Thursday, February 9, 2017

Stampen recovers from the crisis – Göteborgs-Posten

Stampen and to recover after the toughest year ever. The group makes a profit of 63 million before tax.

2016 hung media group Stampen on the ropes and many of the companies were forced into reconstruction in order to manage the group’s indebtedness. Was completed during the autumn the reconstruction, a new agreement was signed and the new owners came in with a cash injection. In 2016, the turnover of Stampen 2 834 million, compared to 3 347 million in 2015. The result before tax was sek 63 m against the 2015 sek 153 million.

– We have succeeded with our project to stabilise the group’s finances. We will be out in 2016 with an equity ratio of about 14 percent for the group, which is a significant improvement and better structure than what we had before, ” says Martin Alsander, ceo of Stampen.

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equity to assets Ratio is the measurement of how large a proportion of the assets is financed by own capital. In 2015 was the six per cent.

Have gotten down debt

Martin Alsander notes to pass out the difficulties through the enormous efforts of our employees and a large support basis, which he is very grateful for that.
By the chord and the new bankavtalet, the group has also managed to bring down debt to a net debt of sek 250 million, to a billion dollars in the past.
– We have taken us from a very acute position, stabilized the economy and gotten into new partner, which is incredibly important. Not only for the capital injection, but that there are now also more owner who is forward and who believe in the business and really want this to be good. It means that we are stronger now than in the past, ” says Martin Alsander.

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Developing digital services

Instead of just paying off large loans now get the Rammer the opportunity to invest in the future.
– What is the focus of the us and the rest of the industry is to begin to develop the digital subscription services. You can see that there is a willingness to pay of readers and consumers that did not previously exist, if you deliver a relevant, credible and journalistic content, ” says Martin Alsander.

the Trend suggests that the onlineläsarna is willing to pay for the materials is unique.
– The unique content that we can produce can be related to the west coast and the region we are in, ” says Martin Alsander.

are also Investing locally

at the same time intends to continue to invest in Stampen Local Media, and where the printed GP, Bohusläningen, Hallandsposten, Hallands Nyheter, TTELA, with several included, inter alia through the attachments.
GP and Hallandstidningarna made a profit in the last year, but ad revenue and räckviddssiffror is falling.
printed newspapers still draws the largest advertising revenues. The digital revenue represents 14 percent of newspapers ‘ total advertising revenue. During the end of the year, the digital ad revenue fast.


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