Monday, February 6, 2017

She drank corrosive Mcdonald’s-coffee – Västerbottens Folkblad

After been served corrosive coffee at the McDonalds in Ängelholm ended up Rebecka Sjölund in the emergency room. She got a latte that was made in a closed-off coffee machine, where there was a strong abrasive cleaners.

— I got shortness of breath and felt immediately that it frätte in the mouth, I was really scared, ” she says to Sydsvenskan.

She had to stay in the emergency room for four hours for the control. The event is reported to the police as causing bodily harm.

— luckily-was the corrosive agent slightly diluted that there was both water and milk in the cup. It could have ended much worse if it was more concentrated, ” she says to the newspaper.

The manager at the McDonald’s in Ängelholm call it a "jätteallvarlig event", and says Rebecka Sjölund is replaced.


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