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Unfortunately, India has not forgotten Bofors – Aftonbladet

The image of Howitzer 77 on an election poster in Varanasi in 1990 is one of those things that stuck in the memory.

It was on a back street – almost an alley. Drying cow dung on the walls, a hint of smoke from the pyre down at the Ganges in the air. And just where a pale election poster with a silhouette I knew from the days of practice at the firing ranges in Villingsberg and Älvdalen.

Maybe they got it for me to understand how the weapons produced in Karlskoga where I lived during the 1980s held the changing scene in the world’s largest democracy.

Yesterday came President of India Shri Pranab Mukherjee to Stockholm. It is the first time an Indian Head of State will visit Sweden. Receiving the Crown Princess at Arlanda and the Mounted procession through Stockholm, the welcome ceremony with the King and talk with the prime minister.

Before he flies further tomorrow President Mukherjee additionally have time to look at urban planning in Hammarby seaport, medical research at the Karolinska Institute and give a lecture at Uppsala University.

Need I say that the Swedish government hopes that the visit will lead to new and larger deals between India and Sweden? A market of more than 1.2 billion people and an economy that is growing and liberalized is a wet dream for Mikael Damberg.

Still, held throughout the visit to go to hell, because of an innocent journalism question Today’s News possibly a bit nonchalantly asked to President Mukherjee. It was about precisely those where the howitzer why I looked at the poster, 1990.

President Mukherjee is a political veteran of Congress, Mahatma Gandhi’s movement that dominated Indian politics since independence. The party lost last year’s parliamentary elections. So it is really a representative of the political opposition who visits Sweden.

The first time the Congress Party lost power was precisely in 1989, and it was not so little at those howitzer were on the poster in Varanasi. Bofors became a synonym for bribes.

Although Congress periodically returned to power has not been the same after, 1989.

No wonder President Mukherjee was furious when the Daily News reminded ” Bofors scandal “.

The power monopoly was broken, and one of the opposition’s main argument was precisely cannon deal with Bofors and Sweden. It was supposed to take place without intermediaries, without bribes. And yet revealed the usual rotten pattern of kickbacks and shady agents.

Congress Party went out and Hindi nationalists came in. Its economy began liberalization and a decade to large been characterized by ethnic violence began.

The only thing that largely remained constant was enough corruption.


Ukraine’s economy will shrink more – Metro

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) lowers growth forecast for Ukraine’s economy. The country’s economy is expected to shrink by 9 percent. in 2015. The main cause is the unresolved conflict in the area.

A delegation from the IMF has recently been on a two-week visit to Ukraine. The result is that the earlier pessimistic expectation, a growth spigot 5 percent, more vivid.

Inflation in Ukraine is expected to reach 46 percent, mostly due to the soaring price of oil.

Despite the very pessimistic expectations so says the head of the IMF delegation have had constructive talks during the visit to Ukraine. There are some signs of stable growth in the country, and they have become somewhat clearer in recent months, explained the IMF in a statement after the visit.


First Indian state visit ever – Swedish Radio

Today, the lands, the Indian president in Sweden for the first Indian state visit to Sweden ever. And both countries hope it will lead to increased trade. But the attention of the president’s trip is not overwhelming in India.

There is no line if the President Pranab Mukherjee’s trip to Sweden in the morning’s newspapers in India. But writes Zee TV’s website on the visit to Sweden. There, says that there live about 18 000 people of Indian origin in Sweden, and there are about 170 Swedish companies in India. But only 50 Indian companies in Sweden.

An Indian President’s role is essentially ceremonial but Mukherjee, who has held the position since 2012, has been active in Indian politics since the early 1970s . The Congress party that lost power a year ago, he has held many ministerial posts.

If it is quiet today around the state visit that brought the DN’s interview with the president a week ago, the more attention this time the scandal Bofors affair again came up into the light.

It was in 1986 that Swedish Bofors sold arms to India a billion deal in which echo later revealed that in the context of the agreement had money paid into a secret account in Switzerland. Mutanklagelserna said to be one reason that Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi lost elections, 1989.

Ever since this business been like an open wound between India and Sweden. The word Bofors in India is synonymous with corruption.

Just a month ago appeared the word up in Parliament when the Congress Party Raul Gandhi gave a speech where he went on the attack against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and accused him of not doing anything for the poor and to stop corruption in the country. Then someone shouted out into the parliament “Bofors” as a pointer towards the Congress Party that was in power when the deal was made up.

On his visit to Sweden, the Indian President that in addition to various company visits to meet both the King and Prime Minister Stephen Löfven.


What about our son if we help our daughter? “- Daily News




     Monica and Christer Andersson in Östersund wanted to help her daughter with an apartment when she entered the University College of Opera in Stockholm:

         Monica and Christer Andersson in Östersund wanted to help her daughter with an apartment when she entered the University College of Opera in Stockholm: “If the apartment rises in value – who can rise in value then?” They think.






Monica and Christer Andersson worry about how their daughter to find a home when she was studying in Stockholm. They would like to help but do not know how.

– Quite a few parents we talked to helping their children with down payment, says Monica Andersson.






Monica and Christer Andersson worry about how their daughter to find a home when she was studying in Stockholm. They would like to help but do not know how.

– Quite a few parents we talked to helping their children with down payment, says Monica Andersson.

Now our got their daughter the good news that she has been admitted to University College of Opera in Stockholm. Then the question arose where she will stay during their studies. The family is very aware of the difficult housing situation in the capital and have pondered and discussed about how to resolve the situation. Christer and Monica Andersson has also brought the matter up when they met other parents with adult children.

– We have talked to quite a few parents and a lot of them help their children with down payment, says Monica Andersson.


As many other has limited financial resources. Since they lived in small communities, they have not been able to benefit from the rise in housing prices in major cities.

They live in Ostersund where they moved after selling a villa in Orsa Dalarna. After a few years they decided to buy a condominium on the new home.

– We earners and have just taken our largest loan of SEK 1.5 million. About 8-10 years, we are pensioners and maybe then we want our money themselves, says Christer Andersson.

The couple also has a son studying in Gothenburg. If her daughter gets help ought son also get it, they argue. Then it would require over a half million dollars.

– They would need approximately SEK 300 000 each and we have not even got enough for one of them, says Monica Andersson.

She and her husband are thinking also on who will take the apartment if they help her daughter with the insert. They are particularly keen that there should be discord between the children.

– If the apartment rises in value – who can rise in value then? And what about our son if we help our daughter?

They talk about how times have changed, and how much more difficult it has become for young adults to get home.

– When we studied three or four years at college, we could rent a home. When we were done with the studies we were able to buy a house in Orsa 400 000, says Monica Andersson.

They also insisted that none of the children have asked for help.

– youth want to take care of themselves, and none of the children requires that we should help them, says Monica Andersson.






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Conclusion: Heritage Initiative gave 448 people job – Daily News





Heritage Initiative, the government Reinfeldt’s jobs initiative in the years 2012-2014 within the cultural heritage sector for people who have been away from the labor market for a long time, finally gave work to 448 people. The goal was to 4400 could be employed.






Cultural Heritage Initiative, the government Reinfeldt’s jobs initiative in the years 2012-2014 within the cultural heritage sector for people who have been away from the labor market for a long time, finally gave work to 448 people. The goal was to 4400 could be employed.

It’s no surprise final report of the bet Employment Service now presents. To “lift” was not any lift was clear early on.

A audit DN was able to present in October 2012, 67 people received employment through investment – the goal was then that 1,200 would get jobs in the first year. The forecast was adjusted then down to 200 people.


In the final report, the Employment Service during the period that lasted Heritage Initiative “was a lot of discussion about the low number of people who took part of the operation”. The Agency points out that the conditions to achieve the goal was “far from ideal”, when many compounds that were intended employer admittedly wanted to hire but did not powerful to take on the employers’ responsibility.






NEW YORK: NEGATIVE WEEKENDS on Wall Street, the S & P500 -0.6% – Swedish Dagbladet

STOCKHOLM (AFX) US stocks ended the week with a minus sign. Economic statistics raised concerns about the development of the US economy.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 0.6 per cent to the index level of 18,011. S & amp; P 500 fell likewise by 0.6 per cent to the level of 2107, which is also technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite was quoted at 5070.

Sales totaled 1.2 billion shares on the New York Stock Exchange, and at 1, 9 billion on the Nasdaq.

The statistics showed that the growth of the US gross domestic product (GDP) declined by 0.7 percent, in annual rate in the first quarter. Expected was a negative GDP growth of 0.9 percent.

Although the Chicago purchasing managers index fell to 46.2 in May, compared with 52.3 in April. According to Bloomberg News analyst survey was the index level calculated to increase to 53.0.

The share Humana rose to the skies. In a report, it was announced that the insurance company is considering a sale of the company. Shares rushed by 20.3 per cent and outperformed thus best in the S & amp; P 500th

GameStop, which was second best, advanced 6.1 percent after having presented a performance in the first quarter, which was higher than estimated. The dealer of the Games also raised full-year forecast.

The worst was that for pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers plummeted by 6.6 percent. A study showed that the effectiveness of its cancer medicine was tied to whether the patients had high levels of protein in their tumors or not, potentially delineate the drug’s market.

The ten-year yield fell 1 basis point to 2.13 percent.


Friday, May 29, 2015

NEW YORK: HUMAN AND GAME STOP FRIDAY’S WINNERS, the S & P500 -0.6% – Business Week

2015-05-29 22:39

STOCKHOLM (AFX) US stocks ended the week with a minus sign. Statistics of US gross domestic product was presented which raised concerns about the development of the US economy.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 0.6 per cent to the index level of 18,011. S & amp; P 500 fell likewise by 0.6 per cent to the level of 2107, which is also the technology-heavy Nasdaq Composite was quoted at 5070.

sales amounted to 1.2 billion shares on the New York Stock Exchange and 1.9 billion on the Nasdaq.

On Friday published data which showed that the growth of the US gross domestic product (GDP) declined by 0.7 percent, in annual rate in the first quarter. Expected, according to Bloomberg’s analysts forecast a negative GDP growth of 0.9 percent.

Even Chicago purchasing managers index fell to 46.2 in May, compared with 52.3 in April. Estimated an increase of 0.7 to obtain Index level of 53.0.

“GDP growth was actually expected – we already knew that it would subside, but Chicago figure, however, was unexpectedly low “said Kevin Caron, market strategist at Stifel Nicolaus & amp; Co., news agency Bloomberg.

The share Humana best performance in the S & amp; P 500 after having been rushed to 20.3 percent. In a report, it was announced that the insurance company is considering a sale of the company.

GameStop, which was second best in the index, climbed 6.1 percent. In its quarterly report presented distributor of television and computer games, the result for the first quarter were higher than estimated. The company also raised full-year forecast.

Worst went for the pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers plummeted by 6.6 percent. A study showed that the effectiveness of its cancer medicine was tied to whether the patients had high levels of protein in their tumors or not, potentially delineate the drug’s market.

The industrial and construction machinery lessor United Rentals dropped 6.4 percent. Bank of America Merrill Lynch had lowered the recommendation for the company to underperform. This was due to lower oil prices and a slowing economy in the United States.

The ten-year yield fell 1 basis point to 2.13 percent.



Löfven will fight for his jobbmål – Aftonbladet

Västerås. Stefan Löfven now launching three step towards the goal that Sweden should have the EU’s lowest unemployment rate in 2020.

It’s about controlling public contracts and to invest in industry and skills.

The work shall include the 10,000 long-term unemployed find work.

– I’m so tired of all the fateful stories of being unable to reach the goal. It must be said the prime minister.

The Social Democrats are this weekend gathered in Västerås for its 38th congress.

Stefan Löfven hold right now his opening speech, but had time before it a head start with a press conference if he calls new Swedish jobs agenda. In these parts included investment in housing, infrastructure and climate as well as business policy and skills development and matching.

– We are just a little bit into this term. We will continue to deliver more investment, more ideas and more reforms and we can already, after just eight months in office, note that we start checking off jobs promise for jobs promise, says Löfven.

Contracts with requirements on the job

The Prime Minister told about the three steps that he believes together to help the government to achieve the objective of the EU’s lowest unemployment 2020. All included in the so-called jobs agenda.

It is to use the 600 billion procurement crowns that public Sweden stands for every year to create more jobs.

When the community buys in services should at the same time require that the employment of such long-term unemployed.

– Should Sweden activate only half of our procurement of capital would upwards of 10,000 long-term unemployed to get work, he said.

A new procurement authority should be set up for work this fall.

– We should use our strategic procurement, says Löfven.

Stefan Löfven meant that there are now EU directive shows that it is possible to set these requirements.

Industry and education initiative

But the prime minister also highlighted two other areas that will create more jobs.

One is a nyindustrialisering of Sweden where everything from the increased focus on exports to that in Sweden build facilities to test and demonstrate new ideas and products, and a coordinated approach to create jobs in the life science field.

The third part of the government’s strategy is to implement the education initiative presented earlier. 2018 is about 40 000 places and five billion allocated for this purpose – an amount that will be increased in the future, according to the prime minister.

– There will not be enough, I can already say, say Löfven .

“Tired fateful stories”

Stefan Löfven stressed at the press conference that it has become more difficult to reach the goal that Sweden should have the EU’s lowest unemployment rate in 2020, since it was up at the last Congress. This he also said in an exclusive interview in Aftonbladet on Thursday.

– But this does not mean that we can now say, “Now we must give up, this is not possible”. This line is just a proof that we must do even more. It is we ourselves who shape our future, says Löfven.

– I’m so tired of these fateful stories that you can not. It’s difficult, yes, but let’s not say spring 2015 that it is impossible.

Löfven was furthermore clear that the government does not plan to borrow money for investments, which LO, SSU and parts of the party demanded before Congress.


Here are the wines stopped – Aftonbladet

Several wines from Systembolaget called back.

The reason is that there may be broken glass in the bottles, writes Systembolaget in a press release.

The wines are withdrawn are in bottles of one and the same producer.

Those who purchased any of the wines being encouraged to return them in any of the company’s stores.

“The customer can also choose to just bring your receipt, or pour out the contents and bring the empty bottle to the store,” writes Systembolaget.

Elina Yli-Torvi, press secretary at Systembolaget’s press office, stated that they currently do not know exactly how many bottles now stopped.

– What I do know is that in the case of six products, four of our fixed line and two in the ordering catalog, she says .

The wines in the fixed range is Allesverloren cabernet sauvignon (81047), Allesverloren shiraz (29002) Allesverloren Tinta Barocca (12002) and Fleur du Cap Chardonnay (2015).

The two order wines withdrawn are brand Durbanville Hills, a Pinotage (72723) and a sauvignon blanc (72958).

We know at present, nor exactly where or how many stores the wines are sold.

– But we have 431 stores in the country, and all have received the information about the sales stop. We have ensured that the information has reached out to all the stores, says Elina Yli-Torvi.
The wines were stopped on Friday morning before the shops opened.

– We received information from the supplier that it could be a risk with a few bottles that bottled up in one place and to be on the safe side we stop these products in our stores, says Elina Yli-Torvi.

She says that the bottling plant is located in Stellenbosch in South Africa and called Bergkelder.

Have you had this problem with the feared glass splinters before?

– No, I have no information that this is something we have suffered in the past.

The text is updated


Crucial summer Igrene – Dagens Industri

Updated 2015-05-29 12:41. Published 2015-05-29 12:39

“There are no Swedish company that is capable of drilling in this depths “said Igrenes CEO Mats Budh.

The drilling starts in July and after barely three months is expected Igrene be clear about how much volume and quality Mora Field offers.

“The test will show that our theoretical calculations agree”, says Mats Budh.

First, when tests is clear the company know if it is possible to start Commercial gas production in Dalarna. If everything goes as planned, the company hopes to be in production for 12-24 months

“At best, we be in production for 18 months. We need to raise capital, allocating technology and get concessions of the Land and Environment Court “, says Mats Budh that it plan to sell gas regionally.

Igrene implemented in April a rights issue which gave 8.1 million, it was less than what the company hoped. The money from the new issue will now fund the summer’s drilling and production tests.

“They are not enough to make environmental impact assessment, that we take in the next stage. First we have to show that there are commercial volumes “, says Mats Budh.

Does summer test disappointing Igrene go further still.

” In this case we concentrate on another area. Mora Field is part of our mining claims around the Siljan Ring “, says Mats Budh.

in January sold Mats Budh 10,000 shares and then said that he would replace the camper. Yet he has not found the Fiat Eura Mobil he is looking for.

“I’m sitting right Now in a mobile home, but it’s my old,” he says.

CEO Mats Budh is 6.8 percent of the shares second largest shareholder after Paul Storm, which owns 13.4 percent of the company. Further down on the ownership list are profiles that Mr. Waplan, former president of wrecked Northland Resources and fiddler Donald Moreus and former Boppers singer Peter Jezewski.


Data: 5000 jobs will disappear from large bank – the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet

The New York-based banking and financial company will, according to the newspaper’s information to shut down entire departments. The organizational changes are expected to lead to 5,000 jobs will disappear.

Mainly concerned JP Morgan’s consumer banking business, , but the cuts are expected across the organization. CEO Jamie Dimon earlier in a conference with investors uppget to genomsnittsavldeningen within JP Morgan will have one employee less after the reorganization.

Representatives of the bank, however, has not wanted to comment on the information in the WSJ, state news agency AP.

In February, said JP Morgan executives that they expected that the bank will shrink by 300 departments over the next two years. At the beginning of the year 5570 departments.

One of the reasons that JP Morgan cut down on his organization is that more and more of the bank’s customers choose to do their banking over the Internet and on their smartphones.


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Lizana Wallner choice: Ends with hockey – Expressen

On Thursday came the unexpected reply:

Olympics and World Cup goalkeeper Valentina Lizana Wallner choose to quit with hockey at age 25.

– I guess this is how it feels to do away with the love of her life, she writes in a chronicle of

Hockey National Team loses unexpectedly, one of his goalkeepers.

Valentina Lizana Wallner, 25 , has decided to stop playing hockey just barely two months after she was involved in playing up the island of Djurgården in the national series for next season.

In a column on tells herself about his decision and that among other things, the lack of motivation that lies behind.

– You can find new dreams and goals in life and you grow apart somehow. It was sitting deep but we have decided now. Me and hockey have chosen to go their separate ways, she writes.

Lizana Wallner has won two national championships with AIK and in Modo.

Burväktaren has played five World Championships for Sweden and was featured in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and 2014 in Sochi.

– The motivation is simply not there anymore. I know what it takes to be an elite athlete, believe me. I have fought to be the best in over 20 years. I have made my sacrifice, planned my meals and figured my sleeping hours. I have taken my personal best in all the physical tests and I have fulfilled dreams. But I have more dreams that I want to achieve. Dreams outside of the rink. And there are those I intend to deal with now, says Lizana Wallner.


New trend: Drugs that are difficult to produce – but incredibly profitable – New Technology


Biological drugs are proteins that are grown in living cells or bacteria. They have proven to be very effective against diseases such as rheumatism, various cancers and blood diseases. With fewer side effects than traditional drugs produced chemically, they have become hugely successful and profitable.

Seven of the eight medicines which last year raked in the most money in the world is biological. The peak is Humira, a drug for rheumatoid arthritis from Abbvie, which sold for SEK 110 billion. All eight sells for more than 50 billion per year. None of them come from Astra Zeneca.

The high income has two causes: the efficacy and that they are expensive and complicated to produce.

The active substances, often antibodies, produced by genetically modified mammalian or bacterial cells. To produce, extract and purify them is complicated.

– Everything is done in extremely controlled environments, and because it is about injection products, they must be completed in a cleanroom that is 100 000 times cleaner than an operating room, said Magnus Gustafsson on Cobra Biologics in Södertälje.

Cobra Biologics is one of the few Swedish manufacturer of biopharmaceuticals. At the company’s plants in Sweden and the UK produced biologics for clinical trials. Customers are between 50 and 60 pharmaceutical companies worldwide

Everything that is produced is sent to a facility in Matfors outside Sundsvall to either freeze-dried or filled in syringes and vials. All sources of pollution must be excluded because the drugs most often injected directly into the blood. It is a must because the proteins are broken down in the gastrointestinal tract.

The plant in Södertälje belonged to the former Astra Zeneca. In the early 2000s constituted the company’s burgeoning investment in biologics, but in 2009 was spun Cobra Biologics off. The company has since grown to 240 people.

AstraZeneca’s goal now is to come into the big players in biologics. These include Roche, Amgen and Pfizer. And to break into the list of the world’s most profitable drugs. The investment of one billion facility in Södertälje is a step along the way.

– It feels great to a large caps such as Astra Zeneca invests in biological production facilities in Sweden and the region, says Magnus Gustafsson.

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Volvo recalls all new XC90 – Aftonbladet

It has been hailed worldwide and sold in 35 000 copies

But now forced Volvo recall hit the car XC90.

The reason the errors that an airbag being eliminated.

“One of the world’s best cars” wrote Aftonbladet Bil Robert Collin after board 300 mil in the new XC90.

But even the sun has spots. Now forced Volvo recall all copies of the model since they discovered a security flaw.

– It was discovered a few days ago and the decision we took quickly. It requires always an investigation to find out the cause, says Stefan Elfstrom, spokesman for Volvo to Aftonbladet Bil.

Fields airbags sidelined

The error is a cable that is positioned incorrectly during the front seats and can be trapped. Something that can make side airbags will not work if there would be an accident.

– Should it happen, the driver a warning message – if it is shown as have side airbags set out of operation, said Stefan Elfström.

Therefore, Volvo is now forced to call back all delivered XC90 to check the wiring. That means 149 cars in Sweden, as well as 50 other markets. Which means that both the King and Zlatan will need to go to the workshop with their cars.

– The check is in a few minutes. Needed action it may take up to two hours. We hope it will not cause too big inconvenience for our customers, says Stefan Elfström.


Volvo recalls XC90 – airbags can be knocked out – Expressen


Volvo has detected a fault on the new SUV the XC90.

An error which risks hitting the airbags in the car.

Now revoked the Volvo XC90 to solve the problem.

The new Volvo SUV XC90 is one of the manufacturer’s most important launches ever. This model marks the start of a new era in Volvo and there is a car that can be arriving at the manufacturer’s future.

The XC90 has just started to be delivered to customers – and now Volvo has detected a potential error in the model. It is a cabling in the front seats as in some cars may have been incorrectly installed. This has been done is a risk that cable insulation is damaged, which can lead to the vehicle’s front sätens side airbags, inoperative, writes Volvo in a press release.

Sheep warning

If cars could suffer airbags who knocked out the driver immediately a warning message in the instrument panel with instructions to visit a workshop.

In Sweden, affected 149 customer cars of the action and outside Sweden more about 50 cars. Volvo Cars will now contact all affected customers by letter to ask them to visit their nearest Volvo workshop. The measure is to check and if necessary adjust the electrical wiring. Cars that have not yet reached their clients will be inspected and if necessary repaired before delivery.

No incidents or accidents related to the problem to have been reported.


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Volvo recalls 200 XC90 series – Dagens Industri

Volvo recalls 200 XC90 Series

                  2015-05-28 01:16

Volvo Cars recalls about 200 of the 2016 model of the Volvo XC90 since a mounting error connected to a cable that connects the front seat safety belts discovered.

No incidents have reported due to the defect, writes Volvo Cars in a press release, but notes that damage to the actual cable can result in side-impact airbags do not work as they should.

About 200 customers in the US and Europe are affected by the error most of which are in Sweden. The company will now contact these customers by mail and asks them to get to a workshop to have the fault rectified.

The new XC90 is the first car that Volvo has developed completely on its own since Geely became the owner in 2010.


Nevs news welcome news in Trollhättan – Today’s News





The car factory in Trollhattan has been at a standstill for a year. For the employees got the news of the new partners is therefore a very positive response. “Now we can breathe a little,” says Mikael Jofur.






The car factory in Trollhattan has been at a standstill for a year. For the employees got the news of the new partners is therefore a very positive response. “Now we can breathe a little,” says Mikael Jofur.

Nevs have only had time built a few hundred cars in Trollhättan, but then there have been regular 9-3 and not electric cars. Although this day is the giant car plant quiet and deserted. So it has been for a year.

Marcus Dahlöf is the team leader in the assembly, but it was long ago, he mounted a car.


– It is sad. We want to build the car. But there has always been a belief in the future, he said.

Before he was hired by Nevs he worked twelve years at Saab before the bankruptcy, 2011. The announcement employees were at a summit of the two Chinese partners think he feels hopeful.

– It is a starting point for new efforts, he said.

His colleague Michael Jofur, also with many years of Saab before Nevs-time, says that the data was received very positively by the employees. Since reductions in the fall is 350 employees remaining on Nevs.

– Now we can breathe a little. At the same time, it is almost hard to digest everything they say about us to become a global manufacturer, he says.

Is not there a risk that there is a castle in the air?

– No, not this time. There are too great owners involved in it.

Marcus Dahlöf has served two years on Nevs and before that twelve years at Saab Automobile. He thinks that the news of Chinese partner feels positive.






A land of fitters – Business World

All new jobs are not as important. AstraZeneca’s new factory in Södertälje is an excellent example.

“It smacks future.” The words came from Prime Minister Stephen Löfven after news that Astra Zeneca will build a new production plant for biologics in Södertälje. The investment of over 2.3 billion and from 150 to 250 skilled jobs to be created in the coming years.

Otherwise associated AstraZeneca most the Swedish Life Science -sektorns decline. The company has put two of its three research facilities in Sweden – over 2000 skilled jobs are gone.

It fueled the debate on how Sweden really stands out as a research nation in global competition. And how can the right life science not to be one of Sweden’s parade branches? It is Sweden, in all cases, the Nobel Committee, who each year decide which are the finest researchers in medicine and chemistry. And that set the agenda for which research areas are hottest.

Everyone was excited about the news of the AstraZeneca Investment last Monday, not only Stefan Löfven. The message was that if this goes well, it may be more of the same. Astra Zeneca’s plan is a program in three parts where additional pharmaceutical plant included. The entire investment is at 8 billion and could result in a total of some 1 000 jobs.

CEO Pascal Soriot promised nothing, but pointed out that the possibility exists if the conditions are right.

So how big is the chance to Sweden rowing home the whole package?

AstraZeneca’s production facilities for pharmaceutical production in Södertälje – in Snäckviken and Gärtuna – among the largest in the world. It produces ten billion pills a year.

plant in Gärtuna is also one of the most effective available, this is the Group’s new medicines in tablet form in the production.

For over a decade, Gärtunafabriken methodically trimmed production processes, step by step. All the time to be more products coming out with less efforts. AstraZeneca has learned of the large caps neighbor in Södertälje, Scania, which is probably the best in Sweden for so-called Lean product. Lean originated in the Japanese automotive group Toyota and can be summarized by a manufacturing process to constantly strive to achieve the highest quality, shortest lead time and lowest cost.

It was a weighty reason to Astra Zeneca’s management chose to add the new factory in right södermanländska Gärtuna – before Singapore, UK, USA and Ireland.

Ett another plus in the side was a campus for education and research on the production and logistics in Södertälje, at the initiative of the previous government, together with the Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Astra Zeneca and Scania. On this campus is the idea that industrial research must be conducted and show the world that the Swedish state takes responsibility for training the skilled personnel needed by industry to cope with an increasingly tough global competition.

The message seems to have got through. The Government’s commitment was emphasized especially by the CEO Pascal Soriot.

But all the joy over the news last week despite, it is a question that lingers and the rub: Where does Sweden as a knowledge nation?

Undoubtedly Södertälje is of great importance to AstraZeneca. The total of seven production plants which manufacture drugs for more than a third of the group’s sales. Export value amounts to approximately SEK 39 billion – a figure that corresponds to 3.5 percent of Sweden’s total exports of goods.

Gärtunafabriken have shown heavy competence in factory processes. Is this putting together goods and products in a super-efficient way of becoming Sweden’s new specialty? Lacking the expertise that the research-intensive companies need?

An indication of this can be read in the Business World sister publication Ny Teknik’s annual review of the approximately 40 Companies in Sweden that has the greatest research and development. The survey last year showed that the ten largest R & D employers now have more than half of their research abroad.

At the same time global investments R & D dramatically, but it is obvious that the money does not land in Sweden.

Business investment in research and development is something that governments around the world desires high. They have a high added value for the country. New innovations and products spreading new jobs in other high-value sectors, in stages both before and after the actual R & D: n, for example, marketing and service of the products. High value added in the country’s production provides high wages and high yields in the community.

For the new Astra Zeneca plant in Södertälje will no doubt require highly skilled engineers, biologists and pharmacists. But it is not R & D jobs. That’s the problem.


Business World: Buy ÅF and SJR, sales KDev and wait Oriflame – Dagens Industri

Business World: Buy ÅF and SJR, sales KDev and wait Oriflame

                  2015-05-27 08:25

 (SIX) Business World gives buy recommendation for ÅF and advises readers  rise in staffing company SJR. Karolinska Development is described  as a crisis company, and will sell recommendation while Oriflame, despite  stable outlook in Russia, the recommendation to wait with the purchase.       It is clear from the latest edition of the magazine.       The newspaper is impressed by the technical consultants ÅF what Jonas Wiström  quadrupled sales and lift the operating margin since he  took office in 2003. Also, dividends gives a positive impression. On  the downside is mentioned sadder prospect in the short term with the expected weak  Growth in the second quarter. The magazine gives buy recommendation  with a price target of SEK 135 shares.       Staffing Company SJR has lagged behind the rise in  Stockholm Stock Exchange, which provides a convenient location to get on, mean  Business World. Unlike staffing company Proffice forecast  niche  companies in the industry that SJR and Dedicare combine high  growth and good profitability. From an investment perspective lifted property  that the companies can grow without major investment, which means that the  virtually the entire annual profit can be distributed. Business World predicts that  dividends next spring should have been able to approach the 7 crowns. Today  share price has deteriorated after the weak report for the first  quarter.       "A temporary dip in our opinion, so we are happy rises  shares again, "writes the newspaper and provide a price target of 125 crowns.       Karolinska Development is in crisis and it will get worse before  it gets better, the newspaper notes. The company has since last fall  changed the CEO several times and had in the last annual report before the four  the CEOs on the payroll. After the share issue, which includes  Thai CP Group took part, the company's financial situation  improved and the current share  value indicates that the share is  undervalued. But mistrust of shares is justified reasons  The business world as "change feet" and recommends sales, with a price target  to SEK 8.10.       Oriflame has been negatively affected by the weakening of the ruble as a major  Some of the company's revenue comes from Russia and neighboring countries.  The company's earnings per share declined by over 50 percent last year  and the share price in a year fallen 15 percent. Although the situation in Russia  has stabilized in recent times is the uncertainty in the Russian economy  large and magazine gives the Council to wait with the purchase.       The business world make a few changes in his portfolio. B & amp; B Tools,  Ica and Moberg Pharma lifted out of which SIX News reported  Monday.      Anna Sundström  mailto:  www.blogg.six.seSIXNews  SIX News 


4800 the night of publicly-president’s hotel room – Dagens Industri

4800 night for publicly-president’s hotel room

                  2015-05-27 04:32

Three of the Stockholm Stock Exchange CEOs live and are registered at the hotel – and the companies will foot the bill, according to SvD.

The relatively newly appointed Eniro CEO: n Stefan Kercza staying in a hotel at the Friends Arena in Solna, near the headquarters. Meda’s CEO Jörg-Thomas Dierks staying at the hotel at Stureplan.

Keith McLoughlin, President and CEO of Electrolux, choose five star and stands since year-end written in the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, where he has a De Luxe rooms of 45 square . Regular Price: 4800 SEK night, including breakfast. Electrolux state that they received a good deal on the room.


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Saab is aiming at high altitude-billion – Vasterbotten Courier

With billions of dollars in sight form Saab is a joint venture with the US company Digital Globe.

The goal is to create a three-dimensional model with unique precision over large parts of the world based on high resolution satellite images.

– We see an opportunity that can provide several billion dollars. We will literally produce the world with unprecedented precision, says Tony Frazier, vice president at DigitalGlobe, according to Reuters.

His company and Saab forming the joint company Vricon. DigitalGlobes archive of high-quality commercial satellite images to be combined with Saab’s advanced 3D technology to create high-resolution, photo-realistic 3D products of at least one third of the world’s commercially usable surface.

Also, Saab believe that big money can be downloaded from players in defense, security and infrastructure.

“Together with the Digital Globe, we take our unique 3D technology and applies it to benefit our global customer base. At the same time we also take a further step forward towards our long term objective to grow in the United States, “writes Dan Jangblad, business area manager at Saab, in a press release.

Saab and Boeing of the US is also trying together to get an order worth about 90 billion to build new training aircraft to the US Air Force.


Telia singled out in new bribery scandal for 6 billion – Aftonbladet

This is what the examination of TT / SVT’s Mission Review and OCCRP shows:

2005, Telia Sonera’s holding company Fintur 79, 8 percent of another holding, Azertel. Partners in Azertel are Turkish Cenay Insaat by 20.2 percent. Azertel in turn owns 64.3 percent of the telecom operator Azercell in Azerbaijan. Azeri government owns the rest, 35.7 percent, in Azercell, but already in 2004 announced that it wants to sell.

2005 transmits Cenay Insaat half of its ownership to the newly Cenay Iletisim sold to two companies in Panama. These are represented by the Swiss lawyer Olivier Most Elan. He in turn drives companies with the Azerbaijani presidential daughters Leyla and Arzu Aliyeva. According to leaked US diplomatic contained Most Elan also in the regime’s inner circle.

After four years of negotiations sell Azeri state its share in 2008 to Azertel. Although independent valuations concludes that the share is worth $ 785 million selling the state $ 180 million, a discount equivalent to nearly 5 billion Swedish crowns.

On paper pay Cenay Iletisim of the purchase price through a rights issue, but the financing is apparently in the form of a loan from the TeliaSonera-controlled companies. The debt is paid off with the profit that the common business generates so Cenay Iletisim do not put a penny.

Fintur refrain conscious of preemption to the shares and erode its ownership in Azertel so that the entire state share goes to Cenay Iletisim. After the privatization, Fintur owns 51.3 percent, Cenay Iletisim 42.2 percent and Cenay Insaat 6.5 percent in Azertel and Azercell.

2011 takes the Malta-registered FA Invest over Cenay Insaat. It is represented by a person with the same name as one of President Ilham Aliyev’s bodyguards. Companies with ties to the presidential family owns its 48.7 percent of Azercell.

Cenay Iletisim, with ties to the presidential daughters, has received dividends of approximately SEK 2 billion and has a put option indefinitely. It gives the company the right to be bought out by TeliaSonera, and then at the market. In TeliaSonera’s Annual Report for 2014 valued the option to SEK 6.8 billion.

If you stick to the percentage privatized (35.7 percent) and counting on dividends and option value on the basis of the share and deducts the $ 180 million plus interest Cenay Iletisim borrow for the purchase, the value amounts of the suspected bribe totaling to over 6 billion only in connection with the privatization. FA Invest has also received dividends of about SEK 145 million since it came into play in 2011.

Source: Annual Reports from Fintur (Netherlands) 2004- 13, TeliaSonera (Sweden) 2004-14, Q1 2015 Annual Documents Azertel, Cenay Ilitisim, Cenay Insaat, Cenay Group and Turkcell (all Turkey), Colville Group and Dilsan Invest (both Panama), FA Invest (Malta). Internal documentation from TeliaSonera (via the sources), such as board meetings, reports and e-mail. Oral sources.


Here, entrepreneurs are most satisfied in Jönköping County – Swedish Radio

1 400 entrepreneurs and 350 politicians have had their say about the corporate climate of the county’s municipalities.

The best review gets Mullingar, while entrepreneurs in Tranas are least satisfied with the business environment in their community. It shows the survey which Swedish industry let entrepreneurs and politicians rate the business climate in the county’s municipalities.

About half of the municipalities have a better opinion than previously, while the rest have a slightly negative trend. Jönköping Gnosjö are the municipalities where it comes to rest.

The entrepreneurs are most dissatisfied with the investigation is how the local procurement functions.

Swedish industry also notes that politicians questioned have a much more positive picture of the business environment in their community than what businesses have.


Löfven held “school choice” in the Children’s Channel – Dagens Industri

Updated 2015-05-26 10:41. Published 2015-05-26 09:40

There was no dance with cow Doris, like its predecessor, Göran Persson. But Prime Minister Stephen Löfven (S) still did their best to answer Hosted by Doreen Månsson’s questions during his appearance in SVT’s morning show in the Children’s Channel on Tuesday morning.

The two discussed including what the word “democracy” means and practiced dressing in the morning.

Stefan Löfven also talked candidly about how it felt to grow up as a foster child and to reunite with his biological mother when he was 18 or 19 years.

The highlight however was it ” school choice “as the Prime Minister agreed with the viewers. The children were then asked what they would most like to improve the school. The options were “better schoolyard”, “more adult” and “better food” and the young audience voted via the SVT website.

At least interested were viewers a better schoolyard. The “more adult” ended up in second place. But “better food” emerged victorious from the battle with the entire 23,679 votes.

Some concrete promises changed school meals, it was not the prime minister.

“Food is important. As we know it,” noted Löfven.

The Prime Minister added also that he “works for the school to get more resources,” and that these can be used for various types of improvements.

The Prime Minister denied is also a question that ever sleep on the job.

“But sometimes it long working days and then I can put myself in an armchair and rest five minutes, “said Stefan Löfven.

He also told that he has no special time when he has to go to in the evenings but may be up “quite some time”.

It was during election campaign in 2002 that the former S leader Goran Persson visited Bolibompa. During this performance danced and sang with cow Doris.


Export Boom for small businesses – Helsingborgs Dagblad

– It is so gratifying to see that small businesses dare to take the leap and invest in these new markets, says Carl-Johan Karlsson also believes that many of the smaller companies run by a “new” kind of entrepreneurs.

– Younger entrepreneurs are “born global”, they do not have the same respect for the slightly more unusual markets. Earlier might be dared to export to France or Germany. Now you will find their customers in maybe Thailand or North Africa or Brazil; you dare to take the step right out, says Carl-Johan Karlsson.

The greatest was increase among the smallest, so-called micro-enterprises with fewer than ten employees. In this category, the number of companies that export to emerging countries by 18 percent.

A total exported micro and small enterprises to emerging markets for SEK 21.8 billion in 2014. From a national perspective, it is only a fraction of the total Swedish exports. But Carl Johan Karlsson considers that small business ventures are important.

– It means a lot for Swedish exports of small businesses willing to invest in markets with high growth potential. They have good chances in the long term grow really big, says Carl-Johan Karlsson.