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Police warns against: They take over your bank account – 24Kalmar.see

Police warns against: They take over your bank account

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Recently, came the warning about the fake text message from what looked to be from Svea inkasso. Now write Dinapengar.see if the next scam. This time, it is the Tax victims of scammers – just in time for when the declaration must come. Police warn against hoax.

” They want you to click on a link in the message. You go ahead so I urge you to fill in your social security number and information for the bank ID. What happens then is that the person on the other side is using it, and have full access to your bank account, ” says Jan Olsson Dinapengar.see.

In the text message it says "Hello, the letter that we sent you has been returned to the Tax office. We ask you to as soon as possible, please contact our support", with an accompanying link.

Although most see through hoax calls, police now people to do not click on the link. And it is not the first time that the fake text message from the Swedish Tax agency will forward.

“By tradition, we know that fake emails and sms from the Swedish Tax agency often comes up in periods when you can expect them,” says Jan Olsson.

Text: Michael Olsson


how to protect yourself against ID spoofing

  • don’t Open email mail and the links that are unknown to you. Then there is the risk that it will virus to your computer which then can copy your login details.

  • Have a different password on the services that you use.

  • Have an updated virus protection on your computer and mobile phone.

  • don’t Download new apps without having checked what it is for the app.

  • please do not Send account or personal information via e-mail if you are not sure what it is for the company you are dealing with.

  • make sure that no unauthorized person will access your e-mail.

  • do not give out your social security number either way on the internet.

  • If you have lost your identity document, report promptly to the police.

  • Use services that directly informs you if someone has taken a credit report on you.

Source: Police/Dinapengar.see

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