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Women most frugal – Sydsvenskan

Women most frugal – Sydsvenskan

According to Statistics Sweden, SCB, savings account is 217 percent higher today than in 1988.

SBAB deep dive into 206,000 savings accounts. It shows that the high and low-income people save about as much in relation to income. There is, however, clear differences between women and men savings habit. Women are more likely to put money in the savings account than men who increasingly are buying mutual funds and stocks.

The women’s savings account equivalent to between 82 and 116 percent of annual income. The men’s savings account varies from 63 percent to 85 percent of annual income.


Fridolin threatens law on quotas – helagotland.se

Fridolin threatens law on quotas – helagotland.se

Published: 2014-09-30


The large Swedish listed companies by 2016 must have at least 40 per cent women on boards, otherwise await legislation. It explained the MP’s spokesperson Gustav Fridolin, in an interview with SVT after the opening of Parliament. (TT)

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The large Swedish listed companies must by 2016 have at least 40 percentage of women on boards, otherwise await legislation. It explained the Green Party spokesperson Gustav Fridolin, in an interview with SVT after the opening of Parliament.

According Fridolin is the set position to quickly send a signal to this Nominating Committees are now working with their proposals. Unless the requirement is met in 2016, the new government, which Fridolin in the interview called the country’s first feminist, adding a Bill of that year.


Arvidsjaur get up to 100 new jobs – Dagens Industri

Arvidsjaur get up to 100 new jobs – Dagens Industri

Arvidsjaur get up to 100 new jobs

                  2014-09-30 23:22

Arvidsjaur residents can expect 60 to 100 new jobs, since the German company BKM Mannesmann decided to move its headquarters there.

chose Arvidsjaur infrastructure, airport, good internet connection and such, but also for the good contacts we had with both the municipality and with the Employment Service, says the company’s CEO, Wolfgang van Deuverdenett to local media.

BKM Mannesmann is a company focused on protection against moisture and mold in buildings. The jobs created in Arvidsjaur is largely about management.




reports Bloomberg News.

After a long time have been traded on the plus shares fell to a closing 7.5 percent lower.

Before tax profit forecast to 2014 now get $ 6 billion , said CEO Mark Fields at an investor and analyst meeting on Monday, compared with the forecast of profit before tax of 7 to 8 billion dollar company, left as late as July.

Among other things, expected the car manufacturer in South America activity show a loss of $ 1 billion this year, in line with inflation and other currency issues dampened earnings. Furthermore, predicted a loss in Europe about $ 1.2 billion this year, and one of $ 250 million next year.


He gets his second parachute in four years – Business World

He gets his second parachute in four years – Business World

Karolinska Development’s CEO Torbjörn Bjerke receive 3.5 million dollars to quit.

According to a press release from the drug developer Karolinska Development CEO Torbjörn Bjerke leaving the company with immediate effect. This press release uses the language that is commonly used to mask and soften the news when top managers get fired. But that dismissal was not very carefully planned also underlined by the fact that no ordinary replaced.

According to the annual report for 2013 gives notice of termination coffers for Bjerke. He will receive a severance payment of twelve months’ salary if he is terminated by the Company.

Last year Topbjörn Bjerke SEK 3.5 million in salary and a total of 4.5 million in total compensation.

For Bjerke seems unlikely parachute jump unaccustomed. Already in 2010, he floated to the ground after he was terminated from the pharmaceutical company Orexo. Then he got an extra generous offer he could not refuse. Bjerke had worked for the company since 2004 and was considered to be deserving of compensation that was greater than what has been agreed. Therefore, the Board ordered up an extra parachute afterwards with no less than three different components.

First, increased redundancy payment which would be due in one year. It was extended to five months, or 1.5 million, since Bjerke worked on as if nothing had happened to January 2011

For the management got a oavtalad variable salary. The bonus payments exceeded in some cases, the maximum level that was decided at the AGM in 2010.

The third component of Bjerke’s extra compensation is probably unique. Orexo extended the life of the options that would have become worthless when the employee left the company. For Bjerke was that about 84 000 stock options that would not automatically be written down to zero when the CEO was replaced.


Fridolin threatens quotas in a listed company – Daily News

Fridolin threatens quotas in a listed company – Daily News





The large Swedish listed companies by 2016 must have at least 40 per cent women on boards, otherwise await legislation. It explained the Green Party spokesperson Gustav Fridolin, in an interview with SVT after the opening of Parliament.






The large Swedish listed companies by 2016 must have at least 40 per cent women on boards, otherwise await legislation. It explained the Green Party spokesperson Gustav Fridolin, in an interview with SVT after the opening of Parliament.

According Fridolin is the set position to quickly send a signal to this Nominating Committees are now working with their proposals. Unless the requirement is met in 2016, the new government, which Fridolin in the interview called the country’s first feminist, adding a Bill of that year.

  Fridolins statement on affirmative action is in line with what Stefan Löfven (S) said when he spoke when the feminist big meeting Nordic Forum began in Malmo in June. The future prime minister wanted to see a drastic improvement from the stock of the company, he pointed out, otherwise:


 - We see no significant improvement, we will introduce a law on quotas, explained Löfven.

  – I think it is worrying that the incoming government’s first economic policy signal and a decision is about to fold in how companies are managed, says outgoing Equality Maria Arnholm (FP).

 Arnholm out that she worked for voluntary quotas and that the business community said to be interested in 40 per cent of women in boardrooms but have wanted in 2018 as a time when they will be 35 percent.

 - For a liberal, it is always preferable that you work on a voluntary basis, said Arnholm.

 She believes that the upcoming government Löfven reject a job that already set in motion.

 - I hope this does not become symptomatic of how the new government will work towards business.






Eskilstuna voted business community – Swedish Radio

Eskilstuna voted business community – Swedish Radio

Eskilstuna companies have the greatest growth in this region and Eskilstuna has been named the Entrepreneurial Municipality in Södermanland in years.

The award is Uplysningscentralen, UC and Private Enterprises.

In Eskilstuna include creditworthiness improved, and the number of limited liability increases. Eskilstuna ranks on place 32 in Sweden.

Entrepreneurial municipality shows were in Sweden entrepreneurship has developed the most over the past year, said Peter Germer, Regional Providers.


MTG exposed to Russia – further setbacks can wait – Swedish Dagbladet

MTG exposed to Russia – further setbacks can wait – Swedish Dagbladet

It was last Friday Russia wrote media history when Parliament said yes to the new legislation stopping foreign ownership if it exceeds 20 percent of the Russian Company. MTG owns 38 percent of the Russian television entertainment company CTC Media. It involves an imminent risk that MTG will have to sell fast to meet the statutory requirement. MTG’s shareholders are the last twelve months has been anything but good. A year ago, traded MTG’s shares for SEK 340, today it’s down to under 220 crowns. And the risks of further cases is hung over.

In an analysis on Monday that the news agency Direkt have read, warns investment bank UBS to MTG may suffer further setbacks.
“However, we note that the there is precedent for structures that allow a continued foreign ownership in these kinds of laws that can reduce the impact, “writes the bank.

UBS refers to the possibility for an extension of the law that may enable a similar situation in Kazakhstan , where similar legislation was introduced ten years ago and where CTC continues to have an economic interest of 60 percent in Channel 31
“To follow the law CTC has only 20 percent ownership in the company that owns television license, but has 70 percent of the company exclusively supplies all the content to the channel and 60 percent in the company that has exclusive rights for sales and marketing, which takes the total economic ownership to 60 percent, “writes UBS.

According to the analysis amounts MTG’s EBITA contribution from CTC Media to approximately SEK 600 million and the company has also the pay-TV operations in Russia that also may need to be sold or shut down, which would affect profitability.
“Even without a forced sale will continued uncertainty in the region is likely to lead to increased weakness in fundamentals for some time before the full impact of the law has been clarified, “writes the bank.


Gunvor camp bid on Rörvik – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Gunvor camp bid on Rörvik – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Stockholm Published September 30, 2014 at. 08:45

Oil Trading company Gunvor Group with Swede Torbjorn Tornqvist at the tip makes an offer for all the shares of timber company Rörvik Timber. Gunvor is already through various stores already a major shareholder in Rörvik and must therefore, according to the mandatory public offer offering all owners a bid for the company.

The bid is worth 3:92 per share, according to a press release.



EU: Apple’s tax structure is illegal – Swedish Dagbladet

EU: Apple's tax structure is illegal – Swedish Dagbladet

Now on Tuesday morning announced EU communicated sion that Apple’s European tax structure is not allowed and that Ireland has given Apple illegal state aid.

Apple tax schemes in Ireland, thus coming to an end. Thanks to an agreement with the Irish government has technology giant just paid 2 per cent in corporate tax, compared with 12.5 percent that of other companies in Ireland.

This is really bad news for the parties who are now in danger juicy fined for their skattesmitarupplägg. The European Commission can fine companies up to 10 percent of sales, while Ireland face fines of up to € 1 billion.

The statement from the European Commission is still preliminary. Apple has previously said that they had not received a single settlement with Ireland, but that the rules apply to everyone. But it is not therefore the EU Commission agree.

This summer started the European Commission issued a report on even Starbucks tax schemes in the Netherlands and Fiat’s approach in Luxembourg.


Final price at Zalando share – Dagens Industri

Final price at Zalando share – Dagens Industri


Monday, September 29, 2014

Exchanges: London Stock Exchange to list the number of African companies listed on the LSE – Dagens Industri

Exchanges: London Stock Exchange to list the number of African companies listed on the LSE – Dagens Industri

Market: London Stock Exchange to list the number of African companies listed on the LSE

                  2014-09-29 09:02

 (SIX), the London Stock Exchange, LSE, running an aggressive campaign to  increase the number of African companies that list in the UK.  This is great interest from institutions in the latest wave  of flotations from the region.       It writes the Financial Times.       LSE partners with exchanges in Morocco, Egypt, Nigeria and Kenya at  parallel quotations to attract African blue-chip companies  to London.       LSE competes with Dubai and Singapore who are also struggling to  attract African companies to their exchanges. Simultaneously working  Johannesburg Stock Exchange on convincing companies from the continent to  listed on stock exchanges in South Africa.       Over the past five years, 55 African companies listed on the  London Stock Exchange.      Mikael Larsson, tel +46 31 350 64 88  mailto: mikael.ostman@six-group.se  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


Aerocrine: Rushing for collaboration with Microsoft – Dagens Industri

Aerocrine: Rushing for collaboration with Microsoft – Dagens Industri

Aerocrine: Rushing for collaboration with Microsoft

                  2014-09-29 17:07

 (SIX) Aerocrine announced Monday afternoon during a collaboration  with respect to Microsoft cloud services to remotely read  user. Shares were trading up by over 11 percent after the news  and lies in the writing of plus 6.6 percent to 4.70 kronor.      Anton Wilén  mailto: anton.wilen@six-group.se  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


Jojo billionaire wants to buy Spielberg’s film company – Business Week

Jojo billionaire wants to buy Spielberg's film company – Business Week

Japanese Softbank talks according to an unidentified source to buy up a Hollywood studio.

Japanese Softbank, with “yo-yo billionaire” Masayoshi Son in spentsen, talking now about to buy DreamWorks Animation SKG according to an internal source, writes Reuters.

The unidentified source says that DreamWorks in a takeover would be valued at 3.4 billion dollars, or about 24.6 billion kronor.

A trade publication said that Softbank has offered $ 32 per share for DreamWorks, which is a substantial premium over the closing price on Friday of $ 22.36.

Softbank buys DreamWorks becomes the second Japanese technology company that buys a Hollywood studio. First, this was Sony Corp., which bought Columbia Pictures in 1989.

Softbank recently cashed in a portion of their investment in Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba, and now seems to want to invest this money.

Softbank holds significant stakes in other large listed companies, such as Sprint, Yahoo Japan and GunhHo Online Entertainment.

A spokesman for Softbank said the company has no comment on the reported talks with DreamWorks.

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Industrialist’s death in motocross accident – Aftonbladet

Industrialist's death in motocross accident – Aftonbladet

He has been called a Scanian variant of Jan Stenbeck and made great impression in the business world.

Yesterday died entrepreneur Bo Håkansson, 67, in a motocross accident outside Eslöv.

– I have a little hard to collect me now but he was an extremely nice and good friend, says Hans Cavalli-Björkman, former CEO of the SE-Bank.

The Scanian financier and business leader Bo Håkansson, 67, passed away on Sunday.

It is stated in a press release from the company ProstaLund where Håkansson was chairman and partner.

– He was a true entrepreneur. Inventive and resourceful. There are many companies in which he has put a strong imprint. It is a great loss for entrepreneurship in Skåne, says Magnus Bolmsjö, CEO of ProstaLund.

Håkansson died in a motocross accident at his farm, Farstorpsvägen, just outside Eslöv.

– Bosse always been happy in motorcycles. The accident occurred as he was driving off-road. He lost control of the bike.

“A great loss’

Bo Håkansson, described as a Scanian variant of Jan Stenbeck, was beyond his presidency in ProstaLund also chairman of Hansa Medical AB and EXINI Diagnostics AB. In addition, he was Chairman of the Malmö exchange company.

Hans Cavalli-Björkman, former CEO of the SE-Bank, Chairman of Malmö FF between 1976-1998 and himself the former chairman of listed company, remembers his friend Bo Håkansson with heat.

– He was powerful and enforcement as business leaders. It is a great loss for the listed company in Malmö, he passed away. The presidency, he has handled in an outstanding way. Without him we would never have hit Bill Clinton and Tony Blair as guests, for example, he says.

Speedy hobbies

Bo Håkansson appeared as entrepreneurs and entrepreneur for over 40 years in southern Sweden .

In various roles, as an entrepreneur and majority owner, he was involved in building up the company Active Biotech AB, Aearo Company, Nederman Ltd, BiolinScientific AB Wihlborgs AB Wilh. Sonesson AB and Genovis AB.

quiet activities were nothing for Bo Håkansson. Instead of golf and crossword puzzles were the motorcycles that mattered.

He also collected on watches and Porsche Cars.

In a major interview with Sydsvenskan in conjunction with his 60th birthday told Bo Håkansson about his speedy leisure.

– Much work requires an intense time. I need to clear my head. I do that on my bike or on my mountain bike. There is not a chance to think about something else when he told the newspaper.

Bo Håkansson was 67 years old.


Today’s new buying advice – Business World

Today's new buying advice – Business World

Among Monday’s rekommendations- and price target changes raised an oil company and an engineering group to purchase.

—————– ————————————————– –


Annual New (Old)

——————– ————————————————-

ABG Sundal Collier:

Alfa Laval



BofA Merrill Lynch:




Danske Bank:


Buy, $ 100

(Buy , 110 kr)





ABG Sundal Collier raises recommendation for engineering company Alfa Laval to purchase, from previously intact.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch raises recommendation for EnQuest to buy, from the previously neutral.

Sandvik has been trading down in the recent past and Danske Bank expects more estimate cuts are to be expected during the period until the next quarterly report. Continued weak demand in Europe and weak margins in the Mining makes Danske do not see any factors that could support a rise in the short term.

According to a recent newsletter.

At the same time, Danske Bank to today’s valuation multiples are low relative to the company’s historical average and this should provide some support to the share. Hence the repeat purchase recommendation.

UBS lowers recommendation on media company MTG from buy to neutral.

The business world picks in Gunnebo in their portfolio while Volvo and Trelleborg disappears from the portfolio.

Börsveckan recommend the purchase of Bilia and reiterates its buy recommendation for Nobia MedCap and Midsona.

Dagens Industri writes that it’s time to take out huge in Norwegian sports chain XXL listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange on 8 October.

Handelsbanken adds Clas Ohlson and Peab in his small cap list and removes ÅF.

Redeye raises its fair value estimate of Moberg Pharma to SEK 63 from the previous 60.

————————————————- ———————


Hall’s primary task is to make the waterfall to an open prison – Swedish Dagbladet

Hall's primary task is to make the waterfall to an open prison – Swedish Dagbladet

Perhaps the most important measure as Magnus Hall should do as the new CEO of Vattenfall is making up with former managements’ sweep-under-the-carpet “behavior, increase transparency, and show how it is possible for the company various activities. It is no easy task and perhaps not something enviable task as the former forestry company boss now assumes.

Sure, the forest industry and held previous Holmen has not had it easy with the ongoing structural crisis in the heavy printing paper segment. But by stepping over to the waterfall, he goes out of the ashes and into the fire, both figuratively as literally. For one of the most politically sensitive issues – not least in view of the Green Party’s entry into a new Swedish government – as Magnus Hall, quickly gets on his table is about the breaking and eldandet of lignite in Germany.

It is an environmentally rightly heavily criticized the business of all its ranks, but the waterfall has been described as very profitable. How profitable it is no outside Vattenfall’s guess. The only explanation for the waterfall does not report this is because they do not want. The same applies to other Vattenfall politically and economically important, but politically obvious sensitive areas.

Past Annual Reports and constant reorganizations have uncertain terms not given the owner the information that it needs to understand the business. There are hardly any commercial considerations that prevent this, especially as Vattenfall is a wholly State-owned company. Its previous managements and boards have tried to transform the group into a reportable closed institution, (to paraphrase the incoming President’s last name), perhaps to prevent political meddling.

Activities in the financial and operational sense not have had to do with each have lumped together in different ways. This has meant that businesses that have gone very well, such as Swedish hydropower and German lignite, have been able to hide many worries. No outside Vattenfall example captured what a disaster the Danish operation has been.

Now that the outgoing president Øystein Løseth has recognized that for many critics have been obvious, namely that the synergies between the various parts are limited, so there is no point to create economically illogical accounting lumps.

Magnus Hall will ensure that Vattenfall becomes an open prison. In addition to separately lignite operations, it is also about the Swedish hydropower, electricity distribution, as well as wind power. It is also about Dutch Nuon, where impairment needs are obvious and very large, which would be clear if the activity was reported separately and not as now herded together with German brown coal.


Retail sales rose more than expected – Swedish Dagbladet

Retail sales rose more than expected – Swedish Dagbladet

According to SME Direkt survey sales were expected to have increased by 3.5 percent.

Grocery sales increased 1.8 percent, while durable goods rose 7.1 percent.

Compared with the previous month sales rose 1.9 percent in August.

In July, retail sales revised 2.2 percent annual rate (+2.3).

HUI notes with August’s figures may the summer months (June, July and August) summed. The sales growth stayed at 2.8 percent, which is stronger than the growth in summer 2013.

“durable goods trade is on the rise and consumers are relatively optimistic about the future. This will be much needed for the growth of trade in view of the final four months faced much tougher comparative figures from 2013, “the HUI.

There are two scenarios for retail development in the fall. The optimistic scenario is that the favorable conditions that exist, such as record-low interest rates, a continuing need to consume capital goods and consumer optimism can have a positive impact on consumption and retail.

The second, more gloomy, scenario is a weaker growth where the remaining months of last year’s annual sales are not reached because of the tough comparatives and on consumer confidence for some reason would begin dala, writes HUI.


Sweden: 3,482 fewer unemployed 39 weeks – Jobs – Dagens Industri

Sweden: 3,482 fewer unemployed 39 weeks – Jobs – Dagens Industri

Sweden: 3,482 fewer unemployed week 39 – Employment Service

                  2014-09-29 10:44

 (SIX) The number of unemployed in Sweden decreased by 3482  persons to 202,672 persons during the week 39 A comparison with  corresponding week a year ago, the number of unemployed  decreased by 15,881 people (-16,031 last week), according to a  update from the Employment Service.       Job seekers in activity support programs amounted to 168,496  people, which was 2,796 more than a week earlier. Compared with  A year ago, the number has decreased by 14,971 people (-15,024 last  week).       The number of people who found work during the week amounted to 9633;  compared with 11,308 the week before.       The number of people registered as job seekers were  8366, compared with 9611 weeks before.       16,051 new vacancies were reported, compared with 15,646  the week before.    Johan Lind, tel +46 48 8586164  mailto: johan.lind@six-group.se  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


Three Tips for Exchange – Private Businesses

Three Tips for Exchange – Private Businesses

car dealer Bilia have previously demonstrated that the are good arguments to own shares before the dividend season when Bilia is considered as a högavkastare. It makes the magazine to turn in its approach and recommend a speculative buy, with an upside of 215-220 crowns.

The Kitchen Company Nobia got rid of the French chain Hygena loss last week. It also falls on good ground at Börsveckan, who still sees significant upside potential in the vegetable stock and the Council stops the left of purchase.

Investment company MedCap has landed uphill battle since the spring, which also applies to the subsidiary Unimedic ravaged by valutamotgångar. However, considered the investment share too undervalued to lose its positive recommendation and köprådet still apply.

Healthy Company Midsona had no further start of year. However, the valuation looks hardly intimidating and in combination with decently good chance of positive news during the current half year, there are good opportunities to increase going forward, the newspaper said.

Coffee Company Zinozino , which has a significant omega 3 sales, have rushed to stock market square and it also has the risk of the company. The recommendation is therefore await.

Radiotherapy Company Scandidos gets rid of his previous köpstämpel. Although the valuation is low, it creates ambiguous position regarding the Company’s distribution agreements such uncertainty that the stock loses its favorable opinion.


Granges to the Stock Exchange October 10 – Swedish Dagbladet

Granges to the Stock Exchange October 10 – Swedish Dagbladet

In early September announced Orkla, listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, the company will sell and list the subsidiary Granges. Orkla is best known for selling a range of well-known consumer products in the food sector and want to concentrate on the future.

According to plans Granges are listed on Nasdaq OMX Stockholm on 10 October. Orkla expects to sell 60 percent stake in the company but keeps the door open for another 12 percent of the shares can be sold if demand is high enough.

It can also be an additional part that goes out to investors in connection with the listing.

The price is expected to be between 42 and 50 per share. It allows Granges receive an estimated market capitalization of between 3.1 and 3.7 billion.

Granges is today an aluminum company that specializes in rolled products for heat exchanger industry. The customers are in the automotive industry worldwide. According to the company, about half of all the world’s cars exchangers containing material from Granges.

Granges also has a long industrial history with links to, among other things, iron, mining and rail. Granges has also previously been owned by Electrolux, but in 1997, the shares in Granges to Electrolux shareholders and the Company was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

The company changed name later to Sapa and was purchased in 2005 from the stock exchange of Orkla. In 2013 came the name Granges again, and the company became an independent aluminum manufacturer in the Orkla Group.

Granges had last year sales of 4.6 billion, with an adjusted operating profit of 371 million kronor. The company has 950 employees of whom 420 are in Sweden.


Sunday, September 28, 2014

MTG can be affected by the new Russian media law – Helsingborgs Dagblad

MTG can be affected by the new Russian media law – Helsingborgs Dagblad

Stockholm Published September 26, 2014 at. 08:42

Russia has proposed changes in the law on the mass media that would sharply restrict foreign ownership of media companies. Modern Times Group, which owns 38 percent of CTC Media, a leading independent media company in Russia, is now the development, according to a press release.

“MTG is closely following the development of the proposed changes and analyzes the potential actions that can be be taken to protect the interests of shareholders in the event the law takes effect. This applies both to the shareholding in CTC Media and MTG’s other business interests in the television business in Russia, “writes MTG.



Mining Kris heading for Sweden – Swedish Dagbladet

Mining Kris heading for Sweden – Swedish Dagbladet

The downward pressure on prices look set to continue and chances are that even Swedish mining project turned out.

One has to go back to the fall of 2009 to find a lower iron ore prices. The collapse has gained momentum in recent weeks, with a spate of lower global growth forecasts and gloomy signals from China’s economy.

Globally, the mining industry investments basically halved from levels above 100 billion dollars per year in 2011, according to Alexander Tallberg, analyst at DNB Markets.

The same trend can be attributed to the sale of equipment to mines, from companies such as Atlas Copco.

– Investment in the industry is at present rather on how to increase the capacity of existing projects rather than launching a major new project, says Tallberg said.

the closure of mines is also becoming more common, both in Australia and China. In the mining dense Heibei Province of China estimated that 70 percent of smågruvorna already closed this year, reports Reuters.

In Sweden, is ailing Northland Resources, with mine outside Pajala, and Dannemora Mineral, north of Uppsala, at risk.

– I think it will be very tough for them at these price levels. They are in trouble, says Christian Kopfer, an analyst at Nordea.

Loss-making Northland, already in a reconstruction process, is in a deep crisis. Fixed for Dannemora Mineral sees it, if possible, even worse.

– It has been plowed down more money in Northland, and there is strong ownership interests behind. Dannemora, however, at these price levels, the risk of getting shut down in 2015, he says.

Government LKAB, which breaks iron ore in Kiruna and Gällivare, are also affected. But LKAB saved by their size and a significantly lower cost per tonne of ore.

CEO Lars-Eric Aaro has already warned of increased production and a savings program to reduce costs by 7 percent per year. Kopfer think it will go along way.

– Do the volume up, the total cost smeared on more tons. It can take down the unit cost, ie, increase margins, he said to TT.

The same strategy applied by global giants such as Rio Tinto, Vale and BHP Billiton, which according to industry analysts can handle iron ore prices down to $ 50 per tonne, against today’s 78:60 per ton.

Many analysts expect further price falls down to $ 70 per tonne before it stabilizes and investment bank Goldman Sachs has put the average price at about $ 80 per ton 2016- 2017th


Controversial oil discoveries in the Arctic – helagotland.se

Controversial oil discoveries in the Arctic – helagotland.se

The Russian state oil company Rosneft has found oil in the Kara Sea in the Arctic, north of Siberia, in a controversial project that the company is involved with the American Exxon.

According Rosneftchefen Igor Setjin contains deposit of 100 million tons of oil , writes the Financial Times.

The drilling in the Arctic has been severely criticized by environmental organizations. In addition, subject to Rosneft by United Nations sanctions against Russia, which may force Exxon to pull out.


Saturday, September 27, 2014

Swedish business community skeptical preparedness jobs – Swedish Radio

Swedish business community skeptical preparedness jobs – Swedish Radio

LO chairman Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson proposes relief work for the unemployed. But that is not the way to go, consider Swedish Enterprise’s vice president Christer Agren.

Preparedness jobs are a mix of publicly funded employment and training for long-term unemployed. What jobs should look like he wants to unions and employers to reach.

At Swedish business welcome Vice President Christer Agren proposal for negotiations, but says that it is not quite right way to go to reduce unemployment.

– Basically it’s good that people get in touch with the labor market. The problem is when you take away real jobs and invest in jobs that are grant-funded, he says.

In order to get unemployment down want LO chairman Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson the state to finance jobs for long term unemployed in the construction sector, for example, or the elderly. How jobs are designed to be negotiated by the union and the employers.

– There is no problem finding work. You have to organize it so that instead of paying the passive support that social assistance, income support, unemployment and sickness benefits, turning it into positive action. And then, education is the most important measure, says Karl-Petter Thorwaldsson.

He is particularly concerned about over the high unemployment and exclusion among the foreign born, where he thinks that Sweden should do more to help with the work.

But the Swedish business community says Christer Agren that the most important is the creation of jobs that are needed.

– It is important that it is a real job that there is a need and not just a job for failing to appear in the unemployment statistics, said Christer Agren, Vice President of Swedish Enterprise.