Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The finance Catella the A-share rushing from B-share – Business

Finance company Catella röststarka, but the less liquid A share is in the top of Wednesday’s winners table on the stockholm stock exchange with a rise of almost 20 per cent to 37 kronor.

As the highest A-share up in 46 sek. It is far above the level of Catella more liquid B-shares, which are traded more stable at around 23,50 dollars.

“We see the rushes sometimes. It seems that savers do not always themselves know that they bought the A-shares that easily soars in the lack of shares to trade,” said Claes Hemberg, sparekonom at the Avanza, the News agency Directly.

Hustling savers who see a kursrusning, believe that a takeover is on time and quickly pressing the button may be behind, according to the sparekonomen.

“We have seen it in the Sweco group and Svolder several times during the last half of the year. Then it takes a few days or weeks and then the shares have the same value again”, says Claes Hemberg.

“I think there has been a lot of fluctuations in the just Catella during the last few weeks. They have been on the förlorarlistan sometimes and vinnarlistan sometimes,” he says.

Sparekonomen think that this kind of price movements can be caused by various speculation on forums and aktiechattar.

“There is always someone who says: ‘Wow, now it has moved, what it depends on? Perhaps it is buying!’ and then some into, and buying, rather than reading the analyses and recommendations,” said Claes Hemberg, which mean that some savers act as with the turban of the eyes.

He stresses the importance of reading before the purchase of shares.

Börsveckan came in this weekend with a buy recommendation at Catella. During the week in all trading days, the less liquid A-share price has risen sharply. The more liquid B-shares took a step up on Monday, but has subsequently remained more stable.


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