Friday, September 30, 2016

Reduced bankoro lifted Wall Street – Svenska Dagbladet

the crisis-ridden Deutsche Bank’s U.S.-listed shares rose by 14 per cent.

Although american banks rose. Bank of America and Citigroup rose more than 3 percent, Goldman Sachs went up 1.5% and JP Morgan rose 1.4 per cent.

Eight of the eleven major sectors showed plus on Wall Street. for example, step energiaktierna by 1.7 per cent

the Dow Jones industrial index rose 0.9% while both the Nasdaq kompositindex and the S&P 500 lifted 0.8 per cent.


Large differences in elnätsavgifter – Aftonbladet

Here are the municipalities with the highest and lowest elnätsavgifter.

A new survey from the villa owners shows that Ellevios networks in Värmland and the surrounding area are the most expensive in the country.

Where the pay of an ordinary buildings 12 700 sek per year – almost 8 000 sek more than in Ljungby.

According to the elnätsbolagen depends on high prices, among other things, on the necessary investment.

the price Differences between the giants Ellevio and Waterfalls and other elnätsbolag is great, shows Villaägarnas review.

And the larger they become – since 2010, Ellevio and Waterfalls raised elnätsavgifterna for a standard small house owners with 38 per cent. During the same period, the rest of the network companies raised the fees by 16 per cent.

– The largest companies have the highest prices, at the same time, it is they who have raised the most. The gap between them and the local monopolies are increasing all the time but it should be the other way around, ” says Anna Werner, socio-political analyst at Villaägarnas association.

Require higher return

The two biggies are an average of 3 300 sek more expensive per year compared with the rest of the network company. To compare with 2010, when the Ellevio (then called Fortum) and the Waterfalls in the average was 1 300 sek more expensive.

– Despite the fact that the big companies have economies of scale, they are often more expensive for the customers, as their owners require a higher return, ” says Jakob Eliasson, socio-political head at the Villaägarnas association.

The most expensive mains are Ellevios Western Svealand, which costs 12 656 per year for ordinary buildings.

It is 7 914 sek more expensive than its cheapest network – Ljungby energy Networks – with a cost of 4 742 per year for ordinary buildings.

– It is a small local monopolies, and, in general, it is they who is the cheapest, ” says Anna Werner on the Villaägarnas association. SEE ALSO TV: "Can put almost whatever price they want"

High profits, low risk

The most expensive and the cheapest online is the same as last year. Since then it has Ellevio raised its price further. Now requires Villaaägarna that the government is acting for a fairer price regulation.

– The lack of a proper consumer protection, because price regulation in the market for electricity distribution have broken down. Elnätsbolagens high profits are not proportionate to the low risk they take. Villa owners demands that the government instructs the Swedish energy market inspectorate to design a reasonable pricing model and a functional consumer protection, ” says Jakob Eliasson.

Get customers that share a lot of network"

Jonathan Björck, press officer at Ellevio, explains storbolagens higher prices with a large part of their market consists of landsbygdsnät.

– We have a network where there are few customers who are sharing the very network. Looking at our most expensive price range, which is called the Western Svealand-Sweden, we have 183 metres management per customer. We are looking, in Stockholm, sweden, we have 25 meter grids per customer, “he says and continues:

” we are Looking at the municipal companies, they have somewhere between 30 and 60 meters management per customer. Where there is a big difference in what you have for expenses.

Jonathan Björck points out that all companies are subject to the same terms and conditions.

After a legal dispute between elnätsbolagen and the authority the Swedish energy market inspectorate and the supreme administrative court of state in march last year that the companies have the right to charge higher fees. The effect can now be seen.

the Dispute meant that we could not do what we should during the earlier period, we did not know which frames we had to deal with. It meant that we had to move with us the underintäkten in this period. We’ve got a bigger space to take out the fees, it is also the same for all companies.

Even Michael Björnér, head of communications for Vattenfall’s electricity distribution, stresses that a large part of the company’s electricity network is located in rural areas.

” Our electricity grid is the equivalent of three times around the earth. It is the principal explanation for the difference in price, that we have more cable length per customer to maintain and improve than many of the smaller elnätsbolagen, ” he says.

further increases

Further price increases are expected in the coming years.

” We are facing perhaps the biggest investeringspuckeln in all of the country’s electricity grid. Today’s grid is old and needs to be replaced. In order to cope with the investments, we must raise prices, ” says Jonathan Björck. SEE ALSO LEADER – EVA FRANCHELL: Baylan inherited the electricity market from hell (oct 2015)

According to Mikael Björnér used avgifthöjningarna used to improve the power grid. Vattenfall invests, for example, two and a half billion on the power grid in northern Sweden until 2020.

“we do This to reduce the number of interruptions and the length of the interruption,” he says and adds:

– Many paints us an ugly fish with the power grid market consists of a monopoly – and that we then increase the fees. But many of our customers have many and long interruptions. We want to change that, we have an extensive electricity grid and so much to entertain, which means we have to raise prices.

Mikael Björnér also mentions the growing population and in-migration to the metropolitan regions as a reason.

” We must renew and increase the capacity of the electricity grid. Large parts of the electricity grid is old and needs to be renewed. We are modernizing the electric grid with new technologies that make us faster can remedy the outage.


Tomas Lundin: Deutsches attack calms not nervous market – Svenska Dagbladet

John Cryan, chief executive of Deutsche Bank. Photo: Michael Probst/AP

BONN We’ve heard it all before. "Too big to fail". When it comes to Deutsche Bank, it is probably true. Go the Deutsche Bank during so many will be drawn into the abyss. No other bank in Germany – and hardly even in Europe – is so strongly intertwined with the finance companies around the world and so heavily involved in the risky derivatives trading.

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Findus slide on closure at the Bjuv – Today’s News

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Deutsche Bank: Settlement at the time – the stock rises steep – Private Business

Deutsche Bank share price rises sharply on the news. In Frankfurt, the stock is up nearly 6 percent.

Information about a settlement in the same order of magnitude were circulating earlier in the Friday on the market.

the U.S. official förlikningsbud low prior to this at 14 billion dollars.

According to Bloomberg News declines, the spokespersons of both the German government and Deutsche Bank to comment on the data for the news agency.

After having closed on the plus just over 6 per cent in Frankfurt on Friday, Deutsche Bank that traded up in New York city. At 18 utc was the ADR instrument up approximately 12 per cent.


Strengthened the national police, but participation and local policing must … – Mynewsdesk (press release)

Statskontoret’s evaluation shows that important elements of the reorganisation of the police has been carried out. The police have, inter alia, laid the foundations for the creation of a national police organization. In the long term, achieve the objectives of the reform remains, however, several difficult challenges, and the employees need a higher degree to be involved in the change process. Another priority is to strengthen local policing.

so Far, Police authorities in work to implement the reform focused on increasing the coherence and strengthening of the national structure of the authority. It has, among other things, led to improved co-ordination across the region – and områdesgränser and that resources can be used more flexibly.

“the Reorganization of the police is a massive change, where the national structure of the authority is now starting to come on the spot. In further work, it is important to put a greater focus on the employees so that they become more involved in the change process”, says Swedish director-general Ingvar Mattson.

Communication and interaction needs a fresh start
the Involvement of employees is a prerequisite in the long term, achieve the objectives of the reform. It has taken longer than expected for the Police to set up the ordinary heads far out in the organization. It has led, among other things, that the communication about the changes has become difficult. A consequence of this is that there is a gap between what managers and employees expect of the reform, and how they perceive the outcome to date. The treasury estimates that myndighetsledningen continue to need to communicate and anchor the change process better. Now when chefspositionerna is manned throughout the organization, there are the conditions for a relaunch.

Strengthen local policing,
One of the objectives of the reform is a more accessible police closer to the citizens. The police department has a priority goal that more than half of the resources in the regions should be in the lokalpolisområdena. The treasury estimates that local policing will continue to need to be strengthened. In particular, it is important to start from the needs of the core business and to lokalpolisområdena be given the opportunity to work long-term with continuous resources.

publication the Conversion to a unified police department. Interim report 1 on the implementation.

Johan Sørensson, general counsel, state Treasury, tel. 08-454 47 78, e-mail

Treasury evaluates the transformation of the police on behalf of the government. The evaluation includes the extent to which the conversion has created better conditions for an improved performance and a higher quality of police work. The second interim report shall be reported to the government by 1 October 2017 and final report by 1 October 2018.

the state Treasury – the authority for the effective management of the state
We are experts in management, governance and organisation as well as helping to streamline and improve government operations by analysis and evaluation. The state treasury to make investigations in all sectors on behalf of the government.


The differences in the elnätsavgifter is large, according to a new compilation. – Västerbottens Folkblad

News. There are major differences in the elnätsavgifterna in the north, according to a fresh compilation.

Bjurholm are the most expensive

Local Elnätsavgift, 2016 (sek)
Bjurholm – 11 949
Nordmaling - 11 949
Sorsele - 11 949
Storuman – 11 949
Vilhelmina - 11 949
Friends - 11 949
Dorotea 9 450
Lycksele 8 263
rural district 8 263
Norsjö 8 263
Robertsfors 8 263
Skellefteå 8 263
Vindeln 8 263
Umeå, sweden 6 472

Vattenfall’s network has the county’s highest elnätsavgifter. Where to pay a homeowner more than 11 900 sek a year in elnätsavgift. It is 5 sek 400 more than in Umeå, where the county’s lowest elnätsavgift can be found. It shows a new survey from the Villaägarnas Association.

In recent years, elnätsavgifterna increased considerably. In Vattenfallkommunerna, they have risen by 47% in six years for Villaägarnas typhushåll. The affected municipalities are Bjurholm, Nordmaling, Sorsele, Storuman, Vilhelmina and Vännäs.

– It is the absence of a working price control that enables the monopolists can continue to improve and make big profits on weak consumers ‘expense,” says Jakob Eliasson, socio-political head at the Villaägarnas Association.

the Big company is expensive

The investigation has shown that it is primarily the largest elnätbolagen who charge high fees to their subscribers.

– Elnätbolagen can take out the profits that are not proportionate to the low risk they take. The government should swiftly give a mandate to the Swedish energy market inspectorate to strengthen price regulation and client protection, ” says Jakob Eliasson.

the Country’s highest elnätkostnader have those who belong to the Ellevios (f.d. Fortum’s network in the West of Svealand (Eda, Forshaga, Grums, Gullspång, Hagfors, Hammarö, Hällefors, Wedge, Laxå, Lekeberg, Ljusnarsberg, Munkfors, Storfors, Sunne and Torsby). Where was elnätsavgiften for the studied typhushållet 12 700 sek, compared with 4 700 sek in Ljungby where elnätbolaget called Ljungby energy Networks. The difference is close to 8 000 sek per year.


Volvo is recalling 127 000 cars – Sveriges Radio

Volvo is recalling almost 44,000 cars in the united states due to a suspected fault with the air conditioning. A total of 127 000 in the entire world, according to the AP.

– in The case of 6 400 cars in Sweden, ” says Catherine Adamson, director of corporate communications at Volvo Cars.

Studies shown that a drain hose to the air conditioner may be incorrectly attached. No accidents have occurred.

– If the error occurs, it can lead to moisture inside the car, which, in turn, can lead to functional problems in the air conditioner. In a longer perspective, can it affect other electrical systems, such as airbags, ” she says.

Återkallningen case car models XC90 (2016 and 2017) and the S90. But the errors are not on all of the current cars.

Concerned Volvoägare will be contacted, but are also encouraged to contact the nearest authorized Volvohandlaren.


The leading petrol companies screws before the weekend up the prices of fuel. – Today’s News

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Cevian is reported to buy Ericsson shares, the Business community

There is information that the aktivistfonden Cevian, with Christer Gardell, in the vanguard, have started to buy shares in Ericsson. It writes the Dagens Industri on Friday’s at the same time as the newspaper underlines that the data is not confirmed from multiple sources.

the Newspaper also reminds that Christer Gardell recently said to the Svenska Dagbladet Näringsliv that Cevian had counted on Ericsson but come to the conclusion that the risk was too high despite the low rate.

In a separate article, writes Dagens Industri that the Swedish government has called on the management for Ericsson to clear to declare that it sees a future in Sweden. Näringslivsminister Mikael Damberg want the frågtecken incurred straightened out, ” he says to the newspaper.


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Volvo is recalling 127 000 brand new cars the world over. – Aftonbladet

Volvo is recalling 127 000 brand new cars the world over.

the Reason is that the air conditioning is leaking into the water which makes the vehicles ‘ airbags may not function properly.

– in The case of 6 400 cars in Sweden, ” says Catherine Adamson, director of corporate communications at Volvo Cars.

the Cars being recalled are the models XC90, S90 and V90.

the Error is caused by a felinstallerad hose. The moisture that occurs can make the airbag is prevented from being triggered in a crash.

– A drain hose connected to the air conditioner is possibly not mounted correctly. The purpose of the hose is to lead the condensation and water out from the air conditioner. If the error occurs, it can lead to moisture inside the car, which in turn can lead to performance issues in AC:n and a longer-term perspective affect other electrical systems, ” says Catherine Adamson, director of corporate communications at Volvo Cars.

According to the AP revoked 127 000 cars worldwide, 44 000 of them in the united states, but the problems are also in they wanted Swedish cars of the same models.

– It will also apply to the Swedish market. It is about 6 400 cars in Sweden. It comes to S and V90 and also the XC90, ” says Catherine Adamson.

the Cars belong to modellåren 2016 and 2017.

Återkallningen is optional.

– We will shortly contact all affected customers, who are invited to contact their nearest authorized Volvo dealer for repairs completely free of charge, ” says Catherine Adamson.

No accidents or injuries have not been reported in association with the error, writes the AP.

– This is a consistent quality and säkerhetsförbättringsarbete from our side that we are working with this type of charge-backs, ” says Catherine Adamson.


Hemsö purchases of Nacka municipality – Östgöta Correspondenten

the Newspaper Östgöta Correspondenten was founded in 1838 by Henry Bernhard Palmaer. Since then much has happened. The magazine, which is now published both on paper and digitally, has been joined by a range of channels and has evolved into a media company. Including Östgöta Correspondenten, Corren.see, 24Corren, mobile.corren.see and the More it is in the newspaper publisher Corren Östergötlands largest news aggregators. The company is part of the group NTM AB

publisher Responsible for corren.see: Nils Olauson
Stf responsible publisher and chief news editor for corren.see: Maria Kustvik
TV-chef: Lina Nordanslätt


Hemsö miljardförvärvar in Stockholm – the world of Business

the real estate company Hemsö acquired a portfolio of so far, the council-owned properties in the stockholm suburb of Nacka, in an investment totalling approximately sek 1.5 billion. It is clear from a press release.

The portfolio includes three primary schools, ten kindergartens, two places and an ice rink. The main tenant will be the municipality of Nacka, and the rent of the stock is estimated at just over sek 70 million per year.

the Value of property, excluding transaction costs amounts to eur 612 million. In cooperation with the municipality of Nacka will the properties be renovated, converted and for 775-900 million in order to meet the municipality’s vision.

Hemsö is privately owned, but owned 15% of Sagax (the rest is owned by the Third Swedish national pension fund). Among the listed real estate companies with a presence in Nacka is, above all, Atrium Ljungberg with office and retail properties, but also Oscar Properties with residential projects.


Defeat for the company behind Zlatan app – Göteborgs-Posten

Photo: Bildbyrån

Football the United Influencers (formerly known as Mikz) which, among other things, is behind the “Zlatan Unplugged” bleed financially, and have, according to the newspaper Resumé made a loss of 300 million since its inception.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic chose for more than two years ago to begin to express itself in the app “Zlatan Unplugged”, which is a part of the app that the company Uinted Influencers (formerly Mikz).

in Addition to Zlatan, there are also other well-known personalities like Mikael Persbrandt, Blondinbella and also Lionel Messi.

But the app has been far from a financial success. Magazine, Resumé writing to the company since its inception, has gone with the entire 300 million in the loss.

In a comment says businessman Dan Olofsson, who is one of those that injected money into the company, that the result depends on the that they invested in the company and that it is hoped that in the long run should give a positive result.

In the end of the financial year had a turnover of United Influencers a crown.


Spotify reportedly wanting to buy Soundcloud …

Spotify is reported to be in advanced talks to acquire Soundcloud, in order to better meet the increased competition from Apple’s existing streaming music. It writes the Financial Times on Wednesday night, with reference to the sources.

Among the investors in the Soundcloud can be found Twitter, which last summer bought in the Swedish musikplattformen.

In september reached a Spotify 40 million paying subscribers, Apple Music is located at 17 million. Soundcloud has recently launched a payment service for streaming music.

Spotify declined to comment on the data, Soundclod could not be reached.


Sony Mobile is considering to leave the Lund and move to the Point Hyllie.

Now, it seems that the company have long past plans to leave Lund completely. One option under discussion is the new, skyskrapehöga, this means the Point Hyllie will be completed in 2019, according to the Swedish Radio.

From the company’s hold to neither confirm or deny the flyttplanerna. According to radio sources, the company must, among other things, is concerned about how upcoming construction plans – including the planned light-rail – affect, and possibly interfere with their activities.

in Addition, are the current premises too big for the cutbacks that have occurred in recent years.
– My only comment is to always hold on to "reviewa" where we should be. It is a normal process we have with our landlord. We always look for interesting alternatives, ” says Sony Mobile’s Swedish head of communications, Kajsa Pettersson, P4 Malmöhus.

the Data is commented on by Anders Almgren (S), chairman of the city executive board in Lund, sweden.
– What we do know is that the Sony is a smaller organization today, on the basis of the decision taken, and then looks at his lokalsituation, he says to P4.

the Company is of the utmost importance for Lund, ” says Almgren.
– Sony means very much to Lund, and we still believe that Lund is the best place for the company to continue to develop.

the Opposition councillor Christer Wallin (M) mean that the municipality is – if Sony is considering to leave the city – need to ask themselves the question of what has gone wrong.
– It would be the closest to malpractice if we did not investigate what lies behind, he says to P4 Malmöhus.

a decision in the matter has not been taken.
– We do not want to take a position, Lund is a very important city, but it is the whole region. We have employees in both Lund and Malmö, there are two important cities in a expansive region, ” says Kajsa Pettersson.

TEXT: Eskil Fagerström


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Air Berlin is doing away with half of the plan – the Express newspaper

Airberlin is facing a major austerity packages in which about half of the fleet is to be removed. This is according to sources to the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Airberlin, Germany’s second largest airline, will also reduce the workforce greatly. The near future is expected to lay off about 1,000 of its 8 600 employees on termination of employment.

tougher competition, and the considerable delays that surrounded the completion of Berlin’s new airport given as the reasons, according to TT.

From Sweden flying Airberlin from Stockholm Arlanda and Landvetter in Gothenburg.

Since the ipo in 2006, Airberlin only the profit made on one occasion.

Source: travelnews.see


• Sara got obehagligaste stolsgrannen on the flight

• the Best place on the flight – after your desires.

• 13 ways to avoid getting sick on the flight


Ericssonuppsagda can get miljonstöd from the EU – Svenska Dagbladet

Foto: Magnus Hjalmarson Neideman

the funds will from the EU’s globalisation fund (EGF) and assumes that the Swedish government contributes 40 per cent of the costs of the actions financed within the framework of the project.

the employment service has with money from the government already false start. A hundred financial decisions within the framework of the project is decided so far, according to Matz Wahlin, project manager at Swedish public employment service.

– There are already people that are out in the efforts. We have been operating in the project since march, ” says Wahlin.

EGF-participation open for the extraordinary effort beyond that normally offered by the public employment service. For example, it deals to quickly obtain the adult education and vocational training or support at the level of a cash during the university studies during the project period 2016-2018.

– You can go in at an earlier stage and with other efforts, ” says Wahlin.

the EU parliament would, according to the first indications have already decided on the Ericsson project at the end of August. But the case has dragged on for some time under treatment in the EU-commission.

Wahlin, however, anticipate cold with EGF money. Of the approximately 300 applications for the EGF projects from different EU-countries, which since 2007 has dealt with in the EU parliament is just a project that has not been given the green light.

The 40 million will help, however, not the thousands of Ericsson employees under the medieuppgifter liable to be terminated by Ericsson in the future in the not yet published nedskärningsplaner.

For similar support for them, a new initiative from the Arbetsmarknadsdepartementets page.

– We do it here at the mission in that case, ” says Wahlin.


High fees annoys Gardell: Not value for money – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

Christer Gardell join in the criticism of ABB’s board of directors. But he makes the counter-thrust from the storägaren Investor. Photo: Yvonne Åsell, Magnus Hjalmarson Neideman

… previous been able to tell you the amount of compensation is to ABB’s board of directors is the highest among the listed companies in Sweden. But even in a comparison of large european companies active in the same sectors as in the ABB, then the company’s remuneration out of the high.

– the higher The fees, the higher the requirements on performance. With the ABB lagged behind the competition course – and the results have not the shareholders get value for money so far, ” says Christer Gardell.

overall, companies today cannot afford to stick with elefantkyrkogårdar, where members year after year are allowed to remain.

During last year was paid a total equivalent to 32 million to 10 members. Most went to the chair which got more than 10 million. The remuneration of ABB’s chairman amount to more than 10 million per year, the chairman of the board since a year back is Peter Voser. The cost of ABB’s board of directors is also expected to rise sharply this year.

– generally, see ABB’s fees high. With a larger board it becomes more expensive for shareholders, ” says Gardell.

ABB’s largest shareholder, Investor, do not share the criticism.

– English directors ‘ fees are below the average in Europe, while it is well known that the fees for swiss listed companies is substantially above the european average, says Stefan Stern, head of communications at Investor.

According to Stefan Stern the Investor has backed and voted for the level that now apply to ABB’s board of directors. Right now, there is a maktstrid between the largest shareholders Investor with 10.5 per cent of the company and Cevian, which owns close to 6 percent. Cevian would like to see a separately list the Power Grids. A plan that does not seem to get support from the Investor.

“We can never assume structural changes in the companies we go into, but it is clear that it often becomes crucial if our investment goes from being good to be amazing,” said Christer Gardell to SvD in an interview published in the beginning of september.

In the same interview revealed Christer Gardell to ABB’s market capitalization of 415 billion, in principle, needed to be doubled to Cevian to achieve its investment objectives. A spin-off and separate listing of the Power Grids (which accounts for almost a third of the entire ABB) would be able to provide almost 8 per cent in capital appreciation, according to their own evaluation as Cevian done. The same evaluation assesses the cumulative effects of a breakdown at around 30%.

the Fees of ABB’s board of directors will now become a bone of contention. The board of directors can be even more expensive. During the spring general meeting elected four new members, but only one resigned. It means that the company’s board of directors grew by nearly 40 percent, from 8 members to 11. In average, was a regular member during the last year a compensation of over 3 million. Which indicates a total annual cost of ABB’s board of directors on over 40 million. Now warns: nordnet’s sparekonom Joakom Bornold to the board of directors is threatening to become a "elefantkyrkogård".

– If you need new skills, the nominating committee also hold for the quality of the entire board of directors. Overall, companies today cannot afford to stick with elefantkyrkogårdar, where members year after year are allowed to remain as some kind of reward for long and faithful services, ” says Joakim Bornold.

member, the longest in its place of ABB’s board of directors Jacob Wallenberg. He was elected in 1999, seventeen years ago as a representative of the storägaren Investor.


ZF will not raise the bid on the Haldex – Swedish Radio

We do not want to have a long period of uncertainty because it is bad for the Haldex. We stop on our bid of 120 sek, says ZF’s ceo, Stefan Sommer, and adds that the acceptance period on Monday, October 3 will not be extended.

this despite the fact that their German competitors are Knorr-Bremse submitted a bid of sek 125 per share.

the Battle could thus be seen as lost of ZF if it were not for the fact that the Haldex board of directors recommended the lower bid from ZF. And on Monday joined the Swedish shareholders out and declared that they also support the bid.

It may seem strange, but the argument is that ZF’s bid to be seen as safer because it has the competition commission’s approval.

Knorr-Bremse claim on their page that the company has a clear plan for how an approval process would be able to go to, but that the Haldex is not given the company the opportunity to present this.

Dagens industri, which refers to the ägartjänsten Holdings owns the ZF in the present 21.2 per cent of the shares in Haldex while Knorr-Bremse is sitting at 14.9 per cent. If not ZF holds at least half of the shares on Monday will pull out of the deal.

– 50 percent is a requirement. Otherwise, we stop at the stake we have, and then find a fair settlement with the other shareholder, ” says Stefan Sommer.


ZF on the Haldex-the battle: ”Our last and final bids” – Svenska Dagbladet

The German company, ZF wants to buy the Haldex. Photo: Winfried Rothermel/AP

control over more than 50 per cent of the shares and an exit within a week. So see the terms and conditions to buy the Haldex from the German company ZF. The latest bid at sek 120 per share is a fair price but now you will not raise more, they announced the ZF-ceo on Wednesday.

We want to keep the period of uncertainty as short as possible, therefore we will not raise our bid.

– It is our last and final bid, ” said Stefan Sommer, at a press conference in Stockholm.

the ZF says that their bid, which for the moment is below the share price, is better than the competitor Knorr-Bremses of 125 sek. The reason, says the company, is that they already have the approval from the competition authorities and can offer a secure and fast transaction.

” We are also willing to invest sek 5 billion in this company, we see it as a "perfect match". But we want to keep the period of uncertainty as short as possible, therefore we will not raise our bid, ” said Stefan Sommer.

He argues that the uncertainty risks damaging the company. But so far, ZF only just got the yes from just over a fifth of the shareholders, through the message that it will not raise their bid, they now want to put pressure on the other owners.

If you do not have a majority in the company, there are several other options for the ZF. But whether the management would accept the bid of sek 125 per share from the competitor, Knorr-Bremse, who is wanted Stefan Sommer’t talk about.

“We do not discuss it without the need to talk with Knorr-Bremse first,” said Stefan Sommer.

You have not looked at the ability to share Haldex between them, but Stefan Sommer does not rule out the possibility.

” We are open to discuss all solutions for the company, but we do not want to end up in a situation that blocks the Haldex development.

The latest bid from ZF highly recommended from both the Swedish shareholders as the Haldex board of directors.

the Travel Industry is looking for representatives of Knorr-Bremse for a comment.


Birgitta Forsberg: of Course, Merkel to rescue Deutsche Bank if it is needed – Today’s News

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Then: Spotify’s board of directors have 100 % men Now: Spotify’s board of directors have 100 % of the men – the Week’s Business

With its latest recruitment takes Spotify a step further in video content, but a step away from equality.

Swedish musikstreamingtjänsten Spotify has given a seat on the board to Ted Sarandos, innehållschef on Netflix.

According to the tekniksajten Recode suggest the appointment of Ted Sarandos on to Spotify to take a step further towards the videosegmentet. It börsaktuella the company has since half a year back started posting some video clips from tv networks such as Comedy Central on their mobile app, and now by their own originalvideos.

With Ted Sarandos of the board of directors hopes to become even better in the video, especially considering that Netflix-the manager negotiates all of the company’s agreements with film studios and television networks.

Spotify’s chief financial officer Barry McCarthy, with the previous background on Netflix, joined also initially as a member of the board. He left the role last year, when he was appointed to the company’s chief financial officer.

in Addition to McCarthy and Sarandos sitting since before the founders Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon as well as Napster-founder Sean Parker and Pär-Jörgen Pärson at the investment company Northzone in Spotify’s board of directors.

Daniel Ek has previously stated that gender equality is a critical business issue.

“Women are half of our target audience, then it can’t just be men that work with the product. We need to get a more even distribution, not least on the leading entries in our organization,” he said in an interview with Breakit last year.

In the interview recognises the Ek to Spotify needs to improve when it comes to the gender distribution in the board of directors.

“All we techbolag is very poor in this area, so it is quite simple. We need to raise us much, much more,” he says.

a year and A half later, however, it has not happened anything, but Spotify continues to fill up with men in the board of directors.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tax examining Airbnb-rental – Today’s News

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The tax review nätuthyrare – Helsingborgs Dagblad


the Tax examines the Airbnb-rental company. Arkivbild.Image: Bebeto Matthews/AP/TT

the Swedish Tax agency checks people who are renting out their homes via the online service Airbnb, says multiple media.

For some people, it may mean that tens of thousands of dollars more in tax must be paid. Those who rented out more than 50 000 kroner or more than 16 weeks may also be required to pay vat, according to the Echo.

– There is an ongoing control system which includes a large number of people. We can currently not go into how we selected the persons to be examined, ” says Tim Source, rikssamordnare at the Swedish Tax agency, to Dagens Industri.

the investigation is part of a mandate from the government, where you look at the so-called delningsekonomin. In the past, riders of the now defunct taxitjänsten Uberpop has been in the spotlight.