Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Ericsson’s layoffs of staff strikes with full force. – Expressen

Ericsson layoffs of staff strikes with full force.

Now in the morning, the company began handing out the individual uppsägningsbeskeden to the employees in Borås, sweden, Kumla, and Chest–plant.

“Many people are preparing on this,” says Tony Josefsson, Swedish engineers ‘ club in Borås, sweden.

Over 900 people get their layoffs now in the morning.

even before christmas had Ericsson and the unions negotiated clear about how many will be forced to stop when the company diet business in Kumla, Borås and Kista in northern Stockholm. But the staff then got to do not know who would be forced to quit or get the chance to continue work at the three units.

today in the morning was uppsägningslistorna finished and the formal redundancies were handed individually to each of those who get fired.

Talks are in progress right now. This is a day that many have been waiting for, “says Tony Josefsson, Swedish engineers’ club at the Boråsanläggningen where most sap employees have been forced to quit.

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Closer to the 450 of the employees at Ericsson Boråsfabrik need to stop. In Kumla is said to 330 employees, and in the Chest about 80 people.

Borås is mounted most of the operations down and moved to the Ericsson’s partners jabil’s plant in Hungary.

most of those who are now redundant seems to take the information in stride.

“this time has been a more open process than what it usually was at the cutbacks, It has been more clearly and the individual employee has received the express wishes if they want to remain or quit,” says Tony Josefsson.

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” There was a concern in the past when it came to the information available to all would be put down. Very negative was leaked through the media. It was a challenge to found who wanted to be left when you would staff a brand new organization.

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many employees have also stopped before they could be terminated by the company.

– Their last working day will vary. Some will probably be left to the end of the year before the redundancies come into force.


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