Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Her visit to McDonald’s ended up in the emergency room – Göteborgs-Posten

Sweden on Sunday ordered the Rebecca Sjölund a latte at the McDonald’s in Ängelholm, sweden – which led to a visit to the emergency room. – I felt quite directly that my breathing was affected by the coffee, ” says Rebecca Sjölund.

After the training session with the son sat the family in the car to buy food and coffee latte at the burger restaurant Mcdonald’s in the Ängelholm, Helsingborg Dagblad was the first to pay attention to.

Already after the first sip of coffee felt Rebecca Sjölund that something was wrong with the taste of the coffee and was breathing rapidly thereafter.

” I felt immediately that something was wrong, that there was poison in the coffee. It tasted chemically and I felt quite immediately that my breathing was affected by it, ” says Rebecca Sjölund.

Highly corrosive fluid

After only a few minutes rushed her out to the car to quickly get to the emergency room. Her husband was left at the restaurant with the kids and went up to the staff to ask what it was for the cleaners.

It turned out that the coffee machine had actually been turned off at the moment. At the time cleaned the machine with the help of a corrosive detergent. But in spite of it, she had her tea and managed to take a gulp before she realized that something was wrong.

Then the low Rebecca Sjölund in the emergency room for observation for several hours. She found out that it was the cleaner Thermoblue, a highly corrosive liquid that can cause serious damage to skin and eyes, among other things, used to clean coffee machines in the catering industry.

” I was connected to a syremätare and they thought that I would get internal bleeding. I can still feel the taste from the coffee, but have been on visits so there should not be any danger now.

She stresses that she does not put any blame on the staff who worked at the time but that there should be stricter tabs on the restaurant.

“It is jätteolyckligt”

She has notified the incident to the police and headings are legally liable for the bodily injury.

Christina Richter is the franchisee in the relevant hamburgarrestaurnangen

– It is jätteolyckligt and we are jätteledsna and stressed over what has happened. I can’t say exactly what has gone wrong at the moment. We keep on to investigate and review the circumstances surrounding the incident. The client will, of course, to get the remuneration she should have with the help of our gästförsäkring. The most important thing is that she is feeling good now, ” she says


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