Monday, February 6, 2017

Comment: the Hexagon will have a place in the portfolio – Private Business

the Last time we wrote about Hexagon here on the site, it was on the trading price after the detention of the president and ceo Ola Rollén in Norway. The shares fell sharply down to 300 $ the most and many small investors took the opportunity to buy more or buy-in at all in a company that even been regarded as expensive.

And Private Business stated that this was absolutely right because the Hexagon is greater than the Ola Rollén and a significant stock market fall is perfect for it to be a glorious bottom fishing. And so right we were – from the bottom of the fall has risen by 17 percent and has approached the kursrekord that were set earlier in the autumn.

the financial Statements renders the company less recoil because both revenues and earnings coming in slightly below expectation. Above all, it is oil – and gassegmentet where there are parts that do not deliver by the low oil prices in 2016, hit the entire sector.

Ola Rollén believe, however, that we are near the bottom of the part of the business – and that in due time turn up again. But in order to ensure that the high profitability can continue being launched now a kostnadsprogram already in the year will give back a large part of the costs of the program and the next year will involve 40 million in reduced expenses.

Other parts of the group goes good or very good profitability and total way is at a record high of 25 percent in operating margin. The company also received boost on the course in the last week with the acquisition of the 7 billion of us MSC to give the Hexagon a key role in the increasingly connected industrial society.

Therefore, are also being recruited to the kicked-the head of Ericsson Hans Vestberg as vice-president of the management board as the telecom will be an important part of Hexagon’s future business.

the Hexagon slightly worse numbers on the rows for the sales and profit are lined, therefore, of the acquisition and the decision to strengthen the company for the future – in the long run, this will likely affect the course more than a few percent here or there during the analysts ‘ expectations.

the Company’s utdelningshistorik is impressive then the Hexagon actually has almost doubled their dividend in the last four years. Now raise the company dividend more than expected by 12% to eur 0.48 (eur 4,54 usd) – and it also sends a signal. Growth will continue with high profitability, for the shareholders it means a peace of mind that the Hexagon is hosting a site portfolio. Now is in and for the Hexagon is not particularly cheap again, but smaller recoils, can very well be used to buy one of the market’s finest high-growth companies.


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