Tuesday, February 7, 2017

How good is your salary compared with the rest of the world? Here is the tool that provides the answers – this Week’s Business

Are you satisfied with your salary? Here you can see how it stacks up globally.

How good is an american salary compared to the rest of the world?

An american annual salary is on average 384 000 sek right now. It is 199 percent of the average salary per year globally, 13 times more than a teacher in Ethiopia, and as much as people working in health and health care in Greece – but only 0.2 per cent of what a ceo earns in the united states.

the average salary per year for the whole world is equivalent to 178 616 sek. Wages are purchasing power parity-adjusted after what can be purchased in their own country – compared with someone in the united states.

It shows CNN’s Global Wage Calculator, a tool that allows you to key in your own salary and then see a comparison against other countries in the world, as well as the average in Sweden.


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