Thursday, February 2, 2017

Internal error caused the bank’s customers to loot atm …

Swedbank. Photo: IBL

During Wednesday could the Swedbank customers to take out unlimited money. Now we are looking the bank the answer on what went wrong.

Yesterday was the customers of Swedbank to take out more money than was in the account. Now it is technical the crash fixed, but the bank still do not know what caused the error. “Now sit in our techniques and to analyze this in detail,” says Claes Warrén, public relations officer at Swedbank.

Early Wednesday discovered Swedbank’s customers that they could not take the money out of the atm machine. In addition, it was not possible to use its internet banking to make credit card purchases online.

– It had become an error in one of our databases, the system we use for card transactions. It took a little longer to fix than we had hoped for. One of the actions we took led to that it was possible to overdraw their accounts.

According to Swedbank, the error shall have included the whole of Sweden. In Gothenburg and Malmö, it should have formed queues to some atms and the police in Malmö confirms to Aftonbladet that they have been required to monitor and ensure the well-frequented atms.

Swedbank said firmly that there was no question of a hacker attack, or other intrusions by any external party.

– There is an internal error. Whether it is personally or mechanically, I do not know at the moment, ” says Claes Warren, who adds that it is not likely that the bank will publish the analysis now in progress.

– We analyze it in detail, but this is all about our internal procedures.

the bank has high hopes to get the money back. All withdrawals are registered on the customers ‘ accounts. To collect the money with the bailiff’s help is a possibility.

“But it is in the end of a long chain,” says Claes Warrén.

Swedbank does not want to disclose how much money that was taken out during the period of Wednesday, when the system did not work.


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