Friday, February 10, 2017

Thousands of Danish mail job is going away.

the Letter and paketleverantören Postnord is making a miljardförlust. They have employees in Denmark take the hit. Around 1 000 services annually shall now disappear for the next three–four years.

Postnord has profitability problems caused by digitisation, which will mean a continued steep declines in the volume of letter mail. Arkivbild.Image: Claudio Bresciani/TT

” It is not possible to continue with these losses in Denmark. Therefore, we are now taking this step, and it is a pretty tough thing. We are looking at exactly how this will be implemented but it is about to reduce by approximately 1 000 posts per year over a period of three to four years, says ceo Håkan Ericsson to TT.

in Total the group has 35, 000 employees in Denmark and Sweden. According to Håkan Ericsson, it is currently not up to date with some similar measures for the Swedish part.

– We have reduced the number of services in Sweden during a number of years. We will continue to do, but can handle it in a more natural way with the departures. In Denmark we have reached a point where it is not possible anymore.

He can sum up another tough year for Postnord, which has developed into a real problem child for the owners, the Danish and the Swedish state, which in turn can not expect any dividends this year either.

a Total report Postnord a loss of eur 1 012 million before tax for the fourth quarter of 2016 after the major profitability problems, especially when the right in Denmark, where the digitisation is made that mail volumes continue to plummet. Costs of the cuts in Denmark is also expected to be large since a part of the employees will have several years ‘ salary in severance pay. How big the total cost will be able to Håkan Ericsson did not say in the present.

– It is a challenging situation. Underlying earnings in Denmark, is a loss and we expect that it will continue, ” he says.

TT: What would happen if brevvolymen reduced in Sweden in the same way as in Denmark?

” We do not expect that to happen here in the same way as in Denmark. It would, however, be a fall of 20 per cent in Denmark, it would mean big changes-even in Sweden.

In 2016, the company has been at the centre of a kritikerstorm about the lack of mail service. And with prime minister Stefan Löfven went hard for the company’s procurement of sub-contractors who in turn have no collective agreement.

According to the daily News, is now working the government with a emergency plan for Postnord. It should be concern that the company will be a new “Nuon”, that is to say, the problem of the appropriate state Waterfall which made huge losses after the purchase of Dutch Nuon.

” I have no comments to the data. We have an open and good dialogue between the board and the owners. Emergency plan may be for consumers, ” says Håkan Ericsson.

TT: How do you see the concerns that the merger means a new “Nuon”?

– we Had not been together, had we not had the amazing position we have when it comes to logistics and e-commerce.

Håkan Ericsson calls instead for a more modern postlagsstiftning, then there is a price cap in the current law related to consumer indexes at the same time, such as wage and transport costs are not linked to the consumer price index.

– We see in front of us to a share of the business will not be able to be delivered over night with profitability. It means that 80 per cent of the letters will arrive over night while 10-15% takes a day.

postnord’s interim report, in the numbers

the Losses skyrocket for Postnord, as to 60 per cent owned by the Swedish state and 40 per cent by the Danish state.

Source: Postnord


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