Friday, February 3, 2017

Swedbank stops all withdrawals – “upploppsstämning” at atms – Update Journal

TV clip: Mittmedia sent to live with the reason of the fame of unlimited atm withdrawals. See the replay here:

Police guard atms after the rumors on Wednesday night that unlimited amounts of money can be taken out – even if the coverage is missing.

– We have received calls about unnatural behavior and unnatural a lot of people around the atms, ” says Johanna Persson, information officer at the police to SVT.

what Exactly the whole of the moving about is still unclear, but it may be some form of fraud.

– We secure the right now a number of atms, ” says Fredrik Bratt, presstalesperson at the police station in the southern region to Aftonbladet.

According to Aftonbladet, the man can take out an unlimited amount of money despite the fact that the coverage is missing on the account.

But it is very bad idea to try – the bank know how much that entered his card taken out, and, according to data from the Swedbank Aftonbladet to demand back all the money taken out. And Swedbank know by bankkorten used who has the account. The atms also have security cameras, writes VLT.

the newspaper Kvällsposten in Malmö says emergency personnel at Atm AB that you do not know what has happened but to look at the matter.

It is unclear if the error includes all the banks connected to the Atm AB

information from Swedbank has during the evening kept on with maintenance work on the bank’s IT systems. It is unclear whether the maintenance work done to the Atms pay out more than what is on the account to the right cardholders at Swedbank. Atm AB is owned by Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, SEB and Swedbank, with the Savings banks, citing the TELESCOPE.

there would be the question of "free money" rejects, however, Swedbank.

– All withdrawals are recorded and take out money you do not have to become required to repay, ” says Claes Warrén, inc., the Swedbank to the Swedish Aftonbladet.

Update clock 01:30.

the Police write on their website that no crime is behind bankomatproblemen.

the Finding comes after an overview of the events at Swedbank’s atms have been made in particular in the South region and the West.

“Problems are due to a technical fault with the Swedbank, which is now resolved. All questions on this, please refer to Swedbank”, it says to read on the Police website.


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