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Party for nischbankerna – loans without security rushing – Svenska Dagbladet

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It is becoming increasingly more common to find unsecured loans – loans without such as a dwelling house – in Sweden. During the whole of last year, the growth rate of consumer loans, in principle, the month-to-month. In december 2015, growth rates were 3.7 per cent and in January 2016, it had fallen to 3.2 per cent. But in december, the figure increased to 5.8 per cent, recent statistics from statistics SWEDEN. And at the same time that more people want to borrow, so seem to constantly new creditors show up.

“It’s great that there will be increased competition among the banks, but it is worrying that blancolånen is growing so much that they do,” says Joakim Bornold, sparekonom at Nordnet.

Joakim Bornold, sparekonom at Nordnet. Photo: Daniella backlund/SvD/TT / TT NEWS agency

He points out that with the mobile bank-id only requires a few keystrokes to get a loan.

– It is very easy to borrow today and then it is easier to the decision to borrow is driven by emotion rather than sense. Many of nischbankerna are aggressive in their marketing and also good at linking their services to some of the goods, ” says Joakim Bornold.

Not less than four players in consumer loans has applied to the stock exchange only in the last two years; Collector Bank, Resource Bank, Nordax Bank and INTERIM Bank. According to Joakim Bornold depends, among other things, just that the industry has grown significantly.

” we have good profitability, and it is a very good climate for the notes. And when a bank shows the way so many are pitching in the case study to the other, ” says Joakim Bornold.


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Travel Business review shows that all four nischbanker on the stock exchange increased its lending considerably in 2016.

It is very easy to borrow today and then it is easier to the decision to borrow is driven by emotion rather than reason.

Collector Bank, as increased its sales by 30 percent annually, increased during the 2016 first three quarters of its loans to the public with 24 per cent. The bank notes in its latest interim report, from september 2016, to the product area of consumer loans have had a "substantial growth" during the first three quarters as a result of increased new lending, particularly in Sweden and Finland.

It should be said that so far has the Collector Bank in terms of income, however, a long way to go to be able to measure itself with any of the major banks. The revenue corresponds to the, so far, about one-thirtieth of a storbanks.

TF Bank increased its lending by 28 per cent between 31 december 2015 and 30 september 2016, which, however, was due to lending mainly increased in countries other than Sweden, where the bank has operations.

the Resource Bank increased during the same period, lending by 13% and, according to Gunilla Wikman, head of investor relations, the bank continue to increase by 10 percent per year.

Nordax increased its lending by 16 per cent during the same period (10 percent the borträknade).


At the close of nischbanker, it is therefore a party in the loan portfolio, but for the customer who takes a loan of some of the actors, it can taste sour in the post. Interest rates can be sky-high and in addition, difficult to compare. TF Bank offers such as loans, under the name of Credento personal loans, with an effective annual interest rate of not less than 33,23%. The lender of sek 10 000 and a payback period of five years will pay the entire 19 140 crowns for the loan.

For several of the nischbankerna financed lending part of the deposits in the bank. Given the high lending rates can be variable interest rates given to savers appear to be modest; they are between 0.55 and 0.8 per cent.

Click on the image to compare nischbankerna. Photo: Jenny Alvén

Better have it gone for the bet on at some of nischbankerna on the stock exchange, even if the risk then, of course, is quite another. Nordax has risen 24 per cent in a year, and the share Holding by about 10 per cent since listing in may. TF Bank with around 8 percent since listing in June. Collectors of shareholders it has gone worse, its share price has fallen by 17 per cent in a year.

– As a shareholder, so is nischbankerna an interesting sector. They have good profitability, but they are very different individually, out Joakim Bornold.

He points out that there is a significantly higher risk to place in the nischbanker compared with the major banks.

– the major Banks stand on many legs in his deal, unlike the banks who are the right niche. As a shareholder you should see nischbankerna as a complement in the portfolio than as an alternative to the major banks, consider Joakim Bornold.

Facts: the stock market’s nischbanker


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