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Sjöstedt want the government stops the SAS-plans – Svenska Dagbladet

the Stock market rejoices and SAS share lifts. But the administration Jonas Sjöstedt want the government unravels the decision.

the Issue will be taken up with the government and in parliament immediately, according to Sjöstedt.

– to use its ägarmakt and when the state owns, it shall be collective bargaining and decent conditions. You shall not contribute to social dumping or to ask employees from different countries against each other, ” he says.

He hopes that prime minister Stefan Löfven (S) puts down his foot, as he did when the working conditions became a hot issue for the government, Postnord and transportbolagets the use of foreign trucking companies.

According to the minister for enterprise, Mikael Damberg (S) is, however, SAS new bases are not a ägarfråga.

– As an owner, we expect that the SAS comply with the laws and regulations in the markets they operate in. In general is the question of how to organize the business a matter for the company’s management and board of directors. It is not a ägarfråga, ” he says.

He adds that the decision did not come as any surprise to the government.

” They have to communicate it outwardly in the past, so it was no secret to anyone that the SAS board of directors and management have discussed this for a long time.

SAS chief Rickard Gustafson aim to have the new bases, with a permit to fly issued in Ireland, will be in operation within a year. The action aims to create better conditions for dealing with price pressure and rising efterfrågor at leisure, ” he explains.

– the Cost of labor for businesses is quite a bit higher in Scandinavia, because we have other social security charges, other pensionsstrukturer and other pensionsskatter. Overall, we see that the cost of labor is about 35-40% lower in many other countries in Europe than they are in Scandinavia, ” says Gustafson.

Specifically, it is about five to eight aircraft to be deleted from the new bases, manned by a couple of hundred local employees.

– the Bulk of the production will remain in Scandinavia, for otherwise we cannot have a timetable that works for our target audience, ” says SAS chief.

From the trade union press is raised, warnings are being heard about. Lise Iderström, responsible for the Union’s collective bargaining agreement for the cabin crew, fear that the airline industry is on the path towards the same systematic utflaggningsmetoder in order to escape the taxes and bring down the cost of labour that characterized shipping for a long time.

According to the Iderström means bases abroad increase the risk that the peculiar forms of employment are spreading in the industry, as cabin crew can be the self-employed pay their own social security contributions.

– If you work in Sweden and the airline has a main activity in Sweden you have the Swedish employment conditions. We must try to influence at the EU level, ” she says.

She would not, however, comment on the individual SAS-the news at the moment, but are content to say that the Union of a dense dialogue with the kabinklubben at SAS about the issue.

Prime minister Stefan Löfven (s) got questions about the SAS plans after a meeting with the parliamentary committee on EU affairs.

“Because I just got the job so I can not answer the question in detail, therefore get the responsible minister to answer the questions,” he says.

the Facts: the State’s largest owner

the Airline SAS decided in connection with a closing in december, nearly doubling its savings target to 2019 from 800 million to 1.5 billion. It’s all about efficiency with the help of new technology and digitalisation as well as a reorganization that opens to the activities to be subcontracted.
Now complements these measures to establish a permit to fly in Ireland and bases in London and Spain, with reference to the lower labour costs outside the Nordic countries.
the Swedish state is the largest shareholder of the SAS, despite the fact that last fall sold 13.8 million SAS shares, reducing its ownership interest from 21.4 to 17.2%.
The red-green government has a mandate from the riksdag to sell the entire holding in SAS. And ownership is not in the long term, according to minister for enterprise, Mikael Damberg (S), which, however, adds that as long as the state is the owner will take responsibility for the company and back it up and only sell if the conditions for the SAS and the market is right.
Sources: SAS, The ministry of industry

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