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No effect of reduced a-bag fee – Smålandsposten

No effect of reduced a-bag fee – Smålandsposten

today 14:33 | Updated today 14:35

The effect of the sharp reduction in unemployment insurance fee came almost entirely.

The share is included in the UIF has rather fallen further.

At the end of last year was cut a -kasseavgiften sharply, with several hundred pieces a month for several unions, to about the same level as before the Alliance government raised the cost of 2007, but once the flow of membership became only marginally. Since January, 15,000 more joined an unemployment insurance fund, according to the Unemployment Insurance Board (IAF). That compares with about 400,000 who left in 2007.

And given the growing labor force further this year as the proportion who are in a UIF promptly declined or remained completely still last six months.

– It’s a little disappointing. We had expected a stronger member influx says Melker Ödebrink, Director of Unemployment Insurance Funds.

Worse Conditions

Why power failed to materialize is difficult to know.

– But One reason is that the conditions for receiving unemployment benefits is just as bad or even worse than 2007, he says.

While the government should be dissatisfied. Several of the alliance parties have talked about making insurance compulsory to get more insured against unemployment. No public goals for the number of new members at the fee reduction was not up. But a calculation in the Budget gives a hint about the hopes. It states 200 000 more members.

– Additional steps are required, including raising the roof and make the regulatory system more transparent. Now it’s hard to predict if you are entitled to compensation, says Melker Ödebrink.

Even bigger race

But there are unions that have been more successful than others. The hotel and restaurant union (HRF), which received the largest reduction in unemployment rates, has received nearly 4,000 more since year, the largest percentage increase of all insurance funds, seven percent. To a certain extent is it related to that member fall in the tray is halted and even reversed.

But, HRF President Ella Niia do not want to blame everything on unemployment insurance fee that scared away many from the tray.

– We do the analysis for simple if we blame everything on the charge, she says.

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Chinese big bet on electric cars lift Swedish company significantly – Business Week

Chinese big bet on electric cars lift Swedish company significantly – Business Week

China plans to invest over 100 billion in electric vehicle sector. That’s good news for a Swedish company. Vd is enthusiastically – and the stock rises significantly.

The Chinese authorities’ major effort to build more charging stations, thereby stimulating demand for electric cars, received with the enthusiasm of Smarteqs president Johan core.

“It is very gratifying and a huge opportunity for us, but it should be remembered that an infrastructure investment of this type will take time,” he says to news agency Direkt .

According to Bloomberg News, China plans to invest up to 100 billion yuan, or about 113 billion, the electric vehicle sector. The data is not yet officially confirmed.

First North-listed Smarteq, which absorbed the old antenna developer Allgon manufactures antennas for wireless readout of charge capacity, control and billing record.

“We have a large international client who sells charging stations where our antennas are a part. Already, some installations in China on track to be done, and where we are a part, “says Johan core. So far, however, this most pilot projects, he stresses.

Even if it takes time before a large-scale roll-out can be implemented, there is the potential for China to react relatively quickly.

“They have big problems with pollution in China., if they limit the number of allowed petrol or diesel cars in cities means that the number of electric cars can grow quickly, and thus the need for charging stations,” said Johan core.

According to task is the international customer, ABB, meaning that the company has two large global corporations as customers. The second is the main customer, Volvo, which is said to use Smarteqs antennas in their new FH models.

Since autumn 2011 Smarteq local shopping facilities in Shanghai, China, in order to better manage and develop the company’s suppliers in Asia. The goal is to strengthen Smarteqs presence on the ground and establishing an organization in the region that will eventually include sales on Asian market.

Smarteqaktien traded on Tuesday afternoon at 0:45 kroner, an increase of 17 per cent for the day . Since January, the stock has consequently risen 67 percent. The company’s market value is about SEK 200 million.


Never too early for Christmas – Dagens Industri

Never too early for Christmas – Dagens Industri

Never too early for Christmas

                  2014-08-26 05:30

No sooner has the tan had time to peel until restaurateurs tempts with Jansson and ham.

A well-attended Christmas is important for restaurateurs and means for many the difference between profit and loss.

With four months to go until Christmas feels the idea of ​​stockfish and Rice à la Malta distant for most people. But in the restaurant business, planning for this year’s Christmas dinner going on since long and already in early summer, usually the prices must be set.

When the holiday is over for most starts advertising – and reservations – to take off.

It starts the book very well. Among the larger groups, there are some who are booked since last year, but now it starts to enter reservations even for smaller companies, says Carl Frosterud, restaurant manager at Operakällaren in Stockholm.

As in most restaurants serving Christmas dinner the season starts in late November and lasts until Christmas.

On Christmas Eve, we have our last sitting, says Frosterud.

Among the guests expected many regular customers, especially on the business side.

Christmas buffets are an important source of revenue for the industry, there is no doubt. In round numbers, Christmas buffets turnover of 2.5 billion a year, making December to one of the most important restaurant months.


Volvo hopes the U.S. success for XC 90 – Swedish Dagbladet

Volvo hopes the U.S. success for XC 90 – Swedish Dagbladet

– This car makes the company stronger, said Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson when he got up on stage in the art gallery Artipelag.

The car was first hidden under a blanket just as gray as the rain-laden clouds outside. During a lavish sound and light show projected images of the car while the key people at Volvo succeeded each other on stage to talk about the company’s re-launch.

– A milestone for us. It is the first car that we have developed from scratch, said sales manager Alain Visser.

New XC 90 is the first in the Volvo Cars enormous effort to take a step up in both quality and volume. It is the safest Volvo ever. It is also bigger but lighter and bränsesnålare than its predecessor. In addition, more luxurious, more connected and more expensive. A half million dollars must be prepared to pay for the simplest version.

The car is the first own model since kineiska Geely took over as owner four years ago and is seen as very important for Volvo’s future.

– If it becomes a success, it will be very painful, has Geely’s owner, Li Shufu told the Wall Street Journal.

It is based on Volvo’s new proprietary platform SPA that all future major Volvo models to be built on, the new four-cylinder engine range, large touch screen instead of buttons and a wide range of security news. As automatic braking when turning left to avoid collision and steering assist if you are close to swerve.

When the first XC 90 was launched twelve years ago hit it big in the United States and became the largest export product. Volvo is now hoping that the new XC90, although the seven-seater, to turn Volvo’s decline in the American market.

Volvo imagines large families and people who want to load up sharply in the car as the target. The first year is planned for 50,000 cars. At most, Volvo hopes to reach up to 80,000 cars annually. A third is expected to be sold in the United States. Other key markets are China and Russia.

– In Sweden, it will not become a people’s car, but it is nevertheless important for the company. As usual with SUVs, we will certainly see the most in the inner city, says Håkan Samuelsson.

Next year the XC90 plug-in hybrid that and then get the Volvo down emissions to 60 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer. The range on pure electric power for at least 40 kilometers.

– You can drive an SUV without feeling as an environmental villain, says Håkan Samuelsson.

The car begins to be built in Torslanda in January.


Superman to new heights dollars – Swedish Dagbladet

Superman to new heights dollars – Swedish Dagbladet

Action Comics 1 was the magazine where superhero Superman made his debut. This latest piece was extremely well cared for, thanks largely to it after purchased at a newsstand in 1938 for many years been stored in cedar boxes, writes The Washington Post.

The previous price record for an Action Comics 1, called series magazines “Holy Grail,” was just under $ 2.2 million and was 2011.


KI: Required major tax increases – helagotland.se

KI: Required major tax increases – helagotland.se

Konjunkturinstitet (KI) according to Dagens Industri that the government’s proposed tax increases to reach the surplus target is not enough. The newspaper says the forecast manager Jesper Hansson to the National Institute’s new forecast, published on Wednesday, will require tax increases of 100 billion.

KI has previously been critical of the policy, but now Finance Minister Anders Borg what they call “half a recognition” of the proposed tax increases of 25 billion to the 2018th

He has taken a big step, says Jesper Hogstrom told the newspaper.


High expectations for the new Volvo car – Swedish Dagbladet

High expectations for the new Volvo car – Swedish Dagbladet

Actually, new Volvo XC 90 world premiere at the Paris Motor Show in just over a month. But Volvo has chosen to add a preview Värmdö outside Stockholm today for upwards of 800 invited journalists from all over the world.

The car is the first own model since kineiska Geely took over as owner four years ago and is seen as very important for Volvo’s future.

– If it becomes a success, it will be very painful, has Geely’s owner, Li Shufu told the Wall Street Journal.

It is based on Volvo’s new proprietary platform SPA that all future major Volvo models to be built on, the new four-cylinder engine range, large touch screen instead of buttons and a wide range of security news. As automatic braking when turning left to avoid collision and steering assist if you are close to swerve.

When the first XC 90 was launched twelve years ago hit it big in the United States and became the largest export product. Volvo is now hoping that the new XC90, although the seven-seater, to turn Volvo’s decline in the American market.

The car starts to be built in Torslanda in January.

Image: So, looks new XC 90 on the inside


Records on Wall Street – Private Businesses

Records on Wall Street – Private Businesses

Hopes of easing by the ECB gave support to risk sentiment globally, while markets saw signs of continued high acquisition willingness of American companies.

The Dow Jones closed up 0.5 percent at the index level 17,100, while the technology-heavy Nasdaq composite rose 0.4 percent to 4,557. S & amp; P 500 rose, while 0.5 per cent to 1,998, and the index succeeded thus not close above the psychologically important 2,000 level temporarily crossed out earlier in the trading session.

The turnover was relatively low 460 million shares on the New York -börsen and 1.37 billion on the Nasdaq.

“This level, 2.000, is quite important from a psychological and financial standpoint. Perhaps we have reached a bit overbought levels, and it looks as if the indexes will stop and take a breather out here, “said Joe Bell, an equity analyst at Schaeffer Investment Research, told Bloomberg News after the US-indices fell back slightly from the day’s highs.

The stock markets took the opening back on the European indices, which climbed earlier in the day with the support of the ECB President Mario Draghi at the central bank conference in Jackson Hole fueled speculation that the central bank is approaching the implementation of a program of quantitative easing in the euro zone. Mario Draghi stressed that the central bank stands ready to boost the European economy, and that it will use all the means at hand to “ensure price stability in the medium term.”

“Draghi was dovish and while Yellen and the rest of Fed members are preparing for an interest rate hike next year leans policy (in Europe) to a certain extent still to cheap money. And if you have a flow of cheap money from Europe, it will also help the stock markets here in the United States, “said Peter Cardillo, chief economist at Rockwell Global Capital to Market Watch.

Among individual stocks ended Burger King in focus after the company announced that it is in discussions to buy the Canadian coffee shop chain Tim Hortons. A deal would open for Burger King to move its tax residence to Canada, which in turn would mean significantly lower corporate tax rate for the hamburger chain. Burger King shares rose nearly 20 percent, while Tim Horton climbed 19 percent.

Another company that turned heads was Goldman Sachs. Late on Friday evening, it became clear that the investment bank will pay 3 billion dollars to reconcile allegations regarding the company’s sale of bonds to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac before the financial crisis. Shares moved up 1.4 percent.

On the bond market, the interest rate on an American ten-year Treasury bond down 2 basis points to 2.39 percent.


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USA: Sales of new houses -2.4% to 412,000 in July (Cont’d) – Dagens Industri

USA: Sales of new houses -2.4% to 412,000 in July (Cont'd) – Dagens Industri

USA: Sales of new houses -2.4% to 412,000 in July (Continued)

                  2014-08-25 16:05

 (SIX) Sales of new houses in the United States fell by 2.4 percent compared  month on month to 412,000 units in July, seasonally adjusted  annual rate.       The market had expected a rise of 5.9 percent to the level  430,000.       June sales revised to 422,000 units from  Preliminary 406.000.       The number of unsold homes relative to sales rate was  to 6.0 months of inventory in June, compared with 5.8 months  stock months before.       The median price for a new house that was sold during the month was  $    269,800, compared with the preliminary $    273.500 during the immediately  the previous month.       The statistics presented by the Department of Commerce and  refers to the number of privately owned single family homes sold in the United States during the month,  annualized basis.    Mattias Magnusson  mailto: mattias.magnusson@six-group.se  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


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More and more children are evicted in Stockholm – Swedish Radio

More and more children are evicted in Stockholm – Swedish Radio

A growing number of children in England are affected by eviction when their families are evicted from their accommodation.

In the first half this year a total of 59 children in the county of their families were evicted. There is an increase of 18 children from the same period last year, the Statistics from the bailiff.

In Stockholm evicted most families with a total of 26 children during the first six months, a doubling from the previous year .

The number of children across the country who have been affected by an enforced eviction in 2014 amounted to 252 pieces, which is unchanged compared with 2013.


Moll on the Stockholm Stock Exchange – helagotland.se

Moll on the Stockholm Stock Exchange – helagotland.se

Renewed concerns about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine subdued stock market mood. The American Governor Janet Yellens awaited speech at the central bank meeting in Jackson Hole had no major impact on stock prices.

Stenbeck sphere power companies Kinnevik went against the trend and rose by 1.0 percent. This follows the announcement that Kinnevik owned company Rocket Internet received another new partner and new information on both the Rocket and Zalando, another Kinnevik companies, are heading to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Nokia dropped 1.2 percent, most among the Exchange’s heavyweights, OMXS30 companies. The construction company Peab fell by 3.6 percent after an interim report which showed that the company turned a loss into profit in the second quarter, but that new orders fell in the first half.

While the leading stock markets in Europe fell. Frankfurt’s DAX index fell 0.7 percent, the Paris Stock Exchange CAC Index dropped 0.9 percent, while the FTSE index closed virtually unchanged (down 0.04 percent).


LO-gang saws Fi’s wage proposals – Swedish Dagbladet

LO-gang saws Fi's wage proposals – Swedish Dagbladet

Fi wants to invest in a government fund to help even out the pay gap. But it would only weaken the unions, who want to negotiate themselves, and favor the highly paid because the large wage differentials are among senior officials, believes Commerce economist Stefan CarlénAdd.

– Therefore, Fi’s fund give the most money to highly paid , he says to newspaper work.

hotel and restaurant union contracts secretary Malin Ackholt is opposed to the employers who have been poor on equality should be rewarded with money from the fund.

– tax money that should go to strengthen the well-being and increasing equality overall Fi wants to give companies that make big profits. But companies are already required to equalize wages. And they can afford, says Carlen told the newspaper.


Forgotten button behind the claim from the Inland Revenue – Swedish Radio

Forgotten button behind the claim from the Inland Revenue – Swedish Radio

The entire country is threatened 160,000 people by late charges of between one thousand and three thousand dollars to the declared electronically and declaration not submitted to the Tax on time. In Östergötland, many be concerned.

Published Saturday, August 23 at 10:43

There are very many who have gone over to the electronic declaration in Östergötland in recent years, says business developer Kay bunks on Tax.

One reason that many now received notice from the Tax for non-declaration is that many do not think about making sure to get confirmation that you really have submitted their tax return via computer or mobile phone, says Kay bunks. He believes that many have declared that they will, but then left the page without answering the questions that will appear on the screen when you log out and has made no change in his elekroniska declaration.

He also says that you can apply for a reduction in the fee for that declaration is not received on time if it believes that it is due to a miss.

Raina Medelius
011-495 42 37


Does your name – sells it expensive – Swedish Dagbladet

Does your name – sells it expensive – Swedish Dagbladet

– creepy and threatening, says Anna-Klara Bratt.

At the beginning of the year I discovered the Internet Infrastructure Foundation (SE) that many names were registered as .se addresses other than the individuals themselves. Since contacted persons and offered to buy the domain for € 300.

One of those affected was Anna-Klara Bratt, executive editor of the webzine Feminist Perspective.

– It was a threatening call where a man said he believes that someone has bought the site for making an idol side of me. He made clear that it would be more expensive for me if I did not buy it back, she says.

annaklarabratt.se she was met by a picture of a Nazi postcard, which was later removed.

With Journalist Association Research Group did feminist perspective a survey showed that at least 1 800 people, a large proportion of journalists, commentators and feminists had their names bought by the same person. Bratt police reported, but the investigation was closed.

– I’m surprised that the police so quickly put it down, she says.

This week the person again sent out an offer to the affected purchasing address.

The Foundation UK has previously warned that domain rascal keeps track of newly registered companies, and quickly buying up companies names .se addresses, but to systematically buy up large amounts of private persons name seems to be a new phenomenon.

– We can well think all of us that it is dirty and the closest to resemble extortion. But it is the reality and the laws and regulations that apply, says Peter Forsman, domain expert in SE.

It is first come for the registration of domain names. But it is possible to subsequently get the right to address the proceedings. The problem is that it costs a minimum of 4 000, although 2000 is paid back if you get right. Domain Dodger risks nothing – more than the cost of registering the name, normally one hundred.

But when thousands of personal domains registered, these are nevertheless significant efforts of the person behind.

– However, it is estimated home to one in three buys back so it is quite fast at home, says Peter Forsman.


As autumn clean up your finances – Swedish Dagbladet

As autumn clean up your finances – Swedish Dagbladet

Bodil Hallin , family economist at Ikano Bank knows how to take back control over finances.

High expectations and unplanned spending makes the economy are often subjected to additional tests during the holidays.

– If the economy feels heavy and tired, it is a good sign that you should brush up on, says Bodil Hallin.

The first step is to consider what you want to change.

– Start with one thing and do not be too ambitious. Have a clear goal and a concrete plan for how to reach it. Just like when you are getting fitter maybe you should not start by signing up for a marathon.

Have you borrowed for the holidays, an objective way for any month shall be paid back and you have several loans , attempts to merge the credits to streamline costs and make it more transparent.

Do you haggle about money with your partner? Set aside time to talk about money and priorities in peace.

– Think first what you want to use your money to. Everyone wants different things, but maybe it’s okay.

For next year’s vacation, acquire tools to more easily keep track of the economy. Most banks have apps that make it easy to check the balance on your mobile.

Tips from Ikano Bank:

Open vacation savings account with automatic transfer every month.

List three expenses you can and want to cut so that you reach your goal.

Increase revenue by renting out or selling something you do not use.

Give children own holiday cash next year. When they understand that cash is limited and they have to prioritize.


Norman: AP funds should take environmental responsibility – Västerbotten Courier

Norman: AP funds should take environmental responsibility – Västerbotten Courier

AP funds, which together manage Swedish pensions of more than 1000 billion, are able to influence corporate sustainability efforts. Therefore, they should take more responsibility for climate change in the financial sector, writes Financial Markets Minister Peter Norman (M) and Moderates environmental and climate action spokesman John Hultberg in a debate article in Dagens Industri.

A first step should be to examine the possibility of recognizing how large carbon AP funds’ equity portfolios totaling helps.

“This could for example be done by requiring that the companies they invest in reporting their emissions and thus would the trustee to report a ‘carbon footprint’, carbon footprint, for each portfolio, “they write.


Borg: Required budget reinforcements 25 billion from 2017 to 2018 – Swedish Dagbladet

Borg: Required budget reinforcements 25 billion from 2017 to 2018 – Swedish Dagbladet

It said Finance Minister Anders Borg at a press briefing on Harpsundsvägen on Saturday.

He called that the “shift” that has occurred on the refugee side between June and now the “exceptional” and said it was the largest he seen during his time as finance minister. Meanwhile, he said that it is important to adhere to the policy and take responsibility for the economy.

On the revenue side, the government proposes a higher tax on financial transactions, higher tax and customs surcharges on commercial real estate, higher taxes on vehicles that emit greenhouse gases, a chemical tax and tax on flourerande greenhouse gases. Moreover, the government intends to raise the tax on alcohol and tobacco further.

“Tax increases are a bit ahead time and will need to be calibrated,” said the finance minister.

There is not time to raise some taxes on jobs, businesses or on welfare “center”. Gasoline tax will not be increased and no property taxes will not be introduced, according to Anders Borg.

On the expenditure side, the government wants mainly cut down on labor market policies, which can be done when the situation on the labor market improves. They would also take measures to reduce the long-term ill health and sickness absence and limit the annual appropriations increases in price and salary system.

The government expects a low resource utilization during 2014-2015 and the economy is in the balance until the 2018

“Then we must have dikes and therefore budget improvements made in 2017 and 2018,” he said.

The Finance Minister stressed that the projections may be revised many times and added that if we have negative surprises will you have to make actions have positive surprises have a little more room for maneuver.

At the same time he said that there will be room for campaign promises and they should be funded “dollar for dollar”, but no major reforms may not become involved.

“It is quite clear that there is accountability, it is set in stone,” said Anders Borg.


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Ewa Stenberg: Borg wants to put the screws on the opposition – Daily News

Ewa Stenberg: Borg wants to put the screws on the opposition – Daily News





Three questions for DN’s political commentator Dr Stenberg on Anders Borg’s statement on Saturday.






Three questions for DN’s political commentator Dr Stenberg on Anders Borg’s statement on Saturday.

The Finance Minister says it may need about 25 billion in austerity years 2017 and 2018, why he gives voters a message so gloomy?

 - He points out that the economy performs worse than expected, but I think he at the same time also want to put the screws on the opposition parties by getting their election manifesto to be seen as irresponsible.


 - Anders Borg says it is extremely important that the target for surplus in the public finances is reached precisely in 2018, and he points to the economic situation appears to be tougher than expected. If the Social Democrats and the other opposition parties accept his description so they have to take back some of his campaign promises delivered alternatively propose major new tax increases or reductions. If they do not, but suggests a more expansive budget so the government can instead criticize them for not taking responsibility for the Treasury.

  How do you think the Social Democrats will react?

 - Magdalena Andersson,’s economic spokesman, hinted this morning that with a social democratic economic policy and social policy, the economy will go so well that she can drop the requirement to fund the reforms of earned later in this term. This suggests that the Social Democrats will promise unfunded reforms in its election manifesto, which can be carried out later in the term. It also suggests that S does not believe it is necessary to reach the surplus target already by 2018.

  One reason that Anders Borg wants to tighten the economy about three or four years is that the number of refugees coming to Sweden. What does that mean for the Treasury?

 - Anders Borg has projected increased spending on integration policies and refugees at about twelve billion per year in 2017 and the 2018 But he has not included any income in the form of tax payments when the refugees start working. This despite the fact that he says that immigrants are rapidly coming to work in Sweden, and that the Syrians and Iraqis who come here are relatively well educated. In time, this immigration revenue for Sweden, according to the finance minister, but he has not put it into the calculations. Instead, he stresses that the outlook is uncertain.






Selfiepinnen has landed – Swedish Dagbladet

Selfiepinnen has landed – Swedish Dagbladet

Now selfiepinnen here and will take the Swedes plate spirit of themselves to a new level.

How do you extend your arm, it is difficult to get both yourself and the stylish background. This anatomical challenge has inspired the inventor of selfiepinnen as simplified consists of a rigid frame and a trigger.

The demand is great confirmed by Johan Eriksson at Selfiebutiken.se recently taken the pin into its stock.

– We have even had a queue in the chat. But it has started better than expected which is always fun.

PR strategist Hans Kullin looks selfiepinnen as a natural step in the evolution.

– It will a lot of peripherals that will help us take better pictures. It will surely continue to evolve.

According Kullin selfien is first and foremost a means to share our positive emotions.

– You are somewhere and want to convey a positive feeling and get reactions from the community. Then it gives me a stronger positive feeling.

As for selfiepinnar should be used with common sense, he believes.

– When I was out on a airboat in the Everglades was a man who used a selfiepinne. She got great pictures, but I did not get quite as good of pictures everywhere I turned was the damn stick in the way.


Elderly woman missing in Dalarna – Aftonbladet

Elderly woman missing in Dalarna – Aftonbladet

Stockholm. Police in Dalarna had late Saturday night not found the 71-year-old woman who disappeared during the afternoon from Skeberg in Leksand. The woman who should have been wearing a green jacket and jeans disappeared at 17 o’clock.

– In addition to the police, it is also a lot of volunteer staff as well as mountain rescue who are looking for her, says Tom Andersson, county administrative officer of the watch.

Earlier in the Saturday helicopter was also used in the search, however.


Anders Borg (M): It has 25 billion in Treasury – Swedish Dagbladet

Anders Borg (M): It has 25 billion in Treasury – Swedish Dagbladet

As the rain poured down over Harpsundsvägen when Finance Minister Anders Borg presented the government’s view of the economy coming term of office was a weather metaphor almost inevitable.

– We are now in a position where we have a position of strength and we’ll get back to the levees. For there is a weather as we know always recur, and it is winter, said Anders Borg.

During the press conference, he spoke of a slower recovery of the Swedish economy, with growth of 1.9 percent for 2014 and at 3 per cent for next year. He also announced that, if the Government is to achieve its surplus target of 1 percent of GDP in 2018, have 25 billion in the Treasury in 2017 and 2018. He also mentioned that he talked about earlier in the week that “troubles elsewhere “will mean increased costs for the reception of refugees in Sweden 12 billion per year in the coming term.

is the reason why you think that these budgetary reinforcements needed?

– We make a broader assessment of the Swedish economy where we see the effects of reduced income due to concerns in the world, and slower growth in the United States and Germany.

– Then we have a need to meet a right sharp increase in asylum reception. Will it work well, we must notify Employment Services and Immigration Service that they have the resources to wait and we must give municipalities clear information, he says.

To cancel the extra the billions the government proposes including banks and insurance companies should be taxed more heavily. Moreover want Anders Borg raise money through the establishment of an investigation to counter tax evasion in the commercial property sector.

How much does the tax increases in dollars?

– There is a number of years in the future and may change, but as it stands in order of size are we talking about roughly 17-18 billion.

The Government also proposes that taxes on environmentally unfriendly cars to be increased, a proposal that the Centre Party has pushed for. In addition to that the government limit certain expenses, including the save on the civil service and local government costs.

Anders Borg’s growth forecast has received a mixed response from the banks. According to Annika Winsth, chief economist of Nordea, the partially optimistic.

– For the current year’s growth of around two percent a fairly reasonable assessment. However, I think he is too optimistic for the coming years, especially in the long term. Our assessment is rather that we should have a growth rate of 2-2.5 percent even in 2015 and 2016 there is the much higher, she said to TT.

Robert Bergqvist, chief economist SEB, told the news agency:

– The picture he paints of the Swedish economy by 2018 is a very positive image. Since it can be noted that he has a serious tone when it comes to space ventures, but the figures speak for themselves – the Swedish economy is on the right path, he says.


Borg: Higher taxes for banks – Swedish Dagbladet

Borg: Higher taxes for banks – Swedish Dagbladet

– We need to secure the levees to have freedom of action in the next crisis. We believe that there is a need for budgetary strengthening of SEK 25 billion to reach surplus target in 2018, said the Borg at the press conference on Harpsundsvägen.

At the press conference, Anders Borg surprised at the criticism that came out during the week against he and Carl Bildt called a press conference to describe the economic impact of the increasing flow of refugees to Sweden.

– It is not normal that we have such shifts in the public finances of tens of billions that come between June and August, and of course must I report what caused it, said Borg.

He also estimates that the refugee stream may increase in the early autumn.

– We can not rule out that it will be 2500 to 3000 people a week in early September.

– It does cost, but there’s no reason not to stand up for the common consensus that we actually have in the asylum and eventually this will give a true and substantial profit for Sweden, said Borg.

In a press writes Anders Borg that he believes that taxes from the financial sector should increase. He believes that the Alliance Government agree that the future budget increases mainly be done through income increases but it will also be necessary to reduce spending growth. Tax receipts from the financial sector should increase and environmental governance should be strengthened through higher taxes on passenger cars, and vehicles that have particularly high emissions of greenhouse gases, says the government.

Finance Minister Anders Borg (M) predicts that the Swedish economy grows 1.9 percent this year. Next year will be GDP growth 3.0 percent in 2016 and 3.4 per cent. There is a marked impairment for 2014 and smaller declines in 2015 and in 2016.

Unemployment 2014 lands at 7.9 percent and decreases to 7.4 percent next year and 6.8 percent in 2016 Still later counting Borg with an unemployment rate of 5.8 percent during the 2018th

Public sector financial balance lands of minus 2.2 percent of GDP this year. The deficit decreases gradually and will be on the plus 0.2 percent during the 2017th


Magdalena Andersson about the economic situation – Swedish Dagbladet

Magdalena Andersson about the economic situation – Swedish Dagbladet

On Saturday morning featured Magdalena Andersson, economic policy spokesperson for the Social Democrats, their views on the economic situation in Sweden.

at a press conference in Flen, just hours before Finance Minister Anders Borg expected to present the government’s views on the economy at a press conference in Harpsundsvägen, a half hour drive away

Magdalena Andersson began to point to a number of positive effects in the outside world.

– Unemployment in the United States is down to 6 percent now, it’s a hefty reduction, which affect the world economy. Even in Europe, the economy continues to stabilize.

– We are finally seeing positive growth, which goes up by two per cent in 2015 and 2016, it naturally also affect Sweden, she says.

Nevertheless, the unemployment rate in Sweden has become entrenched at a very high level, according to Magdalena Andersson.

– We have the current position of around 70 000 people who have been unemployed for more than two years, she says.

During the press conference commented she is also the government’s actions in recent weeks about the growing refugee reception and the costs Anders Borg says that it will mean for Sweden.

– I will not diminish the fact that people flee to Sweden, but do not enlarge. It is a record that, like other needs are handled within the regular budget process.

She believes that the projections from the Swedish Migration Board is uncertain, as well as many other lines; that defense purchases of material and labor office that sees the need for increased resources.

– This is just one of several growing budget items that the government has chosen to focus on, it’s obviously just electioneering, she said

So you do not share the government’s description of the coming refugee reception

– I’m just saying that this is one of several issues that are handled within the budget, there are several items where there is a risk of increased spending. It must of course be vigilant.

According to government estimates will the reception of refugees that would entail a cost of 12 billion per year over the next four years.


Record number got requirement to declare – Västervikstidningen

Record number got requirement to declare – Västervikstidningen

Many have gone on to attend and submit their tax returns electronically. It also means that the Tax receives more declarations are incomplete.

-Of those who are in their electronic returns and making changes, such as adding an attachment, so many people then go out and forget to press on “submit,” said Kay bunks, business developer at the Swedish Tax Agency.

In addition, no reminders were sent out in June this year to those who have not submitted their tax returns on time, which made the previous years. Instead, the Tax Agency sent out subpoenas directly.

That’s a clear difference in years, and I can imagine that this has helped. So we’ll consider next year if we are to have reminders again.

Almost all of the 160 000 who got injunction to declare – and thus also a reminder fee – need to submit a certified statement.

– So far we have discovered that we have mistakenly sent out notice to a number of young children in child pension, and three cases. But overall, it’s very, very few who got it wrong, says bunks.


Paltry savings rates opens the door for “ruff switch” – Swedish Dagbladet

Paltry savings rates opens the door for "ruff switch" – Swedish Dagbladet

Do you have money in a savings account at one of the big banks are in the present situation is not likely that you will be rich. If you also do not want to tie up your money for a longer period, it is virtually impossible. For example, SEB offers a maximum 0.45 percent fixed interest rate for one-year savings in the bank’s investment account. Savers are upset about the low interest rates, said Claes Hemberg at Avanza Bank.

– Especially our older savers. They have been featured on interest rates of 8 percent, and in comparison with it is it’s shamefully low interest rates right now.

Swedbank looks even darker. There, they offered the most 0.10 percent in interest on borrowed funds in the bank’s savings account. But then you have to save at least 50 000. If you want to lock up the money offered to 0.30 percent in savings rates, but even there the required minimum of 50 000 in borrowed funds.

Best savings rates may be in the current situation on SBAB offering 1.40 per cent savings interest from the first crown. Nordea is not far behind, offering 1.30 percent interest rate with a one-year term. However, it is required to invest at least 10 000 in the savings account. Handelsbanken seek the golden mean, and offers 0.75 per cent on its future account where you save on a range between 1 and 10 years. But to unlock the money in savings accounts is now among the worst you can do, according Hemberg.

– Interest rates will remain low for quite some time to come, so we must not think that this is only temporary for the it is not. I think you should think about whether there is any other form of savings you can feel comfortable. You can for example put in a short term högräntefond, it gives 3-4 per cent and it’s not heavenly figures either, but it is still better.

The highest savings account interest rate which are covered by deposit insurance can be found right now at Svea Direct, an affiliate of the credit market company Svea Ekonomi AB. The reason that Svea Ekonomi can offer such a high savings rate seems to be in the company’s other activities involving the collection agency in several countries in Europe. But even Svea Direct has been forced to lower their deposit rates. As of August 25 is the variable deposit rate at 1.80 percent for savings accounts and 2.10 percent on the capital account.

If you choose to look at companies that are not covered by the government’s deposit can however find several accounts that offer significantly higher interest rates. The highest deposit rate will be today at Swespar, 4Trails and 24 Money, where you can save up to 50 000 at an interest rate of 10 percent. Because the companies are not covered by deposit insurance, it is considered as a risky investment.

– The easiest Council one can give is that you should choose an account with insert warranty. Interest may not be important in that case. Secondly, you should look for good interest rates, today is the probably around 1.5 to 2 percent, says Claes Hemberg.

Akelius Spar is a another company without deposit insurance and offers in the current situation a maximum interest rate of 5 per cent for deposits of up to 50 000. Akelius is basically a real estate company and the borrowed capital will go to the owner company Akelius Residentials expansion, ie, real estate projects. If you choose to save in Akelius get priority access to rental units in the company’s portfolio. The company counts as a low-risk option of Upplysningscentralen that gives the company the highest credit rating. But even if the risk looks low out, be careful, says Hemberg.

– The vast majority of accounts that are not covered by warranty are ruff-sponsored by the simple fact that interest rates are something we use when we want to use money in the near future. When you can not afford to get rid of the money. It does not matter if they invest safely, if they do not have deposit insurance, it is not relevant.

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