Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Proposal: the High tax on long flights – Svenska Dagbladet

Photo: Torstein Bøe/TT

Flygskatteutredningen has internally discussed several different levels of taxation for air travel. The lowest level is proposed to be 80 dollars and shall apply for every single flight in Europe and thus also in Sweden. The next level, travel outside Europe within 600 miles, will cost 280 sek and the maximum tax rate, for trips that are longer than this, it is proposed to be 430 dollars.

Children under two years should not tax to be paid for. It is the air carrier to pay the tax.

the Tax can only be levied on departures from uk airports so the total cost for two adults and two children over two years travelling to Thailand will be 1 sek 720, provided that the airlines and tour operators take out the whole of the increase in the cost of the passengers.

A tax rate of sek 80 for shorter flights is what Norway introduced earlier in the year.

The last time there have been loud protests against an airport tax, primarily from politicians in the Norrlandslänen and from the aerospace industry. The majority in the parliament trafikutskott also prepares a statement in which it says no to the tax.

the Voters, however, is positive, according to a survey from the Lining Sifo, commissioned by the Swedish society for nature conservation. More than 70 per cent are fairly or very positive to an airport tax. 20% is fairly or very negative attitudes to the tax.

the Women are to a greater extent than men are positive to the tax, 79 per cent and 67 per cent, are for. Decomposed on partisympati is a majority of the aviation tax in all parties on the basis of the responses in the survey, with the greatest preponderance among the MP-, V – and S-constituents. The least positive overweight is among the SD and the M-voters.

Those who do not want to have the airline tax often claim that the environmental impact is very limited. Experience from Europe shows that the taxes that most brakes the increase of the number of flights slightly.

” There will be some effect, but the treasures that are available today are not jättehöga. They are also not the only policy instrument that is required, ” said Jonas Åkerman, head of research for transport and location analysis at KTH.


Oil up on the decisions from the Vienna – Sveriges Radio

Ekonomireporter Kristian Åström, what does this mean?

– It means that OPEC has achieved something that most experts just a day ago saw as less likely. Then the remains to see what it means in detail. Hopefully we’ll find out who will be reducing in their output at 16-the time when OPEC will hold a press conference. But if the output falling by over a million barrels, the price will go up, for it corresponds to a large part of the surplus that is available today on the market.

Why did so many it as unlikely with a settlement?

Iran and saudi Arabia are each other’s enemies, they stand on different sides in the two wars, Syria and Yemen. In addition, even if they have now reached an agreement, the question is whether countries follow the quotas. There is a history of broken promises within the OPEC.

What is the importance of a higher oil price?

– For the oil-producing countries means a higher price that their economy is improving. The OPEC countries live on their oil. Today, several of them large deficit in the state budget. Either they need to cover the deficits with funded assets, or if they lack a financial buffer to borrow or cut spending. The latter is likely to create social unrest. The worst affected are Nigeria and Venezuela, which is facing both a political and economic crisis. But I think you should add, that if the oil price goes up by 20 per cent, so it is still not enough to get the economy to go up for several of the members.

A higher oil price, how does it affect Sweden?

– Gasoline and diesel will be slightly more expensive at the pump. But since almost 80% of the price consists of taxes, so do not move in the price of petrol is directly related to the price of oil. In addition, the traded oil in dollars and the Swedish krona has weakened sharply against the dollar, so we in Sweden have not received the full dividend on the sharp decline that occurred in the last two years.

higher oil prices also affect inflation, which pleased the Riksbank. A higher price leads to higher inflation and higher inflation affects interest rates.

Finally, the affected Swedish companies within the engineering industry, which can hope for a recovery in investment in the energy sector.


Oil prices up after Opec-settlement – Today’s News

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Nordea: the Companies with the greatest return potential – Business

It is nearing the culmination of the strong performance of lågkvalitetsaktier – at the same time as quality investments with good growth prospects but a low score has become unusually attractive. It writes Nordea Investment Strategy & Advice in a morgonbrev, where the bank sets out for changes in their portfolios.

“After a long period of favouritism has companies with relatively stable operations and margins been pushed into the background in favor of companies in which it is tempting to believe that the potential is greater if the economic recovery gains momentum,” writes Nordea, who like to see signs that this trend is nearing the end.

The bank calls the quality investments have, as a result of this development has become cheaper than lågkvalitetsaktierna.

“One reason why we find it unusually attractive with companies where growth prospects are good, but the valuation is nedpressad is that it is not as dependent on interest rates and exchange rates”, according to Nordea.

In the wake of this picks Nordea, the Securitas in both its nordic and Swedish model portfolio, at the expense of Sandvik.

“We see Securitas as an attractively valued growth companies with a unique stability in earnings, while the relatively weak performance in the sentid has given a good köpläge”, justifying the Nordea decision.

Sandvik to be removed, despite the fact that analysts are fundamentally positive to the share, is related to the relationship between risk and returns deteriorated after the autumn rise.

Castellum takes place in both portfolios, at the expense of the Clover in the Swedish portfolio, and instead of the Danish NKT in the nordic countries.

“Castellum is the real estate company where we see the best return potential given the risk. We see great potential to uppvärderingar at the same time as the financial risk is lower than sektorgenomsnittet at the same time as the yield is higher,” writes Nordea.

Securitas was trading at 14 o’clock on the Wednesday to just under sek 135, an increase of just over 2 percent for the day. The Castellum stood in the 121:70 crowns, up 0.8 percent. Sandvik rose 1 percent.


The ruling: Employers may halve their working hours and wages – Today’s News

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Nordic Mines make a targeted share issue, the Business community

mining company Nordic Mines, whose mines Laiva in northern Finland is currently not in operation, shall issue ordinary shares and preference shares of sek 23 million and is aiming to resume operation of the mine in 2017. It is clear from a press release.

to enable resumption of production, the company intends to “restructure the value chain in both economic ochoperativt by outsourcing the concentrator by a lease.” Thus, the company shall be kapitaleffektivt, at the same time that risks are reduced and created margins of 38% at a gold price of 1.080 dollars per ounce.

the Starting point is to “do much more with much less,” said the company.

the Goal is that when outsourcing both anrikningsverkets business as the end product of gold to a Indienbaserad guldhandelsaktör with a fixed kostnadsmarginal, which will reduce Nordic Mines-cash cost (cash cost) to $ 400 per ounce of gold.

this Model is designed for a threshold value of a production of 1,200 kilos and will be carried out through the leasing of the facility during a ten-year period, said the company.

the Negotiations for an outsourcing contract is currently in the “slufasen”. Proposed partners are and pull it ashore Jewellers in the United arab Emirates and Swarn Shilp in India.

this new operating model aims to increase efficiency by 20% and to improve the Nordic Mines gross profit margin to 38 percent in a baseline scenario with a gold price of 1080 dollars per ounce.

the Company expects additional financing of five million dollars to realize outsourcingmodellen.

the exercise price amounts to 0:55 sek for both stem – like preferred stock.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trump has chosen Mnuchin to the minister for finance – Today’s Industry

AMERICA’s next president Donald Trump leans in Steven Mnuchin as minister of finance, writes The Washington Post. The post as the minister of commerce is expected to go to billionaire Wilbur Ross. Who is appointed to minister of foreign affairs is more uncertain.

Goldman Sachs chief Mnuchin lacking as well as Trump previous political experience and joined the Trumpkampanjen despite the fact that he had previously donated money to the Democrats.

Finansministerposten is one of the most important. In addition to collecting taxes and pay the nation’s bills, regulates the minister of finance also banks and Wall Street.

According to CNN, a appointment raise questions about the Mnuchins previous goings-on. He has earned big money as he led a group of investors in 2008 bought the crashed bank Indymac – one of the country’s big lenders targeted to households with low incomes, the so-called subprime mortgages.

Steven Mnuchin is also a filmmaker, and has also been executive producer for films like “Suicide squad”, “the Legend of Tarzan” and “Edge of tomorrow”.

Several media outlets are also pointing out the billionaire and riskinvesteraren Wilbur Ross as the Trump options when it comes to handelsministerposten.

Elaine Chao nominated for the transportministerposten, confirms Trump. She was born in Taiwan and came to the united states eight-year-old. She has previously been labour minister and vice-minister of transport.

When it comes to john c. calhoun, AMERICA’s public face and head of the 70,000-strong ministry of foreign affairs, speculations has varied between Mitt Romney, who lost the presidential election against Obama, the former CIA director David Petraeus, and New York’s former mayor Rudy Giuliani.

On Tuesday talked Trump also senatsledamoten Bob Corker, who is described as a safe choice. Corker has said that he believes that Trump now has a few candidates that stand between.

“He must choose someone he is very comfortable with,” says Corker.


Only 20 000 in the bank? You are still richer than half the world’s population – Veckans Affärer

A new report puts a global perspective on your assets.

You have assets totalling around sek 20 000 (2 222 dollars) – that is to say the sum of your savings, investments and property ownership minus your liabilities – is richer than half the world’s population.

If your assets, however, is a total of at least 660 000 sek (71 560 dollars) then you are richer than 90% of the world’s population. And with assets of around sek 7 million (744 400 dollars) belongs to you the world’s richest 1%.

It shows a recently released report on global wealth from Credit Suisse Research Institute, writes The Economist.

the 44 million chinese are now among the world’s richest 10 percent, at the same time as 10 million americans, ranks in the lowest 10% – because they are sitting on liabilities greater than their assets.

the Report is based on household assets, rather than income levels which otherwise is a common procedure when it comes to global studies of this kind.


Deficiencies on patients ‘ choices at the point of death.


health Care shortcomings when it comes to involving patients in decisions about life-sustaining treatment, writes Dagens Medicin. A woman got through her journal to know that there is no attempt to start her heart would be done at a cardiac arrest.

Karolinska university hospital. Arkivbild.Image: Henrik Montgomery/TT

the Doctor should not make the decision not to initiate life-sustaining treatment without involving the patient, both under the Board’s regulations and the profession’s own ethical guidelines.

Comprehensive statistics are lacking, but through the notifications can the newspaper say that it still happened. The magazine has taken some of the seven cases from the Inspection for health care (IVO) from the past few years where patients have been dissatisfied with the information and decisions about life-sustaining treatment. In several of the cases addressed IVO criticism of the health care provider.

At the Karolinska university hospital requested Åsa Millqvist, nurse and lungcancerpatient, out of his own journal. That’s when she noticed: If the heart stopped, she would not be revived.

” I was completely shocked and scared. Dare I go to the emergency room again if I would get shortness of breath? I felt so terribly violated. We have had dialogues that I have a deadly disease, but here decided the doctor over my and my husband’s heads about life and death, ” she says to Dagens Medicin.

“the doctor Had asked, I had said that, yes, I want to be refreshed, but not placed on a ventilator,” she says.

At the Karolinska does not want to answer questions about individual cases.

the medical director Torbjörn Söderström says that the national patient survey of patient shows that all hospitals have challenges in terms of information and participation, and to the Karolinska does not stand out.

” We try to grind our routines, so that they are easy to follow. We need to have good strategies in order to find out if the patient has understood the information and want to be involved, ” he says to Dagens Medicin.


Birgitta Forsberg: ”most Important is that the development will remain in Borås and Kumla” – Today’s News

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360 at Ericsson in Kumla is terminated – bbc Radio

today, the employees at Ericsson in Kumla have been told that there will be 820 persons who terminated from the Ericsson plant in Kumla and Borås.

For Kumlas part will 360 of the 420 employees to be terminated, and the remaining 60 will work with the development of the new 5G technology.

All of the redundant workers are offered an extended work period of notice, depending on the age and length of service, to a maximum of 21 months. Redundancies are also offered the support of the Council.

” It was a tough answer we gave to our employees at the beginning of October and it has obviously been a hard time. Everyone has expected that the negotiations would be completed and that there would be a clear answer, ” says MajBritt Arfert, global head of HR for Ericsson to TT.

From the press, representing both the officials and workers at the factory in Kumla, Alexander Linde with confidence in the future of the 360 people who get to stop.

” It feels good that we have come to the phase where we have received a package of the employees (in order to be able to switch to another job, red. note), and the job market is very good for the first time in many years, ” says Alexander Linde, who is vice-president of the Union at Ericsson in Kumla.

part of the which is now redundant has already got a job elsewhere.

And Katarina Hansson (S), chairman of the municipal executive board in Kumla, think that the municipality will öveleva even this.

” We have previously had a big notice in the municipality, among the big employers. We have been able to handle it in a good way, other companies have been able to soak up the labour force. I think we will solve it, ” she says.

A era goes in the grave?

“of course it’s sad that eopk almost in the grave, there are 60 people left, and we get to be happy and make sure that the department will be strengthened and developed,” says Katarina Hansson (S), municipal executive board chairman.


Can become the fourth Greek bailout – Göteborgs-Posten

Economy It is not out of the question for a fourth programme of support to Greece with the new emergency loans and demands for reform, according to EU commissioner Pierre Moscovici. At the same time hesitant to the IMF about their participation in the third program.

It has been almost seven years since Greece was struck out from the capital market. And now lashed it on a fourth support programmes, which would take up where the third expires in 2018.

Discuss everything

It can not be excluded, but no concrete discussion of such nödlånspaket, however, has not been, according to Moscovici.

- After 2018, we will not have any program, and things can happen. We will discuss all of this, ” he says in connection with a visit in Athens.

the Greek government, with prime minister Alexis Tsipras, at the same time press in order to get an agreement on debt relief and the go-ahead from the ECB purchases of Greek sovereign debt.

It would be a welcome reward for Tsipras, not least in its internal policy with an opposition demanding new elections.

Tsipras’s coalition government, on the basis of the lenders ‘ requirements had to squeeze through a series of unpopular reforms, privatizations and austerity measures since the country’s third aid programme was completed by the summer of 2015.

not allowed

A fourth programme of support with the new loan terms are Announced, however, not interested in, according to Dimitris Tzanakopoulos, a spokesman for the government.

- Requirements on the measures after 2018 may not be accepted by the government, he says, according to the Greek news agency ANA-MPA.

Greece has big problems to cope with the budgetary objective of a surplus of 3.5 per cent, if you count the deleted mortgage payments and interest rates. This requirement is in the third programme conditions and has been labelled as unrealistic by the IMF’s economists.

the Issue is hot ahead of a finance ministers meeting in Brussels on 5 december, where Greece hopes to get its crisis policy approved.

Germany and the Netherlands, a leading role in the negotiations with Greece, has since the third programme was completed last year, provided that the IMF is also involved. The IMF has indicated that it will take a position on this issue before the end of the year 2016, but that it requires a long-term sustainable package of measures, with a reduction of debt and realistic targets.

Facts: the Greek economy is going better than expected

Greece’s economy grew for the second quarter in a row during the third quarter of the year. And the growth was slightly higher than expected.

The wounded economy grew by 0.8 per cent during the period July–september compared with the quarter before. It can be compared with 0.4 per cent in the second quarter, according to the Greek statistical agency Elstat.

In a preliminary estimate earlier in november skattades Greece’s growth in the third quarter to 0.5 per cent.

the EU commission and Greece’s central bank expects a Greek growth for the full year of 0.3 per cent.

The Greek economy has, however, after seven years of more or less acute crisis, major challenges, with persistent deficits and an unemployment rate of almost 24 per cent

Source: Reuters


The employees pay for Ericsson’s miss – financial times

Ericsson says up 820 employees in Kumla and Borås. They will retain the salary during the notice period, the most in 21 months.
In Borås cease all production. Behind the 175 people who will work with logistics and software development. In Kumla, 60 of the 420 employees continue. They are supposed to develop the next generation of mobile phone technology.

Ericsson says up 820 people in the city of Borås and Kumla.Photo: Anders Help

In practice, this means yesterday’s news Ericsson move out the last of the production that existed in Sweden. The manufacturing would be done by others, elsewhere.

Thus realized the worst fears from October, when the management launched the last major austerity package.

For despite the fact that many of those who are now redundant long worked for Ericsson is yesterday’s announcement is not only a blow against them as individuals or against the Kumla and Borås places.

the News will change the company Ericsson, and by extension, perhaps with Sweden.

the IF Metall’s chairman Anders Ferbe has time and again highlighted the relationship between industrial development and production. If the manufacturing is moved, it affects eventually also work with new products.

– What motivates Ericsson to retain the research and development in Sweden if you do not have a production, asks Ferbe in the day’s Work.

And – would you be able to continue – how, Ericsson is able to maintain its position on the rock hard and very competitive telecommunications market if the company can’t offer their own unique solutions developed in close cooperation with your own manufacture?

It is not the employees in Kumla, or Borås, which is located behind Ericsson’s problems. But they still get to pay the price for the directors mistakes.


Oil and raw materials is pushing the stockholm stock exchange – Business

the stockholm stock exchange was lower after lunch on Tuesday. Oil and resource companies, as was the weakness of the card.

At 13.40-the time was the Stockholm stock exchange’s OMXS30 index down 0.1 per cent to the level of 1.471. The turnover on the stockholm stock exchange amounted to 5,99 billion.

For base metal prices recorded a relatively clear downward rebound after Monday’s rise. Oil prices backed off sharply when hopes of an agreement within Opec for production cutbacks have been toned down.

In the sector dropped Boliden 2.6 per cent and Lundin Petroleum was down 1.9 per cent. Became part of SSAB’s class A share was lowered to 1.4 per cent.

the Stock market as a whole, however, was relatively divided. Defensive sectors such as consumer goods, telecom operators and banks appeared over or around the zero mark.

Verkstadssektorn were traded significantly. Exane BNP Paribas undertook a review of the verkstadsbolagen and for Assa Abloy increased the recommendation to outperform from neutral, while Sandvik and Atlas Copco, got to see their recommendations reduced by by. Assa Abloy improved 1.8 per cent, while Sandvik was printed down 1.5 per cent, and Atlas Copco was reduced to 1.8 per cent.

Jefferies initiated coverage of Autoliv with the recommendation buy and target price of 112 dollars, equivalent to about 1.032 crowns. Shares were rewarded with a rise of nearly 2 percent.

Mr. Green presented the financial targets in the morning and aim to growth in the medium term to reach 20 percent per year, with an ebitda margin of 20%. The shares responded with a rise of 2.4 per cent.

Vinstvarnande Scandi Standard was a height recommendation by DNB Markets to buy from earlier keep. DNB believes that the recent development, where an outbreak of bird flu pushed the shares, has given köpläge. The stock rose less than 5.4%.

the Group has received an order of 30,000 pens and announces at the same time to Joonhee Won takes over as the permanent ceo, from acting president. The shares advanced 10 per cent.

Among the smaller companies, a number of hefty movements. The trading platform Spiffx signed an agreement with the australian operator of Cardinal House and rushed 68 per cent. Maha Energy received brazilian regulatory approval for its acquisition of the operator of the Tartaruga field, and rose 31 per cent.

Medirätts medicinapp Medikoll was approved by Apple and A1M Pharma announced positive results in pre-clinical for the candidate drug Rosgard against pre-eclampsia. Medikoll increased 20 percent and A1M Pharma rose 5.6 per cent.

Ahead of Tuesday waiting for a relatively heavy statistikpunkt at 14.30 when the U.S. preliminary GDP for the third quarter are released.


Over 800 sheep go from Ericsson – Today’s News

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Monday, November 28, 2016

The union: the Government should not regulate gender – Svenska Dagbladet

Saco’s chairman Göran Arrius. Photo: Pontus Lundahl/TT

“the Union does not believe that it is the role of the state to regulate the distribution of gender among the general meeting elected the members of the board,” writes the union, the Union’s vice-president Peter Hellberg in his opinion.

the TCO and Saco are also critical.

Even if it goes slowly it actually goes in the right direction, and it is possible to avoid legislation, it is preferable, like Saco’s chairman Göran Arrius.

Also business leaders such as Investor’s chairman Jacob Wallenberg, Kinnevik’s principal owner Christina Stenbeck and Viveca Ax:son Johnson, chairman of Nordstjernan fires heavy volleys against the proposal.

However, the slopes in the LO and the heads up on the proposal.


WTO: Illegal U.S. subsidies to Boeing – Today’s News

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OECD: Sweden’s growth is dampened considerably …

Sweden’s economic growth has been strong, but expected to decrease significantly over the next two years.

the Shortage of workers and buildable land will dampen residential investment, uncertainty about the global demand and weak exports are holding back business investment and moderate wage increases dampen consumer spending.

It writes the OECD, the industrialised countries of the economic cooperation organization, in its autumn forecast, the Economic Outlook, which was announced on Monday.

the OECD forecast that Sweden’s GDP will grow 3.3 per cent this year and 2.7 per cent in 2017. The year 2018 is expected a GDP growth of 2.2 per cent. In the spring forecast saw the OECD, GDP would increase by 3.4 per cent this year and 2.8 per cent in 2017.

the Unemployment rate flattens out when an increasingly larger part of the unemployed consists of jobseekers with low qualifications are far from the labour market, including newly arrived migrants. A tighter labour market is deemed to gradually help to lift inflation.

the OECD notes that the current very expansive monetary policy stance is a response to a persistent low inflation, but also have a fire on a long “boom” in the housing market, which poses growing risks.

“Stronger” macro-prudential supervision, as a loan in relation to income, is required in order to reduce the financial and macroeconomic vulnerabilities. Simplified plan and hyresregleringar and reformed fastighetskatt would help to stabilise house prices, increasing labour mobility and improving gender equality,” writes the OECD, which also takes up to avtrappade interest deductibility would mitigate the husprisökningarna.

note that The repo rate has remained at -0,50% since the middle of February, which has pushed up prices and inflation expectations, but the recent outcomes has been weak.

The real wage growth is held back by the leading role played by the competitive export industry has in the collective wage negotiations.

“the Salaries will, however, increase when the expansionary monetary policy raises inflation expectations. The high savings rate, partly related to the uncertainty and interest payments, limits consumption growth even further”, writes the OECD.

the Organization notes that Sweden has enough fiscal space as the government debt ratio is low and the budget close to balance. The decision to lower the surplus target from 1 percent of GDP to 0.33 percent of GDP increases the fiscal space somewhat in the coming years.

“There is little need for further economic stimulus, given the strength of the economy. But it is to be welcomed if the fiscal space is used for the temporary costs related to the migration,” according to the OECD adds that in the longer term, the immigration to increase employment, provided that the integration is successful.

the OECD notes that Sweden is a small, open economy that is highly integrated in the global value chains, and therefore are especially vulnerable to weak international handelstillväxt and the development of their trading partners, including China and the united kingdom.

“the exchange rate fluctuations would affect the output, inflation and monetary policy. Interest rates expected to remain low for some time, and a failure to rein in household debt could increase the financial risks and household vulnerability to downturns in house prices and future interest rate increases,” warns the OECD.

Rev designed revision from the previous forecast in June 2016.


Over 50 cases of cheating on the sat in 2016 – Today’s News

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Around 180 000 beaching of airline strikes – Svenska Dagbladet

The German airline Lufthansa hit by an ongoing pilotstrejk. On Tuesday and Wednesday are about 1,700 flights. Photo: Marcel Kusch/AP

the Strike is expected to affect 180 000 passengers. For the Swedish part is subject to a number of departures in from Stockholm and Gothenburg.

– in The case of ten departures from the airport and seven from Gatwick. It is the same number as last week, ” says Adam Ekman at flygplatsbolaget Swedavia’s press office, to TT.

– It is the answer we can leave right now. We await what Lufthansa says.

Pilotfackets strike, was launched in the middle of last week, has meant that 2 800 flights have already been cancelled, affecting around 350 000 passengers.

Pilotfacken Vereinigung Cockpit has so far refused to accept Lufthansa’s förhandlingsbud for wage increases. The tray requires a salary increase of 3.7 percent for the 5 400 pilots who would apply retroactively from 2012 – a bid that Lufthansa, in turn, rejects, reports Reuters.

Sunday, pilotfacket to short haul to be affected on Tuesday, to be extended to also apply to long-haul flights on Wednesday.

Lufthansa has in turn turned to a labor court in Munich in an attempt to stop the strike. Late on Monday, the court rejected the airline’s request.


Lundin Oil’s krisbrev to shareholders – Expressen

The brottsmisstänkte Lundin Oil’s chairman of the board Ian H. Lundin now writing to shareholders that the board is convinced that the missing “basis for all allegations of misconduct by någonföreträdare for Lundin.”

He denies all allegations of crimes when it comes to both him and the company’s managing director Alex Schneiter.

This is Lundin Petroleum chairman Ian lundin’s Swedish open letters to shareholders since he and managing director Alex Schneiter been notified of the suspicion of complicity to gross crimes.

“Open letter from Ian H. Lundin

Dear shareholders,

We want with this letter to give you an update on the Swedish preliminary investigation in respect of lundin’s Swedish activities in Sudan between 1997 and 2003. We are cooperating fully with the investigation which is now in its seventh year and which, we hope, is in its final stages.

for several years We have tried to get an opportunity to speak with the prosecutor so that we can give him all the information we have about our time in Sudan. We can now announce that the prosecutor has called Alex Schneiter and me to interview and have provided us with the suspicion that is the basis for the investigation. This process is a part of the normal procedure in the Swedish pre-trial investigations and we would like to point out that no charges have been filed, and that this did not mean that a prosecution will be brought.

the Board of directors remains convinced that there are no grounds for any allegations of misconduct by any representative of Lundin. Lundin has always advocated peace in Sudan and this peace must be achieved through peaceful means. It is our firm belief that our activities in Block 5A, through investments in infrastructure and efforts of local people and humanitarian aid, helped to improve the lives of thousands of people.

For more information about our activities in the Sudan, I would refer you to the website and the report "lundin’s Swedish history in the Sudan," which provides a detailed description of our activities in the region between the years 1997 and 2003.

This process does not affect in any way the value of our assets or our business. We continue to deliver strong results and Lundin Petroleum has an exciting future ahead of him. During the third quarter, we increased our production forecast for the full year to between 70 000 and 75 000 boepd and reported a record low verksamhetskostnad of 7.2 USD per barrel, which means that we are on track to achieve our target for the full year of 9.0 USD per barrel. We are also well positioned for our next phase of growth, which will lead to an expected production of 120 000 boepd while production from the Johan Sverdrup Phase 1 starts at the end of 2019.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our stakeholders for your continued support of Lundin Petroleum and the company’s exciting future.


Ian H. Lundin Chairman of the board”.


Dairy farmers get share of 65 million – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

English dairy farmers participating in a quality program may be part of the anpassningsstödet from the EU to a total of sek 65 million. Photo: Henrik Montgomery/TT

It is about a total of sek 65 million to be distributed to the Swedish dairy farmers as an adjustment aid, writes the ministry of industry in a press release. The aid allocation is based on production in 2016.

“the situation of dairy farmers is, even if the development of the market for dairy products is positive, with rising prices, remains very serious. It is important, therefore, that the aid of the 65 million that we get from the EU effectively be accessed by as many dairy farmers as possible”, says the minister of rural affairs Sven-Erik Bucht in a comment.

quality programmes the subject is: Norrgården, Arlagården, Svenskt Sigill, Requirements, Gefleortens gårdsprogram and skånemejerier’s gårdscertifiering, it says in the press release.


Ian Lundin served the suspicion of serious crimes – Aftonbladet

the oil Company Lundin Petroleum chairman Ian Lundin and managing director Alex Schneiter has both served on suspicion of serious crimes, Aftonbladet will now reveal.

– It is a natural part in the investigation, ” says the company’s head of media relations, Robert Eriksson.

According to information provided to Aftonbladet have Lundin Petroleum chairman Ian Lundin and managing director Alex Schneiter served on suspicion of serious crimes, on the basis of the oil company’s actions in Sudan.

Common to be served suspicion"

Robert Eriksson, the company’s press officer says to Aftonbladet:

” We can confirm that Ian Lundin and Alex Schneiter last week met with prosecutors and was then notified of the suspicion which is the basis for the prosecutor’s interviews. It is a part of the ongoing investigation.

Eriksson continues:

– It is common in a Swedish preliminary investigation of notified suspected when you meet the prosecutor. It does not mean that there will be a prosecution. We are fully confident that there are no grounds for any allegations of misconduct of representatives of Lundin. SEE ALSO Sydsudaneser requires: Set the Lundin to justice

Suspected of having caused the death

the Company, formerly known as Lundin Oil, suspected to between 1997-2003 have committed crimes, by, inter alia, have given financial support to the military during the civil war drove away the population that lived in the area, referred to as “block 5A”, where the company wanted to have their business.

Around 12 000 people have been killed and 160 000 people have been displaced from the “block 5A”, according to the report Unpaid dept from 2010, which was the basis for the international prosecution chamber in Stockholm, started the criminal investigation against Lundin Petroleum.

Aftonbladet has previously been able to uncover documents showing that the company wanted to pay a notorious warlord to run away, the civilian population – something which the company denies.

Look no suspicions that trouble

According to Eriksson, the man from Lundin Petroleum’s page a long time tried to be heard in the legal process.

– It is very good that we finally got the opportunity to meet the prosecutor.

Ian Lundin is submitted, the suspicion of serious crimes, do you not see it as a problem?

” No, actually, we see it as something very positive that Ian Lundin has had the opportunity to meet the prosecutor. It is an investigation which is in its seventh year, so it has been going on for a long time. We have for several years been at the prosecutor and asked to be given a chance for Ian Lundin to meet with the prosecutor and give their picture of the activities that we had in the Sudan until 2003.

No changes in the board of directors

Will any changes in the management of the company take place because of this?

” No. It is an ongoing investigation and there are several different outcomes in the. The fact that Ian Lundin served with the suspicion leads to no changes in the company.

How does he on that he suspected for a very serious crime?

– That said, there is an ongoing investigation, so I cannot comment on what charges related. How he looks at it for yourself, I find it difficult to answer, but I can only say that from our side, so we see it as a natural part of the ongoing investigation. There is nothing that means that it will lead to prosecution.

How to see the management that the risk to the prosecution of serious crimes are?

– When it comes to the legal process and its time you get to ask the questions to the prosecution. SEE ALSO Aftonbladet in south Sudan: "the Warlord would get paid to drive away the civilian population"

"the Owners support company"

the company Will take any action as a result of that suspicion now ärn official?

” No, the company’s board of directors has the full support of the company’s management and there are no reasons to take action on the grounds that it served with the suspicion in a criminal investigation.

What say all of the shareholders and others who have interest in the company?

” We have strong owners who support the company and we have been very keen to keep them informed, be open and transparent, both in terms of the information we have about the investigation about the historical events in the Sudan up to 2003, and other information about the company.

There are a group of people representing the population from the “block 5A” in Sudan, which appeal to Lundin Petroleum will provide financial compensation to those affected by the operations in the Sudan. How answer you that?

– There is an ongoing investigation and we cannot comment in detail. We are convinced that there are no grounds for the allegations and that the investigation, which hopefully is in its final stage will show, in more detail than we can not comment. We will continue to cooperate with the prosecutor, as we have done since 2010.

the Prosecutor, Magnus Elving, who is leading the investigation at the International prosecution chamber in Stockholm, answer short:

– You may come back later, I have to think about what my comment to this will be.


Customers saws eljättar – small companies get top rankings – Svenska Dagbladet

Foto: Magnus Hjalmarson Neideman

Twisty, complex, renewable, change. When the energy companies themselves to describe where they stand are testimonials scattered throughout. And the customers agree.

the Gap is large between the energy provider that gets the best and the worst score of the customers. At the bottom there is the three giants, Fortum, Vattenfall and Eon.

– these companies fail to convey what they are actually doing good. Now they just become giants. Even when they have good customer service, renewable energy or a strong environmental profile, it strikes through in the customer score, ” says Laurina Qvarnström, responsible for the energy sector to the Swedish quality index (SKI).

on Monday release the SKI, the result of its latest survey of the energy industry. It shows that customer satisfaction in the electricity retail companies falling steep – especially for the giants. All the three giants may score during the godkäntgränsen 60.

A contributor to the case are the links to the elnätsbranschen – that falls to an even lower level. The Fortum-owned elnätsbolaget Ellevio it is a particularly steep fall.

Elnätsbranschen during the past year appeared extensively in the media including on the grounds of price increases and power outages. Elnätsbolagen also has a monopoly on the market within its geographical area, which creates lock-in effects for customers.

Ellevio get the historically low rating of 46.3.

” the Media has a big impact. Now the grids have been in action, and it spills over on the grades within the entire energy industry, ” says Laurina Qvarnström.

at the same time increases the gap between the companies that get the best and the worst score. At the top are the strongly profiled electricity retail companies OX2Vindel, Luleå energy and Trollhättan energy.

OX2 is focused on sustainable and renewable energy, like wind power, bioenergy and solar cells. They also have partnerships with companies like Google and Ikea.

– They have a commercial way of thinking than many municipal companies. They stand for a strong a spirit of the future and has a proactive range of products based on that the market will change.

the recipe for success for the other winners based on a strong local connection and at a good complaint handling. A relatively large proportion of customers have been in contact with the companies and become happier afterwards.

Luleå energy may, in addition, reviewed reliable by its customers.

– They have manage to create a feeling that you actually genuinely care about their customers, even among those who complain. They manage to create a warm feeling for our customers, ” says Laurina Qvarnström.

On the SKI-the measurement

the SKI has measured customer satisfaction in the energy industry through telephone interviews with thousands of people during August and september of this year. A total of 7888 household and 5525 business customers participated in the study. people have answered the questions relating to private retirement savings or company pensions. In cooperation with the investigation has SKI also sent out a number of questions to the electricity retail companies themselves.

customer Satisfaction is measured by an index between 0 and 100. The higher the index the better the view the customers that the mobile operators live up to the requirements and expectations. An index of 75 represents very satisfied and the index during the 60 typically corresponds to the company has great difficulties to motivate customers to remain.

Source: to the Swedish quality index (SKI)


Mekonomen rises when huvdägaren selling – Private-Shops

LKQ is an american actor of spare parts and accessories for cars and other vehicles. The company is listed on Nasdaq, included in the index, the S&P 500 and has a market value of more than $ 10 billion.

“We are pleased to LKQ becomes the largest shareholder of Mekonomen Group. We are convinced that the Mekonomen Group will benefit from having a strategic shareholder with industrial experience and a global perspective”, comments Axel Johnson’s ceo Mia Brunell Livfors.

Axel Johnson has been mekonomen’s principal owner since 2006.

LKQ Corporation is described as one of the world’s leading distributors of automotive products with operations in north America, Europe, China and Taiwan. The headquarters is located in Chicago.