Saturday, February 4, 2017

The trend for villas on the hot housing market.


Swedish villautbudet turned sharply upwards in January, which could mean a reversal of the trend in the housing market, according to Hemnet. At the same time, rising prices on the Swedish housing market in the wake of an “extremely low range”, according to a new mäklarstatistik.

Villautbudet increased in January, but according to Fastighetsbyrån latest mäklarpanel it is still the seller’s market. Arkivbild.Image: PONTUS LUNDAHL / TT

in The last month more and more villas come on the market. In total, the villautbudet in January by 16 percent compared with the year before.

As the most of increased supply in the Stockholm and Västra Götaland county with 12 percent, while Malmö, the county figures were lifted by 11 per cent, according to the bostadssajten.

But according to Fastighetsbyrån latest mäklarpanel it is still seller’s market, especially when it comes to condominiums.

Speaking to the whole empire fell, the number of new condominiums with minus 2 per cent. The greatest decline was seen in the Västra Götaland county with minus 7 per cent, followed by Malmö and Stockholm county at minus 6 or minus 3 percent.

The falling supply of condominiums contributed to raise prices. At the same time has amorteringskravet created a låsningseffekt on the market.

as the politicians are talking about reduced taxes and removed the upphovstak, there is continued risk for incarceration pending the completion of concrete action, writes Soliditet.

According to the hundreds of brokers is newly renovated homes with central location the most attractive items on the market for 2017. This year is also expected to enplansvillor and bostadsrättsradhus increase in popularity.

Mäklarpanelens survey was conducted during January and 462 of about 1 000 surveyed brokers across the country, said.


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