Thursday, February 9, 2017

List: Here are the professions you should choose – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Affärsliv24. Now is presented the list of which professions have the most job opportunities in Västerbotten, sweden.

Employment listings

Examples of occupations with the most job opportunities in Västerbotten
• concrete worker
• auto Mechanic
• School
• primary school
• high school
• Engineers
• Cooks
• the Doctor
• Medical secretary
• Software and systems developer
• Psychologists
• Nurses
• Woodworkers/carpenters
• Underhållsmekaniker/maskinre paratör
• Nurses
• Plumbing fitters

Examples of occupations with less job opportunities in Västerbotten
• Child
• Elevassistenter
• Housekeeper
• Fordonsmontörer
• Vendors (food and non-food retail)
• Kontorsassistenter and secretary
• Handlers
• forklift operators
• landscape gardener
• Groundskeeper

It is the employment which produced the list. For those looking for work or have plans to educate themselves can forecast the "Job opportunities" to be a good guide.

the Easiest way is it to get a job in data, technology, care and protection, education, and construction.

It is about everything from the concrete workers to nurses, cooks, carpenters and a range of different types of teachers. The list in its entirety is presented here next.

But at the same time that Job opportunities are published lists employment service also which professions have fewer opportunities to a job in the county. These include for example: nanny, sales representative, warehouse worker and janitor.

The strong job market in the county means many jobböppningar for those who want to enter the labour market. With a vocational education from upper secondary school or a university degree in among other things, data, technology, healthcare, education or construction, it is easy to find a job in the county of Västerbotten, ” says Carola Larsson, arbetsförmedlingschef in Umeå and spokesperson for the county of Västerbotten.

the employment agency points out that the best chance for a job through high school.

most employers require a certificate from the high school. Other merits that can increase the possibilities of getting a job is a driving licence, a good knowledge of Swedish and good.


The proposed vägslitageavgiften beats not only my legs away for the northern forest owners, but also for the government’s new landsbygdsstrategi.


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