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Kronfågels ceo: ”We understand the concerns” – Aftonbladet

In the autumn of 2016 was 30 per cent of chickens in the Kronfågels large slaughterhouse infected by campylobacter.

the Boxes, the chickens were transported in washed by mistake in the contaminated water, which explains the high smittotalen.

– We fixed the immediate error and the levels have, according to our own first measurements have returned to low levels since then, ” says Magnus Lagergren, ceo of Kronfågel.

Magnus Lagergren, ceo of Kronfågel.Photo: Kronfågel, Magnus Sandberg

Kronfågel is the largest producer of fresh chicken in Sweden, with approximately 50 per cent of the market.

the Internal documents, whistleblowers, and government officials have been told about flaws in activities, not least the ide employee working environment.

But the principal union safety representative at the company referred all questions from Aftonbladet to the management.

Below is an interview with Magnus Lagergren, ceo of Kronfågel.

How much of a problem has Kronfågel with campylobacter?

– In Sweden, was the industry’s average for campylobacter 15 per cent in 2016, according to the State veterinary institute. The levels in the Kronfågels chicken low in 2016, at a total of 19.9 per cent. In 2015, we were about 13 per cent. In most other countries outside the Nordic countries is the levels of 30 to 90 percent.

Kronfågel had low values in the first half of 2016, but during the fall and winter we saw an increase to about 30 percent in the plant in Valla, which initially was explained by a warmer autumn than normal, which favors the presence of the bacterium.

Why increased infection with 30%?

– Now at the end of January, we found, after many bugs, the main reason for the increase in the levels; an installation error in our new washing plant. In the plant, we wash the boxes that the chicken shipped in from the farms to the slaughterhouse. The boxes, which the live animals were transported in, came in contact with the used wash water on the basis of installationsfelet. The plant, which is modern, highly efficient and technically complex, is a big investment we made to improve the quality of our production.

What responsibility do you think you have for the increased spread of infection?

– We are the market leader in Sweden and has, of course, a great responsibility. What we can see so have the levels of campylobacter gone back now but we continue to make continuous and comprehensive sampling and will continue to work hard to keep the levels so low it just goes. We naturally look over our routines for something similar not to happen again. We really do understand that you are concerned of campylobacter, but one can feel completely safe with Swedish chicken when you cook it according to the instructions, and have good kitchens hygiene.

it is True that approximately 1.6 million chickens are discarded in 2016?

– Yes. The figure represents 3.2 per cent of all the chickens. That they for different reasons are rejected based on Nfa rules. Decision on cassation is also made and implemented by the Nfa in place. We understand that it may sound like a big number, but we and the Nfa will never compromise with food safety or the quality of our products.

How many chickens with broken wings come to the slaughterhouse?

In 2016 came less than 1 per cent of the chickens to the slaughterhouse with damaged wings. It is the equivalent of about two thousand a day. It is a normal figure for the industry but our objective is obviously to reduce the figure to zero in cooperation with our carriers and other partners in the production chain. Vingskadekontroller is made on each incoming flock. It is stickkontroller performed.

How to comment on you notification of prosecution against one of your carriers that the county administrative board in Sörmland did a few weeks ago?

– Unfortunately, we lack sufficient information about this specific case in order to be able to express ourselves in the moment. But of course, we are keen to create as good conditions for our animals as possible, and therefore, we continually develop our vehicles.

is it True that the two employees shall verify 13,200 chickens per hour on slaktlinan in Valla?

– Control is carried out by a total of six inspectors from the Swedish national Food administration; four trained veterinärbiträden during the review of two official veterinarians. Staffing is determined entirely by the Nfa as supervisory authority.

it is True that some employees have to work with gas masks in Valla order to disinfect the plant with strong chemicals?

– the Establishment uses only approved cleaning agents to food production. In connection with the update of the cleaning process we used in a short period of the masks. However, this is not a requirement when using this detergent and today, none of the staff face masks what we know. If someone has been sickened or been dizzy so, it is of course not good and it should be reported to the immediate manager.

Match the task that you had 111 incidents and accidents at Valla in 2016?

– In 2016, we had 245 reported incidents/risks and 111 accidents in the Herding of various nature, ranging from minor injuries to more severe damage. Of these accidents, three were of serious nature and were notified to the Swedish work environment authority.

the Number of accidents has decreased by 30% compared to 2015, and the number of reported incidents and risks have increased by 172 per cent compared with 2015. We actively encourage our employees to report incidents and risks and has a goal to raise the number of reported incidents and risks with a further 20% in 2017.Inrapporteringar means that we can prevent accidents. We follow the Swedish work environment Authority rules on notifications and have reported all serious accidents and incidents.

Match the task to more employees have been affected by gastro – intestinal diseases?

– No, not according to our own sjukanmälnings-statistics. The long-term trend if you look a few years back in time is, on the contrary, the number of sjukanmälningar because of magåkommor has decreased a couple of percentage points. We constantly informs our employees about food hygiene, to prevent the risk of not being sick.

the Company has in the end of 2015, has been criticised by the Swedish work environment authority at several points in the work environment. Comment?

– Arbetsmiljöinspektion are made continuously on all businesses to help companies to ensure a professional work environment. It is true that the Swedish work environment authority pointed out deficiencies in the us in 2015. We then made an extensive work to fix them and got after it approved on all points of the work environment. We have had two inspections with only minor discrepancies that we addressed.

How would you describe the working environment at the company?

– Our staff is of course extremely important to us and we take care of everyone to feel good. We work systematically with the working environment under the working environment act. We have an organization that ensures that this happens. It consists of our leaders, safety representatives and arbetsmiljöspecialist (support to the managers and security organisation). Obviously, we as a company develop and become better in the work environment and, therefore, is a dialogue with the leaders and safety representatives important.


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