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Miljardregn of shareholders – 10 companies parts out of the 77 billion – Svenska Dagbladet

Of the ten companies whose dividend SvD Näringsliv looked at gives Nordea, SEB and Swedbank most to the shareholders. The parts together out of 52 of the 77 billion from the ten companies. Photo: TT

Utdelningsfest. Any other word is hardly to describe the statements that had fallen in the past week. Several companies have raised the dividend significantly more than expected. Tape the other SEB, Volvo and Swedbank surprise with a substantially increased dividend.

the Swedish daily svenska Dagbladet has taken a closer look at 10 of the largest companies decided to dramatically increase the dividend and notes that they will together share out 77 billion to its shareholders, an increase of 6 billion from last year.

And above all, it is the banks who are providing the entertainment. Swedbank told on Thursday morning that they want to raise the dividend with the whole 2.50 to 13,20 crowns.

the Day before the beat SEB with an unexpectedly strong report – and proposed a dividend increase of 25 cents to 5.50. Nordea stands for the blygsammaste the increase, from 1 cent to eur 0.65.

Together, the three banks ‘ shareholders to get a share within a 52 billion, the entire 3.8 billion more than last year.

” the Banks pay generally speaking, the larger part of its earnings to shareholders than most other companies. It is a high-yield industry, because they do not have the growth that other industries have, ” says Christopher Lyrhem, aktiestrateg at SEB, the Swedish daily svenska Dagbladet.


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industry is a utdelningsfest called duga. Volvo, SCA, Sandvik, Trelleborg, Electrolux and Assa Abloy raise his dividend by sek 1.8 billion, to a total of just over sek 22 billion.

Tele 2 is another utdelningsraket, which raises its dividend by 10% to 5,23 sek and total rewards its shareholders with 2,65 billion – around 270 million more than last year.

the Explanation for the unexpectedly high dividends in 2016 simply has been a surprisingly good year for the Swedish börsjättarna, according to Christopher Lyrhem.

they will Also good results after several years of decline.

– The last five years, we have constantly seen the forecasts be adjusted down. Each year’s forecast has been lowered by an average of 15 per cent from the ursprungsprognosen, ” he says, and continues:

– Resultatbesvikelserna has been intimately linked to industribolagen not have performed so well as most people thought. But now we see improved demand for many industrial companies, something that can be seen both in the results and volume of orders.

at the same time, there are of course companies that don’t invite themselves to utdelningsfesten. One of them is H&M, which retains the dividend of sek 9.75 per share. Worse still is the position of the Telia, which proposes a reduction of the dividend, with a great crown from 3 to 2 sek per share.

the Worst in the class is the crisis-ridden Ericsson, who suggests the one closest to the chocksänkt dividend to 1 penny per share from last year 3,70 crowns.

But generally speaking it looks undeniably brighter than in a long time, according to Christopher Lyrhem – track to rapportsäsongen is set to continue with positive numbers.

” I think we will see similar trends for the nordic industrial companies that have not yet reported. Also, the banks ‘strong performance, with high ränteintjäning and high activity in the provisionsverksamheten, will be found in more banks,” he says.

10 companies with 77 billion in dividend

Electrolux proposes increasing the dividend by a penny per share, to 7,50. In total the company will distribute 2,32 billion, around 310 million more than last year.

Nordea proposes increasing the dividend by 1 cent to eur 0.65, which represents a dividend of around 24.8 million billion kronor to the Swedish shareholders – an increase of around 380 million.

the SCA proposes increasing the dividend by 25 cents, to 6 dollars. This means a dividend of eur 4,23 billion – 200 million more than last year.

the Tele 2 proposes a dividend of eur 5,23 per share, marginally better than expected and the increase of 10 percent over the previous year. Total to the company share 2,65 billion. But next year looks more bleak – the company says it is aiming at a dividend payment for 2017 of sek 4 per share.

– SEB proposes a dividend to shareholders of sek 5.50 per share for 2016. This is an increase from the 5:25 per share in 2015 and corresponds to a dividend at a total of 12.1 billion – 550 million more than in the previous year.

the Volvo proposes a dividend of 3.25 sek per share, which compares with the dividend of last year at 3.00. Total to the Volvo share 6.9 billion, an increase of around 530 million.

Swedbank the board of directors proposes a dividend to shareholders of 13,20 per share, 20 cents more than expected and the entire 2,50 more than in the previous year. In total, Swedbank to distribute 14.9 billion, an increase of 2.8 billion.

Assa Abloy the board of directors proposes a dividend to shareholders of sek 3 per share, against 2,65 per share last year. In total, 3,34 billion, an increase of around 390 million.

Trelleborg want to increase the dividend by 25 öre to sek 4.25 per share, however, 5 penny lower than expected, according to SME direkt. But that means that the shareholders receive the share of 1.15 billion kronor – about 70 million more than last year.

Sandvik share, sek 2.75 per share, a 10 penny more than expected. Total want the company to share out the 3.45 billion – around 310 million more than in the previous year.

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