Monday, February 6, 2017

Oljemiljardären: Tesla goes bankrupt – New Technology

Mika Anttonen, founder and majority shareholder, in the chain St1 believe that the Tesla goes a dark future.

Tesla will go bankrupt. That is the claim of the Finnish billionaire Mika Anttonen, which is located behind the bensinstationskedjan St1. He is also critical of the nordic countries ‘ energy policy.

” I do not understand why we should increase the amount of electric cars. We should in any case not to use taxpayers ‘ money for it. Tesla is a cool car, but I’m guessing that the company will go bankrupt, they have simply promised too much, he tells Business Insider.

Anttonen says however not have anything against Tesla, but believes that there is a misleading picture of how good electric cars are actually for the climate. He also earns money on the Tesla owners in which his service stations are equipped with charging stations for electric vehicles.

” What do you think they do while they stop and charge the car in 20 minutes on any of our stations? They buy coffee and sausage with bread.


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