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The ceo on the decision: “We had had to quit flying to London” – Svenska Dagbladet

In the autumn began the SAS-the head receive the company’s new A320Neo plane. Now, to be a part of the plan moved to a newly-formed irish SAS-companies with lower costs. Photo: Jessica Gow/TT

Airline SAS long made a big point of the company has scandinavian wages and conditions of employment for all its employees. Unlike the worst competitor is Norwegian, which has 21 bases in nine countries where the staff is employed with the contractual wages prevailing in the respective country.

But now, SAS has decided to go the same way. SAS is forming a new company from the winter by 2017-2018 to fly with an irish license.

The new company will then have two bases as the pilots and cabin crew is paid from, the one in London the other in Spain. The flights should be done with the plan, staff and service are just as common from SAS.

All the details are not cope with but the greater part of the flights which SAS then do between Scandinavia and London will be operated by the new company, which is expected in the 5-8 plan. The goal is to have the new irish SAS-the company should bring down the cost so much that the SAS will be on the same level as its competitors.

– It is extremely stiff competition on this route and the SAS costs are now 20-25 per cent over the competition. If we have not formed the new company, we had to stop flying to London, ” says Rickard Gustafson, ceo of SAS.

it’s not clear which to work on the two new bases. Given that the conditions are significantly worse than in Scandinavia, it’s probably not so many of the SAS current employees who want to seek the services of. Rickard Gustafson does not believe that there has to be some layoffs because the scandinavian part of the SAS is facing large retirements.

above all, It is cabin crew that will be affected by the change. Competitor Norwegian points out that the pilots earn in much the same everywhere, while the remuneration varies depending on which country they are based in.

the trade Union, the Union that organizes the cabin crew had on Wednesday, no direct comment to the SAS decision. But the association warned generally for companies moving operations to lower costs and put pressure on conditions of employment.

Rickard Gustafson points out now sure that SAS will continue to have the predominant part of their economic activity in Scandinavia. By the start of the two new bases, he also to the entire SAS shall grow.

” We need to hang out with on the fritidsresemarknaden which is growing rapidly. The goal with this is that we are going to create competitiveness in the SAS and in the long term, to expand the business in the current part of the SAS, ” says Rickard Gustafson.

Now is the formation of the new irish subsidiary, only a small part of the changes that are afoot in the SAS. The company keeps on to 2019, drag down the costs by 1.5 billion, compared with the 36,5 billion it had in expenses during the latest fiscal year.

working the management team to take forward further great savings. It is not clear how big they will be and when they will be presented, but according to Rickard Gustafson, they need to get rid of.

” the fuel price has gone up, the dollar has strengthened and the price pressure continues. We see that very much more capacity is entering the market, ” says Rickard Gustafson, and points to the large orders of new planes as the airlines have done.

SAS nystartar in Ireland

Since the founding in 1946, SAS is a scandinavian luftfartstillstånd. The state complements and now with an irish license.

SAS management to justify it with that they want to form a new subsidiary that will serve as a start-up airline and is not burdened by the rules and agreements over the years, created in scandinavian SAS. The irish SAS-the company shall then have the two bases with the staff in London and in Spain, possibly in Malaga.

Choice Ireland is motivated, among other things, that the aviation authority which has a organization that is positive to the airline. The country has also become a centre for the aerospace industry, in particular for the financing. The greater part of SAS’s new Airbus A320Neo planes to be financed, for example through Ireland.

Norwegian has as a comparison, the four luftfartstillstånd, one in Ireland and one in the Uk. At the side of the Nordic region, Norwegian also bases in Spain, Italy, the USA, Thailand, Uk and soon France.

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