Saturday, February 4, 2017

The government is alert about the gender differences in the labour market – financial times

the Government is now beating the alarm about a gigantic difference in gender between the newcomers on the Swedish labour market.
the Men go on to jobs or studies.
Women leave the labour market to become housewives, take care of children, or of sjukdomsskäl.
– this is completely unacceptable, ” says Ylva Johansson, minister for labour and employment (S).

Swedish unemployment rate drops and more jobs. It also applies among the foreign born, despite the fact that the group remains the most vulnerable in the labour market.
– today, We have the highest employment rate among the foreign born than we have had since the surveys began, ” says Ylva Johansson.
But still there are a lot of worries, was the message. Including the low-skilled women.
– Many come from countries where you don’t have got to go to school because you are a girl.
Ylva Johansson also determined that there is a very large gender differences in the case of those who choose to leave the labour market.

Simply put, many women at home instead of working or study, 19 per cent compared with the 7 that goes to the studies. The reasons can be many, as they become housewives without pay, parental leave, or sick.

– It is totally unacceptable with these big differences, ” says Ylva Johansson.


the Differences are also large across the country. In 14 of the 20 counties it is more common that women leave the labour market than go to job or school after the completion of the etableringsuppdrag for the new arrivals.
In Stockholm, where they succeeded best in the country, is also far behind the situation of men.
– Women’s best county is only half as good as the men’s worst, ” says Ylva Johansson.
A baddie in the drama of the Swedish parental insurance to be, the beats, the minister fixed.
– this is one of the reasons that the government give a stronger mandate to the employment service to improve the transition to work and study for foreign born women, and that we are now working for changes in the parental so that it does not become a trap for the women who come to Sweden with children.
Ylva Johansson is hoped that the new, non-returnable studiestartsbidrag that the government plans to introduce during the year to get more women to want to study and make themselves employable. But she believes that also the extra services in the public sector, a measure which she believes is beginning to take off, can be of significance.

"the extra services will be important"

– I think the extra services will be very, very important, it is about to be hired to do things that are not becoming of today, ” says Johansson.
Among other things she sees in front of him that the new arrivals can assist the teachers in the schools with many children from other countries.
” I hope that municipalities will choose to employ women, for we know that if both mom and dad go to work so it has so big effect on families.
new Arrivals on the Swedish labour market are included in the government’s action etableringsuppdraget, which is coordinated by the public employment service. This means that different actors should interact to people faster to get out of the job or studies. The total included just over 72 000 people in the establishment, according to the employment agency.


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