Thursday, March 31, 2016

Stop fighting and take responsibility, Building – Aftonbladet

DEBATE. Sweden is in great need of new homes, kindergartens and hospitals. But can we continue to develop our society, we must have competitive construction company.

Could requirements Construction management added during wage negotiations materialize, it means that one third of construction companies find it difficult to survive and 30 000 employees had lost his job. Now that the building management once again blows to conflict risk housing crisis to deepen. This is not to take responsibility for the future.

The Swedish Construction Federation has an important starting point in the negotiations has been to protect the small and medium-sized construction companies. They constitute 99 percent of our members and it is in these the vast majority of employees work. Will it continue to be so, we need to jointly take responsibility. It requires that we do not increase costs more than other industries, we create the opportunity to work with employees to choose the form of wages fit for the business and that we ensure that more signs collective agreement.

Swedish construction company has developed rapidly In recent years. Job satisfaction increases, reducing workplace accidents and many business owners are proud to offer their employees very good condition. A construction worker today earns an average of 33 000 kronor. In Stockholm, is the average salary for the new construction of 38 000. As an apprentice employee, you get right after high school 65 percent of what a full-paid skilled workers receive. Already after 1-2 years as one lies on the cut.

The starting salary of a construction worker is more than what a police officer serving for five years or what a what a nurse with 10 years experience earns.

given the construction needs, there should be excellent opportunities to continue to develop the industry.

But, unfortunately, has been building leadership once again chosen to fight in instead of bringing a responsible discussion at the bargaining table. Unfortunately, it is not entirely surprising.

In fact, the building’s management has notice or strike in almost all agreements movements of modern times. Just between 2011 and 2015 gave notice Building line 26 times in disputes between contractors. No other union chooses conflict so often.

We want the building will return to the negotiating table. We have important issues to discuss – how do we work together to secure the Swedish construction jobs? How do we make sure to get a greater diversity in the industry? How can we develop the collective agreements in such a way that they strengthen the Swedish competitiveness?

The notice now been irresponsible. It will affect ordinary people as houses, schools and hospitals will not be built. This at a time when the housing is greater than 50 years. Now it is high time that the building management takes responsibility for all its members around the country.

Mats Åkerlind

negotiator Swedish Construction Industries

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Bahnhof must disclose information to the police – Expressen

Authorities: 1 Bahnhof 0.

Now, the police are entitled to obtain information from Internet service providers – regardless of the type of crime involved.

– It is mostly used for queries to download or stream movies, says Jon Karlung, CEO of Bahnhof.

the atmosphere between the Swedish ISP Bahnhof and the police have been strained in recent months.

the police have on five occasions requested the information on subscriptions related to different iP numbers, Bahnhof has consistently refused to disclose information about their clients on the grounds that it is not serious crimes.

– We disclose if it involves serious crimes like terrorism, murder, child pornography – but this is about crime on the border with trifles, says Jon Karlung.

in the end, police reported ISP to the National Post and telecom Agency, PTS, which is the administrative authority for electronic communications, in violation of the law.

fine of five million

on Thursday came the PTS with their decision: leave out data regardless of the crime is involved.

Bahnhof have referred to EU law and believes that European law only approves extradition when dealing with serious crime. But that argument does not bite on the PTS.

– With the right position by the Council at the moment so will the Swedish rules apply pending the adoption of this matter is finally decided in the court, said Staffan Lindmark, a lawyer at PTS .

at the same time threatening the PTS with a fine of five million Bahnhof not disclose the information the police want within a week.

Jon Karlung call the whole procedure rättsosäkert and is worried that people do not understand the implications of the decision can get.

– I think that people in general do not understand this, but go around and think it’s a way to get in terrorism, but the authorities have the right to ask for almost anything any time, he said.

Want information on file sharers

Often the focus is to get information about people who download movies illegally, since the major film companies are driving the issue.

– it is believed that the law used to hunt down terrorists, but it does not. It is usually used to meet various copyright issues to download or stream movies, says Jon Karlung.

Bahnhof is so far the only internet provider as opposed to the Swedish Electronic Communications Act by failing to disclose information to the police.

It is currently a case in the European Court of Justice where it will determine whether the Swedish law on electronic communication in compliance with EU law. A decision is expected no earlier than the end of this year.


Final offer in wage negotiations has come in – Daily News


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Findus Statement giant layoffs – Expressen

Many of the employees at the factory in Bjuv was shocked by the news provided by the management in the morning.

“A disaster” as one of the employees said to KvP.

employees were informed during a rally. Then they also received a letter signed by Nomad foods Belgian CEO Stefan Descheemaeker.

British Nomad foods bought last fall up Findus, whose CEO Henrik Hjalmarsson also was on the briefing today.

March 31, 2016

Dear colleagues,

Unfortunately, I must now inform you that we, the Following a review of our manufacturing strategy, has decided to give notice and request negotiations with the union about the possible closure of the plant in Bjuv, as well as a possible relocation of the commercial unit to Malmö.

Today’s announcement concerning notice and negotiations with the trade unions has nothing to do with either the plant’s performance, or any of the employees’ performance. The basic problem we had to deal with, and that can potentially lead to the closure is in place that we have excess capacity, or simply put, more factories than we need.

In light of the above, the question of the factory in Bjuv be closed under consideration. If the plant in Bjuv would need to be closed, the majority of existing production is likely to be focused to the plant in Reken in Germany, whereby the capacity is reduced, thus leading to economies of scale and considerable savings.

in the meantime, I want to personally assure you that I, and other members of senior management, are determined to ensure that everyone will get support during this troubled period until a final decision is taken.

in this regard, I have already taken steps to ensure that there is practical support available to help employees in Bjuv, and further details will be announced today. Do not hesitate in the meantime to discuss any individual questions with your manager or contact Human Resources, while a telephone help line set up.

The management Bjuv will meet the relevant union representatives immediately following today’s announcement to start the negotiation process. We will provide further details on the negotiations and the way forward as soon as we know more.

I assure you personally that I and my colleagues will do everything we can to help you through this difficult time.

Stéfan Descheemaeker



Bahnhof should disclose information to the police – otherwise wait five million in fines –

The National Post and Telecom Agency, PTS, has looked at four cases between mid-December and early February where Bahnhof not disclosed the details of the subscription Police Authority requested.

Bahnhof has justified its refusal to be merely provide information about the subscription if there is suspicion of a serious crime and has referred to the European Court of Justice.

the operator has introduced a routine where the Police Authority had to fill in the suspected crime it is all about and not dealt with it on the criminal sanction remained for six months.

Read also: PTS: “Operators must disclose information”

But Bahnhof’s interpretation of it legal position is not according to PTS. The European Court has ruled on the requirements on the storage and how they should be designed. But here it is, according to PTS, about Bahnhof’s obligation to disclose information held by the company, and not about Bahnhof’s obligation to store traffic data.

The provision in the Electronic Communications Act is namely “not directly linked to the obligation to store traffic, etc. without statutes the obligation for operators to disclose the details of the plan that the operator actually, whether the operator holds them because of storage obligation or some other reason, “writes the PTS in its submission.

Read also: New brawl between Bahnhof and the police about the data stored customer data

Now Bahnhof disclose the data later than April 7 otherwise await a fine of five million crowns.

Here are the full PTS order.


Findus put in Bjuv – 450 people given – Swedish Dagbladet

Photo: Björn Lindgren / TT

A new factory, , but hope for the future came to naught. The announcement that the 450 people given notice on Findus came without warning according to one of the employees who attended Thursday’s meeting.

– It was shocking. It was not so much reactions to the big meeting. But then when we met with our immediate bosses were some who cried and many were angry and cursed, said machine repairman Martin Palsson said.

When employees was informed that the drug up to the big meeting in the morning, thought Mattias Palsson it might move on negative news, but nothing near the large notice which was to be presented. According to him, the company has been characterized by confidence and investment in the two years he worked at the factory.

– I took the job there because I felt it was a job for the future, but really so it was not so, he said.

Even no policy , one sees with surprise at the news, which now has major implications for the municipality.

– Findus mean a lot to Bjuv . says Christer Landin (S), First Deputy Chairman of Bjuvs municipal jumping in as deputy mayor.

The news that the employees received at a meeting in the afternoon means that the vast majority of Findus employees in Sweden are now disappearing, only 175 posts will remain in the country.

instead, food company to outsource production to any or some of the other European plants operated by Findus owner, British Nomad foods.

the company is the largest private employer in the municipality, and the closure is a blow.

Christer Landin notes that the new owners, who took over at the end of last year, spoke of a “long-term ownership “.

– it was not so long before.

One reason for the layoffs is the geographical location, type Henrik Hjalmarsson, CEO of Findus Sweden AB.

“Although Sweden and Scandinavia are key markets, the investment in Bjuv longer transport routes and thus higher costs to other major markets like Southern and Western Europe, which in turn makes it harder for us to put ourselves in competition” , it says in a press release.

Now begin negotiations with the union. Hjalmarsson would not speculate on when the negotiations can be completed or layoffs implemented.

“But my focus in the near term is obviously on my team and to find forms of cooperation with the municipality and other relevant organizations, to mitigate the effects of today’s announcement, “he writes.

Findus owned since at the end of 2015 the grocery company Nomad foods, which bought the company of Liongem Sweden for 500 million pounds, about seven billion.

Findus, which had several owners since it was founded in Bjuv 1941, has operations in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Spain and Belgium. The Swedish part had sales in 2014 more than 2.6 billion.

Findus business in Småland, Loftahammar not affected by the layoffs.


It took a Path selfie at Kamprads celebration – Express

The flags were on top when Älmhults pride Ingvar Kamprad turned 90. For many of the older of the resort meant the day a special memory lane.

– I would like to give him a big hug, says May Herlin, 91st

Step Prebéus, 67, took courage, and knocked at the home of Kamprad – and ended up with a selfie.

On the municipality’s elderly was the birthday party all afternoon, and the flag was hoisted, of course.

– it’s amazing! What had been without Älmhult Kamprad? This must be celebrated is honorable, says Vera Persson, 91, between bites of a Kamprad-pretzel.

On Almgårdens retirement home, several ladies who have a personal relationship with the anniversary.

– Ingvar’s so easygoing and pleasant to talk to, says Maj-Britt Axelsson, 90th

What has he meant to Älmhult?

– Everything!

“No girls or something ‘

May Herlin, although she was 90, remembers back to the 20s when she and Ingvar hung out.

– then he so much to do that he has not had time for anything, no girls or anything until he met Margaretha. He had a wonderful mother, whom he loved above all else on earth.

May has written a card to Ingvar, and if she could, she would be happy to give him a big hug.

tributes in the region

in and outside Älmhult synthesis traces of the area’s tributes to the anniversary.

on Lanthandeln in Agunnaryd, where Ingvar usually make their purchases, it was people who wanted to pass on gifts for the birthday child .

– Yes, we beat a pack loose from a man. One knows that he likes snuff, says Judith Smith, who works at the country store.

It was thanks to Ingvar’s sponsorship area’s Country store could survive and consecrated again just over ten years ago. Ingvar grew himself up just nearby, and he still pays to instead be able to serve free coffee.

When the Evening Post showed up at taking the pulse of today’s festive atmosphere was a lot of coffee, but some people in place.

– It is very quiet at this time. Most sleep enough dinner right now, says Judith.

Stig knocked on the door

A who decided to go home to Ingvar and congratulate him in person was Stig Prebéus, 67. With him was a jar of honey and a bouquet of flowers.

– I have seen him, but never got to be so close to him. We took a selfie together, says Stig.

When Stig Prebéus knocked on the door, he had never imagined that Ingvar would stand on the balcony and come down to himself receive their birthday gifts.

– He’s pretty anonymous of himself, a male Greta Garbo, one might say. Had this been in the US they would have had electric fence, but here I am and I knock on the door of Ingvar Kamprad, and he comes out and opens himself, says Stig, still in ecstasy after the experience.

autograph intatuerad

Stig Ingvar think that’s a great man. He has not only put Sweden on the map, but also a man that stands out and dare to be yourself, says Stig.

A couple of years ago permanently was estimated when Stig tattooed Ingvar’s autograph on his right arm.

– He has such a beautiful handwriting. I have exchanged some letters, and once I invited him to a party, but then unfortunately he could not come.

The Stig has just downloaded the cards of himself and Ingvar. Now he is home and frame them.


Strike threatens the archipelago traffic – Sveriges Radio

The union Merchant Marine Officers ‘Association want the salary is based on the number of years in the profession, but the employers’ organization ALMEGA want individual salaries.

– Tariff system of remuneration experienced by our members as fair and transparent. It is not reasonable to have individual salaries in a workplace where you just hit your head, and where the boss does not see how you care for your job. The risk is that it becomes arbitrary judgments that form the basis of wages, which only creates frustration among the employees, says Mats Jäderland, CEO of Merchant Marine Officers ‘Association.

– It is regrettable and distressing that the Merchant Marine Officers’ Association once again exposes the Archipelago accommodation Stockholm and Gothenburg for industrial action. We do not see it as anything other than an abuse of the conflict Force, says Stefan Koskinen, Director of ALMEGA service companies.

tray notice applies command on all vessels in Blidösund Company and Strömmas fleet. Even the shipping company that runs Djurgårdsfärjorna affected as well as several of Utö shipping company’s vessels. Many of the shipping companies involved running a regular service for Waxholmsbolaget.

– It would in that case represents a very large impact on Waxholmsbolagets travelers say about it is that this strike breaks out, because it affects the both the archipelago traffic but also Djurgårdsfärjan says Lovisa Åbom, the press officer at Waxholmsbolaget.

the strike breaks out Tuesday, april 12 if the parties do not reach an agreement.

See what companies and ships relating to the strike – click here!


Young and cocky, she went to war with the powerful construction union – Swedish Dagbladet

Jessica Löfström, founder and CEO of Expand More. Photo: Anders Ahlgren

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They were not as fond when she was 16 years then went into the construction business with his staffing company, which until then had rented out demonstratriser, receptionists and technicians. Then it was completely different emotions surged.

The story is well known, not least because she even last year was nominated to SvD Business Bragd, but Jessica Löfström had already pushed the two companies when she started Expand More. She had early dreams of becoming a CEO of a major corporation. But with “not even particularly good” grades from upper secondary business studies, it was not so easy.

– So then I start my own company.

Jessica Löfström started by selling moose souvenirs to tourists but it was difficult to make it grow. So it became a company focused on selling wild game under the name “Wild Kitchen” as she finally got Dagab to bite on. But then she got tired. Instead, she went on to rent the butiksdemonstratriser she hired in the kitchen Game to other companies. More professionals added to the business, and when one of the employees fitters wanted Jessica Löfström would hire him out to construction companies, and she saw the social structure of the construction industry, said it clicks.

– I realized that it is an industry that really suitable for temporary staff, it is the construction industry. Large projects that require a lot of specialized staff in less time. We can help to make it more even burden on both companies and employees.

Jessica Löfström thought everyone would cheer. It did not. The construction industry has been characterized by many project positions, and a culture where it is common to lose the job depends on the employer’s temporary occupancy. A precarious labor market has created a strong union.

– And I really appreciate it. Now I understand it, she says.

But then it was war. For several years blocked the construction activity and Jessica Löfström when young and single people without children in a studio in Tumba, got terminate all employees, sell his horse and take extra jobs to run the company’s contravention of the Rules of Court. The so-called Laval verdict in 2005 gave downwind and finally got her to sign a tie-in with the building. (A tie means that an employer has signed a collective agreement with a trade union, editor’s note). It made Jessica Löfström could employ and take up the business again. 2007 signed the collective agreement with a real building, and now give their employees paid wages under the construction contract. Since then, the Group’s sales have grown 28-90 million.

Expand More has now been followed by such Uniflex, Helpman and Pema. You have created a new niche industry.

– Yes, we really, she says. Today I meet ombudsmen from the building who are impressed by what we have done. It is the largest elogen. It feels so awful, bloody funny.

Your entrepreneurship is punctuated by a lot of conflict. What would you do if?

– I would not go to war with one of the world’s strongest unions again, not in the way I did. I was a young, cocky girl and when I meet resistance I become even tougher. It’s very provocative to 50 year old men. They were afraid. And when people get scared they are slightly stupid. I would not use it provocative, harsh jargon of the day, but go much smoother front.

What is your driving force?

– I’m extremely stubborn and I has a very strong fair pathos. I get a lot of energy of challenging things I think are unfair, so that is not good.

What did you not give up?

– I saw an idea that would make the whole system in the construction industry much better. I seriously thought that everyone, even the union, would see it. But when I asked how the building could think it was good that they sent out 40 builders in unemployment simply because they refused to sign a collective agreement with me and they said, “we will sacrifice a few for the sake of it.” You know, then …

She does not end the sentence. But continue:

– I get such force that I know I’m doing something that I know is good. Then I can not to any say no.

What does role models?

– In the beginning, I saw almost none, except Antonia (Ax: son Johnson , editor’s note) then. Today we see Cristina Stenbeck, Annika Falkengren, Gunilla von Platen and more. In 2004, when it was at its heaviest, I listened to a lecture by Monica Lindstedt, who started Hemfrid, when she told me about her entrepreneurial journey, which is very similar to mine. Then I thought that if she could, I’ll do it too.

Ulrika Fjällborg

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Who should get the prize SvD Business Bragd?

Jessica Löfströms three advice to entrepreneurs / potential entrepreneurs:

  • Do not be afraid to change industry or the court if the product is not selling.

  • Out to customers immediately. Do not sit at home and hone in on the product until you think that is clear. It is the customer who must like it. Let them be involved along the way – so you know that you make a product they want.

  • If you can not sell – do not start companies. Running a business means a constant sales work.

Photo: Anders Ahlgren

Profile | Jessica Löfström

Company: Expand More – construction staffing and recruitment.

Founded: Year 2000.

Number of employees: about 150 and about a month nearly 200 people.

Revenue: 2015 about 90 million. This year’s budget set for a turnover of SEK 120 million.

Business: Building, construction and installation industry niche staffing agency. Mainly in Sweden, has begun an expansion in Norway and Finland in 2016.

If SvD Business Bragd

2014 instituted price to pay attention and direct the spotlight on Swedish entrepreneurship.

SvD want with the price highlight good examples and inspire others to dare to invest in their business idea. The idea is that the price will go to a person or group that has made a meritorious achievement in business that can be linked to the efforts made in recent years. Last year the prize went to Spotifygrundarna Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon.

This year’s prize will be awarded in May in connection with the opening of SM in UF business in Stockholm. SvD Business Bragd presented in collaboration with Carnegie.

SvD’s jury in 2016

Sophia Bendz, investor and professional board member.

His Dalborg, honorary chairman of Nordea.

Mernosh Saatchi, president Humblestorm.

Thomas von Koch, CEO of EQT.

Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist, chairman of the Swedish Venture Capital Association.

Björn Jansson, CEO of Carnegie.

Gunilla Asker, CEO Svenska Dagbladet.

Alexander Husebye, president Center for Business History.

Maria Rimpi, editorial director SvD.

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200,000 new jobs in the US – Daily News


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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Now begins the strike wave – Swedish Dagbladet

Photo: Ingvar Karmhed

Already in the fall when the LO’s wage coordination burst, many predicted that it would be a difficult wage negotiations. The time is here now. And the tone is being screwed up properly:

“Building goal is to crack the mark and destroy the Swedish model. A well-paid male-dominated group should get more than others. This is an irresponsible abuse of the conflict weapon,” writes Swedish enterprise’s executive vice president and chief negotiator Peter Jeppsson remarks said.

60 construction companies about 2 600 members will be on strike, in a first stage from 12 april on no agreement with the counterparty Swedish Construction Federation reached before then.

– this is a very extensive notice. I believe that it is much larger than that, says Building Industries Federation negotiator Mats Åkerlind.

Build battle is about the composition and powers of wage formation.

The union wants to defend his right to the chord and a system often give higher pay than regular monthly salary.

– It’s about power over wage formation, says Building Chairman Johan Lindholm.

Employers Party has a small term for issue:

– the union wants to strengthen his power over wage formation. We want to remove the compulsion chord, says Åkerlind.

With that he believes the union influence on the employees to go on chords or monthly.

Conflict The move is the biggest in a long time. The strike comes on the break out to beat the heavy industries and housing – in a first step to a hundred jobs, and that at a time when the construction industry is booming, according to Mats Åkerlind.

Since earlier have paint tray given notice of a strike on the same issues. At the same time raises the collar unions Union and Sweden’s Engineers tone of pensions in negotiations with service industries employer party ALMEGA. The parties are arguing about provisions for better pensions. A solution looks far out.

– We see in the current situation, no feasible way. We are preparing for the full, we have everything in place, says Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers negotiator Camilla Frankelius.

So if there is no solution in place last March, when it will strike?

– Yes … but it can happen that we let them have the opportunity to get on the weekend as well, but then the race is run, says Frankelius.

Meanwhile, wage negotiations in the industry since the unions turned down the employers’ offer.

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The secret behind the game Swedbank scenery – Today’s News


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Over 4500 jobs away at Boeing – Today’s News


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Record number of employees leaving Malmö – Swedish Radio

– There are 450 more who has resigned than last year, while 550 have retired, which is more than expected. So this has many causes, says Carina Nilsson (S), mayor and chairman of the Staff Committee.

She sees the biggest defection include social workers, and believe it is due to increased competition from the state authorities: the Swedish Migration Board, the Social Insurance Agency and the Employment Service. What she sees as a serious problem.

– The attraction of the salary. Since it is well always to be looking for new jobs, try new challenges. I see this not as a concern really.


Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Cows on the account – Dagens Industri

Forget about urban, rural areas are the new black. And the ultimate trend-setters are farmers themselves.

This year’s Agricultural Outlook Survey shows that young farmers see a brighter future, and that every eight young farmer would recommend others to be a farmer.

Facebook and Instagram bubbles of farmer accounts. And the followers ‘commitment to doing the thumbs up to’ rural-porn “in the form of images and clips with muddy tractors, rooting pigs and balers in action.

Some of the popular accounts where farmers tells us in I-form Ladybird Lina with about 3300 followers on Instagram, and Bondbönans blog with 5200 followers on Facebook. In addition to all these accounts are based on the farms themselves, such Resta farm, Björkfors Väddö farm and dairy.

One of the big pros in this context is Elin Svärdh, 27- year-old dairy farmer in Småland that last winter made the viral success of a cow movie. Her family is followed by 13,800 people on Facebook and 12,700 on Instagram, and she has signed a contract with Ikea to fronta their work with sustainability.

A picture where she stands with a bunch of cows: 1663 likes. A photo on a frosty komule: 1145 likes.

Magnus Kempe on trend research firm Kairos Future has noted the trend of farmers in social media, as well as the media at large.

“Absolutely. At the Super Bowl in the United States two years ago had an advertising message: ‘On the 8th day God created the farmer’. We believe that the reason for this that we are in a precarious time with much change. Many yearn for symbols that stand for security and stability. There is a strong farmer archetype “, says Magnus Kempe.

Dr Karlsson, 39-year-old dairy farmer from Dödevi Öland drives account Bondbönans blog.

“it feels like the followers want it down to earth. Much of our life is so artificial and fixed, for example, on the Internet with blogs about fashion and beauty, “she says.

Shift of power in the model world

The trend of popular accounts of social media consolidates rurbanism trend that emerged about five years ago. Rurbanism about the countryside as a source of inspiration in the city. Clear markers, for example, the well-attended kosläppen, urban farming on rooftops in cities, and the previously hot Hunter boots.

Other signs include last year’s questioning of the urban norm, for example through the Facebook group Rural Girls who have more than 8000 followers. Additional materialization is the new green wave with media personalities in the lead. Some of them are author David Jonstad, current with the book “Grounded” on Ordfront publishers. The book is about that it is the land, rather than the market, which is the future of power. Another example is the blogger and photographer Jonna Jinton as for his 30,400 followers on Instagram depicting life in a village in Västernorrland.

Bond accounts also touches on the most basic, the food supply , says Magnus Kempe. Anything that goes into hipsterkulturen and its passion for authenticity.

“I once met a peasant woman from Gotland. She told me that her daughter, who now lives in Stockholm, suddenly wanted to learn to milk the farm’s cows because “it looks good on CVs”. Her friends thought it was really cool to have cows and able to make cheese, “says Magnus Kempe.

But social media are used not only to photographs of cows in pastoral environments. The accounts are also used as venues for discussions of politics and business.

Magnus Kempe to also be the subjects – the farmers themselves – are not always comfortable with to become regarded as the bearer of ancient rural wisdom.

road to the catwalk

“They do not want to be seen as some Hedenhös or the birth of Noisy but as part of the future. They want to show that they are also using new technologies and challenges, such as low profitability. “

According to Dr Karlsson, much depends on who is looking at.

“I put a clip with cows eating hay. Some thought I had such a quiet job that can stand and listen as they chew, but it is not always. It’s the whole thing with my blog, I show when it goes really bad and when things go well, I want to give the whole picture, “she says.


Record number of employees leaving Malmö – Swedish Radio

– There are 450 more who has resigned than last year, while 550 have retired, which is more than expected. So this has many causes, says Carina Nilsson (S), mayor and chairman of the Staff Committee.

She sees the biggest defection include social workers, and believe it is due to increased competition from the state authorities: the Swedish Migration Board, the Social Insurance Agency and the Employment Service. What she sees as a serious problem.

– The attraction of the salary. Since it is well always to be looking for new jobs, try new challenges. I see this not as a concern really.


Criticism of Swedish party funding – Swedish Dagbladet

Criticism persists against Sweden’s rules for political parties to report income and expenses. Greco, a group within the Council of Europe working against corruption, want the rules tightened up.

In a follow-up of previous recommendations GRECO notes that Sweden has done a lot – but that more needs to. It is not sufficient that the parties, by law, must report their income. There is no compulsion to report expenses, assets or liabilities, either for parties or individual candidates. And parties and candidates must not keep separate electoral campaigns, which GRECO has recommended.

There is also no general prohibition against receiving anonymous gifts, says Greco.

The Swedish government will respond on the report before year-end. A politically joint committee is currently reviewing several of the points Greco observes. The study would be completed by the end of April, but has requested a six month extension

Until 2011, 2012, there was no sufficient support in parliament to legislate on the rules for how the parties will fund their activities and how they should report their economy. The turnaround came when the Conservatives gave up its resistance. Prior to the Act, which came into place in April 2014, the parties considered that it was enough voluntary agreements to recognize revenue.


A stock tips from Börsveckan – Private Businesses

refrigeration wholesaler Beijer Ref has been rushed and is overbought, but in the longer term, the stock has more to give, according to the editors who notes that technology retailers are valued at 15 times earnings and growing through to acquire at half the price. The Council will buy.

Bactiguard , which prevents infections by a coating on catheters, choose the magazine to wait. The company has passed the regulatory phase. The question becomes whether investors believe the company’s goals.

Care Company Human step in an intense stock market debut last week. Since the share fell below the price at the top of the subscription range, but Börsveckan notes that correspond to the multiples in the sector colleague Attendo, which have risen. Börsveckan lands in assessing “interesting”.

Also Addlife was noted last week, a spin-off from Addtech care, surgery and drug research. The valuation is high with no history to fall back on that for Addtech or Indutrade. The proposal is to wait.

CLX , which makes messaging system from app to person, A2P, noted strong in October. Operator Side grows with high margins, but overall decrease operating income by geographic expansion. Börsveckan lowers to wait.

Fagerhult , which manufactures luminaires for lighting, received a buy recommendation by Dagens Industri, a month ago. Since then the stock has approached all-time high. Börsveckan tempted not to purchase.


Retail sales rise less than expected – Business World

The Swedish retail sales rose by 3.9 percent year on year in February in fixed calendar-adjusted prices, according to data from Statistics Sweden and HUI Research.

Strong retail sales in the beginning of the  year

      Photo: Annika af Klercker / SvD / TT

According SIX News analyst survey was expected a rise of 4.1 percent. The range of expectations ranged between +3.8 and +4.5 percent with a median of 4.1 percent.

The monthly rate was -0.2 percent retail. Analysts had expected +0.5 percent (range +0.1 to +1.0 per cent).

Last month rate of increase in the revised +4.7 percent in annual terms (preliminary +4.0 percent ).

Grocery sales increased by 1.2 per cent in fixed calendar-adjusted prices, while retail sales for durables increased by 6.0 percent.

Grocery sales increased by 6.4 percent in annualized terms in current prices in February while durable goods increased by 10.8 percent.

in terms of current prices, sales for retailers by 8.7 per cent between February 2016 and the corresponding month last year.

“the sharp increase in sales February due to half (4 percentage points) of an extra selling day in the leap day, but even adjusted for this continues retailers to show good growth, “commented HUI Research.

” retail year 2016 in February month outcomes to a good start. It is true that the initial months interpreted cautiously, January and February this year in terms of turnover least important months, but the outcome suggests that last year’s shopping desires may last a while longer, “continues HUI Research.

the rate of increase in durable goods has long been negative and that was the case even during the month of February. The trend, however, suggest that prices of durable goods is on the rise, largely because of the weakening of the krona and the factors that higher import prices, rents and wages, which merchants must ultimately compensate for, writes the HUI.


Jarnheimer: still believe in the company – Business World

     Lars-Johan Jarnheimer, outgoing Chairman of Eniro. Photo: Bezav Mahmod / SvD / TT

Lars-Johan Jarnheimer do not regret the time on Eniro and its shares in the search company he will keep.

On Tuesday morning announced that search company Eniro’s Nomination Committee that the entire company board , with the Chairman Lars-Johan Jarnheimer in the lead, have declined re-election. Jarnheimer will now focus on his chairmanship of Ikea.

“It has taken a tremendous amount of time and during that time I step on this, I have also become president of Ikea. So that’s the reason. I have never worked so much that I made during certain periods here “said Jarnheimer SIX News.

It has been a turbulent period for Eniro Jarnheimers time as president. The bottom was reached in 2014 when the company’s former CEO Johan Lindgren fired and reported to the police after it was discovered large inaccuracies in the company’s accounts. Bankruptcy Rumors have surrounded the company a long time but have always been denied by the executives. But despite the messy years says Jarnheimer that he does not concern his time at Eniro.

“No, I do not. And I still believe in the company. It’s been a learning period, although it has been tough too “.

Jarnheimers continued belief in the company is based, he Eniro operates in a search market that is growing and that after all is a profitable company.

” it has a very strong brand in Scandinavia. the paradox is that the number of customers increases at Eniro but turnover. the price per contact goes down and the loss has been so fast that they could not compensate for that with more customers. Over time, the fall in prices to fall. then you get more efficient as well. it has already picked out billions of Eniro’s costs in recent years, “he says.

Jarnheimer sitting on a relatively large holding in Eniro – 200,000 shares, 5,000 preferred shares and 600,000 warrants – and have no plans to sell even though he is leaving the company. “That I will keep,” he said.

The new Eniro Board of Directors is proposed to consist of Björn Björnsson (Chairman), Salmén, Joachim Berner and Örjan Frid.


Around the zero on Wall Street – Daily News


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Monday, March 28, 2016

Employers make bids in wage negotiations: “Well loud” – Örnsköldsvik Allehanda

Industriarbetsgivarna During today’s proceedings submitted a bid to the union counterparts who gives 1.75 per cent a year for two years, of which 0.1 percentage points are premium increase for part-time.

“Wage agreements level rise is thus 3 , 3 percent during the contract period, “writes Industriarbetsgivarna in a press release.

– we think we have made an offer which in and of itself is on the threshold of pain, it’s too high, but we still want to get a contract to the end of March, says Industry Employers’ president Per Hide Stone said.

– this bid is in line with what competitiveness tolerate. It is in line with the wage agreements in Europe that covers the industry is on, he continues, and mentions the German Steel Agreement as an example.


Waterfall risk losing billions – Expressen

Dagens Industri says that Vattenfall in three years lost a total of 52 billion.

Falling electricity prices have made the power plants dropped dramatically, and only in 2015 did the Waterfall writedowns of 36 billion.

But the danger of further impairment does not appear to be over. It shows a sensitivity analysis made by Vattenfall, says Times.

Although the price of electricity drops only slightly so it can mean substantial fluctuations in coal and gas power plants in both Germany and the Netherlands.

a decrease in the price of electricity at 5 percent and unchanged fuel costs and carbon emissions could mean a reduction in the value of fossil-based assets in the two countries by between 15-27 percent, according to Vattenfall’s own estimates.

“This would lead to further write-downs of approximately SEK 12 billion, “the company said in the annual report under the Dagens Industri

the annual report also shows how much Vattenfall’s CEO gets paid. In 2015, Magnus Hall a total of SEK 18.6 million in salary and pension provisions.

The same year, Vattenfall reported a loss of 28.2 billion before tax.


Trump: “My foreign policy will be unpredictable” – Aftonbladet

Donald Trump has so far not commented on the US foreign policy very much, but in a long interview with the New York Times, he takes the blade from his mouth.

In the interview, he compares himself himself with Richard M. Nixon, and underlines the importance of “unpredictability” in foreign policy.

– NATO must become an organization to fight terrorism, he says to the newspaper.

“United States mainly – everyone else will pay” – it’s a bit of the essence of the 100-minute long interview with the newspaper the New York Times made with Donald Trump.

until now Trump most come with sweeping took place regarding foreign policy in various one-liners, such as “building a wall”, “check the oil” and “forbidding Muslim refugees.”

Trade War

but now, when the nominations come closer, has increased pressure on the Republican presidential candidate to develop his thoughts on US foreign policy.

in an interview with the New York Times, he explains some things a little closer.

Much about the economy, that other countries have gone free ride on US missions around the world. He says in the interview that the US should withdraw its military from Japan and South Korea, if they do not pay more money for the American presence.

If these countries do not pay for the American presence he does not rule to impose embargoes and launch trade war.

criticize Merkel

another example that Trump will take up the USA’s trade with Saudi Arabia.

In an interview with the New York Times he says that the United states should stop importing oil from the country, unless Saudi Arabia fights iS military.

Trump is not in favor of NATO in its present form.

– NATO should be transformed into an organization that will combat terrorism. Alternatively, should the US create a new coalition for that purpose, he said.

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in the interview, he criticizes also German Chancellor Angela Merkel that he believes been naive in its refugee policy.

– Germany destroyed by Merkel’s naivete, he said.


in the interview, compare Trump himself with Richard M . Nixon and he stresses the importance of “unpredictability” of American foreign policy. The outside world should not be able to guess what he intends to do, he says.

Many voters, according to the New York Times, expressed concern about how versed presidential candidate in world politics. Trump reassures them in the interview.

– I’m well-versed, he said.


Swedes telephone liabilities increase – Dagens Industri

Swedes telephone liabilities increase

                  2016-03-27 20:58

The liabilities for mobile telephony and other telecommunications services is increasing dramatically. A general price increase and that more hangs with fixed-price subscriptions are possible explanations, according to Andreas Wigren, market analyst at the Swedish National Post and Telecom Agency.

In 2015, increased the Swedish people’s debts for telecom services by about 25 percent compared the year before, according to statistics from the Swedish Enforcement Authority. As of March 12 this year, the total debt mass of completed cases to 104 million for individuals, and the number may grow. Among the legal persons, low contrast, debt remained at about the same level as the year before.

According to a compilation by the National Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) has made, concerning private individuals, appears to mobile operators’ average revenue per user increases, conversely suggests that subscribers’ costs increase.

More’ve fixed price subscription

Seen over a longer period of time is a reason for this that many have switched from prepaid to contract subscriptions, which are more expensive. In recent years, the increase is also due to newer subscriptions contains more mobile data per month, which typically also cost more money, said Andreas Wigren, market analyst at PTS. Operators are looking to the increased demand for mobile data, allowing them to increase their income when, for example, revenues from traditional voice services decreases.

Will a monthly fee

at the same time, he believes that the trend towards more have fixed price subscription should really speak for the increased cost to consumers.

Since there is often included a phone on installment subscription may well be that buying subscriptions to get a new phone and do not think it will be a monthly fee. Some may not have an eye on how it fits together, says Andreas Wigren.

To minimize the risk

In contrast, feels operators TT has contacted not recognize themselves in the image that more customer invoices remain unpaid .

When we look over the time of the loan we have taken on behalf of clients, they are declining. It points to a positive development for our customers and we are working with a number of activities to further minimize customer risk, says Inger Gutenberg, press officer at Telia.

During the last year, the Enforcement Authority in just over 142 000 cases concerning unpaid liabilities of individuals for telecom services, which means an increase of 24 percent. The year before the figure was around 115 000.

The total mass of debt in 2015 amounted to SEK 104 million (completed cases per March 12, 2016). 2014 was the debt mass SEK 84 million.

The cases relate to liabilities of the four major telecom operators Tele2, Telia, Telenor and Hi3G (Tre), which has about 95 percent of the market. The liabilities include all services that the four companies are selling, basically it’s about telephony.

The total number of cases concerning the arrears to just under 1.2 million in 2015, an increase of two percent compared with the year before .

Source: Enforcement Authority