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Reduced EU-support for Sweden after brexit – Aftonbladet

EU. Sweden are likely to receive less EU assistance when the Uk leaves the union, according to the Swedish EU ambassador Lars Danielsson.

the Uk is one of the three EU countries that contribute most to the EU budget, together with Germany and France.

When the british make their departing disappears, therefore, a large part of the EU’s contribution every year – which, in turn, is likely to provide less support to various projects for the remaining member states.

– It is the only way we can keep down the fee. This means that the funding of many projects in Sweden may disappear for a number of years. It is a reality. There is no popular support in the uk to pay more into the EU and then among other things the consequence that we get less money back, ” says Danielsson in the Echo lördagsintervju sent in day.

EUROPEAN union money that is dealt in the first instance to the agricultural projects. In the poorer countries, the farmers share of the large sums of money, but also the Swedish farmers receive subsidies. In 2016, 2.6 billion to the rural development in Sweden and 7.6 billion to the Swedish scheme. In the future, the support will reduce significantly.

– There are as well as no money can rain from the sky that can make up the british contributions, ” says Danielsson.


the EU has 28 member states. Of these, 12 states are net contributors, that is to say, they pay in more money than what they get back.

Biggest net contributor in 2015 was Germany, with just over € 17.3 billion, more than 160 billion Swedish kronor.

Then came the united kingdom with eur 14.1 billion, and France and the Netherlands with 6.5, respectively, € 5.7 billion in net contributions.

Sweden paid about 4 billion euros and 1.4 billion euros. The Swedish net contribution was thus € 2.6 billion.

Source: The EUROPEAN enlightenment



Less EU contribution to Sweden when Brexit implemented – the Swedish Radio

“Many good projects in Sweden may be lost”

Lars Danielsson, Sweden’s ambassador and Head of Sweden’s permanent representation to the EU in Brussels. Photo: Kristian Pohl/the Government offices of sweden

Sweden and many other rich EUROPEAN countries have to reckon with the greatly reduced support for various EU projects, when the british, now leaves the union, according to Sweden’s EU ambassador.

– It is the only way we can keep down the fee. This means that the funding of many good projects may be lost if a number of years. It is a reality. There is no popular support in the uk to pay more into the EU and then among other things the consequence that we get less money back. We cannot afford simply, says Sweden’s EU ambassador Lars Danielsson.

Uk today the third largest contributor to the EU with € 18 billion annually. This is equal to about 180 billion sek.

When the money disappears, the EU needs to either raise tariffs for the member countries or reduce expenditure. The Swedish line is that the fees can’t be higher than today.

the Whole of the 40 per cent of the EU’s total the budget goes to the cap. Many of the guides have received harsh criticism over the years.

But Swedish farmers may, of course, money from here. Last year, for example, 2.2 billion for rural development and
7.6 billion was paid out to the Swedish scheme.

In the future, not the farmers count on as much support, ” says Lars Danielsson.

– It will reduce compared to today, but it will not be zero. I am convinced that the Swedish farmers will continue to get some type of assistance to maintain a viable agriculture, ” said EU ambassador.

Last year, Sweden approximately 40 billion Swedish kronor to the EU budget and received back 14. When the british have left the union will, therefore, the expenditure still to be much the same, but we will get back less.

– There are as well as no money can rain from the sky that can make up the british contributions. It may be done by adjusting our expenditure to the slightly lower income level, ” says EU ambassador Lars Danielsson.


After brexit – less EU money to Sweden – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

Once the Uk leaves the EU will be the union poorer. Arkivbild. Photo: Geert Vanden Wijngaert

the Uk is one of the three EU-countries as a contribution to the EU budget, together with Germany and France.

When the british make their departing disappears, therefore, a large part of the EU’s contribution every year – which, in turn, is likely to provide less support to various projects for the remaining member states.

– It is the only way we can keep down the fee. This means that the funding of many projects in Sweden may disappear for a number of years. It is a reality. There is no popular support in the uk to pay more into the EU and then among other things the consequence that we get less money back, ” says Danielsson in the Echo lördagsintervju sent in day.

the EU-the money that is dealt in the first instance to the agricultural projects. In the poorer countries, the farmers share of the large sums of money, but also the Swedish farmers receive subsidies. In 2016, 2.6 billion to the rural development in Sweden and 7.6 billion to the Swedish scheme. In the future, the support will reduce significantly.

– There are as well as no money can rain from the sky that can make up the british contributions, ” says Danielsson.

key Facts: EU donors

the EU has 28 member states. Of these, 12 states are net contributors, that is to say, they pay in more money than what they get back.
the Biggest net contributor in 2015 was Germany, with just over € 17.3 billion, more than 160 billion Swedish kronor.
Next came the united kingdom with eur 14.1 billion, and France and the Netherlands with 6.5, respectively, € 5.7 billion in net contributions.
Sweden paid about 4 billion euros and 1.4 billion euros. The Swedish net contribution was thus € 2.6 billion.
Source: the EUROPEAN enlightenment


More real estate agent notified – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

In the last year were 416 complaints against real estate agents in Sweden. There is a clear increase from 2015 (378 notifications) and 2014 (303), writes the Dagens Industri (DI) with reference to the figures from the news agency Siren.

as in previous years, most notifications of the Stockholm county, the 188 pieces in the last year. Västra Götaland and Skåne counties had more than 50 cases in each.

most of The cases is about bidding and price in the marketing, that is to say, tempting offers, said Thomas Carter, head of communications, Fastighetsmäklarinspektionen.

The disciplinary committee can take various actions against a broker who do not comply, revoke the broker’s registration or provide a warning or reminder. In the last year, four real estate agents in its registration be withdrawn; writing DI


The proposed vägslitageavgiften beats not only my legs away for the northern forest owners, but also for the government’s new landsbygdsstrategi.


Friday, February 10, 2017

The ceo Postnord may need money from the state – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

postnord’s president and ceo, Håkan Ericsson. Photo: Adam Wrafter

postnord’s the financial statements for 2016 shows continued large losses in the Danish operations. Operating losses in Denmark were sek 1.9 billion in 2016, including impairment of goodwill of sek 800 million.

the Rest of the Postnord in profit, and the group made a helårsförlust 1 billion against -284 million for 2015. Sales fell by less than 1 billion to 38.5 billion.

president and Ceo, Håkan Eriksson sees no improvement in Denmark in the next 3-4 years and Postnord shall at the same time make a major adjustment to a whole new distribution model for the letter in Denmark.

Will you be able to you without the contribution from the owner?

” We are working with the conditions we have and we will submit a plan to the board of directors, said Ericsson.

So your assessment is that you can live without supplements?


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” We have not made the plan in such detail. It depends a bit on how the volumes (in letters, ed) be developed, ” says Ericsson.

Postnord has approximately 7 000 employees in the mail in Denmark and most of them will lose their jobs in the coming years at a pace of about 1000 per year. More than 30 per cent of the Danish staff has a contract that makes it very expensive to terminate them, according to Ericsson, it involves contracts that can involve three years of the termination arbetsfritt.

− It will be a hefty conversion and it will cost moneyr. It’s all about the 100s of millions per year during the three to four years, says Ericsson.

It is thus obvious that the Swedish business will be forced to wear the Danish in many years to come.

Paketverksamheten is postnord’s cash cow. The Swedish mail business is under pressure but is not possible with the loss. According to Håkan Ericsson, it is however a matter of time and he expects that a change of the postal act, can give the company space for a rationalisation of the Swedish mail business.

Håkan Ericsson has lived through the past year kritikstorm against the company for lack of quality, both in letters and packages. He thinks that Postnord has taken until the of criticism, inter alia through a project he calls "Postnord is listening".

” We were not been good enough at to measure how the customer experienced the quality of our service. Now, we measure and capture what you think of our service and for example, we can see which agents receive criticism. What would we have done before, ” says Ericsson research.

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“Significant” progress in Greklandssamtal.


Talks between Greece and its creditors have ended with some progress, but without any major breakthrough occurred. A new debt crisis is feared after a several month long fights between the country and the International monetary fund (IMF).

Greek finance minister Euklidis Tsakalotos and Eurogroup leader, Dutch Jeroen Dijsselbloem. Arkivbild.Image: Virginia Mayo/AP/TT

the Conflict comes to debt relief and budgetary objectives, and has raised the question about the country’s place in the euro.

the Eurogroup leader Jeroen Dijsselbloem saying that progress had been made after five hours of talks with Greek finance minister Euklidis Tsakalotos and other the EU and IMF representatives, but few details were given.

” We made significant progress in the day and has close to a consensus for the (lenders) mission to return to Athens next week, said Dijsselbloem.

the group of experts shall report on Greece has followed the previously agreed reforms. If the report is positive, it paves the way for eurozone finance ministers to pay out new loans. Without them, Greece will not be able to make the repayments on seven billion, around 66 billion – to be paid in the summer.

– There is a great understanding that it is in everyone’s interest to finish in time, says Dijsselbloem, referring to the greatly delayed the signing of the next disbursement of emergency loans.


The riksbank supports the tax on banks, the Business community

Governor Stefan Ingves with the new Swedish banknotes in his hand. Photo: All over press

the Riksbank supports the government’s aim to reduce the tax that the financial sector in Sweden has for the tax-exempt status. The riksbank considers, however, that it is difficult to get an overview of the potential effects of the proposals for financial taxes, also known as the bank tax, which the commission has put forward, according to the Riksbank in its consultation response on the proposal to introduce an additional tax which is calculated based on bank employees ‘ salaries.

“There may therefore be grounds for a possible implementation of the proposal is combined with a plan for follow-up and evaluation of its effects,” writes the Riksbank.

It also needs to be ensured that the Swedish financial supervisory authority to engage in supervision, is not impaired in the event of any relocation of financial activities abroad, arguing the Riksbank.

the Inquiry mentions a number of potential risks associated with the proposal, such as that the tax could accelerate the implementation of digital technology within the financial sector.

“This development has positive effects, but also contains risks,” notes the Riksbank.

In one of last year’s reports on financial stability pointed out, the Riksbank, increased the use of information technology and outsourcing makes the financial system more vulnerable, for example, to cyber attacks.

In finansskatteutredningen also note that the tax could have implications for banks ‘ cross-border activities, for example, that critical activities such as risk analysis outsourced to other countries.

“It cannot be excluded that this may lead to the possibility to conduct supervision over the financial activities that are important for Sweden, more difficult”, according to the Riksbank.

the Commission proposals are out for consultation. How the government may go ahead with the proposal is not known.

Even if the government’s intention to introduce a bank tax, it is not certain that they will choose the model as the study suggested. The government has so far been restrained to comment on how they look at the objections that have been put forward against the proposal from various stakeholders.


Thousands of Danish mail job is going away.

the Letter and paketleverantören Postnord is making a miljardförlust. They have employees in Denmark take the hit. Around 1 000 services annually shall now disappear for the next three–four years.

Postnord has profitability problems caused by digitisation, which will mean a continued steep declines in the volume of letter mail. Arkivbild.Image: Claudio Bresciani/TT

” It is not possible to continue with these losses in Denmark. Therefore, we are now taking this step, and it is a pretty tough thing. We are looking at exactly how this will be implemented but it is about to reduce by approximately 1 000 posts per year over a period of three to four years, says ceo Håkan Ericsson to TT.

in Total the group has 35, 000 employees in Denmark and Sweden. According to Håkan Ericsson, it is currently not up to date with some similar measures for the Swedish part.

– We have reduced the number of services in Sweden during a number of years. We will continue to do, but can handle it in a more natural way with the departures. In Denmark we have reached a point where it is not possible anymore.

He can sum up another tough year for Postnord, which has developed into a real problem child for the owners, the Danish and the Swedish state, which in turn can not expect any dividends this year either.

a Total report Postnord a loss of eur 1 012 million before tax for the fourth quarter of 2016 after the major profitability problems, especially when the right in Denmark, where the digitisation is made that mail volumes continue to plummet. Costs of the cuts in Denmark is also expected to be large since a part of the employees will have several years ‘ salary in severance pay. How big the total cost will be able to Håkan Ericsson did not say in the present.

– It is a challenging situation. Underlying earnings in Denmark, is a loss and we expect that it will continue, ” he says.

TT: What would happen if brevvolymen reduced in Sweden in the same way as in Denmark?

” We do not expect that to happen here in the same way as in Denmark. It would, however, be a fall of 20 per cent in Denmark, it would mean big changes-even in Sweden.

In 2016, the company has been at the centre of a kritikerstorm about the lack of mail service. And with prime minister Stefan Löfven went hard for the company’s procurement of sub-contractors who in turn have no collective agreement.

According to the daily News, is now working the government with a emergency plan for Postnord. It should be concern that the company will be a new “Nuon”, that is to say, the problem of the appropriate state Waterfall which made huge losses after the purchase of Dutch Nuon.

” I have no comments to the data. We have an open and good dialogue between the board and the owners. Emergency plan may be for consumers, ” says Håkan Ericsson.

TT: How do you see the concerns that the merger means a new “Nuon”?

– we Had not been together, had we not had the amazing position we have when it comes to logistics and e-commerce.

Håkan Ericsson calls instead for a more modern postlagsstiftning, then there is a price cap in the current law related to consumer indexes at the same time, such as wage and transport costs are not linked to the consumer price index.

– We see in front of us to a share of the business will not be able to be delivered over night with profitability. It means that 80 per cent of the letters will arrive over night while 10-15% takes a day.

postnord’s interim report, in the numbers

the Losses skyrocket for Postnord, as to 60 per cent owned by the Swedish state and 40 per cent by the Danish state.

Source: Postnord


The centre party strikes back against the Democrats – Today’s News


Gucci lifts the French Kering – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

French lyxkonglomeratet Kering with a variety of exclusive fashion brands in the portfolio, reported unexpectedly strong earnings for 2016. Operating profit rose 14.5 percent to eur 1.9 billion, corresponding to almost 18 billion Swedish kronor. Turnover, in turn, increased 8.1 percent to eur 12.3 billion.

Behind the lift is particularly strong sales figures for lyxmärket Gucci, which rose 21.4 per cent in the fourth quarter compared with the same period of the previous year and significantly more than the 13 percent that analysts had predicted, according to Reuters. Even Yves Saint Laurent strongly contributed, as sales rose 20.5 percent in the fourth quarter.


Walt Disney wants to take over Disneyland – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

U.s. media group Walt Disney takes an ever firmer grip on the Disneyland amusement park outside Paris (formerly Euro Disney). Walt Disney has bought a nine per cent shareholding from the saudi conglomerate Kingdom Holdings.

Disney, which now owns 85.7% of the shares additionally offer two euros per share, equivalent to 18 million, for the remaining shares. If you manage to achieve 95 per cent possession is the intention to delist the shares from the Paris stock exchange, writes the company.

the theme park has over several years struggled with heavy debt and had all of the optimistic hopes regarding the visitor figures.

the Park, however, report an increase in turnover of five per cent for the first quarter, October to december 2016, in the split financial year. The total turnover was eur 354 million, the equivalent of 3.3 billion Swedish kronor.


Fraud lowers Mr. Green’s results – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

the gaming company Mr Green reported a profit before tax of eur 5.6 million for last year’s fourth quarter. That compares with a profit of 16.8 million for the corresponding quarter of 2015.

Vinstraset be explained in large part by a fraud.

the Result was burdened by sek 8.4 million in expenses incurred as a result of a fraud related to a security flaw in a payment solution from a third party, according to Mr. Green.

"Säkerhetsbristen was corrected at the end of the quarter," writes Mr. Green in its financial statements.

Exactly how the fraud has gone is not clear.

— There is no risk for customers and no link to security aspects towards the customers or their accounts, ” says Per Norman, Mr. Green’s president, to the DI.see.

Mr. Green’s income raised to 265 million during the fourth quarter of 2016, up from 201 million a year earlier.

No dividend to shareholders for the year 2016 is not proposed.


Kronfågels ceo: ”We understand the concerns” – Aftonbladet

In the autumn of 2016 was 30 per cent of chickens in the Kronfågels large slaughterhouse infected by campylobacter.

the Boxes, the chickens were transported in washed by mistake in the contaminated water, which explains the high smittotalen.

– We fixed the immediate error and the levels have, according to our own first measurements have returned to low levels since then, ” says Magnus Lagergren, ceo of Kronfågel.

Magnus Lagergren, ceo of Kronfågel.Photo: Kronfågel, Magnus Sandberg

Kronfågel is the largest producer of fresh chicken in Sweden, with approximately 50 per cent of the market.

the Internal documents, whistleblowers, and government officials have been told about flaws in activities, not least the ide employee working environment.

But the principal union safety representative at the company referred all questions from Aftonbladet to the management.

Below is an interview with Magnus Lagergren, ceo of Kronfågel.

How much of a problem has Kronfågel with campylobacter?

– In Sweden, was the industry’s average for campylobacter 15 per cent in 2016, according to the State veterinary institute. The levels in the Kronfågels chicken low in 2016, at a total of 19.9 per cent. In 2015, we were about 13 per cent. In most other countries outside the Nordic countries is the levels of 30 to 90 percent.

Kronfågel had low values in the first half of 2016, but during the fall and winter we saw an increase to about 30 percent in the plant in Valla, which initially was explained by a warmer autumn than normal, which favors the presence of the bacterium.

Why increased infection with 30%?

– Now at the end of January, we found, after many bugs, the main reason for the increase in the levels; an installation error in our new washing plant. In the plant, we wash the boxes that the chicken shipped in from the farms to the slaughterhouse. The boxes, which the live animals were transported in, came in contact with the used wash water on the basis of installationsfelet. The plant, which is modern, highly efficient and technically complex, is a big investment we made to improve the quality of our production.

What responsibility do you think you have for the increased spread of infection?

– We are the market leader in Sweden and has, of course, a great responsibility. What we can see so have the levels of campylobacter gone back now but we continue to make continuous and comprehensive sampling and will continue to work hard to keep the levels so low it just goes. We naturally look over our routines for something similar not to happen again. We really do understand that you are concerned of campylobacter, but one can feel completely safe with Swedish chicken when you cook it according to the instructions, and have good kitchens hygiene.

it is True that approximately 1.6 million chickens are discarded in 2016?

– Yes. The figure represents 3.2 per cent of all the chickens. That they for different reasons are rejected based on Nfa rules. Decision on cassation is also made and implemented by the Nfa in place. We understand that it may sound like a big number, but we and the Nfa will never compromise with food safety or the quality of our products.

How many chickens with broken wings come to the slaughterhouse?

In 2016 came less than 1 per cent of the chickens to the slaughterhouse with damaged wings. It is the equivalent of about two thousand a day. It is a normal figure for the industry but our objective is obviously to reduce the figure to zero in cooperation with our carriers and other partners in the production chain. Vingskadekontroller is made on each incoming flock. It is stickkontroller performed.

How to comment on you notification of prosecution against one of your carriers that the county administrative board in Sörmland did a few weeks ago?

– Unfortunately, we lack sufficient information about this specific case in order to be able to express ourselves in the moment. But of course, we are keen to create as good conditions for our animals as possible, and therefore, we continually develop our vehicles.

is it True that the two employees shall verify 13,200 chickens per hour on slaktlinan in Valla?

– Control is carried out by a total of six inspectors from the Swedish national Food administration; four trained veterinärbiträden during the review of two official veterinarians. Staffing is determined entirely by the Nfa as supervisory authority.

it is True that some employees have to work with gas masks in Valla order to disinfect the plant with strong chemicals?

– the Establishment uses only approved cleaning agents to food production. In connection with the update of the cleaning process we used in a short period of the masks. However, this is not a requirement when using this detergent and today, none of the staff face masks what we know. If someone has been sickened or been dizzy so, it is of course not good and it should be reported to the immediate manager.

Match the task that you had 111 incidents and accidents at Valla in 2016?

– In 2016, we had 245 reported incidents/risks and 111 accidents in the Herding of various nature, ranging from minor injuries to more severe damage. Of these accidents, three were of serious nature and were notified to the Swedish work environment authority.

the Number of accidents has decreased by 30% compared to 2015, and the number of reported incidents and risks have increased by 172 per cent compared with 2015. We actively encourage our employees to report incidents and risks and has a goal to raise the number of reported incidents and risks with a further 20% in 2017.Inrapporteringar means that we can prevent accidents. We follow the Swedish work environment Authority rules on notifications and have reported all serious accidents and incidents.

Match the task to more employees have been affected by gastro – intestinal diseases?

– No, not according to our own sjukanmälnings-statistics. The long-term trend if you look a few years back in time is, on the contrary, the number of sjukanmälningar because of magåkommor has decreased a couple of percentage points. We constantly informs our employees about food hygiene, to prevent the risk of not being sick.

the Company has in the end of 2015, has been criticised by the Swedish work environment authority at several points in the work environment. Comment?

– Arbetsmiljöinspektion are made continuously on all businesses to help companies to ensure a professional work environment. It is true that the Swedish work environment authority pointed out deficiencies in the us in 2015. We then made an extensive work to fix them and got after it approved on all points of the work environment. We have had two inspections with only minor discrepancies that we addressed.

How would you describe the working environment at the company?

– Our staff is of course extremely important to us and we take care of everyone to feel good. We work systematically with the working environment under the working environment act. We have an organization that ensures that this happens. It consists of our leaders, safety representatives and arbetsmiljöspecialist (support to the managers and security organisation). Obviously, we as a company develop and become better in the work environment and, therefore, is a dialogue with the leaders and safety representatives important.


Around 1,000 posts will be removed at the Postnord group – Today’s News


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Swedish companies use in Iran.

the Swedish companies are queuing up to establish themselves in Iran. Some of the market’s largest companies are represented at prime minister Stefan Löfvens visit in the country the coming weekend. But a few simple shops, it is not.

Astra Zeneca Sweden-ceo Jan-Olof Jacke want to come home with a finished agreement. Arkivbild.Image: Henrik Montgomery/TT

the pharmaceutical company Astra Zeneca, Sweden-president’s trip to Iran a very concrete goal: To come home with a ready-made agreement that makes it possible to increase exports to Iran.

– We have been there during the whole sanktionstiden. It is a small affair for us in the present, but it is a country with 80 million people and the underserved medical needs, ” says Jan-Olof Jacke.

the First step to scale up the business was taken when he was with minister Gabriel Wikström’s trip to Iran in december, when Astra Zeneca, and iranian medicines agency wrote in a so-called letter of intent. The idea is that the production of certain goods shall take place in Iran, a requirement that authorities set.

the Sanctions against Iran were suspended last winter. But so far Swedish exports have not taken off, the fell rather in 2016.

Magnus Almén is the head of the quasi-public Business Sweden in Iran, as in the days doors open to a newly set-up office in the capital Tehran. The office would have been opened already for half a year ago, but the interest from the companies has been so great that they were forced to look for other premises.

the Value of the exports to Iran have in recent years remained at around two billion a year, compared to 7-8 before the sanctions.

“We hope and believe it can quickly get up in the levels again, or even more,” says Magnus Almén.

All that come with on the trip do not have an equally clear agenda that Jan-Olof Jacke.

” We have no business in Iran at present, and to evaluate what opportunities exist, say for instance, a spokesperson for Volvo Cars.

the Bank SEB, is with for to inform themselves.

” Our task is to support the business. We have a close cooperation with the companies which are our customers, ” says press officer Laurence Westerlund.

There is still no easy country to do business in, ” says Magnus Almén. The biggest challenges related to the financial sector, as it is still affected by the remaining u.s. sanctions, ” he says.

– Iran has opened up, it is still a little hard to get through the transactions in the way that Swedish exporters are accustomed to.

Jan-Olof Jacke in the Astra Zeneca does not expect any immediate effects.

“You may think of this as building a long-term platform,” he says.

Iran is also a country where corruption is widespread.

” For us it is quite simple. We must act with full global ethical principles. We did not feel that there is such a problem, which is preventing us from doing business in Iran, absolutely not, ” says Jacke.

the Facts: Sweden’s exports to Iran

The Swedish exports to Iran have in recent years remained at around sek 2 billion per year. Before the sanctions were the 6-7 billion. Business Sweden, the assessment is that it can increase to 10-12 billion within 5-6 years.

in 2006, the UN security council strict trade sanctions against Iran. The background was that Iran is suspected of enriching uranium in order to manufacture nuclear weapons. The united states and the EUROPEAN union also imposed its own sanctions, which were directed particularly against the country’s energy sector. The majority of the sanctions were lifted a year ago, but u.s. sanctions that affect the ability to financial transactions remain.

Iran’s economy is forecast by the IMF and the world Bank have a growth rate of around 5 percent in the coming years. Inflation has been squeezed down to under 10 per cent, from earlier times has been above 40 percent.

Iran is counted as a very corrupt country by Transparency International. The country came in at number 131 on the organization’s list of levels of corruption, where the worst countries are at the bottom. Sweden is number 4.

Source: Business Sweden, Transparency International, the institute of Foreign affairs

the Facts: the industrial delegation so far

Companies involved in the industrial delegation so far:

• Bombardier

• Tetra Pak

• Astra Zeneca

• Danske Bank

• Sandvik materials Group


• the ABB

• Elekta


• Scania

• Sensysgatso

• Volvo Cars

• the Volvo Group

• the Wallenberg Foundation

Source: Government


Stampen recovers from the crisis – Göteborgs-Posten

Stampen and to recover after the toughest year ever. The group makes a profit of 63 million before tax.

2016 hung media group Stampen on the ropes and many of the companies were forced into reconstruction in order to manage the group’s indebtedness. Was completed during the autumn the reconstruction, a new agreement was signed and the new owners came in with a cash injection. In 2016, the turnover of Stampen 2 834 million, compared to 3 347 million in 2015. The result before tax was sek 63 m against the 2015 sek 153 million.

– We have succeeded with our project to stabilise the group’s finances. We will be out in 2016 with an equity ratio of about 14 percent for the group, which is a significant improvement and better structure than what we had before, ” says Martin Alsander, ceo of Stampen.

Read more: News: Stena Finans and Cherry Casino-the founder invests in the Stampen

equity to assets Ratio is the measurement of how large a proportion of the assets is financed by own capital. In 2015 was the six per cent.

Have gotten down debt

Martin Alsander notes to pass out the difficulties through the enormous efforts of our employees and a large support basis, which he is very grateful for that.
By the chord and the new bankavtalet, the group has also managed to bring down debt to a net debt of sek 250 million, to a billion dollars in the past.
– We have taken us from a very acute position, stabilized the economy and gotten into new partner, which is incredibly important. Not only for the capital injection, but that there are now also more owner who is forward and who believe in the business and really want this to be good. It means that we are stronger now than in the past, ” says Martin Alsander.

Read more: Here are the requests on the Stampens new owner

Developing digital services

Instead of just paying off large loans now get the Rammer the opportunity to invest in the future.
– What is the focus of the us and the rest of the industry is to begin to develop the digital subscription services. You can see that there is a willingness to pay of readers and consumers that did not previously exist, if you deliver a relevant, credible and journalistic content, ” says Martin Alsander.

the Trend suggests that the onlineläsarna is willing to pay for the materials is unique.
– The unique content that we can produce can be related to the west coast and the region we are in, ” says Martin Alsander.

are also Investing locally

at the same time intends to continue to invest in Stampen Local Media, and where the printed GP, Bohusläningen, Hallandsposten, Hallands Nyheter, TTELA, with several included, inter alia through the attachments.
GP and Hallandstidningarna made a profit in the last year, but ad revenue and räckviddssiffror is falling.
printed newspapers still draws the largest advertising revenues. The digital revenue represents 14 percent of newspapers ‘ total advertising revenue. During the end of the year, the digital ad revenue fast.


Small profit for the Rammer in spite of the crisis – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

It became a plus for the Rammer – despite the crisis. Arkivbild. Photo: Frida Winter/TT

Operating profit was 63 million, against 153 million in 2015. The turnover was 2 834 million last year, against 3 347 million in 2015.

It was in may that Stampens liabilities became too overbearing. The rammer was forced to restructure, and after long negotiations went to the creditors with the chords, that is to say, debt write.

A half a billion in bank loans in 2015 has been reduced to 300 million by the end of 2016. In addition, the Rammer received a hefty sum of money from the outside, with new funders joined in with around 80 million.


Lindsö depart hours after the examination – Expressen

I want to Expressen should be the magazine which is most generous with the rebuttal, corrections, and how we report any censure from the Press Council.

the Swedish newspaper Expressen’s ambition is clear. In our “Quality policy” switch, I wired it as published to be accurate. My first decision as editor-in-chief was to establish a fixed place in the magazine and on the site for corrections. But we are humans. Who make mistakes, get ripped off or rushed to carelessness. There are a few explanations to the errors in the media, but the excuse still not to the editorial staff of one exposure for publicitetsskada.

the Express newspaper is behind the “Ethical rules for press, radio and tv” formulated by the publicist club, the Swedish union of journalists, newspaper publishers, the Swedish Magazines, Swedish Radio, Swedish Television and Swedish educational Broadcasting company.

“the Rules are more of guidelines than a formal set of rules,” notes the Public press ombudsman (PO). What is good media ethics must be determined from case to case, and there is no exact answer. But it is good that the matter is discussed.

Expressen speak often and feel free to be clear, we inspect and we disclose; it is journalism that is not everyone will appreciate what we are telling them. If you believe you are a victim of a publicitetsskada is the fastest way to get redress, please contact us: e-mail to or call our nyhetsdesk on telephone: 08-738 30 00. But it is also possible to make a so-called PO-notification to get a pressetisk trial.


After the SvD-review – Ebba Lindsö leaves – Most- Svenska Dagbladet

Ebba Lindsö. Photo: Tomas Oneborg

Travel Business features in a series of articles examined the pensionskoncernen Most, who year after year delivered a very poor return for its savers. With about 130 000 savers, as total has invested around sek 18 billion in the biggest (if not the PPM-funds, the company is one of the greatest managers in the PPM.

the Swedish daily svenska Dagbladet has revealed that savers plant life away through a promotion that is far from holding what it promises – something that immediately resulted in management recently pudlade and launched a package of measures for the whole fund.

For the pension which had their money in the Most, however, is likely a small consolation. Those who had their money with the Most since 2012, have together lost around 4 billion, compared with if their money had been sitting in the so-called "soffliggarfonden", the seventh AP fund’s Såfa.

And now announces the biggest (if not the president of the Ebba Lindsö that she on the basis of the data obtained in the SvD Näringslivs review, choose not to stand for re-election – after less than half a year on the entry.

– on the occasion of the last weeks of criticism against the company and the negative media exposure, I have decided to decline re-election to the board of directors, and instead make space for a new chairman of the board, ” she says in a mejlkommentar to SvD Enterprise.

as late as september 2016 took office Ebba Lindsö, which, among other things, previously been president of the confederation of Swedish Enterprise, as the chairman of Vast. She will remain as chairman until the company’s annual general meeting on 28 march, then an advisor to senior management. In addition to its involvement in the Most is Ebba Lindsö also the chairman of the state 6:e AP-fonden.

Also several other heavyweights sitting in the biggest (if not the board, for example, the former minister of justice Thomas Bodström and styrelseproffset Meg Tivéus. The former moderate member of parliament Anton Abele is the biggest (if not the head of communications.

the biggest (if not the ceo Alexander Ernstberger says the Swedish daily svenska Dagbladet that no other board members have given no signals that they do not wish to stand for re-election.

” No, we don’t, he writes in an email.

Who will take over as the chairman of the board?

– the nominating Committee will now begin the process of finding a new chairman. We hope to be able to present a successor shortly.

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Hottest jobs on the labour market – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Economy. Jobs in the IT industry is at its hottest in the labour market 2017. At the same time, there is still a lack of trained teachers and licensed professionals, according to a recent report from the employment office.


the Hottest jobs for the years 2017 are:


the Educational work

Administration, finance and law

Hotels, restaurant and catering

Construction and engineering

Source: the public employment service

Employment is increasing in the country and many employers are demanding a skilled workforce. The problem is that many job seekers do not reach up to the criteria, according to the employment agency.

— It has become increasingly difficult to find people with secondary and post-secondary education, ” says Annelie Almérus, an analyst at the Swedish public employment service, to TT.

the Continued lack of teachers

Just as before, is a great shortage of teachers. The problem exists throughout the country and continues to grow. At the same time, the health – care system facing another crisis.

— Deficiencies in health care have existed for a long time, but it is only now that employment growth is actually hampered in the industry. It is serious because the industry’s clear requirements for professional certification makes that empty seats can not be replaced with other skills. It is not in childcare where a nanny can cover up for the teachers, ” says Almérus.

Even if there are staff shortages in the IT industry, the situation is more difficult for schools and health care.

— In the IT industry can bring in staff to remotely. But a teachers and health professionals must perform their jobs on the spot, out Almérus.

Early guidance is required

in Order to resolve the mismatches, proposes the employment services early guidance in the school. Then, young people can better understand how the labour market looks like, think Annelie Almérus.

— if you Are uncertain of what you want to work with, can you take a vocational program in high school and add courses with the university. Then it will be easier to find a job when you go out at the same time as you also are competent to study further.


List: Here are the professions you should choose – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Affärsliv24. Now is presented the list of which professions have the most job opportunities in Västerbotten, sweden.

Employment listings

Examples of occupations with the most job opportunities in Västerbotten
• concrete worker
• auto Mechanic
• School
• primary school
• high school
• Engineers
• Cooks
• the Doctor
• Medical secretary
• Software and systems developer
• Psychologists
• Nurses
• Woodworkers/carpenters
• Underhållsmekaniker/maskinre paratör
• Nurses
• Plumbing fitters

Examples of occupations with less job opportunities in Västerbotten
• Child
• Elevassistenter
• Housekeeper
• Fordonsmontörer
• Vendors (food and non-food retail)
• Kontorsassistenter and secretary
• Handlers
• forklift operators
• landscape gardener
• Groundskeeper

It is the employment which produced the list. For those looking for work or have plans to educate themselves can forecast the "Job opportunities" to be a good guide.

the Easiest way is it to get a job in data, technology, care and protection, education, and construction.

It is about everything from the concrete workers to nurses, cooks, carpenters and a range of different types of teachers. The list in its entirety is presented here next.

But at the same time that Job opportunities are published lists employment service also which professions have fewer opportunities to a job in the county. These include for example: nanny, sales representative, warehouse worker and janitor.

The strong job market in the county means many jobböppningar for those who want to enter the labour market. With a vocational education from upper secondary school or a university degree in among other things, data, technology, healthcare, education or construction, it is easy to find a job in the county of Västerbotten, ” says Carola Larsson, arbetsförmedlingschef in Umeå and spokesperson for the county of Västerbotten.

the employment agency points out that the best chance for a job through high school.

most employers require a certificate from the high school. Other merits that can increase the possibilities of getting a job is a driving licence, a good knowledge of Swedish and good.


The proposed vägslitageavgiften beats not only my legs away for the northern forest owners, but also for the government’s new landsbygdsstrategi.


Ski resort requested in the bankruptcy – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Affärsliv24. Dundret has had economic problems for a long time and has now requested in the bankrupt at the Gällivare district court.

the Decision on bankruptcy was made at the Gällivare tingrätt at half past two on the onsdagseftermiddagen. Hans Andersson is a trustee on the Kaiding law firm.

– the Company has filed for bankruptcy a while ago and now it is decided. It is no secret, and in the past mediauppgifter have said it, that they have had some big losses in the past. I know that they have worked on with various solutions to avoid a bankruptcy, but now it’s a fact, ” he says.



Fewer started the year with skoköp – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

the 2017 starts in minor for the in the shoe and clothing industry in Sweden, shows Swedish Trade stilindex. When it comes to clothing meant January, a drop of 3.2 per cent, measured in comparable units and at current prices, compared with the same month last year. Even worse, it went for the shoe sector, where the loss was 6.4%.

"the fashion industry starts the year weak, particularly skosidan stands out with a drop of more than six per cent. January is, however, a reamånad where very little of the sales is vårvaror, which means that the margins are lower than normal during the month," says Mikael Sandström, branschordförande for the Swedish Trade style, in a press release.

this is The second month in a row that the sales figures on the skosidan dropped. The corresponding figure for december was a race of 8.6 percent.


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The government will take forward the emergency plan for the Postnord group – Today’s News