Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fingerprint buying american companies – Private Business

the price tag amounts to 106 million dollars, or about 938 million.

The cash payment, which corresponds to a value of about 106 million u.s. dollars is subject to certain uppskjutandevillkor, based on management’s future commitment over the next two years, said the company.

An additional purchase price of up to $ 14 million, or approximately 124 million, could be paid by the Fingerprint if the Delta ID’s revenue exceeds its revenue forecast for 2017.

the Acquisition is expected to progressively affect the earnings per share positive in 2017 and will be financed through a combination of existing cash assets and loans. The acquisition is expected to have a marginal effect on the operating margin, says Fingerprint Cards.

Broaden the portfolio

Fingerprint Cards acquisition of Delta ID means that the company is broadening its activities from fingeravtrycksensorer to also include security solutions based on the Delta ID’s irisigenkänningsteknologi.

This is according to Fingerprint Cards ceo Christian Fredriksson, according to a press release.

“Thanks to the acquisition we will be able to offer multi-modal solutions that combine iris recognition with our fingeravtryckssensorer. The products are both safer and more user-friendly. The acquisition is fully in line with our strategy to expand our position as a leader in fingeravtryckssensorer for smartphones and maintain leadership in the field of biometrics,” said Christian Fredrikson.

He further states, to Participate ID complements the FPC “perfect” and he sees the synergies both on the market and on the client side.

“Delta ID’s products are, for example, certified for use in the Aadhaar in India, and Fingerprints has a strong customer base in China,” says Christian Fredrikson.

Delta ID proprietary Active IRIS system is the world’s first and only irisigenkänningssystem for mobile phones, laptops, tablets and vehicles, the type of Fingerprint.

the System provides a cloud-based solution. The Active IRIS system is also certified for use with Aadhaar, the world’s largest biometric identity systems. Aadhaar is being implemented in India by the country’s government, and covers around 1.2 billion users, is called it in the press release.

the Acquisition is subject to regulatory approvals and is expected to be completed in spring 2017.


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