Friday, February 3, 2017

Fingerprints Söderfjell leaving Swedbank – Expressen

Fingerprints former member of the board Lars Söderfjell leaving his post as aktiestrateg at Swedbank.

This after the suspicions of crimes made against him, writes DN.

Lars Söderfjell was forced to take a leave of absence from his work as a aktiestrateg at Swedbank already in the autumn. The cause was reported to be a conflict of interest between his service there and his assignments in the Fingerprint Cards.

At the beginning of last week was taken into custody Lars Söderfjell suspected of market abuse in connection with the company’s profit warning in december. He and the previous president and ceo Johan Carlström was later released, but the suspicions remain.

Lars Söderfjell to have leaked inside information before the Fingerprints profit warning in december. The previous president and ceo of Fingerprint, Johan Carlström, should then have used the information to trade on the exchange.

Leave their service at Swedbank

Now select Lars Söderfjell to leave his post as aktiestrateg on Swedbank, which the daily News was the first to write about.

” It is Lars Söderfjell who have chosen to terminate their employment in the bank. Then we have together agreed that the Lars employment ended with yesterday, ” says Swedbank’s head of communications, Gabriel Francke Rodau.

he Received the salary until yesterday?

– Given that he is not a senior executive in the bank so the comments we nothing about the details of his employment.

Has he received a severance pay?

” I have no information about. But since he does not have a leading position, so we do not comment on individual details.

resigned from the board last week

Lars Söderfjell have previously chosen to leave Fingerprints board of directors.

– Even if I believe that I am innocent, I have after careful consideration and with the company’s best interests in mind, decided to immediately leave the Fingerprint Cards the board of directors. At the same time, I also think that it is very sad because the Fingerprint Cards is a great company and I have a close relationship to it, ” said Lars Söderfjell in the press release.

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Both lars Söderfjell and Johan Carlström deny that they committed any crime.

Leave already in the autumn

At Swedbank said last fall that Lars Söderfjell was forced to take a leave of absence because of "changing conditions".

We had come to the conclusion that his directorships in the Fingerprint in combination with his mission in the bank no longer went to reconcile. We offered him to take a leave of absence for, see on the ability to solve it, ” said head of communications, Gabriel Francke Rodau then.

But it was no news that he was sitting in the board of directors of Fingerprint Cards and worked at Swedbank?

” No, but we have made a new assessment based on changed conditions.


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