Saturday, February 11, 2017

After brexit – less EU money to Sweden – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

Once the Uk leaves the EU will be the union poorer. Arkivbild. Photo: Geert Vanden Wijngaert

the Uk is one of the three EU-countries as a contribution to the EU budget, together with Germany and France.

When the british make their departing disappears, therefore, a large part of the EU’s contribution every year – which, in turn, is likely to provide less support to various projects for the remaining member states.

– It is the only way we can keep down the fee. This means that the funding of many projects in Sweden may disappear for a number of years. It is a reality. There is no popular support in the uk to pay more into the EU and then among other things the consequence that we get less money back, ” says Danielsson in the Echo lördagsintervju sent in day.

the EU-the money that is dealt in the first instance to the agricultural projects. In the poorer countries, the farmers share of the large sums of money, but also the Swedish farmers receive subsidies. In 2016, 2.6 billion to the rural development in Sweden and 7.6 billion to the Swedish scheme. In the future, the support will reduce significantly.

– There are as well as no money can rain from the sky that can make up the british contributions, ” says Danielsson.

key Facts: EU donors

the EU has 28 member states. Of these, 12 states are net contributors, that is to say, they pay in more money than what they get back.
the Biggest net contributor in 2015 was Germany, with just over € 17.3 billion, more than 160 billion Swedish kronor.
Next came the united kingdom with eur 14.1 billion, and France and the Netherlands with 6.5, respectively, € 5.7 billion in net contributions.
Sweden paid about 4 billion euros and 1.4 billion euros. The Swedish net contribution was thus € 2.6 billion.
Source: the EUROPEAN enlightenment


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