Saturday, February 11, 2017

Less EU contribution to Sweden when Brexit implemented – the Swedish Radio

“Many good projects in Sweden may be lost”

Lars Danielsson, Sweden’s ambassador and Head of Sweden’s permanent representation to the EU in Brussels. Photo: Kristian Pohl/the Government offices of sweden

Sweden and many other rich EUROPEAN countries have to reckon with the greatly reduced support for various EU projects, when the british, now leaves the union, according to Sweden’s EU ambassador.

– It is the only way we can keep down the fee. This means that the funding of many good projects may be lost if a number of years. It is a reality. There is no popular support in the uk to pay more into the EU and then among other things the consequence that we get less money back. We cannot afford simply, says Sweden’s EU ambassador Lars Danielsson.

Uk today the third largest contributor to the EU with € 18 billion annually. This is equal to about 180 billion sek.

When the money disappears, the EU needs to either raise tariffs for the member countries or reduce expenditure. The Swedish line is that the fees can’t be higher than today.

the Whole of the 40 per cent of the EU’s total the budget goes to the cap. Many of the guides have received harsh criticism over the years.

But Swedish farmers may, of course, money from here. Last year, for example, 2.2 billion for rural development and
7.6 billion was paid out to the Swedish scheme.

In the future, not the farmers count on as much support, ” says Lars Danielsson.

– It will reduce compared to today, but it will not be zero. I am convinced that the Swedish farmers will continue to get some type of assistance to maintain a viable agriculture, ” said EU ambassador.

Last year, Sweden approximately 40 billion Swedish kronor to the EU budget and received back 14. When the british have left the union will, therefore, the expenditure still to be much the same, but we will get back less.

– There are as well as no money can rain from the sky that can make up the british contributions. It may be done by adjusting our expenditure to the slightly lower income level, ” says EU ambassador Lars Danielsson.


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