Thursday, February 2, 2017

Fewer young people end up with the bailiff.

4 450 skåne 18 to 25-year-olds have unpaid debts that ended up with Bailiffs. Total is the required more than 163 million. But both the debt and the number has dropped compared with the year before.

Even small unpaid debts can affect your ability to rent a home.Image: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

the Highest proportion of indebted young people in skåne are in the Rock, while the young landskronaiterna has the highest snittskuld

– Despite the fact that it is tough for many young people, there are fewer who have outstanding debts than in the fjor, says Robert Olsson, communicator with bailiffs in Skåne.

however, There is no real explanation for the fact that fewer ended up in the debt trap.

– It may be that more parents go in and pay, in combination with the penny down of the young. More people understand that the liabilities of the us makes it more difficult to take out line rental and rent a home.

Skuldskillnaderna is big in Skåne. For example, it is ten times as many young people in the Cliff of the exchequer compared with in Lomma, sweden. Seven of the hundred are indebted to the Cliff, against less than one in a hundred in Lomma, sweden.

1 418 young People have debts of over 60 million together, while the 485 young people can owe almost 16 million.

Landskronaskulderna stand out in Skåne, with an average of 62 477 sek. It is almost twice as much as the national average which stands at 34 000 sek, but far from the peak in the stockholm suburb of Haninge, where the average debt is a quarter of a million dollars.

– The vast majority have little debt, there tend to be some individual who pulls up the average, says Robert Olsson.

Seventy per cent of the young people who end up with the bailiff’s men. An explanation for the big difference is that men are more crime-related liabilities. Everything from speeding fines to liabilities to the trust fund for victims.

– the Debts to the state accounts for the largest number, while the private debts typically have higher amounts.

To each of the debt, an administrative fee of sek 600. An unpaid kvartalsavgift for the tv quickly becomes twice as large.

Among the private debt dominates instant loans, tele – and surfavgifter and postorderköp.

– When it gets tough a month it is far better that you go to the company and make up on a payment plan than to risk ending up with us, ” says Robert Olsson.

A payment default is often left behind during the three years. During the time, it can be difficult to borrow money, sign a subscription or rent a home.


Skåne ten-in -skuldtopp

Municipality Snittskuld

the city of Landskrona 62 477 kr

the Rock 51 804 sek

Simrishamn 48 778 kr

We have 46 229 kr

Lund 43 257 kr

Malmö 42 345 sek

Östra Göinge 39 755 sek

Eslöv 38 634 kr

Höör 37 285 sek

Bjuv 36 353 kr


This is the most liabilities to the exchequer

Municipality Share of debt of 18-25-year-olds

the Rock of 7.4 per cent

Bjuv 6.1 per cent

Perstorp 6%

Åstorp, sweden 5.8%

the city of Landskrona 5.7%

Hörby 5.3%

Sjöbo 5.1%

Östra Göinge 5%

Skurup 4.5%

Höör 4.5%


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