Sunday, February 5, 2017

Fewer wind turbines are being built – financial times

Energy. the Expansion of wind power slows. Not in six years, there have been so few wind turbines in Sweden during the last year.

In 2016, the built new power plants with a total output of 605 megawatts (MW). There is a clear decrease towards the recent years of expansion of between 700 and just over 900 MW.

To the expansion slowing down was expected according to the Swedish energy agency. In recent years there have been more renewable electricity generation, including wind power, than what the market called for.

– We have had a record year for a few years. We also have a lower cost of electricity than in the past, which makes it harder competition between the companies, ” says Lars Andersson, head of the unit for renewable energy at the Swedish energy agency.

He also tells of how the technology has evolved and made it possible to build higher and larger power plants, which manage to produce more electricity. All in all, the development that the profitability has become weaker.


the government has set a target of 30 terawatt-hours (TWh) per year will come from renewable sources from 2020. In addition, the proposal has been to build out an additional 18 TWh of renewable electricity production between 2020 and 2030. Today deliver wind power 3 400 works 16 TWh per year and to reach the goal by 2030, predicts the industry to 1 600 power plants will need to be built.

– We will reach the goal that is set up to 2020, however, we are unsure about 2030, ” says Charlotte Unger, Larson, ceo of Swedish Wind energy.

She explains the reduction in the expansion with many companies instead invest in Norway or other countries, and that the interest decreases as the industry begins to move towards the target for expansion.

at the same time, there is a large uncertainty in the industry about how renewable electricity is to be replaced economically. Unger, Larson believes that the system means big run at a loss for who made early investments in wind turbines.

“In crisis mode”

” the Market is in a crisis, because the compensation is so low. It was thought that the compensation scheme would help to cover investment costs for new renewable electricity, but it has not become so, ” she says.

She think and hope that the government will soon have a new proposal on the table.

– If we have a system that works, then the industry to deliver also to the target for 2030. It is required that the market players have confidence that the system can handle the technical development so that the not early investors punished and that compensation is reasonable.

– We are facing a climate crisis and, in Europe, dominate the carbon and we need to produce more renewable electricity. We can’t solve climate change if we are thinking only within the national borders, ” she says.


Top ten 2016

The municipalities that built the most wind farms in 2016 and the total power in MW:

1. Sollefteå 341

2. Ockelbo 250

3. Örnsköldsvik 221

4. Strömsund 186

5. Falkenberg 172

6. Gotland 171

7. Laholm, 160

8. Malå 150

9. Ljusdal 148

10. Storuman 146

Throughout the country 6244

Source: The Swedish energy agency



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