment.

The German government will lower their GDP forecasts for 2014 and 2015 to about 1.2 percent per year, reports Reuters referring to two government sources in Berlin. At present, the forecasts of 1.8 and 2.0 percent.

IMF economists earlier this week wrote down the global outlook, particularly with reference to a slowdown in the German economy.


Five köpvärda shares – Private Businesses

Five köpvärda shares – Private Businesses

electronics chain Electra have dropped this year despite their nice profits. The valuation looks so appealing and together with a high pay raises börstidnigen recommendation to purchase.

Carrier Company DGC noted a record profit last quarter, although one-off effects helped. Growth is good but Börsveckan do not think the company will surprise pleasantly the days ahead and settle hence the wait.

The real estate D Carnegie have opened the wallet wide open since the IPO in the spring. The stock market has had a niggardly attitude towards acquisitions causing the magazine to consider property shares as worth buying.

Amasten , also a real estate company, is certainly a high-risk stock but a low score and Balder ownership list from the newspaper to give a positive recommendation.

Clothing Company MQ’s new president has proved successful and the stock price has doubled in a year. Profitability is expected to be able to be raised further in the future and the valuation is considered still low, which may Börsveckan to hold on to its buy recommendation.

Infection Company Medivir are considered undervalued in light of the red-hot pharmaceutical sector. The paper reiterates its buy recommendation and thus does not give up the prescription jump on Medivir’s flagship product, Olysio, hepatitis C, although competition is going to get tougher.


Fund investors exit stock funds – Business World

Fund investors exit stock funds – Business World

In September nysparades over 9 billion. Net deposits were greatest in balanced funds and bond funds, while equity funds reported net outflows.

 Fund investors exit stock funds

      Photo: hristine Olsson / TT

Fund Association reports that the net savings in equity funds amounted to -2.9 billion in September.

Total net savings for the month amounted to +9.1 billion.

Balanced funds showed net inflows of 6.8 billion and bond funds (bond funds) had a net inflow of 4.5 billion. Money market funds (money market funds) and hedge funds had net savings of 0.6 and 0.0 billion.

As of September, the net savings for a total of 2.817 billion in all types of funds to which they follow, of which 1.547 billion consisted of equity funds.

“While we are pleased with the great new investment in funds, we can also see the figures in the fund that the turmoil in the world coming through. It is evident that there are withdrawals from equity funds. Association wishes to diversify risk in their new savings and choose primarily balanced funds and bond funds, “says Pia Nilsson, CEO of SIFA in a comment.