Friday, February 10, 2017

The ceo Postnord may need money from the state – the Swedish newspaper svenska Dagbladet

postnord’s president and ceo, Håkan Ericsson. Photo: Adam Wrafter

postnord’s the financial statements for 2016 shows continued large losses in the Danish operations. Operating losses in Denmark were sek 1.9 billion in 2016, including impairment of goodwill of sek 800 million.

the Rest of the Postnord in profit, and the group made a helårsförlust 1 billion against -284 million for 2015. Sales fell by less than 1 billion to 38.5 billion.

president and Ceo, Håkan Eriksson sees no improvement in Denmark in the next 3-4 years and Postnord shall at the same time make a major adjustment to a whole new distribution model for the letter in Denmark.

Will you be able to you without the contribution from the owner?

” We are working with the conditions we have and we will submit a plan to the board of directors, said Ericsson.

So your assessment is that you can live without supplements?


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” We have not made the plan in such detail. It depends a bit on how the volumes (in letters, ed) be developed, ” says Ericsson.

Postnord has approximately 7 000 employees in the mail in Denmark and most of them will lose their jobs in the coming years at a pace of about 1000 per year. More than 30 per cent of the Danish staff has a contract that makes it very expensive to terminate them, according to Ericsson, it involves contracts that can involve three years of the termination arbetsfritt.

− It will be a hefty conversion and it will cost moneyr. It’s all about the 100s of millions per year during the three to four years, says Ericsson.

It is thus obvious that the Swedish business will be forced to wear the Danish in many years to come.

Paketverksamheten is postnord’s cash cow. The Swedish mail business is under pressure but is not possible with the loss. According to Håkan Ericsson, it is however a matter of time and he expects that a change of the postal act, can give the company space for a rationalisation of the Swedish mail business.

Håkan Ericsson has lived through the past year kritikstorm against the company for lack of quality, both in letters and packages. He thinks that Postnord has taken until the of criticism, inter alia through a project he calls "Postnord is listening".

” We were not been good enough at to measure how the customer experienced the quality of our service. Now, we measure and capture what you think of our service and for example, we can see which agents receive criticism. What would we have done before, ” says Ericsson research.

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