Saturday, August 22, 2015

Local currency will give trade a boost – Expressen

An own currency, valid only in Vellinge?

Now, the idea can become a reality – if the Conservatives in the municipality may determine.

The mayor, Carina Wutzler (M), which has proposed the introduction of Vellinge Dollar.

– It would benefit local purchases in the municipality, she said to Sydsvenskan.

At a gathering of local businessmen during the week told Carina Wutzler (M) about the revolutionary idea.

It is thus a completely own currency, Vellinge Dollar, which is only to be used in the municipality.

– I’ve been thinking about it somehow can give residents and tourists extraordinary value for money. Then it had been excited to try a local currency, says Carina Wutzler.

Pay garbage collection with Vellinge Dollar

It should not be a matter of some printed money.

According to Sydsvenskan is instead the idea of ​​a plastic card loaded with Vellinge Dollar. One hundred can then conceivably be converted to Vellinge Dollar, and assigns a value of, say, 110 crowns, which would give residents a local discount

According to Carina Wutzler would benefit local businesses and shops.

Among other things, the idea that the currency to be used in restaurants, museums and public institutions. But even parking fees, rents and garbage can in the future be paid with Vellinge Dollar.

Carina Wutzler argue that the currency is only at the conceptual stage in the current situation.

Gotta have with local shops

– This is just a vision. There are many questions to ponder. The municipality’s not a bank, but perhaps we can be involved and have a coordinating role, she says.

The response from the corporate sector has so far been good. Thomas Claughton-Wallin, president of Vellinge Falsterbo peninsula entrepreneurial group, was present when Carina Wutzler presented his idea.

– You have to get to the local shops and restaurants, but it is a good idea. There is much to gain for all. It currently costs 300 crowns to drive to and from Malmö. The cost, and a discount at the exchange, would mean that one can save a lot of money by shopping locally, he said to Sydsvenskan.


Swedes children can inherit debts – Helsingborgs Dagblad

In Spain, where around 90 000 Swedes live, for example, the children inherit their parents’ debts. To avoid unforeseen situations should Swedes living abroad to look over the inheritance rules to see which ones fit best, Sweden or the country they live in.

This is because you choose by specifying it in a will.

– You have to actively choose it. The best advice is to see their situation as one gets what one wants. It should all do, says Renström.

Which country’s law which otherwise applies controlled by the person is resident. The rules for this are not entirely clear, which Renström believe can create controversy when it will be decided where the deceased lived.

– To determine a person’s residence is extraordinarily difficult to do. It depends on a variety of factors which we have an approach to the residence, another country has a different approach.


The government of the leghold trap – Vestmanlands County Newspaper

It looks a little better than before. It emerged when the finance minister Magdalena Andersson (S) yesterday presented the economic situation facing the government’s budget negotiations.

The growth chugging along at 2-3 percent. We trade, private consumption is increasing.

Unemployment is falling and the employment rate, ie the proportion who work, are rising. But only fairly moderate. The government has a long way to go before the goal of the EU’s lowest unemployment rate.

The budget deficit is also reduced. The Treasury will end up at a slight plus 2019th

In contrast, estimated prices rise. It tends to be bad, but is now considered good.

Today’s very low or even negative inflation have led the Riksbank to introduce negative interest rates. So when the government believes that price increases next year will be 1.0 percent in 2018 and 2.5 per cent, it is good news!

The Riksbank would then be able to return to what it usually does, ie raise rates to keep inflation low. End of the inverted world.

The government really has a problem with that times will get better. Then it should gather in the barns to invest when times be getting worse.

2019 will be as forecast a small surplus after years of deficits in public finances. It should then be protected, for deficits in bad times require, even if the government goes into a so-called balansmål, matched by surpluses in better times. But 2018 is an election year, then it is usually difficult to hold back.

The government has said that new initiatives must be paid ‘crown for the crown. ” But it can cause political problems.

There are demands from the Left, not least from the LO, that “austerity policies” must be over and that the state should invest significantly. There are plenty of new spending demands from various quarters. Not least from the Left, who expects to be able to influence the budget.

But the government will stick to the “crown crown” need new expenses paid with higher taxes.

Recent increases thus beyond the tax increases the government has already been through. It teaches meet resistance from business owners and from the bourgeois opposition.

In theory, it should not matter what the bourgeois parties do. They have the DIE promised to let through the red-green budget, regardless of content.

But in practice, DIE threatened if the government comes with challenging tax increases firmly angering companies and bourgeois voters. So it becomes tangled.


SSAB Danske Bank lowers price target to SEK 50 (60) – Dagens Industri

SSAB Danske Bank lowers price target to SEK 50 (60)

                  2015-08-21 11:04

 (SIX) Danske Bank lowers the target price for the Swedish steel company SSAB  50 million from the previous $    60. Recommendation purchase repeated.       It is clear from the letter market on Friday.       The cuts made in the wake of China's devaluation of the yuan as  exacerbates the negative effects of the overcapacity of the Chinese  steels from SSAB's markets, writes the bank.       Further expected to SSAB's earnings per share negatively affected by a  weaker pricing in the company's US operations. Therefore cut  Bank its estimate for earnings per share for 2016-2017 by 32  and 22 percent called it.      Gabriel Cardona Cervantes  mailto:  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


Friday, August 21, 2015

Government negotiations started: “An investment budget” – Aftonbladet

Harpsund. Now, the government has embarked budget deliberations.

Finance Magdalena Andersson (S) held a press conference on the economic location – and did not rule out more tax increases.

– But then it’s all about adjustments, she said.

Today, gathered government traditionally the prime minister’s summer residence Harpsund in Sörmland. There, waiting for the budget discussions between the Green Party and the Social Democrats before the ministers eat crayfish together.

The meeting opened with the ministers, as usual, gathered on the steps outside the main building for a group photo. Prime Minister Stephen Löfven announced before the press call-up that he looks forward to adding a budget that “tries to reduce unemployment, to turn school results and do something about the climate”.

Löfven also joked that he tried to persuade his government colleagues that replace the crayfish against fermented herring, but had been outvoted.

“Have a clear focus”

Then said Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson (S) and Finance Minister Per Bolund (MP) questions. It’s the two together prepared the deliberations.

– We are looking forward to discuss the budget with the whole government and it will be a very clear focus. It is about investing in Sweden, the need for more investment to solve the problems we have, says Andersson.

She also revealed that the name of the budget becomes the “Investments for Sweden”.

According Bolund is the objective of the investment to get people into jobs.

– But we must also reverse the school results, there is a clear mandate we have from the Swedish people. There we will add focus. But we must also make efforts to reduce Sweden’s greenhouse gas emissions and take our responsibility for future generations, he said.

Andersson announced that it is now the end of “short-term tax cuts”.

– We need to work on long-term investments to meet Sweden’s challenges. We inherited very large deficits for the bourgeois government that lowered the tax on borrowed money. Now we have taken responsibility and ensure that we fund reforms to the payment.

Several reforms from the budget are already known. This includes further places at vocational colleges, height gasoline tax, reduced tax deductions and investments in railway maintenance.

And more bets may be.

– We have proposed a number of tax increases so there are opportunities to make investments, says Andersson.

No unfinanced reforms

At 15:00 Finance Minister Magdalena Andersson held a press conference on the economic situation. She announced there that the Ministry of Finance forecasts have been revised. Unemployment looks now falling faster than expected, and in 2019 is expected to be at 6.2 percent. Andersson also stated that the Swedish deficit will be halved in the next few years.

– We are gradually filling the barns, but we have still continued deficit in the public finances, she says.

She mentioned also that there are several threats that could affect the Swedish economy, including the unstable situation in China and Greece.

At the same time, it was clear that there can be talk higher tax increases than those already announced.

– But then it’s all about adjustments, she said.

To give hope

Andersson said that the government is now taking steps the goal of the lowest unemployment in the EU by 2020.

– We have a very clear focus towards it. There is potential, today we have 400,000 unemployed, while we have 80,000 vacancies. It is about the government puts into action so that people can take these jobs. It is about investing in skills development and housing so that people can move to where the jobs are.

Andersson also commented on the Sweden Democrats’ successes in the opinion.

– I think it’s disturbing, but that is why it is so important that we focus on investments in this budget. So that more people can get into work and more capable school. So we can inspire hope for the future in Sweden.

The budget presented on 21 September. Before that, the government is also ready to negotiate with the Left.


So, Spotify map your privacy – Aftonbladet

Spotify is in trouble – again.

With its new privacy policy, streaming service access to users’ photos, contacts and Internet searches. The rules may not sharp criticism from many listeners – as “Minecraft” -skaparen “Notch”.

– Consider not be evil, writes Markus “Notch” Persson on Twitter.

On August 17, the company presented, which with its 20 million paying customers is one of the world’s largest music services, its new privacy policy.

The policy provides Spotify permission to take part in a much larger part of the lives of users on the internet than ever before. The company may, among other things, gather information stored on listeners’ mobile phones.

It may for example be about photos, contacts, voice commands and searches performed on the Internet. Moreover, registering the service the user’s location and the time of day the searches made, reports the American Forbes.

Collecting pictures

The guidelines also give Spotify permission to store user card and account details.

The new settings have upset many users, who think that the functions infringe their privacy. Among other Markus “Notch” Persson , the founder of Mojang and the game developer behind the success “Minecraft” see red.

– As a consumer, I have always loved your service. You are the reason why I ended pirate music. Consider not be evil, writes “Notch” on Twitter.

He also took the opportunity to finish his account. He opposes that Spotify requires access to both camera and GPS.

Spotify founder Daniel Ek explains the app asks for access when needed. ‘Notch’ mean that there is no need for such access in a music service.

Spotify apologize

In a blog post published on Friday asking Oak apologized for how the agreement is presented. Post entitled “Sorry”.

– We could have done a better job of communicating what our new policy means and how the information you choose to share will be used – and not used, he writes.

He believes that users choose how much information they want to share.

In the coming weeks, the policy is updated to be clearer.

“Spotify is developing a constant service to deliver the absolute best experience for our users. This means delivering the best recommendations for every occasion and help you to listen to, discover and share more music than ever before, “wrote Spotify in a statement continues:

” The integrity and security of our users are – and will continue to be Spotify’s top priority. “

Have boycotted by Swift

Spotify has previously been criticized for their remuneration to performers is too low. The compensation received popstar Taylor Swift , which appointed the music world’s most powerful, to boycott the streaming service. She said that Spotify had her record sales to decrease properly.

Earlier this summer, also drew Prince back their music from any streaming services in addition to the Jay-Z ‘s Tidal.


Uber can be listed in 2016 – Business World

     Illustration Photo of Uber in Norway. Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB Scanpix / TT

The app-based taxi and car-sharing service Uber may be listed within 12 to 18 months according to an internal document, Reuters come across.

This document said to have been a part of the material is now shown for Chinese investors in search of capital. Earlier rumors have been that claims that an IPO of the Chinese part can be current, but not in the near future.

Then there was investment in the Chinese operation sought covering document mainly the part, but at the same time also showed some details about the company in its entirety. Among other things, Uber in 2014 brokered trips to a value of 2.9 billion dollars, compared with 688 million during in 2013.

Although it is a time speculated a potential IPO, the company’s CEO Travis Kala Nick never commented it. In a roundabout way, it has been rumored that he was of the opinion that an IPO is something that should be avoided as long as possible.

In the current year may Uber come to land at $ 10.8 billion in brokered trips which granted its margin of 20 percent would lead to over two billion in sales. It says TechCrunch.

For the next year would be the same numbers to land at just over $ 26 billion in brokered trips where the company gets to keep more than five billion. What profit it could cause is unclear, however, and the company has historically spent well over revenues in its international expansion.


af Jochnick: Good economic development – Business World

     Kerstin af Jochnick, Deputy Governor. Photo: Tomas Oneborg / SvD / TT

The economic development in Sweden looks positive and the Bank’s expansionary monetary policy continues to provide support to the rise in inflation. The state Governor Director Kerstin af Jochnick in the prescribed speech entitled “The monetary policy and the monetary policy situation” on Friday.

“As for the data received during the summer, both in Sweden and abroad, does it fairly well in line with what we anticipated in July. Economic growth in Sweden continues to look good out and the expansive monetary policy supports the upward trend in inflation. And it would take is a continued high willingness to do monetary policy even more expansionary, “said af Jochnick.

A new loan program for Greece may hopefully soon be finished, which gives hope that the recovery in the EMU can continue. The global economic developments since July brings a whole also supported the Riksbank’s assessment is that international growth will gradually strengthen. The view is that the weak growth in the first quarter was temporary.

A favorable factor mentioned is the sharp fall in oil prices, which are expected to have a positive impact on growth in countries that do not produce oil. It provides, among other things, higher level of consumption of countries, which could benefit global growth. Another factor is that the recent tightening fiscal policy in many mature economies look to be over. A third factor promoting the world economy is the expansionary monetary policy around the world.

“The Swedish economy has gradually improved due to better demand in the world – and inflation rising for some time,” says af Jochnick . The continued recovery in the world is expected to promote Swedish exports and growth in the future.

“For some time, inflation rises CPIF excluding energy and several indicators suggest that it will continue to rise” says Governor member.

Some uncertainty surrounding the global economy remain, however, and among the storm clouds mentioned that the funding crisis in Greece is not yet resolved and that the situation in Russia and Ukraine also creates continued uncertainty.

Global inflation is expected to rise in the future, after having been below target in many countries in recent years.

She emphasizes that it is important that monetary policy provides support to the upward trend in inflation to the inflation target remains a benchmark for prices – and pay.

“The interest rate needs to be very low if we are to avoid the dangers of an excessively low inflation. But at the same time, the low interest rates that other risks are built up which can create problems in the Swedish economy in the future “says af Jochnick on.

She notes that household debt and house prices are rising rapidly, which can make the Swedish economy vulnerable if economic activity would slow down.

It is considered to be very important for the Swedish economy that we get a lasting solution to the debt and house prices. The Government should, as part of this, ensuring that a functioning framework for macro-prudential oversight is developed and that the FSA gets a clear mandate to manage the oversight concludes Kerstin af Jochnick.


Ica beats forecast – Private Business

Food Company Ica reported an EBIT at 1.065 billion crowns for the second quarter of 2015th

Analysts had expected an operating profit of 1012 million, according to SME Direkt compilation.

Revenue amounted to 25.542 billion crowns, against the anticipated 25.325 billion.

Do some pharmacies synergies by 2015

Formica integration work following the acquisition of Pharmacies heart goes according to plan. The company now sees that certain synergies will be realized already in 2015.

According to the interim report.

Ica has previously spoken of total cost synergies of approximately SEK 100 million from 2016 and 150 million crowns at full power 2019th

Before the summer, converted the first two Cura pharmacies to the new brand and the goal is that all Cura be converted before the end of the year, which is the same timetable Ica earlier communicated.

Aiming for 150 online shops connected

For ICA’s online offering had 48 ICA stores have joined the company’s platform just before the summer. According Ica is increasing the pace of roll-out and the company is aiming for around 150 stores at the end of the year.

According to the interim report.

Ica further state that the “relatively small group of stores” which has been running for more than two months, the online share of just over 1 percent.


Oil prices continue downward – Swedish Dagbladet

US oil for delivery in October was at 11 o’clock Swedish time fell by 27 cents to 41:05 dollars per barrel. Thus, the price of US oil is about to fall for the eighth week in a row, something that has not happened since, 1986.

North Sea oil for delivery in October was also down 39 cents to 46:23 dollars per barrel . The price of both the US oil and North Sea oil are at their lowest levels in nearly six and a half years.


Teachers in private schools earn less – Dagens Industri

Teachers in private schools earn less

                  2015-08-21 01:31

Teachers in private schools are paid less than municipal employees colleagues. On average, earn a high school teacher SEK 900 less and primary school teachers 800 crowns.

It shows figures that Statistics Sweden has developed the Teachers’ Union, writes Dagens Nyheter.

Paula Hammerskog, Communications Director for, the independent Academedia explains the difference with the teachers at independent schools are younger. She also says that many teachers are not wage the most important job.


Thursday, August 20, 2015

M wants new qualifying – Aftonbladet

Politics. Moderates want to introduce a new qualifying day in sickness insurance. After the 14 day of illness enters a new waiting period. The party also says no to increased compensation levels and that the sunset clause be deleted.

– We must limit the long sick leave, saying the party’s economic political spokesperson Ulf Krister Petersson.

Conservatives warn that the unplanned cost increases in absenteeism, unemployment and migration threatens other public commitments. The party’s economic policy working group is therefore presenting a “package of cost management”.

– It is about 53 billion total in unplanned cost increases over the forecast period up to 2019. It is astronomical, says Ulf Krister Petersson.

Increased control

The increase in absenteeism is to be stopped. A fund will be a clear shift insurance. Migration of expenditure must be limited. And new measures will be towards fraud and benefit fraud.

In addition to a new qualifying day for 14 days and no to removed the deadline and the increased remuneration proposes M to numerical targets introduced for sickness benefit century, ungerför the Riksbank’s inflation target. Social Insurance Control of the time limits will be tightened. At the same time suggests M that the waiting period is about a qualifying deduction.

Safe countries

In the UIF says M no to an increase in the remuneration of SEK 910 per day the first hundred days. The ceiling proposed lowered to 760 kronor, the first three hundred days. Next, to 680 kronor per day.

Immigration Expenditures want the Conservatives to limit by introducing the principle of “safe countries” of asylum claims from countries with low discharge rate. Instead it today costly HVB accommodation for unaccompanied refugee proposed support rate housing. And compensation from the state to municipalities for housing should be a flat-rate payment.

Total calculates the Conservatives to save 17.9 billion crowns by 2019 on the various measures.


Fingerprint: Do not comment on any lock-up option program – FC – Dagens Industri

Fingerprint: Do not comment on any lock-up option program – FC

                  2015-08-20 15:37

 (SIX) Fingerprint Cards would not comment on whether there is  no lock-up period for the newly issued shares to the option holders at  Company at a conversion to new shares in the company.       It says Fingerprint Cards CFO Johan Wilsby during the day  teleconference in conjunction with the report for the second quarter of 2015th      Magnus Bernet +46 8586163 85  mailto:  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


ICA Group: Height employer clear effect f stores Q3 – CEO – Dagens Industri

ICA Group: Height employer clear effect f stores Q3 – CEO

                  2015-08-19 09:34

 (SIX) On August 1 saw the first raising of the  employer contributions for young people, since Parliament decided to waive the  before the reduction in employer contributions for employees under 26  years. The fee increase will have a clear effect on the ICA stores  already in the third quarter, says ICA Group CEO who is clearly  critical to the change.       "Looking at the ICA centrally, we have some employees under 26,  especially in our warehouse operations, but it has most impact is the  our ICA. In principle, half of the workforce is under 26 years. So where  Of course it will have a very big impact. "       Exactly how this will play out, we will see, but we have a  very big concern and it affects absolutely our cost position. The  will over time affect the number of employees and not least  young people, "says Per Strömberg, noting that the company has been  clear that they are critical to making this change.       "You always have to work  with its cost base to be  competitive. Running the store is a relatively labor-intensive  operations where personnel costs are a large part of the cost picture and  it goes up properly get to look at other ways to streamline  business. One such way is to work with a little fewer people. "       It will be reflected in earnings for the third quarter?       "The impact on ICA Group is smaller, but the stores are clearly  affecting more and which will ensure a clear effect already  in the third quarter. "       ICA Sweden had by mid-2015 8.061 employees.      Anna Sundström  mailto:  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


Moderates new proposals – to introduce new qualifying – Aftonbladet

The Moderates want to introduce a new qualifying day.

The goal is to try to counter the soaring cost of health insurance.

– We want to avoid that you end up in the public health insurance unless it is absolutely necessary, says Ulf Krister Petersson (M).

In today unveiled Moderates economic spokesperson Ulf Krister Petersson Party’s new economic policies a working group worked out during the spring. Previously it has been presented several proposals for new reforms.

Krister Petersson said that a major challenge ahead is to counter the sharp rise in costs in the health insurance system. To counter it back would, among other things, introduce a new waiting period, which will be after the 14th day of illness, then it is the State and not the employer who pays the compensation.

– Both sick leave costs and absenteeism increases. That means four billion kronor each year in new costs. And no one does anything, I do not think it is. We put both long-term proposals for changes that we think may have an effect in a few years but we must also make short-term things that puts an end to a constant increase, says Ulf Krister Petersson.

“Only if absolutely necessary”

However, he adds that the reform will not have any huge consequences.

– But we believe that the signal value is important. This affects no common colds at all. But it avoids the risk that it will into the public health insurance scheme and will remain there unless it is absolutely necessary.

At the same time M do if the qualifying period to a qualifying deduction, which it believes is a fairer system. This means that you lose a day’s income, no matter how many hours they would have worked.

The Moderates are also concerned about the growing migration costs. They want to get to, among other things by introducing a simpler form of housing for unaccompanied refugee children.

– We must have a more efficient refugee. We can not have these hideous costs we have seen the last time concerning unaccompanied minors. We propose a very simple form of housing, says Krister Petersson.

He believes that the system does not cost as much money, but still is a good way to receive those who come.

– If we do not with this I am afraid that there will be increased demand that Sweden should not be an open country. It would be bad for Sweden.

Have changed their minds about the UIF

At the same time is also clear that the Conservatives want to raise the compensation rate of the unemployment insurance fund, something it previously received. The increase is significantly lower than that decided by the Government.

– There is a balance. We see a small increase can be reasonable. But I’m afraid that if you raise the UIF too much we will increase unemployment and then the people who could otherwise enter the labor market kept outside.


Fingerprint: Looks good opportunities to grow also in 2016 – CEO – Dagens Industri

Fingerprint: Looks good opportunities to grow also in 2016 – CEO

                  2015-08-20 15:52

 (SIX) Fingerprint Cards judges that they have good opportunities to  show growth even in 2016, but does not make forecasts about the year already  now.       The Fingerprint Cards says CEO Jorgen Lantto during the day  teleconference in conjunction with the report for the second quarter of 2015th      Magnus Bernet +46 8586163 85  mailto:  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


Greece: Prime Minister Tsipras is expected to call new elections – Dagens Industri

Greece: Prime Minister Tsipras is expected to call new elections

                  2015-08-20 14:46

 (SIX) Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is expected to call a new election  later on Thursday. It reports the state TV channel ERT  Thursday, according to Reuters.       After days of rumors about what the government should do next, stated  Government officials that the previous option  confidence vote been removed. It makes the option of early elections already  in the middle of September more likely.       Tsipras said to have deliberated with senior advisors in  Thursday afternoon's existing strategy. A spokesman for the government  said that "everything is possible" when asked if the election could be announced later  day.      Erik Palmung +46 31 350 64 86  mailto:  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


Task: Renault-Nissan kicks 1,000 in India – Daily News




The Renault-Nissan has decided to reduce the number of workers at its factory in Chennai, India. According to sources, 1,000 jobs disappear.




Renault-Nissan has decided to reduce the number of workers at its factory in Chennai, India. According to sources, 1,000 jobs disappear.

It comes after a decline in sales and sources within the company say that it involves around 1,000 people, mostly contract workers, who lose their jobs. It reports Business Standard.

A spokesman for Nissan declined to comment on the figures but said more generally that India is a “dynamic market”.



The factory has a capacity of 400,000 cars per year and produces Nissan, Datsun and Renault, both for the domestic market but also for export. In total there are 7-8000 employees in the factory.






Precise: BioMatch Mobile integrated in the new smartphone – Dagens Industri

Precise: BioMatch Mobile integrated in the new smartphone

                  2015-08-20 11:33

 (SIX) Precise Biometrics' product for fingerprint recognition in  mobile devices, Precise BioMatch Mobile, has the cooperation with  Fingerprint Cards' integrated into the new smartphone from one of the world  largest mobile phone manufacturers.       It is clear from a press release.       "This integration provides licensing revenue starting in the third quarter  2015. The value of licensing revenue is based on the number of sensors  FPC delivers to the mobile phone manufacturer and therefore can not  forecast in the current situation, "the company said.       Fingerprint Cards announced on Thursday that their touch sensor  FPC1145 has been integrated into Huawei Android smartphone Honor 7i as  it was announced today.      Jonathan Axelsson +46 8586163 77  mailto:  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


City shut down – Radio Sweden

HD / Sydsvenskan during Wednesday initiated codetermination negotiations to close down the free newspaper City and startup of three new editions of the magazine Hello.

– City-magazine has been excellent for many years, but as media consumption is changing, we need to change our choice. Commuters read City Paper reads now our products are increasingly mobile, so even there we have chosen to intensify efforts with a mobile editorial says CEO Pontus Bodelsson in a press release.

None of those who work at the newspaper, losing your job. Instead, they get other information on Sydsvenskan’s editorial office, but at present it is unclear what the data is. Jenny Eriksson is one of those affected.

– It feels very sad, both for his colleagues but also for journalism as we run as needed – especially as we turn to the pretty young people who live in Malmö and Lund . We think we’ve done a good job as we would wish may remain, she says.

On 22 October, instead of the first editions of the free magazine Hello, already published in eight locations, in Malmö and Lund.


Fingerprint: Raises 10% on the interim report – Dagens Industri

Fingerprint: Raises 10% on the interim report

                  2015-08-20 09:06

 (SIX) Fingerprint Cards rising in early trading after  Interim report this morning. The time 9:05 quoted shares up 10  percent.       Industry Colleague Precise Biometrics rises, while 7 percent.       They both are so far the stock exchange's two most traded shares.      Mattias Magnusson  mailto:  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


Fingerprint: EBM brings charges against former directors – Dagens Industri

Fingerprint: EBM brings charges against former senior executives

                  2015-08-20 06:27

 (The news was broadcast for the first time on Wednesday evening)       (SIX) Fingerprint Cards former CEO Johan Carlström and  board member Anders Hultqvist will be prosecuted for aggravated  insider offenses, according to Pontus Hamilton, the prosecutor at  Crimes Bureau (EBM).       The daily Dagens Industri in an article that included Thursday's  newspaper, which was published on Wednesday evening.       EBM will shortly bring charges against four individuals for insider dealing in  Fingerprint, where in three of the cases relating to serious offenses.       In addition to the named persons, previously part of the line is  the more a person related to the Company and a related party  the latter affected by the upcoming indictment.       Prosecutor Hamilton said to be reticent about the investigation but  says the insider transactions occurred repeatedly and  the profits of the business is about millions, writes Dagens  Industry.        Johan Carlström was notified of suspected insider trading offenses, and detained in  September 2014. He resigned formally as CEO of Fingerprint Cards in May  2015.    Louise Thorslund  mailto:  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New York: Positive opening expected in anticipation of the Fed statement – Dagens Industri

New York: Positive opening expected in anticipation of the Fed statement

                  2015-08-19 14:48

 (SIX) futures on Wall Street indicates a negative opening on  Wednesday where the major focus is on the Federal Reserve's monetary policy  protocol which would give an indication of the time of a forthcoming  interest rate increase, while unrest in China continues to weigh  Sentiment on the global market.       S & amp; P 500 semester was at 14:37 0.3 percent in the fair value  while the Nasdaq 100 semester was 0.2 percent below.       On Wednesday there is attention to two heavy macro news  American side.       In the afternoon, was released in the US CPI statistics for July, which  was +0.1 percent in July compared to the previous  month. Core CPI rose +0.1 percent over the same period.     The market had expected the CPI was up by 0.2 percent  monthly rate in July, while core CPI was expected to have increased 0.2 percent between  months.       20:00 published the awaited monetary policy  Minutes of the Federal Reserve's last meeting in  late July.       Wednesday stated Narayana Kocherlakota, president of the Federal  The Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, the US economy would  exposed to serious risks if the rate is raised in the near future.       Asian stock markets traded generally lower with clear declines in Tokyo  and Hong Kong and the Chinese mainland stock markets closed mixed  outcomes in the shadow of China's recent currency adjustments.       "Investors are nervous about the global and comprehensive picture of the  there is some profit taking as they wait to see what  will happen in the future. Share Declines in Asia and  emerging markets are contributing to the negative sentiment, while  macroeconomic signals have been mixed, and while there is a  big question mark over the outcome of the Fed's statement today ", said,  Heinz-Gerd Sonnenschein at Deutsche Postbank to Bloomberg.       At lunchtime, it also became known that the German parliament approved  the latest rescue  package for Greece.       On the company front, Lowe's reported a growth in retail sales  which was above market expectations, according to Reuters. Company  reiterates full-year outlook which earnings per share is expected to be $    3.29  while sales growth is expected to land between 4.5-5.0 percent,  store sales in the range of 4.0-4.5 percent. Lowe was down 1.3  percent of förhandeln.       Palatin Technologies rushes 19 percent in förhandeln after  Sector colleague Sprout Pharmaceuticals became the first company to get  approved by the Federal Drug Administration for the treatment of sex drive  in women. This is a step forward for Palatin which evolves  sexdriftsbehandling for women, writes Bloomberg.       Technology company Analog Devices rose 7 percent in förhandeln where both  earnings and sales exceeded estimates for the fourth  quarter in the company's split fiscal year.      Gabriel Cardona Cervantes  mailto:  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


New York: Following Europe down before the Fed minutes, the S & P 500 -0.6% – Dagens Industri

New York: Following Europe down before the Fed minutes, the S & amp; P 500 -0.6%

                  2015-08-19 16:16

 (SIX) stock exchanges on Wall Street opens lower on Wednesday after more  steep declines in Europe and Japan. The market awaits Federal  Reserve's latest monetary policy meeting, which could provide a  indication of the date of an upcoming rate hike.       "Investors are nervous about the global and comprehensive picture of the  takes some profit-taking as they wait to see what  will happen in the future. Share Declines in Asia and  emerging markets are contributing to the negative sentiment, while the  macroeconomic signals have been mixed. Meanwhile there is a  big question mark surrounding the Fed's minutes today, "said Heinz-Gerd  Sonnenschein at Deutsche Postbank Bloomberg before opening.       Blue Chip index Dow Jones Industrial Average was at 16:09  down by 0.7 percent to 17,385. The broader index S & amp; P 500 fell  by 0.6 percent to 2084 while the technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite fell  by 0.5 percent to 5033.       The interest rate on  the ten-year bond was up 1 basis point to 2.21  percent while trettioårsräntan rose 1 basis point to 2.87 percent.       20:00 published the monetary policy meeting  The Federal Reserve's latest meeting in late July.       Earlier in the day said Fed member Narayana Kocherlakota to  the US economy would face a serious risk of  the rate is raised in the near future. His colleague James Bullard argued  again for the US central bank will raise interest rates.       Before the stock market opening was released in the US CPI statistics  July. Consumer price indices rose by 0.1 percent in July compared  to the previous month. Core CPI rose +0.1 percent over the same  period.       The market had anticipated that both CPI and core CPI would be up  by 0.2 percent.       On the company front, Lowe's reported a growth in retail sales  which was above market expectations, according to Reuters. Company  repeated full year prospects. Lowe's up 1.1 percent.        Trade chain Target delivered an interim result that struck  expectations on both earnings and sales - only one day  after rival Wal-Mart missed expectations and lowered  the forecast for its full year. Target's shares climb 4.5 percent higher.       Palatin Technologies shot up 9.5 percent after  Sector colleague Sprout Pharmaceuticals has become the first company to get  a treatment for lack of libido in women approved of the  US drug authority. Although Palatin develops  sexdriftsbehandling for women.       Technology company Analog Devices rose 4.7 percent after a  Interim Report where both earnings and sales exceeded  expectations for the fourth quarter in the company's split  financial year.    Indices Listing Today This year    DJIA 17,385 -0.7% -2.5%  The Nasdaq Composite 5033 -0.5% + 6.3%  S & amp; P 500 2 084 -0.6% + 1.2%    S & amp; P 500 Consumer 627 -0.1% + 9.5%  S & amp; P 500 Consumer Staples 508 -0.8% +1.6%  S & amp; P 500  Energy 498 -1.1% -15.0%  S & amp; P 500 Financial 337 -0.7% +1.2%  S & amp; P 500 Health Care 298 -0.5% +1.0%  S & amp; P 500 Workshop 465 -0.8% -4.3%  S & amp; P 500 IT 705 -0.5% + 1.9%  S & amp; P 500 Materials 283 -0.9% -7.2%  S & amp; P 500 Telecommunications 151 -0.4% -0.8%  S & amp; P 500 Power 230 -0.3% -4.1%        Mattias Magnusson  mailto:  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


New York: Did the remains of minus after the Fed minutes, the S & P 500 -0.8% – Dagens Industri

New York: Did the remains of minus after the Fed minutes, the S & amp; P 500 -0.8%

                  2015-08-19 22:07

 (SIX) stock exchanges on Wall Street remained still south of zero  after melting Federal Reserve monetary policy  protocol, which signaled that a rate hike is close but  an exact time was announced not.       "The protocol is not convinced of a rate hike in September.  Inflation has not developed as the Fed had hoped, "said Brad Betchel  who is CEO of Jefferies currency trading to Dow Jones Newswires.       Blue Chip index Dow Jones Industrial Average had at closing  fallen 0.9 percent to 17,351. The broader index S & amp; P 500 recorded  0.8 percent lower at 2,080 while the technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite had  declined by 0.8 percent to 5019.       Federal Reserve monetary policy meeting minutes which took  place July 28 to 29 revealed that most members felt that one is on  heading towards a rate hike, but the prospects for raising  the interest rate was not achieved in July. No notice of the exact time  for the next rate hike was specified in the  protocol.       Similar to what was previously announced members felt that it required  additional data before it can raise rates. Only one member  prepared to raise interest rates in July, but he also stated that it was  prepared to wait for more economic data.       Furthermore, they indicated the Fed to cut their outlook for inflation  short term, partly due to falling oil prices.  The outlook for the US gross domestic product was also reduced  nothing compared to the forecast provided after the June meeting. Behind it  this decrease, the prospect of a stronger dollar.       Earlier in the day presented CPI statistics that were slightly  below expectations and official oil inventory data showed that  US crude oil inventories unexpectedly rose last week.       On US trading floors, energy was by far the worst performing  sector according to S & amp; P 500 Index in the wake of depressed oil prices.       Oil giants Chevron and Exxon Mobil fell 2.8  and 2.0  percent.       In the report, the front reported DIY chain Lowe a  Sales growth in the last quarter, but earnings per  the stock was below analyst consensus according Fact Sets survey. Answers  the share was an increase of 2.0 percent.       Trade chain Target delivered an interim result that struck  expectations on both earnings and revenues while  announced higher forecasts for the full year. Shares synthesis 0.8 percent  higher.       Analog Devices rose 1.0 percent after an interim report in which both  earnings and sales exceeded expectations for it  fourth quarter in the company's split fiscal year.       The appliance manufacturer Whirlpool, advanced 1.1 percent, with the support of  yesterday's North American industry data from AHAM who entered the  positive side.    Indices Listing Today This year    DJIA 17,351 -0.9% -2.6%  The Nasdaq Composite 5019 -0.8% + 6.0%  S & amp; P 500 2,080 -0.8% + 1.0%    S & amp; P 500 Consumer  626 -0.2% +9.4%  S & amp; P 500 Consumer Staples 507 -1.0% +1.5%  S & amp; P 500 Energy 490 -2.8% -16.5%  S & amp; P 500 Financial 337 -0.9% + 1.1%  S & amp; P 500 Health Care 297 -0.9% +0.5%  S & amp; P 500 Workshop 465 -1.0% -4.5%  S & amp; P 500 IT 703 -0.9% +1.5%  S & amp; P 500 Materials 283 -1.2% -7.4%  S & amp; P 500 Telecommunications 152 +0.0% -0.4%  S & amp; P 500 Power 232 +0.4% -3.5%      Louise Thorslund  mailto:  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News